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Citroen C5 Aircross Hybrid : a French alternative


Considered the flagship of the brand with the chevron, the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid is the vehicle that heralds Citroën’s revival. Even if it is not as popular as its cousin the Peugeot 3008, it enjoys a royal comfort. That’s why many customers have chosen it.  

The Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid: A vehicle unlike any other

Despite the fact that Citroën has decided to invest in electric vehicles, it should be noted that the brand with the chevron has only one hybrid. This is the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid. Presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2018, the C5 Aircross has managed to make its way to fame.

So much so that it is considered a reference. Even if its sales are below those of the Peugeot 3008, this compact SUV is very popular. In fact, nearly 250,000 units have been sold since its launch. 


A design that has everything to please

In terms of design, the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid is very easily identifiable. Indeed, its stylistic codes are based on two very remarkable elements which are large wheels and a rather high hood.


At 4.50 meters long, 1.97 meters wide and a total height of 1.67 meters, the C5 Aircross hybrid is a vehicle you’ll really appreciate, as it is spacious. Moreover, with a wheelbase of 2.73 meters and large wheels, you will not go unnoticed.

Note that other elements allow it to distinguish itself from other SUVs on the market, including its hood, its beltline that is horizontal and parallel to the road, its 360-degree window and its quarter windows that almost merge with the rear window. The front end has been widened.


Lighting and lines

In addition, it features the brand’s new lighting signature with a dual-stage full LED lighting system that is grafted onto an imposing grille. The rear lights are made of beautiful 3D oblong LED modules. The result is simply magnificent.

As for the bumper of the Citroën C5 Aircross, it is made in fluid lines and especially very thin, which provides a special charm to the vehicle. Always with the aim of bringing out the adventurous side of the car, the wheel arches and the rocker panels are highlighted by the Airbump, which has a rather special color.


As for the interior, it is one of the most beautiful in the segment. Indeed, the Citroen C5 Aircross has a horizontal dashboard. As for the seats, they are generous and above all very enveloping. You will have no trouble driving hundreds or thousands of kilometers in this car.

The center console is wide and high enough so that you don’t have to move your head too much. As for options, you won’t be disappointed either, because you’ll have heated seats that can also massage you. Plus, you’ll enjoy better air quality thanks to the presence of a purifier.

What is the value of hybridization at Citroën ?

Under the hood of the C5 Aircross hybrid, you’ll get the same block that is offered on the Peugeot 3008 hybrid and the Opel Crossland X hybrid.

A common block

However, the Citroën will only get the 180 horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine plus a 110 horsepower electric motor. Unlike the other vehicles, the electric motor of the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid is housed in the EAT gearbox, which has 8 speeds.

Compared to the 100% thermal version, the C5 Aircross hybrid weighs 340 kilos more, which makes its curb weight 1770 kilos. Today, the majority of people who buy plug-in hybrids do so in order to reduce their fuel consumption.

Consumption reduction

However, to see a real decrease, it is important that your batteries are constantly charged. On a household outlet, it will take you a minimum of seven hours to charge your battery. If you plug your vehicle into a wallbox or any other public outlet, the charging time can be cut in half.

Depending on the type of finish you choose, Citroën says its Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid can travel between 53 and 55 kilometers in 100% electric mode. The vehicle is also equipped with several options that will allow you to save energy, including the e-Save function, which will keep between 10 and 20 kilometers of autonomy.

If the figures provided by the manufacturer are a bit inflated, in reality, you will only be able to cover about 30 kilometers before the combustion engine is engaged. When you don’t practice eco-driving, the Citroën C5 Aircross, which is advertised by the manufacturer at 1.5 L/100 km, consumes nearly 4.5 L/100 km.

However, you may pay a high price if you don’t recharge your batteries often. In fact, when only the combustion engine is used to move this heavyweight, consumption is 8L/100 kilometers.

What about the comfort of the Citroën ?

On the road, the C5 Aircross hybrid has nothing to envy its competitors. In fact, the vehicle stands out from the others by its comfort, which is worthy of a magic carpet, because its suspensions are of the hydraulic stop type.

Note that the acoustics of the vehicle have also been reworked. Engineers have also reworked the noises that occur when switching from electric to thermal power. From now on, the transition will be smooth and quiet.

The Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid offers you a driving pleasure that is beyond reproach. Indeed, no matter how fast you drive, nothing will disturb you, not even the roughness of the road. The presence of the electric motor allows you to enjoy rather frank accelerations, but also a better dynamism.

Despite the fact that it’s not the most powerful vehicle in existence, the Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid will allow you to practice departmental roads, the highway, but also trips in the city center. Moreover, when you own this car, you don’t have to worry about driving in zero emission zones.

Always with the aim of improving occupant comfort, Citroën engineers have made a few changes to the interior. Depending on the finish you choose, you’ll get cushioned seats.

These are made with high density foam. You’ll also get a better driving position. The backrests are very wide and their support has been reinforced. In the back, the vehicle still has three independent seats that recline and slide.  

What are the engines and finishes in which the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid is available ?

As for engines, the vehicle has two petrol engines, a three-cylinder 130 hp engine and a four-cylinder 180 hp engine. In diesel, the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid also offers 130 and 180 horsepower. In addition to these different engines, there is also a plug-in hybrid model with 225 horsepower.

Today, when you want to buy a Citroen C5 Aircross, you have the choice between four trim levels that are: Live, Feel, Shine and Shine Pack.

The Live finish

In 2020, Citroën is cleaning up its act and has decided to do away with the Start trim. This is in favor of the Live trim, which is now the new entry level.

If these changes lower the price of the Live finish, it is stripped of parking assistance, automatic dual-zone air conditioning. But also the fog lights with static intersection lighting.

The Feel finish

Just like the previous one, the Feel finish becomes less expensive. It should be noted that this one also loses quite a few options. Such as access to the vehicle and start without keys, rearview camera, Citroën connect Nav technology, Citroën Connect Box with assistance, electrically folding door mirrors.

But also the blind spot monitoring system and tinted rear window. Note that if you opt for the Feel finish with a hybrid engine, you will still benefit from all of this equipment.

The Shine finish

If you’re looking for the top of the range at Citroën, you’ll have to look at the Shine and Shine Pack trims. As for the new Shine trim, which is now sold for 550 euros less, you should know that it loses several options.

Among them, you have: the hands-free tailgate, the Highway Driver Assist function on EAT8, the electric driver’s seats. But also the heated front seats.

The Shine Pack finish

As for the Shine Pack finish, it includes all the options available from the manufacturer, including the elements that were removed from the Shine finish. It also includes beautiful 19-inch wheels, as well as induction charging for your cell phone.

What about finishes for professionals ?

Professionals will also be entitled to very special finishes. Like the Business, whose prices are up by 800 euros thanks to the arrival of options. These include 18-inch wheels, an electrochromic interior mirror and a blind spot monitoring system.

Note that if you opt for the Business + finish, you will be entitled to several pieces of equipment. Namely, roof bars as well as induction charging for your smartphone.

How much does the Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid cost ?   

If you’re planning to buy a Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid, you’ll have to spend 39,950 euros in Feel trim. However, to take advantage of options that are almost indispensable in 2021, you will spend 43,600 euros instead, minus the bonus.

In this case, you will get your vehicle in Shine trim. And if the top of the range is what you are looking for, it will cost you 45,250 euros minus the bonus.

Fortunately, when you buy your C5 Aircross hybrid, you can benefit from excellent discounts. Indeed, if you drive for example a diesel purchased in 2009 and which belongs to the Crit’ Air3 category. Then you will be eligible for the conversion bonus.

From then on, you will receive 2,500 euros if your tax income is above 18,000 euros or 5,000 euros if your tax income is below 18,000 euros. And especially if you plan to buy a hybrid vehicle whose 100% electric range exceeds 50 kilometers.

That’s not all, for the purchase of your Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid, you will also receive 2,000 euros of aid. And that’s if the total price of your car is under 45,000 euros. In the end, you will be entitled to a reduction of 7,000 euros. Only if your income is less than 18,000 euros and 4,500 euros if it exceeds this amount.

What are the criteria to consider when buying the right Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid ?

The Citroën C5 Aircross hybrid is able to outshine many of its competitors with its diverse range of features. For this reason, here are some criteria to consider when choosing your vehicle.

The finish

If you want to find the version that will suit your needs, you will have to start by looking at the different finishes that are available. In fact, there are now four of them: Live, Feel, Shine and Shine Pack. Each one offers specific equipment.

Ideally, you should go for the Feel trim, as it has everything you need. However, if you want to enjoy a little more luxury, the Shine trim will do just fine.


The motorization

Apart from the finish, you should also look at the engine of your Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid. Here again, it all depends on your driving habits. If you don’t drive a lot of kilometers, the plug-in hybrid model will have everything to please you.

It’s very fuel-efficient and very dynamic. If you prefer to drive a combustion engine vehicle, you won’t be disappointed by the 130 horsepower engine, which is more than enough to get you through your daily commute.

Citroën does not forget the long-distance drivers either, which is why its SUV also exists in diesel. Thanks to its gearbox, which can be a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic, you will enjoy a better sound on the highway. In case you want to buy a diesel version, the best thing to do is to go for the 130 horsepower engine.


The history of one of the oldest French car brands

Citroën’s history is marked by many key dates. Indeed, it all began when André Citroën launched the Citroën type A in 1919. Since that time, the brand has not ceased to make extravagant media appearances, as in 1921 when the Citroën B2 was presented.

For this occasion, a plane had written “Citroën” in the sky over Paris. In 1922, Citroën plans to demonstrate the reliability of its vehicles.

From 1925

To achieve this, the B2 was sent first to the Sahara desert. Then during the black cruise which crossed Africa from north to south. If the brand does not lack ideas to establish its reputation, it decides in 1925 to dress the Eiffel Tower. This was a great success.

Indeed, the event was relayed by all the international newspapers. In 1926, the B14 is presented. This car, which is considered as the great luxury that Citroën offers to its customers, will know a success that is not like the others.

Having acquired a know-how that is beyond reproach, Citroën launches a few years later the C6. Then in 1930 the C4 which at that time already had removable seats.

After 1930

After the success of the black cruise, Citroën decides to repeat the experience in Asia with the yellow cruise which starts in Beirut and ends in Beijing. The following year, the Citroën “Rosalie” leaves the production lines of the brand and breaks all records.

This car is considered a real revolution. It has a very special system, the “front wheel drive”. From then on, many Citroën models equipped with front-wheel drive were produced. This is the case of the 15six, the 2Cv and the DS, which will make its appearance at the 1955 Paris Motor Show.

Considered one of the most beautiful cars in history, the DS won the Monte Carlo Rally. Moreover, this is what motivated the brand to launch into car racing. Over the years, Citroën’s models have succeeded one another until 2010 when the brand decided to launch into the electric.

For this, it offers models like the Citroën C-Zero, or the Citroën E-Méhari. In 2017 with the appearance of SUVs, Citroën plans to take this segment by storm by presenting the C3 Aircross and Citroen C5 Aircross models.

In 2019, the brand is innovating once again. This by presenting its first ever hybrid SUV, it is the Citroen C5 Aircross hybrid.       


The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid is a vehicle full of surprises. It has a conventional engine running on fossil fuel but also an engine running on green energy. This way, you are taking a first step towards preserving the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The advantages of using this type of vehicle are numerous. We can mention in particular the savings made when filling up. You will no longer have the same type of consumption, so the final bill will be lighter.

In order to make the right purchase, our OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles on hybrid and electric cars