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Rockrider 9.1: off-road and mountain proof !

Today, it is difficult, if not impossible, not to have already heard of the Decathlon brand. Indeed, the latter has quite naturally imposed itself in the universe of sports equipment but accessible to the general public. You have certainly heard of it thanks to the numerous bikes it offers. And more specifically its Rockrider range,…

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Commencal bikes : which one to choose ?

Commencal is the brand name of an Andorran company called Comesport. Its activity is the design of mountain bikes particularly adapted to competition. The company was founded in 2000 by Max Commencal after he resigned from Sunn. His Commencal mountain bikes have already led many cycling professionals to the podiums of major championships. Quality of…

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Felt bikes: Push your limits !

You want to practice sports ? A "classic" road companion is not enough for you ? Well, we may have the solution that will meet your expectations. Our team invites you to discover a special brand, we named the Felt bikes. Learn more about this company, its culture, its values but also and especially about…

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