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Elops 520 : our opinion on this Decathlon city bike

The best city bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

Elops 520
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Seller : Decathlon
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Elops 900 e
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Seller : Decathlon
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Decathlon has been able to quickly take a significant place on the cycling market. Indeed, the brand has been able to make cycling accessible to the general public. It has been able to distinguish itself thanks to its range of Elops city bikes in classic and electric versions and more specifically the Btwin Elops 520.

Elops in electric version

The French brand has managed to stand out from its competitors thanks to its accessibility. Indeed, it addresses everyone and offers good quality products at prices affordable by all French households.

Lately, the company has been able to establish itself in a new branch, the green mobility. It now offers a whole range of electrically assisted bicycles. So, whether you are looking for a city bike, a road bike, a mountain bike or a cross-country bike, it exists in its classic version but also in electric version. 

The Elops bike with electric assistance has all the features in terms of comfort and equipment. You will simply have a means of locomotion that will allow you to go further and enjoy your escapades for a reasonable price!

Elops bike, what is it exactly ?

The Elops range offered by the tricolor group is specifically dedicated to bikes for urban use. Even if since 2019 their designation has changed somewhat, the products and quality of these remain unchanged.

You certainly knew the old references under the name of Btwin Elops 520. Today, this name no longer exists, to be able to access all the city bikes you will have to search for an Elops bike simply.

A new identity ?

Not really a new identity simply a clarification. Indeed, before 2019, it was more complicated for consumers to find their way among all the existing models and ranges. Whether you were looking for a city bike, a road bike, a mountain bike or a mountain bike, all references started with Btwin.

So you could find for example Btwin Rockrider 520 or Btwin Elops 520. Today, Decathlon has simplified all this by simply removing the Btwin before each reference. 

Nothing else changes. You will always be able to count on the quality of the products, the quality of the equipment implemented and proposed by Decathlon.

The different ranges

Decathlon offers a wide range of products in order to reach a maximum of people and therefore of practices. The aim of these ranges is to meet everyone’s needs while still making the practice easy to access. Thus, you will find 4 main ranges adapted to 4 types of practices:

Rockrider for mountain bikes
Riverside for cross-country bikes
Elops for city bikes
Triban for all road bikes

As you can see, the Elops bike range includes all of the Tricolor group’s city bikes in both classic and electric versions. 

Presentation of the Elops 520

You have now understood, the Elops 520 is part of the city bikes of the Decathlon group. Formerly known as Btwin Elops 520, its name, like all the others, has changed somewhat, but not the product itself. We find the specific quality of Btwin. This means of locomotion will be an ideal ally for your excursions in urban areas or for your daily trips. 

Technical characteristics of the Elops 520 city bike

First, we’d like to learn more about this city bike by reviewing its features.

Several sizes available

To ensure optimal comfort while driving, the French group offers several sizes to future users. There are 3 sizes: XS, S/M and L/XL. Here is what they correspond to :

  • XS corresponds to users whose height is between 145 cm and 155 cm
  • S/M corresponds to users whose height is between 155 cm and 175 cm
  • L/XL corresponds to users whose height is between 175 cm and 195 cm

You hesitate between 2 sizes because you are at the junction of two of them ? Well, your driving style will determine which one you should take. Indeed, if you are looking for comfort, then you should take the smaller size in order to adopt a higher position. On the other hand, if you are looking for performance and speed, then you should choose the top size to have a lower position.

Its weight

As for the weight of the Elops 520, you should know that it is a little more consistent than the Rockrider range for example. However, the practice is not the same, the needs in lightness also differ. Here are the correspondences:

  • XS : 17,6 kg
  • S / M : 19,1 kg
  • L / XL : 19,45 kg

Even if the weight seems significant, it seems important to specify that it brings a great stability during the practice in urban environment.

The Elops 520 : A low frame

The Elops 520 city bike is equipped with a low steel frame. This one is particularly practical and easy to straddle. The City geometry allows the user to ride with a straight back.


No suspensions for the city bike Decathlon Elops 520. Indeed, since it is an urban practice, no big obstacle to face and no paths or rough trails hence this absence. However, the user will be reassured to learn that a slightly curved fork can nevertheless absorb the vibrations caused by the cobblestones. 


The Elops bike 520 has all in all 6 speeds. All on an external derailleur. Thus, no need to juggle between different plateaus, you will simply have to change gears. The use of this means of locomotion is simpler and more convenient. You will be able to judge the speed to adopt according to the traffic conditions.

Caliper brakes

For your safety and comfort, you can count on front and rear aluminum V-Brake calipers. They will ensure you an effective and progressive braking. You will be able to release them using 2 levers located in front of the handlebars of Elops 520. 

The wheels from the Elops 520

The Elops 520 city bike is proposed by Decathlon at a price of 270€. It is a very good product with a good quality / price ratio. Nevertheless, we think that the electric version Elops 920 is much better. However, whether it is for the classic or the assisted version, you will benefit from the quality of a brand known and recognized for its know-how and its quality products.

Maintenance and Warranty

So don’t hesitate to pamper your Elops bike 520, by cleaning it as soon as possible. A little water and a sponge will be enough to give him his original appearance. However, be careful to dry it with a dry cloth.

This will remove all traces of moisture present. Then, make sure not to leave any corrosive products near it and not to store it in a salty environment. To have your bike serviced, Decathlon also offers you to come to the workshops to have the tires, brakes and transmission serviced.

In terms of guarantee, the tricolor group proposes to take care of the stem, the frame, the handlebars as well as the rigid fork on this bicycle and that for life !

Accessories and Equipment

For your comfort and safety you can count on accessories and equipment specially designed for urban use. Thus, on the Decathlon Elops bike 520 you will find a stand on the rear wheel so as not to disturb you while pedaling. A luggage rack is present above the rear wheel and can support up to 27 kg.

In addition, this bike has a platform in the front that can hold up to 7 kg. So, if you go to work you can easily carry your stuff, papers or laptop. The rear rack can also accommodate a child seat.

Then, the brand offers you a better view of the road with the help of LED dynamo bottle lighting at the front but also at the rear. No more batteries because these lights work when you use them, you produce the energy. You will be able to see up to 30m in front and you can be seen up to 150m in the back by other road users. 

In order to avoid all the inconveniences in case of wet road, the group has set up front and rear mudguards as well as a chain guard. Specific slots have been provided to add a frame lock and a folding lock. Moreover, this model is compatible with the entire range of B’twin luggage.

The price oh the Elops 520

The Elops bike 520 city bike is proposed by Decathlon at a price of 270€. It is a very good product with a good quality / price ratio. Nevertheless, we think that the electric version Elops 920 is much better. However, whether it is for the classic or the assisted version, you will benefit from the quality of a brand known and recognized for its know-how and its quality products.

The Elops 520 against the competition

Today, the cycling world and especially the manufacturers and retailers are in a war without mercy. Tons of references have appeared, making the choice for the consumer more difficult to realize. All brands try to differentiate themselves by offering more or less innovative items or with more or less offbeat styles.

Today, Decathlon offers its customers not only a wide range of quality bikes but also electrically assisted products. This market is really exploding. The French brand is once again a forerunner in this field by offering electric bike for sale at a price that everyone can afford.

And what about the electrics in all this ?

As previously announced, the cycling market is growing considerably. Moreover, some European countries are clearly in favor of this change.

The French government, for example, is setting up specific lanes for cyclists, designing special facilities for cyclists. And what about being able to enjoy a little longer your escapades and your rides thanks to the implementation of an electric assistance directly on your means of locomotion?

Well, it is possible thanks to the work done by some brands like Decathlon. All the practices can be carried out by means of classic bikes or with electric assistance. Let’s take the example of Decathlon, for each classic range, an electric version exists. So, whether you are more of a mountain bike, mountain bike, road bike or city bike, there is bound to be an electric bike that will suit you.

Purchase aids

Buying an electric bike can sometimes be complicated. It’s hard to make a choice and once you’ve made your mind up, the price can be a real deterrent to buying. From now on, you could take this point a little more lightly.

Indeed, as previously explained, in some countries of the European Union, the government takes to heart the development of infrastructures for cyclists but not only.

In order to encourage this type of purchase and travel, the latter grants bonuses for the purchase of electric bikes. Thus, your final bill will be reduced, allowing you to save a bit of money. Let’s take the example of France with some figures:

  • National aid: equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200€ maximum
  • Regional aid: variable according to the regions, between 150€ and 600€
  • Communal aid: in Paris the consumer can receive up to 400€

These data are purely indicative, it seems important and appropriate to contact your municipality or your region in order to know all the details regarding eligibility and access conditions.


The Elops 520 city bike is a complete product, comfortable and studied for an exclusively urban use. You will be able to count without any doubt on the whole of the equipment and accessories integrated into this last. Nevertheless, we think that the electric version will bring you a better satisfaction and will allow you to take advantage fully of your displacements with less constraints and effort.

In order to guide you in your choice, the OnMyBike team offers articles written daily, on traditional and electric bikes.


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