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Rockrider 340 : our mixed opinion on this mountain bike

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

Decathlon, a pioneer in the consumer bike market, has been very successful with its Rockrider mountain bike range. That’s why we decided to present you the Rockrider 340, cousin and therefore very close technically to the 520. This article will also describe the technical specifications of this mountain bike but also tell you about the electric range that comes with it.

Rockrider in electric version

As we told you before, Decathlon has been very successful in the bike world for many years. But also since a few years in the field of the electric bike. The ebike is an electrically assisted bicycle. Very practical in everyday life, the electric bike is also useful during more or less complicated rides.

The electric Rockrider benefits from the excellence of the traditional Rockrider. Indeed, the French group has kept all the DNA. Bicycle of very good manufacture and excellent completion. All this coupled with an electric motorization of great reputation, the perfect combo to propose a electric bike at the top,

In France, the government has set up a series of subsidies for the purchase of an electric bicycle. This aid can reach up to 500 euros discount on some electric bikes. That’s why it’s interesting not to miss this exceptional and short-lived purchase bonus. This may be the case in your country too. We advise you to inquire at your local institutions.


Let’s talk Rockrider – What is it?

In a few words, Rockrider is since the year 2019 the new signature of Decathlon that identifies the entire range of mountain bikes. Previously under the name B’twin Rockrider, the group then decided to simplify its name.

The new signatures

Indeed, the French firm has decided to modernize its ranges by simplifying their names. The goal being very simple, to quickly identify the mountain bike from the cross-country or even the urban bike and the road bike.

We used to talk about Btwin in the past, now it’s almost over. The name still appears sometimes on some versions, probably to reassure the customer. Btwin has been for many years the best seller in bicycle sales. Assimilated to a cheap bike, with a flattering design but also with quality services.

It was therefore important for Decathlon not to lose this trust which is essential to the success of the brand.

Let’s identify them

The identification of the ranges is simple and we will demonstrate it below. There are 4 main ranges at Decathlon and here are their names:

  • Triban : road bike
  • Elops : urban bike (city bike)
  • Riverside : cross-country bike
  • Rockrider : mountain bike

Rockrider is the range of mountain bikes of the group. This range proposes traditional and electric bikes of entry level but also high range.

Introducing the Rockrider 340

We have already talked about it in a previous article, many people make the mistake of naming this bike Btwin Rockrider 340. Indeed, it is important to underline this point in order not to get lost among the references of Decathlon. The Rockrider 340 is actually called Btwin Rockrider 340.

As you may have understood above, the Btwin 340 is a mountain bike. Entry-levelamong many references, it is nevertheless a very good product with very appreciable characteristics for its price.

Technical specifications of the Btwin Rockrider 340

Of course, a traditional mountain bike like the Btwin 340 is not a very complicated bike when compared to the brand’s high-end references. But even so, this bike has some promising technical features for an entry-level mountain bike.

Available in different sizes

Accessible to all, this Btwin Rockrider 340 mountain bike offers no less than 4 different sizes.

  • XS – 145-150cm for 14,5kg
  • S – 151-165cm for 14,8kg
  • M – 166-175cm for 14.85kg
  • L – 176-180cm for 15,0kg
  • XL – 181-195cm for 15.2kg

A light and mixed frame

The Btwin 340 has a mixed frame. What does that mean? Well, it’s quite simple. It means that the top tube of the frame is angled so that it is equally convenient for men and women to ride. Moreover, it is light. It is made of 100% aluminum. This alloy makes it possible to combine lightness and robustness of the means of locomotion.

Front suspension

With this Rockrider 340 mountain bike, you can count on a front suspension. With a travel of 80 mm, this suspension will allow you to cross obstacles with complete peace of mind on slightly uneven trails and paths. You can also adjust the hardness of the suspension with a simple knob.

Finally, you should know that a suspension considerably dampens the shocks related to the practice. Unfortunately, there is no suspension at the back. It is therefore a Rockrider 340 from Decathlon semi-rigid.

This type of bike is ideal for beginners. The all-suspension bike has a disadvantage compared to the latter, the weight. Thus, the semi-rigid is the ideal companion for your first rides.

Derailleur and Transmission

The Decathlon Btwin Rockrider 340 bike has 3 chainrings of 7 speeds. That’s a total of 21 gears that can be adjusted directly from the rotating handlebars. On the left one, you can change the chainrings and on the right one you can adapt your speed and thus the effort to provide. The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ30 or Microshift MS22 and the rear one is a Shimano TY500.

Saddle and Brakes

In terms of comfort, you will be served with the saddle of the Btwin 340 from Decathlon. Indeed, it is an Ergofit. It is wider with a hammock-like profile. Moreover, the height of the saddle is adjustable thanks to the steel seatpost of 350mm length and 29.8mm diameter.

Then, concerning the safety and more precisely the braking. You will be able to count on V-Brake brakes with pads. They are made of 2 calipers equipped with pads which come to exert a pressure directly on the rim of your bike.

The purpose is obviously to slow down the means of locomotion or simply to stop the rotation of the wheels. You will have the possibility of activating them thanks to aluminium brake levers implanted in front of the handlebars.

26″ wheels and tires for dry land

The Btwin 340 is equipped with lightweight 26-inch wheels. Their solidity is ensured thanks to the presence of 36 spokes. To ensure a perfect grip and as the rides are done in good weather, you can count on Dry 26 x 2.0 tires.

They are made in a very specific way with a rolling part in the center and side lugs that ensure a good grip especially in the turns.

Equipment and warranty

You will be able to take advantage of a certain number of equipments improving your comfort while using this Decathlon bike. Indeed, the tricolor group delivers the Btwin 340 with a derailleur guard and a chainring protection to avoid dirt on the user’s outfit during his practice.

In addition, this bike has a bell, lights, wheel reflectors and pedals. If you want to add additional elements, you can do so. The frame is designed for this, so you can add front and rear mudguards, a kickstand, a bottle cage, a saddlebag, a rear luggage rack or a child seat.

In terms of warranty, you know Decathlon does not make fun of its customers. Indeed, the group offers a lifetime warranty for the frame, the handlebars and the stem. So you know that when you buy a product from the brand, the main elements are under warranty.

Maintenance and storage

In terms of maintenance, it will be advisable to make a small cleaning of your Btwin Rockrider 340 after each exit. A little water, a sponge, drying and your bike will be ready for new adventures. Be careful, however, not to hesitate after washing to wipe the bike with a dry cloth to remove any trace of moisture.

As for storage, your bike should be kept in a dry and temperate place. It should of course be away from any corrosive products and protected from any salty atmosphere. All of this is to avoid any form of rust on your companion on the road.

The Rockrider 340 bike against the competition

A good review is one that compares and quotes the product in question to its competition. That’s why we have selected for you competing mountain bikes of more or less the same range that could put the Btwin 340 in the shade.

These brands are sold by Alltricks which is a subsidiary of Decathlon. Is this a lucky coincidence or a master stroke on the part of the French giant ?

The Btwin Rockrider 340 completes the big family of Rockrider of Decathlon. This big family includes the Rockrider 520 and 540 of which we have also conducted comprehensive tests.

We have just presented you the Btwin 340 bike but in the end is this Decathlon mountain bike really a good compromise today? We will answer this question in the next part and give you our opinion on the Rockrider 340 mountain bike.

The Btwin Rockrider 340 is in our opinion a bad compromise

Why mention the quality of the technical and manufacturing characteristics of this mountain bike if we don’t recommend its purchase?

It is very simple This Rockrider 340 bike is not a good compromise! Compromise does not mean bad bike. It simply means that this product is not the best purchase to make today.

The Btwin 340: an entry-level bike

It is important to keep in mind that this is an entry-level bike. It’s not bad but it’s not the best in its category. The Rockrider 520 is better for a price almost equal. Despite this, it will remain a good mountain bike for the general public.

The electric trend is on the rise

But here is the main reason for our “negative” review of the Btwin 340. This bike is simply a bike. Since a few years, the electric bike is taking a bigger and bigger share of the market. This new technology is now present in all the Decathlon ranges. Whether it’s for city use, off-road or off-road, the electric bike is nowadays equipped with an electric assistance.

In addition to the technical advantages of electric assistance, this new product has received a big boost from the French government.

Financial aid for the purchase of electric bikes

In France, state pushes its citizens to drive green. This has already been seen with electric cars. Aids have allowed many French people to take the step. And this one puts back a layer with the premiums to the purchase of electric bike.

To put it simply, any French person can apply for assistance and will receive a favorable response or not if he or she meets the few necessary criteria. Not only will you be able to claim national aid, but you will also be able to apply for aid from your region and your commune.

As in Paris, this aid can reach 500 euros, which is not negligible considering the price of an electric bike. The Decathlon brand offers many references of electric bikes from entry-level to high-end. These electric Rockrider are, according to us, a much better compromise when combining the purchase aids. This may be the case in your country too. We advise you to inquire at your local institutions.

Presentation of the electric Rockrider

Electrically assisted Rockrider bikes are nothing more or less than traditional mountain bikes with an additional assistance. Of course the technicalities are much more complex than these few words. But in general, it is important to keep in mind that Decathlon has kept all the soul of the Rockrider and the quality of the latter to decline them in electric version.

In other words, the electric Rockrider is a very well-made mountain bike for the general public. It also knows how to be professional thanks to the high-end versions of the brand.

A very good quality finish

Just take a first look, the electric range also performs by the quality and the aesthetics of its bikes. Let’s take the Rockrider e-st 500 as an example, where we find the design of the Btwin Rockrider 340 and others. It is undoubtedly a very elegant mountain electric bike, especially since Decathlon’s engineers have integrated the imposing battery into the frame rather well.

Intelligent assistants

The most of Decathlon’s electric bikes is their torque sensor, which can adapt the necessary force according to the user’s force. To make it simple, the sensor detects your strength during the effort and calculates the necessary power to provide to complete you. A power decoupled from +50% to +300%.

An important autonomy

Autonomy is the key when it comes to electric bikes. Once again Decathlon proves its quality and reliability by offering autonomies up to 100 kilometers.

Of course the autonomies vary according to the use made, the weight of the user and many other criteria. But the electric Rockrider will allow you to make longer rides and excursions than with a traditional mountain bike.

To conclude

The Btwin Rockrider 340 is a good ally for beginners who want to start the adventure of off-roading. This means of locomotion is both light and robust thanks to the aluminum used in its construction. It will undoubtedly provide you with the comfort expected during a practice like this one.

Moreover, you will be able to count on a panoply of equipment and accessories. However, if the integrated ones are not enough for you, then you can add others in addition. Nevertheless, we think that the Rockrider 520 electric bike is a much better product. It will make you benefit from a flawless electric assistance.

To help you make the right choice, our OnMyBike team regularly posts articles on traditional and electric bikes


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