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Dahon folding bike : very practical folding bikes


Cycling has become a common practice. Indeed, whether you want to ride in the city, in the countryside, to compete on the road or to ride in the mountains, there is a product that suits you. Today, we propose you to discover the brand of bicycle Dahon specialized in the production of compact and ultra practical products. Come and discover the brand and the Dahon folding bike.

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The folding bike was once used by cycling enthusiasts for its compact style. Today, it has captured the hearts of city dwellers and anyone looking for a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to get around.

Preferred as a means of transportation to work, school and the surrounding area, the folding bike is increasingly present in major cities.

Easy to store and very sturdy, it has become the darling of all those who are looking for ease of movement. Urban bike par excellence, it allows its holder to enjoy the joys of cycling while avoiding traffic jams.

Dahon bike brand: market leader for several reasons

Dahon is an American brand with a proven track record in manufacturing folding city bikes. As one of the world’s leading brands, it offers a wide range of models that are popular with men and women. However, these high-end products come at a relatively high price. Nevertheless, the quality is very high.

The birth of the Dahon folding bikes

The Dahon bike brand was born in 1982 in the United States like many others. As tradition dictates, the company began its activities in a garage. Its founder was David T. Hon, a brilliant physicist by training. The idea of the folding bike was already in the works 7 years earlier. At that time, ecological values were becoming important.

The objective of the creator Hon and his brother who espoused the idea was to design a fairly ecological and easily transportable means of travel. During all these years, they will develop a prototype. When the work is finally completed, David will then present his creation to several companies, which unfortunately will not believe in this idea.

Perseverance that finally pays off

The report is not brilliant so the two brothers simply create their own company. They managed to raise the necessary funds with the help of their family and a few investors. The head office was then installed in California. Their first production plant was built in Taiwan. The following year, 1983, the first Dahon folding bicycles were presented to the public.

For several years, only the American and Asian markets benefited from this invention. It was only later that Dahon folding bikes were offered in Europe. Today, the numerous factories around the world (in China and Bulgaria to be precise) are proof of the brand’s success. It is now often presented as the pioneer of modern looking folding bikes.

The American company has more than 200 patents to date and many other brands have been inspired by it. Nevertheless, the company remains in the lead and offers many models of folding bikes on the market. They are grouped in different series to help the customer in his choice.

Types of Dahon folding bikes

At Dahon, there are several categories of folding bikes. Each group concentrates a number of characteristics specially designed to meet a particular need. Thus, there are three families of bikes: urban, long-distance and road models. These bikes are appreciated for their specificities.

Urban Dahon bikes

They are specially made to fit the city’s fashion and environment. The most common model, the urban folding bike is made for everyday use. The equipment is designed to make life easy for the cyclist: basket, lights, luggage rack, fenders, etc.

It is quick and easy to fold, easy to carry and easy to handle. This range of bikes also offers electric models. However, they weigh more. The urban bike is a little more expensive than its peers.

Travel bikes: trekking

This model of bicycle is thought in robustness and solidity. It can have a luggage rack in the front and in the back to facilitate travel. Specially adapted to take public transport, it does not pose any problem.

It offers a great freedom as well as a speed of folding/unfolding to take the train or the plane. It is also easy to start up. On the other hand, some models cannot have panniers.

The folding bikes sport mode

This model is lighter and less equipped than the others. It is specially designed to promote efficiency and performance. As its category indicates, it allows you to burn calories and practice sports.

However, it has a more fragile frame. This advantage for performance (lightness) becomes a disadvantage when you have to carry a child. You may encounter problems.


The Dahon folding cargo bike

Some folding bikes offer the ability to carry the whole family. This is not very common. Several models of this kind have been around for several years. It offers the same features as these peers with the advantage of carrying more people. It is just a little more bulky than the others.

Dahon folding bike : ergonomics and practicality

A folding bike is an ordinary bike except that it can be folded in half to save space. The protruding parts and the frame are reducible with the help of hinges. Its anatomy is certainly different from the classic bike and even from the dismountable bike.

The folding technique varies from one model to another. In general, the folding is done horizontally, vertically or accordion style. The goal is to design a system that allows the bike to be folded many times and as fast as possible. Dahon is very clever in offering a wide range of models.

A style for every occasion

The Dahon brand continues to develop increasingly advanced bicycle models for the urban market. They are practical for getting around quickly and easily. The icing on the cake, the foldable nature of the bike makes it transportable anywhere if needed. In the car or on the bus, there is nothing to stop you from taking your bike with you.

It comes with a storage bag and neither the weight nor the dimensions in folded mode are a problem. Best of all, it accepts and shows off any type of clothing. If the user is a bit sporty, it can travel long distances and go very far. Dahon has designed different models to suit each particular circumstance.

A style for every need

The Dahon folding bike is above all a functional vehicle. It is useful for cycling, but especially for getting to specific places. Whether you want to play with your friends, go for a bike ride, go to school, go to work or just run an errand, it is simply ideal.

It’s designed to adapt to all kinds of circumstances and blend easily into the scenery. Whether in the city on perfect roads or in the country on rocky trails, each bike’s features make it a challenge.

Dahon folding bicycles to combine comfort and utility

In the midst of this multitude of offers of Dahon folding bikes, in stores and on the Internet, it is often complicated to make a choice. Before choosing one model or another, ask yourself some questions. Why choose a folding bike? The folding bike offers several advantages at Dahon:


The cost of acquiring a Dahon folding bike is more affordable than other means of transportation. Better yet, it is also possible to find a used one in good condition with a little luck. Its use in urban centers allows you to reduce your fuel and public transportation expenses, for example.


These bikes are easy to store in apartments, at work or anywhere else. They fit easily in elevators, in your car trunk. No matter what public transportation you use, you’re sure to find room for your bike. Thanks to its storage bag, it can be carried like a hand luggage.


This is the biggest advantage of this type of bike. There is no risk of noise or air pollution. Your use of this bike has a considerable impact on the environment. Indeed, it allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


In addition to being ecological, practical and economical, your folding bike is beneficial for reasons of well-being and health. It will be your daily ally to keep you in shape and therefore in good health, because it will allow you to work your heart, while muscling your legs.


Depending on your needs, it is possible to find the folding bike that best suits you. It adapts to your needs and responds to all your requests, regardless of the environment. You can choose your model according to the number of people to move.

Dahon: what to look for on your folding bike

Unfortunately, a folding bike cannot be used for every occasion. It is often necessary to find a compromise between several needs. So list your choice criteria by priority. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate model for your situation.

How to make a good choice ?

Here are some guidelines to help you do so:

  • Ultra-compact folding bikes are used for short distances;
  • Compact and rolling bikes are used for trips of more than 5 km. They are suitable for regular use;
  • Trekking bikes are mainly designed for travel;
  • Folding electric bikes are suitable for users who have to deal with steep slopes and long distances (over 10 km). Those who are looking for pedaling assistance to rest for a while (health problems) in their travels appreciate them.

In addition, you have to think about the ease of folding, the practicality for transportation, the level of bulk, your budget … Do not neglect the size of the wheels, your weight in line with the weight of the folding bike, the proposed equipment and the look of the bike of course.

Features to check before deciding

There are still other criteria to consider when choosing your Dahon folding bike. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Baby seat

Many parents wonder if this child accessory is suitable for folding bikes. The answer is yes, but only on certain models. We recommend that you check that your choice has such an option with the appropriate attachments.

Weight and folding system

It is often recommended to choose a lightweight folding bike. This has the advantage of making it easier to move around and transport in folded mode. However, it is necessary to pay attention to one point.

This lightness should not prevail on the solidity of the bicycle. It is recommended to choose between 11 and 13 kg. It is necessary to avoid that the fragile tubes of the light Dahon folding bikes bend under your own weight.

Wheel size

Folding bikes have different wheel sizes. They vary from 16 to 26 inches. Some folding bike models have such small wheels that they become uncomfortable on uneven ground (cobblestones, paths…). This gives an unpleasant impression. Twenty-inch wheels are enough to ensure a comfortable ride with a minimum of bulk.

Gender models (man or women)

Folding bikes are generally designed to be unisex. However, it is possible to find models that offer a folding system configuration resembling men’s bikes.

Electric folding bikes

This option has a significant advantage. An electric battery will reduce the effort required during travel. It is advantageous to go to work without having to change on the spot.

Transmission and gear change

They vary from one model to another. The higher the quality of the folding bike, the better the system. It facilitates pedaling on flat ground, during a descent or on the contrary a rise.


It is not impossible to find a cheap Dahon folding bike. A trip to the store or online will certainly help you find your favorite.

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How to choose a Dahon folding bike ?

Answering a few questions will allow you to see more clearly. Once you have the answers, all that remains is to refine your choice in terms of models, equipment, etc. Don’t forget to test the bike before investing.

Why do you need a folding bike ?

It is a question here of determining some constraints of your environment allowing you to go or not in this direction.

It is about the ease to take public transport while keeping the possibility to continue by bike for example. Opting for a folding bike also allows you to fight against theft. So your bike can stay with you everywhere.

What will the folding bike be used for ?

Analyze your route and frequency of travel. Your daily commute around town, your trips and outings, your errands, all these factors will determine the model you choose. It must be good enough to meet your needs.

How often will your folding bike be used ?

The more you need it, the more you need to use it, the more you need to fold or unfold it… the more robust it needs to be.

Frequently asked questions about Dahon bike

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Dahon bike.


Is Dahon a reliable brand ?

Dahon is one of the pioneers in folding bikes. They have over 5 million of their bikes in circulation worldwide. The scores of ratings and favorable reviews recorded on the Internet are very promising.

Where to buy a Dahon folding bike ?

Dahon bikes are available in specialized stores and on the Internet. Take a look around to find the folding bike that suits you best. Don’t hesitate to look on several comparisons before deciding. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is place your order.

How much does a Dahon folding bike cost ?

The most basic model costs a little over 500 euros. If you are looking for performance or more features, you can go for the mid-range models with less than a thousand euros. Higher quality is reserved for those who can afford the ultimate Dahon folding bike.

To save money, you can always look around for used Dahon folding bikes for sale. A simple check of its condition will help you decide.

Can I assemble a Dahon folding bike myself ?

Each Dahon folding bike model comes with a user manual. A few basic skills and a little logic are all you need to assemble the parts of your folding bike. The materials are specially adapted to make the task easier for the user.

What size folding bike wheels to choose ?

This feature is important depending on the level of comfort sought during driving. However, the weight of the future user can be important. For example, a teenager will not have the same needs as an adult to go to school or to work. Decide especially according to the quality of the journey to be made daily.

How many gears does a Dahon bike have ?

The number of gears depends on the type of transmission available on a model. It therefore varies from one folding bike to another. The transmission and the speed are especially important when the user has to face more slopes or descents.

Can you repair your Dahon bike yourself ?

There are minor breakdowns or maintenance that the user can perform himself. Depending on the dexterity of the latter, the level of difficulty attainable by one or the other (user) varies considerably.

In case of doubt or serious breakdown, it is better to call the after-sales service to keep the warranty or not to damage the machine further.

Purchase aids

There are many ways to help finance your bike. You wish to invest in an electrically assisted bicycle or a cargo bike. Don’t worry, the government, the regions and certain municipalities will help you acquire one.

Indeed, these various authorities seek to promote alternative means of transport and thus leave aside the more energy consuming vehicles such as thermal cars for example.

To learn more about the subject we advise you to read the different conditions of access in one of our articles that deals with the subject. This way, you will have all the necessary information to make your choice in a thoughtful and serene way.


If you are looking for a practical, compact and comfortable means of locomotion, the Dahon folding bike has everything you need. Moreover, the materials used are studied and elaborated to suit the users and the practice they wish to do. You will be able to count on the unwavering support of your brand new companion on the road.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to go to the point of sale or directly to the specialized websites to ask for advice and opinions from experts in the field. They will be able to guide you, give you answers to your questions and remove any remaining doubts. You should have all the cards in hand to make the most informed choice possible.

The perfect bike is the one that suits you. It will have to meet your needs in terms of mobility and especially fit into your budget.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily tests and reviews of many traditional and electric bikes.


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