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Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike review

The market of green mobility is nowadays not to be presented anymore. Indeed, you certainly hear about it all the time with electric cars or electric bikes. You must certainly get lost among all the offers that a multitude of retailers propose to you. That’s why we thought it was important to bring you the keys to make the best choice according to your needs! We propose you to discover our opinion about the electric bike Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse.

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Presentation of the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike

Here is a splendid Electrically Assisted Bike. In addition to the original colors proposed by the ancestral brand RALEIGH, the Dover has a significant asset: 7 speeds are housed in the hub thanks to the Nexus technology of Shimano.

Thus, no more endless chore of adjusting the derailleur, especially for electric bikes. The motor in the crankset ensures a real electric assistance which is triggered only when pedaling. Finally, the battery is discreetly housed in the frame in order to free up the luggage rack, which is sometimes very useful.

The Dover rider will also appreciate its LED backlit display. This model is specialized in the urban world. In terms of product quality, it will be difficult to do better. Indeed, this is a product with a classic English style but made in Germany.

Our opinion on the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse

At first glance

The Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bicycle is a product made in Germany! It is a means of transportation specially designed for the city.

Thus, it will be the ideal road companion for your excursions and rides in urban areas! Its various on-board equipments as well as its Shift-Sensor technology should undoubtedly convince you and satisfy you on a daily basis.

The competitive context

There is no good review without going through the competition. The Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike has some fierce competition that can put it to shame.

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According to our team, these electric bikes are the best on the market. Indeed, their quality of manufacture and finish but also their price, the platform marketing them were important factors to take into account.

Technical specifications of the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse

Power and operation

As explained above, the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike is made for the city. It is equipped with a central Impulse 2.0 motor of 250W / 36V. Its central and low position will bring you even more driving comfort, it will allow you to balance the loads and thus reduce the effort.

It has a Shift Sensor option, which makes it a smoother, smoother and smoother gear shift for both the motor and the user. In addition, you will have a starting assistance ensuring a controlled and safe start, up to 6 km/h. Secondly, this electric bike offers not 1, not 2 but 3 modes of operation to adapt to traffic conditions.


Equipped with an Impulse Lithium-Ion battery of 396 Wh (36V /11 Ah), the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike offers you up to 135 kms in Eco mode and in optimal conditions of use!

This last one is located at the same level as the motor, namely in the center and at the bottom of the bike itself, always with the aim of improving comfort. As for the time of recharging of the battery, you will have to count on 6 hours for a complete charge, at 100%.

Its weight

The Raleigh brand offers us this electric bike Dover 7 Impulse which is quite average in terms of weight. Indeed, you don’t have to be afraid of this one, because it weighs 24,4 kg.

Equipment and lighting

The Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike has a feature that does not leave anyone indifferent. Indeed, it is equipped with a luggage rack at the back for the heaviest and lightest loads.

An LCD screen is available from the handlebars with a control module deported on the handlebars and accessible with the right thumb. This last one allows the visualization of the state of charge of the battery, the selected mode of assistance, the instantaneous speed or the distance covered.

The brand has made a point of equipping this electric bike with LED front and rear lights. In terms of lighting, there is nothing better to see and be seen better by other users!

Comfort and safety

Several elements improve the user’s experience by increasing the comfort of the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bike. Indeed, let’s start with its low gooseneck type frame. This allows for easier climbing and descending.

We can also mention several other elements such as the fork equipped with a steel suspension system, the comfort pedals with anti-skid and reflectors, the front and rear mudguards or the Bassano Volare Comfort saddle.

Finally, you can choose the size of electric bike that suits you among the different existing: XS, S, M and L. In addition, there are 2 colors available: Red or Blue.

The price

In our opinion, the Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse electric bicycle is a bit expensive. However, considering all the equipment it comes with, ensuring comfort and safety to its user, the price doesn’t seem to be that much. It is proposed on the website at the price of 1889€.

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To conclude

To conclude, it seems important to emphasize that the equipment offered by the brand is considerable! Indeed, the user can start with this electric bike Raleigh Dover 7 Impulse without any problem. This is definitely a city bike par excellence.

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