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Citroen C4 electric: the 100% electric sedan


Discover the first model of the brand with chevrons, equipped with the new electric technology of PSA, the Citroen C4 electric. It has the same characteristics as the combustion version. Available since June 2020, it has the silhouette of an enhanced compact sedan. In addition to the pleasure of driving without emitting any noise or CO2, it allows access to restricted traffic areas.

Interior and exterior design of the new Citroen C4 electric

Its design, comfort and on-board practicality are absolutely identical to those of the internal combustion versions, such as the C4 Cactus or the second generation C4. This compact sedan in electric version will be at ease in the city as well as on the road.


Centrally located, there is a digital instrument cluster coupled with a head-up display and a 10-inch touch screen. It offers a multimedia system, navigation and cell phone management.

It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. A menu is also dedicated to the electrical part of the vehicle. The monitoring of energy flows, consumption, programming of the charge, etc.

Generous interior space for both driver and passengers. The multiple storage spaces are well thought out and allow you to get organized.

In addition, the trunk offers 380L of cargo space, with the possibility of folding down 1 or 3 seats in the rear of the vehicle. The connectivity is excellent, with USB plugs for everyone. What to have a real living space.

The C4 electric is available in different colors: Banquise White, Obsidian Black, Platinum Grey, Iceland Blue, Steel Grey, Elixir Red and Caramel Brown. The choice is yours!

Motorization of the Citroen C4 electric

Installed on the front axle, its 136 hp (100 kWh) electric motorization allows a top speed of 150 km/h and a 0 to 100 km/h time of 9.7 seconds. The driver can choose between three driving modes. The Citroen c4 electric will offer you the best driving sensations:

Normal mode: offers the best compromise between range and dynamic performance.
Eco mode: optimizes energy consumption.
Sport mode: for sportier driving, emphasizes the performance of the sedan.

You will also find a “B” mode. This mode reinforces the effect of the engine brake. Thus, you recover more energy during the braking and deceleration phases.

In addition, the 100% electric Citroën C4 ensures that you can drive with zero CO2 emissions, quietly and easily. It allows you to save money with a low cost of ownership, thanks to reduced maintenance. And with its 100% electrified engine, no more waiting in line at gas stations.

Sedan battery and charging

As far as the battery is concerned, the Citroen C4 electric is not difficult. It uses the same pack as the previous PSA Group models. It accumulates 50 kWh of energy capacity, 46 of which are useful.

In order not to reduce the space on board, the battery is located in the floor of the car. Ingenious! This one is guaranteed 8 years or 160 000 km for 70% of its load capacity. To recharge your electric C4, there is nothing more simple and practical. You have the choice between several recharging modes:

100kW public charging (“fast” stations): 80% of charge in 30 minutes
Wall Box 7,4 kW : 100% in 7h30, or 5h00 with a Wall Box 11 kW, in option
Green’up type reinforced domestic plug: 4h30 charging time for 100km, or 9h for 100km on a standard domestic plug.

The charging hatch is located on the left rear fender of the vehicle. It is color coded so you can visually follow the charging process. Thanks to the My Citroën application, you can consult your recharge remotely.

In order to take advantage of off-peak rates, recharging can be programmed or deferred. To access this programming, simply refer to the touch pad in the vehicle’s cabin, or on the My Citroën application.

Type of loadCharging time
Household socket24h
Green’Up socket15h
Wallbox 7,4 kW7h30
Wallbox 11 kW5h
Rapid terminal 100 kW80% in 30 minutes

What autonomy for the Citroen C4 electric car ?

The Citroen C4 electric can travel up to 357 km on the WLTP cycle. But be careful, some factors can impact the range of your vehicle:

Speed: at 130 km/h, the range of the new Citroen C4 electric is divided by 2 compared to the WLTP approved range.
Temperature: weather conditions and their consequences. Heating or cooling the cabin has an impact on the vehicle’s autonomy.
The driving style: a smooth driving style helps the battery life of the Citroen C4 electric.
The load carried: too much cargo weight or accessories on the roof have an impact on the vehicle’s consumption.

Choose your version

As with the internal combustion version, the Citroen C4 electric offers 6 finishes: Live, Feel, Feel Pack, C-Series, Shine and Shine Pack. Each of these versions brings its own set of equipment and accessories, for uncompromising comfort and safety, at the best price.

To begin with, the Live finish is the basic version. It offers a 5-inch monochrome screen radio with Bluetooth and USB connection. The cruise control, automatic low beam, and suspension with hydraulic bumpers

Then there’s the Feel trim. This one offers in addition, Full LED headlights completed by fog lamps in the front bumper, rear parking assistance, digital radio on a 10-inch color touch screen and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Let’s move on to the Feel Pack trim. It adds a rearview camera with “Top Rear Vision” and rearview radars, 18-inch alloy wheels, a digital tablet holder in front of the passenger and navigation on the 10-inch central touchscreen.

Finally, the top-of-the-line Shine trim level features, among other things, hands-free access and start, heated front seats, smartphone charging by induction, the Drive Assist + package with adaptive cruise control and the Hi-Fi System.

In addition to the 6 trims, Citroen offers a Business version for professionals, Feel Nav Business R. It includes the rearview camera, 10-inch touchscreen and Mirror Link for Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatibility.

  • version-live
  • version-feel
  • verion-feel-pack
  • version-c-series
  • version-shine
  • version-shine-pack

What is the price of the new c4 electric ?

The price of the Citroen C4 electric will depend on the finish you choose. Citroën has set up a configurator to create the car that looks like you, and that corresponds to your desires. It’s up to you to personalize your C4 electric version!

Citroen C4 electric finishesPrice
Live35 300 €
Feel36 800 €
Feel Pack37 900 €
C-Séries38 650 €
Shine39 000 €
Shine Pack40 200 €
Feel Nav Business R38 724 €

To conclude

The Citroen C4 electric is just as homogeneous as the thermal version. The general comfort and the smoothness of driving are there. Electricity suits it perfectly. If we don’t take into account the energy performance and the charging system, which is not as good as the competition, Citroën can only boast of offering an example of successful electrification.

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