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Specialized bikes : can we talk about quality ?


Need a bike for weekend rides? Are you looking for a practical bike to take you to work and to do your daily commute ? Or do you want a more sophisticated model that’s built to give you speed and power ? The bike manufacturing industry is so competitive that you’ll have to choose your model from tons of models offered by brands from all over the world. To make it easier for you, we take you into the world of the Specialized bikes brand.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Specialized bikes.

The context

The bicycle market is currently experiencing a great deal of interest. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the practice of the bicycle is notably due to its ease of use and the little equipment that it is necessary to have in its possession.

Secondly, many households want to reduce the negative impact that their travel has on our planet. Thus, the use of classic or electric bicycle is an alternative to preserve and protect our environment.

Moreover, in France in particular, aids have been put in place in order to push the inhabitants to take this step of protection and preservation. Thus, the government proposes to help the French in the purchase of their new companions of road functioning with the green energy.

Some regions and communities have also followed suit. To learn more about this subject, we advise you to approach the authorities concerned. This way, you will have all the information you need to apply for the bonus.

The Specialized bikes: discovering the brand

At the beginning, the creator of the Specialized brand, the Californian Mike Sinyard, had launched a tour of Europe by bike. It was in the 70s. In Italy, he met Cino Cinelli, founder of Cinelli Bicycles, which sells rare bike parts in Mike’s country. Cinelli decided to bring some parts back to the US. Thus, the company “Specialized Bicycle Components” was born in 1974.

Mike Sinyard used to roam the bike stores, hauling a trailer full of parts brought from Italy, marketing his imported items. In 1976, the Californian released a touring bike tire. In 1979, the first Specialized brand products, the Allez and Sequoia models, were released. 

The brand offered many other models afterwards, but it is especially the “Stumpjumper” model, a classic Specialized mountain bike released in 1981, that it owes its international reputation. The brand has maintained its artisanal methods and research and development.

Thus where born the patented M2, M4, M5 and E5 alloys, FACT, carbon fiber, suspension frames, TSI suspension, Brain inertia valve, etc.

In the 90s, in a photo of advertising worked, the Russian leader Mickaïl Gorbatchev is perceived on a bike wearing a helmet of the brand Specialized. Partnerships were formed with other firms, including Mountain Dew, a Pespico brand.

Today, Specialized is linked to the Tour de France teams and has an impressive number of bike lines sold all over the world. We will discover some of them.

Presentation of the different ranges of the Specialized bikes brand

Its Specialized bikes are grouped into four main lines, namely electric bikes, Specialized electric mountain bikes, Specialized road bikes, electric city bikes, etc.

The range of Specialized mountain bikes

This range is composed of more than a dozen models of bikes adapted to cyclists looking for power, speed and explosiveness. It is composed of models adapted to Cross-Country, Trail, Downhill and Dirt Jump. Among them, we distinguish :

  • Chisel models
  • Demo models
  • Enduro models
  • Epic models
  • Epic Hardtail models
  • P.Series models
  • Rockhopper models
  • Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper Evo models
  • Turbo Kenevo and Turbo Kenevo SL models
  • Turbo Levo and Turbo Levo SL models
  • The Specialized road bike and racing bike range

    If you love to race, Specialized has bikes that are built to break records on long distances and give you the win at every opportunity. The brand offers aerodynamic bikes, equipped with extenders and a shorter frame.

    Specialized offers the Performance range, the Gravel range, the Cyclocross range and the Triathlon range. The Gravel range for example is a derivative between a racing bike and a touring bike.  The bikes in this range are raised and offer the rider a slightly higher position.

    They have a rigid frame and disc brakes on tires up to 50 mm in diameter and are aerodynamic. Their chainstays and bottom bracket are lowered and therefore offer less ground clearance. Among the models available in the category, we distinguish :

  • The models Go
  • Roubaix models
  • The Aethos models
  • Tarmac models
  • Shiv TT models
  • Crux models
  • Diverge models
  • Shiv models
  • The Californian brand also offers cross-country bikes, electric bikes and city bikes for city dwellers who need a specialized bike to do their daily errands, go for a walk, get to work, etc. Here, the watchword is “maximum comfort for city trips”. The range includes:

  • Sirrus and Sirrus X models
  • Roll models
  • Turbo Como and Turbo Como SL models
  • Turbo Vado and Turbo Vado SL models
  • Turbo Tero models
  • The range of electric bikes

    Specialized offers electric bikes with premium Li-Ion batteries, which support natural pedaling to give the rider a higher speed than conventional bikes. Specialized e bike come in :

  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric Gravel bikes
  • Specialized electric mountain bikes
  • Cross-country bike and electric city bikes
  • The Specialized kids bike range

    Specialized offers a range of smaller Specialized bikes for children. The range includes three main categories of models dedicated to toddlers (1.5 – 4 years), small (4 – 7 years) and young (7 – 10+ years). The Specialized bike brand shares the market with many competitors.

    These competitors are counted in tens and their models in tens of thousands. With such a large offer, finding the model that suits your needs is not easy, unless you are a real connoisseur. To help you find your way more easily, here is a mini-file that will show you exactly how to choose the right bike.

    What are the criteria for buying the right Specialized bikes ?

    It is important to specify before tackling the question of criteria, that there is in reality no perfect bike in the absolute. In reality, what we are looking for is not just a perfect bike, but a perfect bike for a given use and for a given user.

    A cyclist who loves to ride cannot ride the same bike as someone who is only looking to reduce the time it takes to get from work to home. Likewise, a bike that’s perfect for asphalt may not be the answer for the trails of a rural area. To choose the right Specialized bike for your needs, here’s what to do.  

    The parameters to define before choosing the right Specialized bikes

    Finding the right Specialized bike will depend mainly on the type of sport, the intensity of the activity, the frequency of use and the nature of the terrain you will be riding on.

    Once you have defined these parameters, it will be easier for you to have a more or less precise picture of the selection criteria you will need. Your ideal bike model will be selected based on :

  • The model : city bike, folding bike, Specialized mountain bike, cross-country bike
  • The frame: aluminum, alloy, carbon
  • The frame size: 0.66 multiplied by your leg length, 51 – 61 cm for men, 54-66 cm for women
  • Power and technology of the motor and battery
  • Maximum speed
  • Battery life
  • The braking system: hand brakes or back-pedal brakes
  • The type of brakes: disc or shoe
  • The transmission system
  • The type of suspension: front fork, rear with the frame, under the seat
  • Wheels and tires: 26, 27.5 or 29 inches; tubeless, tubetype, tubular
  • The level of comfort: size of the saddle, shape and length of the handlebars
  • Once these parameters are well understood, it will be easier for you to find the bike model that suits you. However, it must be said that these parameters are not always easy to understand when you are not technically inclined. To remedy this, here is a more digestible way to choose a good Specialized bike.

    Criteria to consider when choosing a good bike

    If you need a bike, here’s a simple way to recognize the exact model you need.

    Bike to work : which bike to choose ?

    Let’s say you’re looking for a bike that can commute to and from work on a daily basis. Not all city models can provide the comfort you want.

    If your commute is short and only in the city, choose a Specialized e bike with straight handlebars and an efficient, easy-to-operate braking system. These models are more dynamic and allow you to get around easily and react more quickly to obstacles.

    While crossbar frames are more dynamic, open frames are more suitable for female riders, occasional riders, and those without excellent riding skills.

    In intercity settings and when your trips are not often short, a sturdy and versatile cross-country bike with short handlebars is ideal. You can choose a model with a suspension fork to attach accessories such as a basket.

    But since we’re talking about bike to work, don’t forget to check out the folding models. They can follow you on the subway, in the elevator, in the office, etc.

    They are also easy to park. You can take them to the office, in the elevator and on the subway. The power of the motor of your Specialized e bike should be able to meet your speed requirements and your weight.

    Riding: which bike to choose ?

    To tackle the pavement with confidence, an occasional rider needs a light, comfortable, and minimally rigid bike. If you are one of them, a Specialized bike with an alloy frame with a triple chainring or a compact drivetrain will be perfect for tackling the asphalt, its descents, its hills, and the long flats.

    For regular cyclists used to long rides and hill climbs, the ideal bike should have a mid-range carbon or alloy frame and a light dual or compact drivetrain with 2×11 gears. The bike should be stiff and responsive enough for dynamic relaunching.

    For the experienced cyclist who is used to racing, the ideal bike should have an edgy carbon frame for its impressive stiffness, high corrosion resistance and light weight. Opt for compact or dual drivetrains with 36 x 52 tooth chainrings or an electric drivetrain if your budget allows.

    Because at higher levels of riding, wheels affect the performance of Specialized mountain bikes to a great extent. Go for the best with tubular, tubeless (with preventive fluid) or tubetype (with inner tube) tires.

    Cycling or hiking: which bike to choose ?

    If you’re looking for a bike that’s suitable for touring and hiking, choose a model with a steel frame and you’ll benefit from excellent resistance to impact and deformation. However, steel is relatively heavy, so if you’re looking for lightness, you may want to consider aluminum frames.

    Your touring bike can have 26″ or 29″ wheels. It all depends on you. Just be aware that the smaller ones are more stable and offer better grip, while the 29-inch ones are more efficient, especially if the road is not in good condition.

    A rigid fork will allow for easier maintenance while a full suspension fork will offer maximum comfort on rough roads. However, with a suspended fork, your Specialized bike will gain a few extra grams. Also, maintenance will not be very easy.

    If you’re going to take on the challenge of hills, a classic triple chainring drivetrain will be necessary. Brakes with pads or discs will do the trick. However, while pad brakes are less complex and easier to find in stores, disc brakes provide excellent braking in all weather conditions. Not to mention that their pads are easier to change.

    Which bike to ride on unpaved roads and trails ?

    If your trip consists of shortcuts through unpaved roads and country roads, the cross-country bike will be your best choice. You will choose the models with big wheels because they are relatively easier to ride. And they offer a greater capacity of crossing and an excellent performance.

    If you want more speed, you can also opt for a semi-rigid Specialized mountain bike with a 100 mm front suspension fork. The traditional transmission system (3×7, 3×8, 3×9 or 3×10 speeds) will be perfect.

    However, it is possible to choose a bicycle with a transmission system that optimizes gear management. It reduces the risk of derailment and disruption and facilitates maintenance. For example, the 2×10 and 2×11 speeds are very versatile and common, or the 1×11 or 1×12 speed mono-plate which is expensive.

    However, they are still practical for the daredevil cyclists and the competitors. The choice will depend on your budget. For those who do not have a sufficient budget, it is possible to benefit from national, regional or municipal aid. More information in the following.

    What assistance is available for the purchase of a bicycle ?

    In order to reduce the ecological impact of transport, the French government has set up a scheme to encourage the purchase of bicycles. All those who commit to replace their means of transportation by a simple electric bike or a cargo bike can benefit from a national, communal or territorial aid offered only once.

    It should be noted that the national aid is conditional on obtaining the territorial aid. And that whatever the entity that grants it, this aid, which takes the form of an “electric bike bonus”. It is granted only if:

  • The bike is new
  • It is equipped with an electric assistance
  • Its battery does not contain lead
  • The user has already reached the majority
  • The user is domiciled in France
  • The user has a taxable income per unit of less than 13,489 euros
  • He/she undertakes not to sell the bicycle thus acquired during the year following the year of purchase
  • Ceilings, which vary according to the region or city, are established on the amount of this aid. In some regions, such as Île-de-France, Occitanie, Corsica and Pays-de-la-Loire, the amount of this aid is between 150 euros and 600 euros. But they can not exceed 50% of the cost of acquisition of the bike.

    Similarly, Paris, for example, grants 400 euros for the purchase of a Specialized e bike or another brand and 600 euros for the purchase of a cargo bike. While Strasbourg reimburses applicants 2 euros per day for a maximum of 3 years. And to benefit from it, you just have to ask.

    You can consult the website of your municipality or your region. This is to learn about the context of the system and the steps to take to access it.


    To finish with this very special brand that is Specialized, our experts group to tell you that this is a group that undeniably knows what it is talking about. Indeed, the brand offers high quality products. Moreover, a wide range is available to meet the needs of every user.

    So, whether you are looking for a road bike, a Specialized mountain bike, a city bike, a mountain bike or a bike for your child or a Specialized e bike, you will find what you need at the Specialized bike brand.

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