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Rockrider Stilus from Decathlon: our full test and review

The Rockrider Stilus Decathlon E-All Mountain 27.5+, its first fully suspended electric mountain bike with a central motor and a very respectable equipment. Is this a sign that the French sports giant is raising the bar for a more demanding market segment ?

The best electric mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.


The complete electric Rockrider range from Decathlon

Of course the Decathlon Stilus is a full suspension mountain bike but we wanted to present you quickly the complete range of the French giant. The Rockrider are mountain bikes that have proven themselves in the past. It was therefore obvious to make them available in electric versions.

When you think of Decathlon models, especially considering the many cheap bikes on offer, the question that always arises is: but the quality? So you rush to Google to search for tests, reviews, opinions on Rockrider mountain bikes in search of the answer.

Before going into the details of the new Decathlon Stilus, we must make one observation: Decathlon has never aimed at the top end of the market. On the other hand, its slogan says it all: “to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the greatest number”.

What we have always expected from Decathlon is in fact good quality and solid products, offered at prices unmatched by the competition thanks to the high production and sales volumes. In other words, the objective of the French company has always been to offer the best possible quality/price ratio.


Presentation of the Rockrider Stilus

The Decathlon Stilus is without a doubt an excellent pedal-assist mountain bike, the best that Decathlon has ever put on the market.

Power and autonomy

A new choice of motor. For the first time on a Rockrider, we find the new Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 4Gen, with a torque of 75 Nm and adjustable on 5 different levels of assistance that increase the thrust on the pedals between 40% and 340% depending on the level chosen.

  • Eco – The Eco mode is very economical
  • Tour – The Tour mode allows a versatile use
  • eMTB – The eMTB mode is more flexible and versatile, even if it means consuming a little more fuel
  • Turbo – The Turbo mode is for strong acceleration.
  • Walk – The Walk mode is for the most difficult passages
  • An excellent modularity, which makes the eBike adaptable to different usage situations and allows a good balance between the necessary starting point on the most demanding climbs and the total distance. The standard battery is the Bosch POWERTUBE 500 Wh, fully integrated in the frame, as well as all cables.

    The assembly and disassembly of the battery is done in less than 15 seconds:

    1. Slide the protective cover down
    2. Turn the key
    3. Press the aluminum lever on top of the battery

    If this assembly is followed, your battery will always be protected from vibrations and heavy water and mud infiltration.

    Depending on the type of itinerary and the level of assistance chosen, it can guarantee up to 4 hours of autonomy and 2000 meters of positive altitude difference.

    The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and is also compatible with the Bosch 625 Wh battery pack, which must be ordered separately from Bosch itself, but the cost of 890 Euros does not make it a practical choice. It would have been interesting to be able to select it when purchasing the eBike, as an alternative to the 500 Wh battery pack.

    Control screen from the Rockrider Stilus

    The entire system is controlled by Bosch’s Purion display, for a minimalist and efficient control and information center that can be operated with the left thumb only. Select the different modes of motor assistance and see its speed. It’s a bit dated and basic in terms of its appearance, but the buttons are easy to use when riding and it’s practical, even if it doesn’t have the look or the many features of the latest Bosch Kiox. At the price at which the Stilus is offered, you have to be able to make some concessions. Fortunately, this is not really a penalty here. And if you ever want to upgrade later, it is quite possible.

    Suspension and shock absorber

    The Rockshox fork with 35mm stems and 150mm travel features an oversized DebonAir chamber to improve shock response under load and matches the 66° steering angle, a standard size on all mountain and trail electric mountain bikes.

    At the rear, the Rockshox Deluxe shock, also with DebonAir chamber, matches the 150mm parallelogram geometry “Horst Link” rear car. If you want to learn more, read our “Mountain Bike Suspension Guide” tutorial.

    Transmission from the Rockrider Stilus

    The transmission from the Rockrider Stilus is Sram branded, with a single 36T front sprocket combined with a 12-speed Sram EAGLE SX sprocket (11-50) placed at the rear for optimal gear management, also thanks to the special One-Click lever on the handlebars, special for electric bikes.

    On the wheels side of the Stilus Decathlon

    The wheels from the Rockrider Stilus are the Sunringle Duroc 40 27.5″ 32-spoke Sunringle Duroc 40 with 36mm channel, already tubeless ready with dual Presta valves and anti-puncture fluid. Oversized thru axles and sealed bearings complete the wheel package, which comes out of the box with Schwalbe Smart Sam 27.5″ x 2.8″ covers, ideal for dry or mixed conditions.

    Hydraulic disk brakes

    As for the braking system, the Stilus Decathlon is equipped with a hydraulic system with 200 mm discs with Sram Guide RE four-piston calipers. They ensure better pad contact and increased braking control. Some like the instant power of a short lever stroke. Others prefer the feel of a longer stroke. With the contact point adjustment, you can choose the position of your fingers when you brake.

    Telescopic seat post

    Finally, the flagship model of Decathlon is equipped in factory with a telescopic seat-post. This will allow you to lower your center of gravity and not to be disturbed during the most technical descents.

  • 100mm for the S
  • 125mm for the M
  • 150mm for the L and XL
  • You will be more efficient and safer while riding your mountain bike Rockrider Stilus.

    Geometries and design of the Stilus Decathlon

    As we have already mentioned, the Decathlon Stilus is a mountain in its own right. Its geometric curves fully reflect this vocation. In addition to the 66° steering angle already mentioned, we have a 72° seat tube inclination. So not very vertical compared to the 75/76° found on the other eMTB.

    At first glance, the design is attractive and the appearance is solid.

    Taking size L as a reference, we have a wheelbase of 1239 mm. A rear carriage length of 485 mm and a distance between the seat tube and the stem of 572 mm. A mountain bike, therefore, that tends to stability on the climb and a balanced weight distribution to suit even the most inexperienced riders, but gives up maneuverability due to the very large size of the carriage (usually on 440/460 mm).

    The type of user of this model is indeed someone who goes fishing at the “top end” of the market. But it will hardly be the seasoned biker looking for extreme performance. It is rather an “advanced amateur”, not a novice, looking for a solid and performing eMTB with which he is not afraid to face even difficult courses. But keeping the focus on control rather than performance at the limit, hence the choice of 27.5″ wheels for 2.8″, very reassuring and able to absorb the roughness of the terrain.

    Which size of mountain bike to choose ?

    For the Rockrider Stilus there are several sizes:

  • S : between 1,60m and 1,70 m
  • M : between 1,71 m and 1,80 m
  • L : between 1,81 m and 1,90 m
  • XL : between 1,91 m and 2,00 m
  • If you are at the border between 2 sizes:

    • Take the lower size to privilege the phases of piloting (bike easier to handle) and the comfort (more straightened back).
    • Take the superior size to privilege the phases of pedaling with a more lengthened position (position more favourable to the output).

    A great design at a great price

    In order to develop the Decathlon Stilus E-All Mountain 27.5+, Decathlon has established a brand new partnership with Lombardo Bikes. A historical brand of Italian excellence that we talked about during the award ceremony as one of the 100 realities of excellence of Made in Italy. At the forefront of the eBike sector.

    The first thing that stands out is the almost “twin” similarity of the Stilus Decathlon with the Lombardo Sempione Team. The latter is an electric mountain bike with a list price of 5699 euros and shares the same chassis. What differs mainly is the assembly and the size of the wheels found on the Lombardo, 29″.

    An excellent starting point, therefore, that Decathlon decided to exploit to finally enter the market of high-end electric bikes, without denying its DNA.

    In order to contain costs, different components from those of Lombardo have been chosen. This allows the model of the French giant to stop the price bar at “only” 3299 euros.

    To conclude

    Decathlon has finally opened up to the high-end market. The brand has done this by leveraging the experience of a brand like Lombardo but staying true to its mission. Thus bringing the high-end models closer to the “generalist” public. Only time will tell if the strategy will bear fruit. But the impression is that the potential of the Rockrider Stilus is there.

    To guide you in your choice, the OnMyBike team publishes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes