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Is the Winora e bike a good option?


The use of bicycles contributes greatly to the preservation of nature. It was important for us to offer you solid bikes that meet all your needs. This is the challenge that the Winora e bike brand has taken up by offering you a collection of classic and electric bikes that are simply unique.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Winora electric bikes.

Context favourable to the development of cycling

The bicycle is a means of transportation that has been around for years and continues to reinvent itself. Today, it is back in fashion and is positioned as the cleanest two-wheeled vehicle on the market.

Many advantages

In the big cities, it is also the solution par excellence when you want to avoid traffic jams. In the countryside, you will take great pleasure in getting on your bike and going for a ride. If the bicycle is so successful, it is also for environmental reasons. Indeed, nearly 5 billion kilos of CO2 are released each year because of cars with thermal engines.

Solving mobility problems is imperative. To do so, many communities are considering rethinking the organization of traffic corridors. Indeed, it is important to limit the congestion of cities, especially during rush hours. To achieve this, two solutions have been found: to encourage public transport and to promote means of transport such as cycling.

Why this craze ?

For several years now, the bicycle market has been booming. However, the countless strikes and the health crisis have served as a gas pedal.

From now on, the bicycle seduces more and more people, because when you are a city dweller, it allows you not to spend fuel in order to carry out the daily trips. You won’t have to worry about traffic disruptions due to strikes or traffic jams either. Moreover, with the health crisis and the obligation to keep a good distance from each other, the bicycle is the solution to many problems.

In such a context, several communities in Europe decided to launch programs of assistance aiming at facilitating the acquisition of the bicycles. Thus, you will not have to break your piggy bank to become the happy owner of a Winora bikes.

Discovering the bike brand Winora

Winora is a bicycle brand that has been around for many years. We can say that it was created in 1921, when Engelbert Wiener decided to design a bike for his daughters. A former German track sprint champion, Engelbert had no secrets about bicycles and worked hard to build a machine that would allow his children to ride like him.

At that time, bicycles for children and teenagers did not exist, so Engelbert Wiener was the first to make bicycles for young people.

This passion which animated the founder of the brand has lasted since all these years, it is what allows Winora to propose bicycles of quality whose finishes and the handling are perfect. Over time, the brand has become one of the references in the market. Indeed, the Winora bikes and e bike Winora are considered as reliable means of displacement which will be always there at the time when you will need it.

Whether you choose one of the classic or electric models, your satisfaction will be complete. Each bike is designed to meet the needs of a specific category of people. The models for children and teenagers for example will be excellent companions if they decide to discover the world around them. Adults will be able to use their bike to go to university, to the office or on a hike.

At Winora, there are city bikes as well as trekking bikes. Note that all models are safe and durable means of transportation that will improve the mobility of their owner.

A collection of quality Winora bikes

A few years ago, the air quality in cities left much to be desired. Indeed, with the exhaust fumes, many people suffered from respiratory problems. To overcome this, it was important to find safe and clean means of transportation, which was the case with the bikes of the brand Winora.

These bikes have become reliable companions over the generations, no matter what you want to do with them. They’re perfect for commuting to work, helping you run errands, or even when you want to get away for a ride.

Note that one of the strong points of the brand is the presence of two main categories of bicycles, namely the classic bicycles and the electric bicycles. All products are available either directly in store or on online sales platforms.


The classic Winora bikes

The bicycles that the brand Winora commercializes are versatile articles which answer the needs for all, including the most demanding persons. In the category of the classic bicycles, you have some for all the tastes.

The Winora Aruba model

The Winora Aruba bike is a city bike that exists in two variations, a model for women and a model for men. Note that the features and characteristics of the bike are the same with the only difference that the horizontal stem that is placed in the center of the bike is lowered on the women’s model so that their skirts and dresses are not lifted.

With its retro styling that gives it a special charm, you’ll enjoy riding your bike to work. In addition, the presence of a Shimanon Nexus 8-speed derailleur, Schwalbe tires and V-brakes make this machine one of the most reliable on the market. You can also be sure to enjoy maximum comfort, especially with the seat and handles that are made of imitation leather.

The Winora Chica model for kids

The Winora Chica is a bicycle conceived for the children and the teenagers. Its design is as neat as the Aruba model which is reserved for the adults. Perfect when you want to offer a balanced, reliable and quality bicycle to your children, the Winora Chica bike will allow them to move, whatever the weather conditions.

Ideal when you have a little girl, this bike is easy to use and above all very elegant. Thanks to its sporty 21-speed derailleur and its non-slip pedals, it will manage to cover long distances in royal comfort.


The Winora Dash model

The Winora Dash also belongs to the category of the bicycles for children. This one is as practical and secure as the other models of the brand. It is conceived for the young explorers. Having a design almost similar to that of the Chica model, the Dash bike is made to roll on all the grounds. It has many features and has very clean lines. 

With its wide tires and suspension fork, your child will have fun exploring the world around him. Note that the Winora Dash bike is perfect for off-roading. Your girl or boy will be able to get on his 20 inches bike to follow you during your family rides.

The Winora Domingo model

If you are a cyclist, the Winora Domingo bike has strong chances to satisfy you. Indeed, it has a classic and timeless design which will suit perfectly to the purists. The strong point of this machine is that it is versatile. You will be able to use it to go to work or to make of it exercise in the optics to keep the form.

The Winora Domingo is the perfect mix of a lightweight aluminum frame, a suspension fork and a 21-speed Shimanon derailleur. Thanks to all these elements with which your bicycle is equipped, you will be able to roll quickly and safely, even on the uneven paths.

The Winora Holiday N7 bicycle model

If you want to ride safely without skimping on your fun, the Holiday N7 is for you. This fully equipped bike is just what you need. It has a Shimano Carbon Drive sprocket hub, V-brakes and a coaster brake system. All of these elements contribute to your safety.

You should also know that this bike is equipped with a spring-loaded seatpost that will allow you to ride over cobblestones and bumps without feeling any discomfort. However, if you want more comfort, opt for the Wave version of the Holiday N7 with its aluminum frame. Plus, its design encourages users to stay upright once they’re seated on it.

Many other models of classic bikes are proposed by the brand Winora. To discover them, you just have to go on the website of the manufacturer.

Presentation of the different e bike Winora

With its range of e bike Winora , Winora plans to make you benefit from the last advances in mobility. Indeed, in this category, you have the choice between very powerful machines which will enable you to move without tiring you.

The Winora Radius Tour electric bike

The Radius Tour electric bike is a bike that can do it all. In fact, it will take you anywhere quickly and easily. You will feel very comfortable on it, especially with its handlebars that can be adjusted in height or turned 90 degrees.

Many of you might think that this Winora e bike is heavy and bulky, but it is not. If you opt for the 2021 model, it will come with the Yamaha PW-ST motor that will allow you to reach the speed of 25 km/h.

The Radius Tour is the solution to your mobility problems in the city, on vacation or in the countryside. The battery of its electric motor is 500 Wh and the machine has 8 speeds. Note that the presence of folding pedals will allow you to easily fit it into your home.

The Sinus electric bike

Sinus electric bikes are available in many variations. Indeed, you have models for men as well as models for women, such as the Sinus 9. With a design that is unlike any other, the Sinus Winora e bike does not require any particular maintenance. Moreover, it will suit you, no matter what you want to do with it.

Thanks to the Bosh Performance Line motor, you will benefit from a torque of 65 Nm. Note that the 625 Wh battery will allow you to move faster without getting tired. You should also know that among the many bikes of the brand, the Sinus models are distinguished by the reliability of their components, the flexibility of their derailleur and the precision of their hydraulic disc brakes.  

The Winora Yakun electric bike

The Yakun 10 model has all the characteristics of a versatile e bike Winora. Indeed, this one will be as well at ease in town as on a trail. The power of the Bosh Performance CX motor and the presence of a 750 Wh battery will allow you to face any situation. Add to that a superior derailleur and brakes.  

The e bike Winora Yakun is also equipped with a RockShox suspension fork, 27.5 inch tires with a width of 60mm, as well as an intelligent modular rail system. If it were to be compared to an automobile, the Yakun 10 would be the SUV of electric bikes. Note that it is perfect for trekking. This model is available for both men and women.

The Yucatan 10 electric bike

This Winora e bike is designed for adventurers. Indeed, it is reliable when you are on the road or on the trail. This bike was made for both sporty rides and family outings. The presence of the Yamaha PW-ST engine delivering 70 Nm of torque and the 10-speed derailleur will allow you to reach 25 km/h very quickly.

As for braking, it has large-diameter discs that will help you stop at any moment. And since its vocation is to do city and off-road, the Yucatan 10 is equipped with 27.5-inch tires, a lighting system, a mudguard and a luggage rack.

Which are the helps which you profit from the purchase of a Winora bikes ?

If you are considering the purchase of a conventional or electrically assisted bicycle, you can take advantage of several grants. Indeed, in France for example, there are some at the national, regional and communal levels.   

National aids

Let’s take the example of France. Today, the state provides a subsidy to people who want to buy a Winora bikes or other brand of electric bike. However, in order to benefit from this grant, you must already be in receipt of aid at the local level.

The amount of the state grant is estimated at 200 euros. Please note that in order to benefit from it, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be of age
  • Reside in France
  • Have a fiscal income of 13,489 euros the year before the purchase of the bike
  • Receive assistance from your local community

In addition, there are conditions such as:

  • The bike must be new
  • It must not use a lead battery
  • The latter must have an assisted pedaling cycle
  • It must not be sold within one year of purchase

To benefit from the national aid, you must fill in a specific form. Note that this form must be sent at the latest 6 months after the date of invoice of the Winora bikes or other brand electric bike.

Regional aids

More and more regions in France are subsidizing the purchase of a bicycle. These include Île-de-France, Occitanie, Corsica and Pays-de-la-Loire. In each of these regions, the amount paid for the aid varies between 150 and 600 euros.

Note that the amount of assistance will not exceed half of the price of the Winora bikes or other brand electric bike.

Communal aids

Municipalities in some cities will also help you purchase your bike. However, the amount of assistance may vary. In Paris, for example, for the purchase of a cargo bike, you will receive 600 euros in aid. However, for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle, you will only receive 400 euros.

In Marseille, you will receive 400 euros if you live in the Bouches-du-Rhône. In the metropolis of Strasbourg, on the other hand, you can buy a electric bike and be reimbursed 2 euros per day for 3 years. We advise you to get in touch with the local authorities to find out if you are eligible for financial aid.

Winora bikes: ideas for the mobility of today and tomorrow

Winora is a brand of the Dutch Accell Group, a company that advocates sustainable mobility. Therefore, it was important for them to make a small contribution by offering bicycles that comply with international safety standards and global ISO standards.

The structure also works to find ideas that take into account your future needs. So don’t be surprised if in the coming years, Winora proposes an application allowing you to make beautiful walks with your children or electric bikes equipped with ABS.    

Note that the brand is also committed to reducing CO2 emissions as well as the waste that results from the manufacturing of its Winora classic bikes and Winora e bike. In addition to selective sorting, the Accell group has decided to replace plastic with paper and cardboard on all its production lines.  

How to choose your Winora bikes ?

As we mentioned earlier, the bicycle market is expanding rapidly. It is therefore difficult for the future user to find his way among the different offers present on the market. So to do well, he will have to ask himself a certain number of questions in order to opt for the product that corresponds to him the most.

Define your needs

To start with you will have to define your needs in terms of mobility. Will you need a e bike Winora bike for your daily commute in the city. Or on the contrary, will you use your companion for hiking or walking in the mountains ?

This first step will allow you to target the type of e bike Winora bike you should choose. You should not take an urban bike when you are going to do some mountain and rough rides. The goal is that you have a means of locomotion perfectly adapted to your practice and to the use that you wish to make of it.

Comfort and safety

These are very important points, even if at first sight they seem very subjective. Nothing is more necessary than to take into consideration the comfort of your Winora e bike. It should meet your expectations.

So, maybe you will look for an ultra comfortable saddle, luggage racks, a bell or a full suspension bike (with suspension fork) to absorb the shocks linked to your practice. Here again, the type of use will have a determining impact on your choice of accessories and equipment.

Then, in terms of safety, some will want to find front and rear lights. Hydraulic disc brakes and many other options are available. The goal is to be able to perfectly meet the requirements of your practice.

Price and aesthetics

The price is a central element not to be neglected. If you already know the budget you want to allocate, don’t spread yourself too thin. This will only lead to disappointment. Indeed, if you carry out a research but you do not pay attention to the price then you will be disappointed.

The goal is to have a list of products that match your needs both in terms of features and price. This way, you won’t waste time comparing products that are out of reach.

Aesthetics is again a purely personal element. You can’t ask just anyone to choose a model for you. Even if people know you perfectly, they won’t necessarily know which model to choose for you. Moreover, do not neglect this aspect because the more you like a product aesthetically speaking, the easier it will be for you to go out and practice.


The Winora bikes and Winora e bike are quality products that you should discover. You will need to know about them before you choose another brand. Indeed, they will allow you to adopt a different point of view.

It is true that the products of the brand are of very good quality and offer the user the possibility to enjoy many significant features. Thus, with a means of locomotion of this type, you could fully enjoy your outings and excursions in an optimal and very comfortable way.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles about electric and conventional bikes