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Moustache Lundi 27: an atypical city bike

Bicycles in general and electrically assisted bicycles in particular are booming. Indeed, they represent an efficient solution to get around and fight against the harmful effects of pollution. If you wish to acquire a robust and comfortable companion, the ideal choice remains the Moustache Lundi 27 bike. This article reveals the essentials about it. The…

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Trek Allant 7: our opinion on this city bike

The Trek Allant 7 electric bike is a perfect way to get around town for both errands and rides. It's a top-notch machine that's both practical for everyday use and particularly fun to ride. In addition to being a perfect urban bike, this model is also capable of riding on nature trails. The 3 best…

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Gocycle GX and GXi : Discover our opinion

Are you looking for an electric bicycle ? But it must be practical and easily transportable ? And why not turn to a folding means of transport ? That's exactly what we're proposing to you today. In our opinion the Gocycle GX will surprise you ! The 3 best folding ebikes of the market Discover…

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Cargo bike : All about electric and traditional

The cargo bike is a growing success. These bikes, ultra practical, allow to transport important loads. These magnificent bicycles come in an infinite number of models, brands and sizes. Indeed, the offer of cargo bikes is flourishing. That's why we wanted to introduce you to electric and traditional cargo bicycle. Choosing a cargo e bike…

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