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Rayvolt Cruzer : A vintage electric bike from Rayvolt bike


If there is an electric bike out of the ordinary, it is the one proposed by the Rayvolt Bike brand. The Rayvolt Cruzer with its vintage look could well revolutionize the electric bike with its design that leaves no one indifferent. Let’s go through this article to discover this superb vintage electric bike the Rayvolt Cruzer.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Rayvolt Cruzer electric bikes.

A competitive context

The issue of mobility is at the heart of the concerns of local authorities, which are faced with the need to rethink the distribution of space in order to promote alternatives to the all-car model advocated since the 1970s, which has reached its limits.

Limiting congestion in urban centers requires the development of public transport and facilities for active mobility, including walking and cycling. The bicycle market has benefited from these developments for several years, but the strikes and the health crisis have played a real accelerating role.

By establishing itself as one of the most efficient means of transport in urban areas, the bicycle is attracting more and more people, particularly for commuting.

Social unrest, which caused disruptions in public transport and congestion in car traffic, further amplified this trend, as did the health crisis that followed. The need to respect physical distance in order to limit the risks of contagion plays in favor of active mobility.

Already committed to the development of dedicated infrastructures and the introduction of incentive policies, local authorities have accelerated the movement following the March 2020 containment, notably with the deployment of coronapistes, and the reinforcement of subsidies for the purchase of electric bikes and other cargo bikes.

The vintage Rayvolt Cruzer, but not only

Don’t let its deceptive design fool you. The Rayvolt Cruzer is a state-of-the-art electric bike. And perhaps even more advanced than many other electric bikes on the market. Its design comes from the first motorcycles.

A unique design combined with the EIVA system and the Rayvolt motor, makes this bike a vintage model that will mark its days.

A design close to that of a motorcycle

The first impression when you look at this electric bike is its resemblance to a vintage motorcycle. Wouldn’t there be a little bit of Harley Davidson electric in this bike? Its fork, its handlebars, its frame, its big wheels…

Nothing has been left out, the engineers who developed this unusual electric bike have pushed the resemblance and the design in the smallest details. But that doesn’t mean that Rayvolt doesn’t have a real personality, an originality of its own.

Top of the line and state of the art equipment

This bike may be vintage, but it doesn’t offer less state-of-the-art equipment than a traditional bike. Do you know of any other bike that offers a GPS chip, a customization of the engine power according to your profile, a selection of the country’s legislation in order to release the power or on the contrary to limit it according to the regulation, controllable via mobile application… ?

Of course, many of these features are optional but they have the merit to exist and to be proposed. What makes this bike revolutionary among the others of the market.

Rayvolt Cruzer : Handling, driving and operation

At first glance, you might think that the Rayvolt Cruzer is not very handy. But think again ! Although the riding position is completely different from another bike, it doesn’t lose any of its maneuverability.

The electric motor has a number of valuable modes. Whether you need pedal assistance or an electric scooter, it will meet your needs. So, if you don’t feel like it, there’s no need to pedal. Note, however, that in full electric mode, you will be pedaling in a vacuum.

Point of view performance, the Rayvolt Cruzer is not in rest. Indeed, it is equipped with a driving mode (prohibited in France) allowing you to reach 50 km/h!

This bike is also provided with an application to which you can connect it. From then on, you will be able to control all the data of your bike: autonomy, speed, charge level, GPS beacon, disengagement function (50km/h) as well as a diagnostic mode in case of problem. This is a great asset.

A setting of the driving according to your country

We talked about it before, but it seems interesting for us to support this point which demonstrates once again the level of ingenuity of this electric bike. The engineers have developed a state of the art control interface that offers unparalleled control and customization of the electric bike.

In addition to the basic power control, Rayvolt Bike offers a power setting according to the legislation in force in the user’s country. Indeed, each country has its own rules and laws to apply to the use of motorized vehicles.

The made in Rayvolt bike

The goal of Rayvolt bike is to make a bike entirely developed by its company. This is why the Rayvolt Cruzer offers equipment made in Rayvolt, designed exclusively for this electric bicycle.

Moreover, every detail has been thought and realized with the greatest care. For example, the battery cover is made of vegan leather. To suit all tastes. The Rayvolt Cruzer is even offered in 3 distinct colors.

An engine developed by the brand

The motor of this electric bike is the very example of this home-made. It is enough to realize the originality of the latter. Completely different from what we could find on traditional electric bikes. Adapted to the characteristics of this electric bike, the motor hides impressive performances for a bike of this category.

Customization of the bike at the time of purchase

In addition to the many technical options, such as the power of the motor or the battery, the integration or not of the management module on the handlebars and many others, the brand offers 3 colors when ordering. Thus, it will be difficult to cross the same vintage bike at the first street corner. You will make some jealous !

Customer orientation of the Rayvolt Cruzer

The clientele of this Rayvolt Cruzer electric bike remains a particular clientele, as much by its style, its use and its budget.

Search for unusual sensations

Are you looking for an unusual sensation? Different from a traditional electric bike? Don’t worry! The Rayvolt Cruzer bike is too. As for some motorcycles displaying a very classy design, the electric bike to be displayed on the terrace where it will not leave anyone indifferent for sure.

This electric bike could also appeal to collectors. An authentic electric bike of such quality could very well increase in value over time.

What budget for the Rayvolt Cruzer ?

The budget remains high for this Rayvolt electric bike. Count on a price starting at about 2800 euros for a starting version (size M, battery and motor less powerful)… The price climbs quickly once the numerous options and customizations are chosen.

It remains an electric bicycle, and in this case, should also like any other electric bicycle to be able to benefit from the premiums with the purchase. Depending on the region, these bonuses can reach up to 500 euros, which is not insignificant for a price like the one Rayvolt offers.

Purchasing aids: what do you need to know ?

Some European Union states are going green. They propose financial aids, more often called premium for the purchase of electric bike. These bonuses are present in several cities and large agglomerations.

The amount of this local premium for electric bikes is fixed by each of them, which does not facilitate the task of the future buyer of an electric bike. Thus no real rule is determined concerning the amount that the municipalities can pay to the buyer.

Which bikes are affected ?

Of course, only certain bikes are concerned by this program and it will not be possible for you to take advantage of it for the purchase of a traditional bike. Let’s see which bikes are concerned:

  • New electrically-assisted bicycles
  • New cargo bikes with or without electric assistance
  • What is the amount of the premium for the purchase of an electric bicycle ?

    Let’s take France as an example. The purchase aid varies according to the type of bike purchased:

  • Classic bike with electric assistance + accessories: 50% maximum of the purchase price including tax of the bike and its safety accessories, up to a maximum of 500 euros.
  • Cargo bike without electric assistance + accessories: maximum 50% of the purchase price (including tax) of the bike and its safety accessories, up to a maximum of 500 euros.
  • Cargo bike with electric assistance + accessories: maximum 50% of the purchase price (including tax) of the bike and its safety accessories, up to a maximum of 600 euros.
  • To find out if you are eligible for this purchase bonus, we advise you to check with your local authorities.

    Conclusion of the Rayvolt Cruzer

    The Rayvolt Cruzer proposed by Rayvolt Bike is a very good high-end electric bike, with attractive lines and design in every respect. Its performance and high level of configuration place it at the top of the vintage looking electric bikes.

    This Rayvolt is a bit of a cross between an electric bike and a Harley Davidson. Get yourself an outfit, a helmet and vintage glasses and you’ll be perfectly matched !

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