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Rockrider XC 500: is it any better ?

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

Pioneer in the field of sports equipment distribution, the Decathlon group has today the reputation it deserves. Indeed, the latter has taken advantage of this lack in order to offer to individuals a set of products for the realization of physical and sports activities or outdoor activities. Its fame is amplified thanks to the production and the marketing of its range of Rockrider mountain bikes. That’s why we propose you to discover one of the numerous models proposed by the company, the Rockrider XC 500. In this article, you will learn more about this model, its technical specifications. But we’ll also tell you about the whole range of electrically-assisted bicycles that come with it.

Rockrider in electric version

Since its establishment on the market of the distribution of sports equipment for the general public, the Decathlon group knows a real craze. This can be explained by the products it markets, and more precisely by its bikes.

Whether you are looking for a classic bike or an electrically assisted bike, you should find what you are looking for. The electric bikes are companions on the road that are literally flooding our cities. They are both practical, resistant and adaptable to your style of riding.


The electric version of the Rockrider mountain bike benefits from assistance combined with the excellence of the more classic Rockrider. Indeed, the group decided to keep all the DNA. All this with the aim of making the consumer benefit from a bike of very good manufacture and excellent completion. The whole combined with a powerful electric motorization. We can undoubtedly tell you that it is a perfect combo !

Let’s talk Rockrider : What is it ?

To make it easier for its customers, the Decathlon group has decided in 2019 to revise the names of its product lines. Thus, Rockrider corresponds to all the mountain bikes of the brand. Formerly known through its name B’twin Rockrider, the brand has simplified the latter to facilitate consumer research.

The new signatures

As you can see, the company has decided to make a new look by partially changing the name of its models. This is an opportunity for customers. Indeed, it will be easier for them to know exactly which type of product to go to if the references do not have the same designation.

Thus, the operation will be clearer. People will be able to easily find the bike category that corresponds to them, i.e. mountain bike, mountain bike, urban bike or road bike.

At one time, all models contained the name B’twin, which did not make it easy for consumers. However, after the changes made by the brand, only a few references are still in this case. This is to reassure people about the quality of the products which remain unchanged.

Because it is necessary to admit it, B’twin is the Best Seller of the group in term of sales and that since years. It is associated with the image of a cheap bike, with an elegant design and quality services. This is why it is important for the brand to keep this confidence linked to the success of the name.

Let’s identify them

As you now know, it will be easier for you to target the product or at least the range associated with your practice. We will try to show you below that the process is simplified. Indeed, you will notice that there are no less than 4 main ranges at Decathlon, divided as follows:

Rockrider : mountain bike
Elops : urban bike (city bike)
Riverside : cross-country bike
Triban : road bike

As you can see, the Rockrider range is specifically dedicated to mountain bikes. It is made up of both classic models and models with electric assistance.

Introducing the Rockrider XC 500

This is a common mistake and it is understandable. Indeed, there is a model called Rockrider XC500 and another called Rockrider XC 500 S. This nuance is important to take into consideration since it will vary the options, the accessories and therefore automatically the price.

As seen earlier, the Rockrider XC 500 mountain bike is an integral part of the Decathlon brand’s range of mountain bikes. You will surely appreciate its many qualities, its special features and its price.

Technical specifications of the Rockrider XC 500

The Rockrider XC 500 is a means of locomotion that perfectly combines complexity and simplicity. These two elements are at odds with each other and yet fit together in one product. The materials used and the design have been chosen and crafted to provide the best possible riding experience.

Indeed, you will not have any bad surprise during the use of this road companion. Everything is studied to meet the specific needs of each user.

Available in several sizes

The Rockrider XC500 mountain bike is offered by the company in several sizes. This is to make the means of transportation accessible to people of all sizes. This will provide them with an optimal and enjoyable riding experience.

  • S : 150-164 cm
  • M : 165-174 cm
  • L : 175-184 cm
  • XL : 185-195 cm

A light and mixed frame

The Rockrider XC 500 is made of a semi-rigid mixed aluminum frame and an aluminum seatpost. This makes it very light, strong and robust. Its “mixed” frame makes it easier to climb on and off the bike.

Rockrider XC 500 : Front suspension

This Rockrider XC500 bike is composed of a Rockshox Reba RL type air fork with 100 mm of travel. This last one offers you a possibility of blocking to the handlebars via the Combolock 2 handle. It also has a through axis. The latter has a very specific function.

Indeed, its main role will be to absorb the shocks related to your practice. It will thus ensure you an optimal comfort. Thus, the user will be able to face all types of obstacles without fear. The only presence of a suspended fork and the absence of a suspension at the rear of the model is a choice of the sign.

It is true that some people might see this as a disadvantage. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that a rear suspension adds weight to the road companion, which can affect its handling.

Derailleur and Transmission

With this model, you will be able to enjoy a 12 speed single chainring. The rear derailleur is a SRAM GX Eagle Lunar, the shifter is also a SRAM GX Eagle Lunar. You will also notice the presence of a Styla single chainring aluminum crankset with 34 teeth. All of these elements are present to ensure smoothness and comfort while using the Rockrider XC 500.

Saddle and Brakes of the Rockrider XC 500

Part of the comfort will be provided by the 265 gram Rockrider XC Ergofit saddle. On the other hand, your safety will be ensured by Sram Level T hydraulic disc brakes. These discs will have the following dimensions: 180mm at the front and 160mm at the rear.

29″ wheels and tires

The Rockrider XC500 mountain bike has 29 inches SUN RINGLE Duroc 30 SRC Tubeless Ready wheels. The internal width of the rim is 30mm. You will be able to fully enjoy your excursions thanks to waterproof bearings and rim bottom. The tires will add a touch of comfort not negligible. They are of brand Hutchinson Kraken.

Equipment and Warranty of the Rockrider XC 500

From now on, as you know, the Decathlon group offers to all its customers an increasingly wide range of products that meet the needs of everyone. The goal is to offer road companions with very good characteristics.

This is achieved through the materials used for the manufacture of the road companions as well as through the integrated equipment and accessories. But also by the possible additions or the guarantee of the product itself. At first glance, we might think that the XC 500 Rockrider is a simple product with no great features.

However, when we go into the details and the characteristics of the latter, we can see that we should not trust appearances. It is a light travel companion, since the M model weighs only 11.5 kg. Enough to make many other competing models pale in comparison.

This bike leaves space for bottle cages for example. It’s up to the user to see if he or she will need it. Today, it is no longer a surprise for anyone, the Decathlon group is a renowned company. This is possible thanks to trust.

And the company has understood that, which is why it guarantees the frame, stem and handlebars of this model for life. Spare parts are available for 2 years.

Maintenance and storage

In terms of storage, the three-colored group recommends keeping the Rockrider XC 500 mountain bike in a dry and temperate room, away from any corrosive product and especially salty atmosphere. In terms of maintenance, you should follow a few specific instructions to make your riding companion last as long as possible over the long term.

You should degrease the chain and lubricate it regularly. You should also degrease the brake discs and check the transmission for wear. Finally, you should regularly maintain the suspension fork (approximately every 50 hours of use) and reinject preventive fluid into the tubeless ready tires.

The Rockrider XC 500 mountain bike versus the competition

An informed opinion is above all an opinion that has been confronted. Indeed, in order for it to be legitimate and not distorted, the product must be confronted to the competition. Our experts have therefore taken this as a starting point to give you their opinion on the XC 500 Rockrider. Nevertheless, they have also selected for you the products that compete directly with this model offered by the French brand.

The Rockrider XC500 mountain bike completes the already large family of Rockrider bikes. There are already several models that have been reviewed, including the Rockrider 340, 540, 520 and the XC 900. So, you will quickly realize that the group offers models for children and adults for all types of practice.

We have now reviewed the features of the Rockrider XC 500, but can we say that it is a good compromise? Can we find better models on the market? This is what we will try to develop in the next part to give you our opinion about the XC 500 Rockrider.

Is the Rockrider XC 500 a bad compromise ?

You’re probably wondering why we told you about the technical features and advantages of this product if we don’t recommend it in the end? You will have to make the distinction between compromise and choice. Indeed, just because we explain that the XC 500 Rockrider model is not a good compromise does not mean that it is a bad choice.

The Rockrider XC 500: a mid-range mountain bike

You should keep in mind that this is a mid-range bike. It’s not the “worst” in its class but it’s not the best either. The Rockrider XC500 S is a bit more expensive, but it will certainly provide you with the comfort or safety features missing on its counterpart. Nevertheless, the Rockrider XC 500 is still a good product to consider.

The electric trend is on the rise

There is a reason why we are not exclusively positive about the XC 500 Rockrider. This model is actually a “simple” classic bike. As you may have noticed, the trend has changed. When you ride in the city, you see more and more bikes with electric assistance.

We could have expected a model of this type. Especially when you know the products that the brand sells. Indeed, the latter has several ranges of bikes with electric assistance. So, whether you are looking for a model for urban use, for all types of roads or all terrain, the bike is now often equipped with an electric assistance.

Moreover, using an electric bike has many advantages but one of them is also the purchase aid provided by the state, the regions and sometimes some communities.

Purchase subsidies for electric bikes

Some states of the European Union have put in place aids. The government wants to involve households in the protection of the environment, the use of green energy and alternative means of transportation.

An aid was first set up to help people acquire an electric car. Then, it spread to reach even more people with electric bikes. Thus, aids have allowed many citizens to take the step.

The process is particularly simple since each French person can apply for a grant at his or her town hall or online. He will then be given a favorable or unfavorable opinion according to the respect of a certain number of criteria.

Not only will you be able to apply for national, but also regional and sometimes even communal aid. The amounts of these aids are important. It is therefore essential to get information from your town hall or on the government website in order to know your eligibility, the elements to provide and especially the amounts you could receive.

Some grants can reach 500 euros, as in the Ile-de-France region for example. As explained above, this help is not negligible considering the price of an electric bike.

The Decathlon brand offers many references of electric bikes from entry-level to high-end. The Rockrider electric bikes are, in our opinion, a much better compromise, especially if you combine the purchase subsidies.

Presentation of the electric Rockrider

As we explained earlier, by now you know that electrically assisted Rockrider bikes are nothing more or less than classic mountain bikes with electric assistance. However, in reality, things are a bit more complex.

However, the Decathlon group wants to reassure us by keeping the look and design of classic Rockrider mountain bikes. The materials used are of the same quality, the point that changes is the electric contribution by a battery and a motor.

It is important to remember that the Rockrider is above all a mountain bike for the general public. It also knows how to adapt to a more professional audience thanks to more high-end versions.

A very good quality finish

You can see for yourself, because the performance of the electrically assisted bicycle is visible on the ground but also at a glance. The look is pleasant, the design and the quality are also there.

One example is the Rockrider e-st 500, which is simply a mix of the design of the Btwin Rockrider 340 and other models. It is undoubtedly a electric mountain bike with an elegant style. Moreover, the engineers of the tricolored group succeeded in integrating well the battery at the level of the frame.

Intelligent assistants

We can count a number of advantages that electric assistance represents. But one of the biggest advantages of Decathlon electric bikes is the torque sensor. Indeed, this sensor allows to adapt the strength of the electric assistance according to the strength of the user.

In other words, the sensor detects your strength during the effort and calculates the power that the electric assistance will have to provide. A power decoupled from +50% to +300%…

An important autonomy

One of the most important elements is the autonomy of your companion on the road. It will be necessary to take it into consideration in order to choose the right model of electric bike. For this, the Decathlon group has nothing to fear from the competition. On the contrary, it is able to offer models with an autonomy of up to 100 kilometers.

However, you should keep in mind that the autonomy may vary depending on a multitude of criteria outside the bike itself. You will have to take into consideration the use, the weight of the user, the weather conditions and many other criteria. However, we can tell you that with an electric Rockrider you will be able to go on longer rides than with a traditional mountain bike.


The Rockrider XC 500 mountain bike is a means of locomotion developed for users wishing to practice all terrain. This road companion is at the same time design, light and robust thanks to the aluminum used for the realization of its frame and its seatpost. It will allow you to combine pleasure and comfort during your practice.

Then, you will be able to count on quality accessories answering the needs of an all-terrain practice. However, if the integrated ones are not enough for you, then you can add others in addition. Still, we think Rockrider electric bikes are a much better investment.

They will give you the electric assistance you need during your ride. In addition, in terms of financial investment, you will find yourself with the help of the subsidies available.

To make the right choice, our OnMyBike team updates daily its category of electric and traditional bikes