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Mondraker e bike adapted to all events


For decades, the Mondraker e bike has been a reference for cycling lovers. In fact, the brand has a history of creating bikes that are inspired by the designers’ passion for Mondraker mountain bikes. Each model is meticulously crafted with great commitment, resulting in impressive results with irresistibly perfect bikes. Whether it’s for touring or urban riding, not to mention racing, each Mondraker bikes models are suitable for both amateur and professional riders.

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Competitive environment

The bicycle market has never been in such good shape. In fact, the bicycle has become an essential means of transportation in the city, in the countryside and in the mountains. There are many reasons to explain this.

The first one is the implication of the French households in the preservation of our planet by limiting the impact of their travels. More and more people are concerned about climate change and the impact of humans on the environment.

Secondly, the French government, the regions and the municipalities have taken the problem of mobility head on. Indeed, the number of tracks dedicated to alternative means of transportation is increasing.

Future users can also count on the support of the authorities to help them acquire conventional or electric bicycles. These aids are important and must be taken into account so that the consumer can make a reasoned choice.

About Mondraker fleece

First of all, Mondraker is a bike brand that offers high performance mountain bikes based on the latest technologies. It was founded in 2001 by Miguel Pina, a well-known Spanish downhill racer.

As an employee of one of the largest bicycle distributors in Spain, he had the ingenious idea of designing exceptional bikes. As a reminder, Mondraker is a reference to the cartoon character “The Magician” called Mandrake.

Mondraker has always been able to create quality bikes to meet the needs of users. Each Mondraker mountain bike is of the highest quality and is suitable for all categories and disciplines. Thanks to this, the brand has been able to make a place for itself and is now a reference in terms of cycling, whether for simple amateurs or professionals.

The brand was born in Alicante, Spain and has always been immersed in a cycling environment, hence its great success. And to reinforce this passion, the headquarters building is specially designed with the structure of a bicycle wheel in mind.

It is in this 12,000 square meter facility made entirely of glass and steel that Mondraker mountain bikes are designed with the utmost care. Thus, for the past twenty years, it has been committed to offering the best products for users.


The production of Mondraker mountain bikes

Mondraker’s main objective is to produce high performance bikes. Its particularity is to offer high quality electric bikes. It is important to note that the design of each bike is done with passion, but especially accompanied by a commitment from the manufacturers who love the discipline.

Indeed, they say they are committed to creating bikes that reflect their love for cycling. The result is undoubtedly a success, as each Mondraker mountain bike is adapted to the needs of its users.

The first bike model created by the brand is the Petrol. Designed in 2000, it is an avant-garde downhill bike with aluminum tubes, which makes it satisfyingly robust. Its success was even more evident when Tomás Misser won the Spanish Downhill Cup.

The performance of a Mondraker e bike mountain is so high that the production of the brand is growing rapidly. Nowadays, it is present in more than 40 countries and offers more than 60 models, each one as exceptional as the other.

The different types of Mondraker bikes

The history of the brand is marked by the creation of new models of bicycles that have brought it more notoriety over time. This success is not about to end, as new models have been designed with even more performance thanks to the advanced technologies that the designers have put in place.

So, whether it is a Mondraker e bike for riding or racing, all users have their own satisfaction. Without further ado, here are the different models offered by Mondraker.

The Mondraker e bike

After the successful Petrol model, other Mondraker bikes models were also created. And in the 20 years of its existence, the soul of the brand has always remained the same while meeting the most stringent requirements of mountain bike lovers.

The arrival of the new Mondraker 2022 range is marked by the presence of a new engine, frame and highly evolved components to ensure even greater competitiveness at all levels.

Mondraker electric mountain bikes are available in several ranges, including Level, Crafty, Crafty Carbon, Chaser and Prime. Each Mondraker e bike is based on the latest technology, which makes its performance even more satisfying, without forgetting the optimal comfort.

Mondraker mountain bikes have no compromises thanks to their Forward Geometry and Zero Suspension System technology. The Bosch CX GEN4 motor gives them the power they need. Mountain bikers will have the opportunity to experience an extreme sensation, as the Mondraker e bike suspension guarantees insurance in case of impact.

Every mile you ride will be a pleasure, even on the steepest trails. No matter how difficult the climbs or descents, Mondraker mountain bikes don’t shy away from anything.

The cross-country

Agility, rigidity and lightness are the main features of Mondraker’s cross-country models. They participated in the World Cup in collaboration with the PMX Racing Team. It was a great success, especially thanks to the versions of the full suspension F-Podium and the semi-rigid Podium. These models are indeed present in the cross-country range of Mondraker.

There’s no doubt that 20 years of expertise in mountain bike construction has allowed Mondraker to design the best performing bikes ever. But it’s mostly thanks to the passion of the designers and the cutting-edge technology they’ve used.

Among the models present in the cross-country range, there is the Summum, the Summum Carbon, the Podium. These are generally ultralight, full-suspension Mondraker mountain bikes that are suitable for all the needs of mountain bikers, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

The performance of this brand’s racing bikes is mainly based on the presence of advanced technologies such as MIND, which gives them a big advantage over the competition.

It is an integrated telemetry system that allows you to make the necessary adjustments to the suspension to cope with the courses to be done. This technology works through a multifunctional application on myMondraker.

Mondraker’s MIND technology ensures extremely high performance and allows you to ride the steepest trails without difficulty. It is notably present on the Foxy Carbon model or the Crafty Carbon 2021.

Trail and urban cross

Mondraker’s main objective is to offer all mountain bike lovers the opportunity to ride for miles with a lot of fun. In addition, non-professionals will also be able to enjoy the feeling of a World Cup race thanks to the advanced technologies incorporated in each model.

Mondraker e bike is an opportunity for all owners to enjoy a high performance bike that will allow them to ride any trail without difficulty. This is the purpose of the creation of the Trail and Urban Cross ranges. Indeed, the electric Mondraker in this range allows to forget the daily routine to take the cyclists to enjoy the trails in the countryside without limits. 

This range of the Spanish brand includes the Prime, Prime R and Thundra models. They are characterized, as usual, by their engine that allows them to propel themselves with an impressive speed of up to 25 km/h.

Added to this is their ultra-light frame that ensures easy handling. There are also their equipments such as the luggage rack, the mudguards, the lights, but especially the tires adapted for the outings in town or in the countryside.

Leave your daily stress to enjoy an electric Mondraker in the middle of nature. In addition, the use of an electric bike is essential to preserve the environment. And fortunately, by caring about nature, you can also enjoy the experience of a professional mountain biker with a high performance device worthy of a top mountain biker.

Mondraker bikes for children

Indeed, Mondraker has thought of everything. The brand is not just for adults, but children can enjoy it as much as they do. And of course, you want your child to feel the same sensations as you do with a Mondraker mountain bike. So the brand has also designed a range dedicated to children from 3 years old.

All the equipment is no more and no less similar to the Mondraker bikes for adults, whether it is a traditional model or an electric bike. It’s the frame, the fenders, the brakes, the tires, but especially the motor. Of course, all the know-how and passion of the designers over the 20 years of the brand’s existence are there.

The different ranges of Mondraker e bike are, the Play, Grommy, Factor and Leader. The Play range is reserved for children, girls or boys, who wish to accompany their parents on two wheels. However, the models of the Play range allow to give a good security thanks to their wheels perfectly designed to be stable.

As for the Grommy models, they are perfect for teaching children to have a good pedaling balance. Finally, the Factor and Leader models are reserved for the most courageous who wish to have the same performance as the professionals in a few years.

Why use the Mondraker bikes ?

To have such a reputation, Mondraker has several advantages and it will still be far from being out of fashion. Whether it’s the equipment or the different features, Mondraker mountain bikes are and will remain a reference for mountain bikers.

High performance

In an era where technology continues to grow, Mondraker is no exception. With the latest Bosh engine in Mondraker bikes and the Performance Line CX GEN4, the brand’s new lineup is simply impressive.

In addition, the Zero suspension system is specially designed to adapt to each Mondraker mountain bike model in order to provide a higher level of performance. This innovative system is found in Mondraker’s all-suspension mountain bikes, namely the Factor and F-Play models.

A smart connection

In addition to their impressive suspension system, Mondraker bikes are also equipped with all the latest technology. These include the MIND system, which is an ultra-efficient device. It is a great help for suspension adjustments. This allows each Mondraker e bike to adapt to any trail, even the steepest.

MIND is however connected to an application available on myMondraker to allow the various adjustments. Indeed, MIND transmits all the information concerning the rides to the application. The latter then processes and analyzes this data to perfect the bike’s performance.

Reliable equipment

Whether it’s the frame, engine, fenders, wheels or lighting, all Mondraker bikes are equipped with reliable features. The ultra-light frame provides precise handling, while the engine guarantees quality performance. Then, the wheels and suspensions also play a big role in the safety of users.

Help for the purchase of a Mondraker bikes

Concerned about the preservation of the environment, some countries of the European Union have put in place various subsidies to raise awareness among citizens. Thus, the users of electric bike can perfectly benefit from a purchase aid.

This includes the purchase of new electric bikes. Moreover, one of the best ways to take action is to change consumption by forgetting cars for example. And by using electric appliances.

However, this purchase aid is subject to certain conditions. The steps consist in requesting the necessary information for eligibility from the local authorities. They then provide the file related to this subsidy information.

Note, however, that assistance may vary from one community to another. And to be sure to benefit from a new Mondraker bikes, you must present a certificate of approval that attests that it meets French and European standards.

However, it is important to know that only the state can provide this subsidy, but not employers. On the other hand, if you have an electric bike and use it to get to work, you can receive a mileage allowance, that is, for every mile you ride, whether or not you receive a municipal or national subsidy.

We advise you to get in touch with the local authorities to find out if you can benefit from this financial aid.

How to choose your bike ?

As we explained earlier, the cycling market is relatively tight. Indeed, aids have been put in place to facilitate access to these alternative means of transportation. So today, it becomes more and more difficult for the future user to make a choice.

Especially among all the offers available on the market. Many brands try to differentiate themselves by proposing products as innovative as the others.

A Mondraker bike according to your needs

First of all, you will have to determine your mobility needs. You need to know exactly why you need a Mondraker bikes. Your expectations and needs will not be the same depending on what you do. You will have to take some things into account.

For a practice in the mountains, you will need to be able to count on a robust road companion that absorbs the shocks related to the practice, brakes to all tests answering present in any conditions. For an optimal practice, you will also have to rely on your bike thanks to its outstanding tires.

On the other hand, if you want to travel around town, or daily, to go to work or pick up the kids at school or go shopping. You will certainly need specific equipment. For example, a luggage rack, a basket, a low frame, front and rear lights, a bell or a kickstand. In any case, your bike will have to meet your needs perfectly.


Design and aesthetics

This may seem trivial to you, but it is a central element to take into consideration. Indeed, sometimes some users want to focus on the price and “neglect” somewhat the aesthetics.

And yet, this aspect should not be taken lightly. Thus, you will have to like your travelling companion physically speaking. We are not talking about the equipment, nor the accessories installed, but rather the look of the latter.

The more you like it, the more you will enjoy going out. Your feeling of comfort and pleasure will be amplified as well by the accessories and the performances of the means of locomotion but also by the design and the aesthetics.


The price is an important element. The budget you wish to allocate to your Mondraker bike should be established before you start your search. Indeed, this step is important. Because it would be a waste of time and especially it can discourage you if you find only perfect products but too expensive for you. I

t is therefore necessary to define this element. In order to save time and especially to find your new companion of road in all serenity.

Secondly, you should know that a discounted bicycle does not necessarily mean that it is a poor quality product. On the contrary, some brands offer modes of transport that are just as efficient as others that are much more expensive. You can find an impressive quantity of references on recognized online sales sites or directly in retail stores.

Nevertheless, if at the end of your search doubts persist, do not hesitate to contact experts in the field to dispel them. They will be happy to answer your questions so that you can find the means of transportation that suits you.

In conclusion

As you can see, choosing a bike is not necessarily an easy task. You will have to make a list to identify your needs.

Moreover, you will have to ask yourself the question of the budget, because if at first sight it seems logical, it is necessary to know that the prices vary from simple to double very easily according to the marks and the signs. The equipment and accessories must also be important.

The Mondraker bikes and Mondraker e bike are products that meets all the criteria of many users. By choosing this brand, you choose a safe value.

Finally, as explained above, if you have any doubts or persistent questions, do not hesitate to contact advisors or experts in the field of cycling. They can be found in stores or online. In order to give you the missing elements. Before taking the plunge and financing a new means of transportation.

To guide you in your choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily tests and reviews on many traditional and electric bikes.


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