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Reine Bike: a range of electric bikes 100% French


Because the electric bike is becoming more and more important on the green mobility market. And because it is less and less easy to make your choice among all the present offers, we propose you to discover the complete range of electric bike Reine Bike. Discover the products of the brand available and their global characteristics.

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The context

The success of the electric bicycle is no longer in question. This electric bike is actually distinguished by its motor and the assistance that accompanies the cyclist throughout his journey. First introduced in the 1930s, it was relaunched in the 1970s before really taking off in the spring of 2005.

Highly appreciated for its performance, the electric bike can represent a great alternative for a healthier environment. Moreover, it can be used on a daily basis, becoming at the same time a companion on the road.

It is precisely in the concern to offer you a means of locomotion which resembles you that the electric bike Reine Bike was conceived. In view of its many qualities, we can say that it is the best on the market. However, if you have any doubts, take stock of your needs and desires.

Don’t hesitate to compare products to make sure you make the right choice. For more information or advice, contact an expert in the field. Indeed, advisors in store or online will be happy to answer your questions.

The spirit behind the Reine Bike

The design of the Reine Bike electric bike is based on values such as: concern for others, ecological concern, concern for creating a 100% French product, but which integrates perfectly with other worlds.

A bike designed especially for you

The Reine Bike electric bicycle is a way of thinking, a concept, a state of mind, a new vision. The important thing is mobility, but mobility with style, elegance and without constraint. In reality, the goal is to offer you a companion who shares your walks, your day, your life. That’s why it’s aesthetic and comfortable.

Welcoming with its sleek style and cool look. It is comfortable with its seat, handles and many other advantages. With the Reine Bike, you’re sure to ride for miles of pure joy. Reine Bike is specially designed for all users. Because you don’t just want a bike. But also safety, design, aesthetics…

A solution for the planet

The ecological concern guided the design of the Reine Bike. It is recognized that transportation using fossil fuels is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing these emissions is becoming a necessity. In fact, cars and public transportation are the real problem.

An alternative to them would help to relieve our planet. The Reine Bike electric bicycle is the ideal answer. Comfortable and safe, it is 90% recyclable. It also participates in the Batribox program for the recycling of its batteries.

A product made in France

The Reine Bike is entirely assembled on the French territory, which makes it a Made in France product. It is indeed designed and manufactured by Arcade Cycles in Vendée. Each component has been chosen to ensure optimal quality. Finally, it requires very little maintenance.

Presentation of the electric bike Reine Bike

The Reine Bike electric bicycle has many advantages that make it unique and special. Here are the seven points that tip the scales in favor of this jewel.

Style of the electric bike Reine Bike

The Reine Bike electric bike stands out for its neo-retro look. In other words, it is in line with the new trend while maintaining a look of the past. The ideal marriage between today and yesterday.

Its design is based on a combination of nostalgia, simplicity and authenticity. Everything is done to make it stand out from the crowd. That’s what makes it so charming and gives it a unique look.

The first thing you will notice when you look at this Reine Bike is its style. This one stands out by its assumed character. Indeed, the design of its frame with its battery that fits perfectly gives a new touch to the whole. It is impossible to ignore its reinforced mudguards that match the large tires.

The frame of this Reine Bike has clean curves contrary to what is currently on the market (straight curves). This innovation is the result of a vision that wants to be unique. The choice of elements such as the vintage saddle or the matching handles reinforces this vision even more. This means of locomotion has a real personality. Beyond the trends, it wants to be timeless.

The comfort

Comfort is a determining factor in the acquisition of an electrically assisted bicycle. This is why Reine Bike makes it a point of honor to develop this aspect. All the components, high quality, integrated in this means of locomotion participate to the increase of the comfort during its use.

Handles and saddle

The first element that makes the Reine Bike a pleasure to ride is its royal drifter saddle. Combining aesthetics and comfort, the saddle is suspended, double sprung with a wide gel seat, suitable for everyday use. Herrmans grips have been added to create an assortment.

They have a flattened shape for a perfect fit in your hands. Moreover, there is no risk of irritation even after hours of walking with your means of locomotion.

Tires and suspensions

The Schwalbe – Fats Franck tires used in the Reine Bike electric bicycle also play a key role in ensuring its comfort. They are equipped with a reinforced tread.

These tires are especially resistant and spare you the worries related to punctures. With great grip even in rainy weather, they are suitable for both urban and suburban environments.

They are tires with a large air volume ensuring a real suspension, a guarantee of comfort. This solution avoids the use of conventional suspension which requires regular and more expensive maintenance. They also have a reflective strip for increased safety.

Other comfort elements

In addition to the seat and tires, there are also aluminum fenders. These are placed right next to the wheel to highlight the silhouette of the tires. They are equipped with bag holders, accessories studied for a greater integration.

To this set (saddle, tires and fenders), elements of great reliability have been associated. You have the hydraulic disc brakes for smooth and powerful braking and the Phylion B18 lithium-ion battery. In short, everything is designed to make you want to get on your bike at every opportunity and enjoy the pleasure of riding.

The safety of the electric bike Reine Bike

Safety, that’s what the Reine Bike electric bicycle is all about. It is true that two-wheelers are often exposed to the hazards of the road. But here, there is no need to worry. Indeed, the best components on the market have been chosen to make the Reine Bike a guarantee of safety.

First, let’s take a look at the bike’s Pro Max hydraulic disc brakes. These represent the ultimate in braking systems. They ensure a precise, powerful, safe, flexible and progressive braking resulting from the absence of cable.

Then, the lighting of this electric bike is equipped with an automatic ignition distinguishing itself by its performance. You have a visibility of 55 m, but that’s not all. You can be seen by other users up to 3,250 m.

Safety was one of the fundamental points in the design of the Reine electric bike.

Founder and designer of the Reine bike

Practicality and equipment

Nowadays, bicycles are used for many reasons: ecological concern, cost reduction, practicality… This last point is all the more important as it greatly influences the choice of a bicycle. This is why the designers of the Reine Bike have made it a model of practicality, as evidenced by its equipment.

Chain and derailleur cover

No need to worry about riding with your white pants. The bike’s enclosed chain protects against all forms of dirt. It also reduces maintenance and ensures the bike’s durability. With the Queen Bike electric bicycle system, there is no need for a derailleur.

The system is actually based on the integration of an Enviolo city CT continuously variable hub. This is developed in the United States to climb the steep streets of San Francisco with ease.

It therefore provides the bike with optimum comfort based essentially on the simplicity of conventional transmissions. Thus, changing gears is much easier thanks to the 310% development range of the bike. At the same time it is intuitive because of the rotating handle, the transmission is always ideal…

Pannier and luggage rack

Another important point that makes the Reine Bike electric bicycle more practical is the pannier holder. It is possible to easily attach panniers, backpacks and other luggage with the international MIK and HOOK-ON hook system. The pannier holder is discreet and blends in perfectly with the bike’s frame.

Having your own electric bike is the assurance of the luggage rack and front basket options. The luggage rack option allows you to attach a box, basket or child seat. The front basket is available as an option and comes with MIK and Klickfix adapters.

Anti-theft and kickstand

It is important to talk about the front wheel lock of the electric bike Reine Bike, because it is a commendable achievement in the field. This frame lock created by Axa Block XXL is special thanks to its robustness.

It locks with ease the front wheel during a minute stop. And if you wonder about the lock, it is equipped with an anti-drilling cylinder and a hardened steel support making any theft impossible.

For those who still want more, it is possible to add a plug-in option for an anti-theft cable and chain. Unlike most electric bikes, Reine bike products are equipped with an adjustable side stand, adding to their practicality.


The electric bike is much more than a simple leisure bike. It is meant to accompany you in your daily activities. For that, the choice of the motor and the battery of the Reine Bike electric bike have been made with care in order to guarantee a pleasant experience.

The engine

Let’s remind you that your rolling tool is equipped with a Bafang M420 motor with a torque of 80 Nm. This is one of the most powerful motors on the market. This makes pedaling smooth and offers little resistance.

Also, the motor is located close to the crankset, lowering the center of gravity for a more secure stability. Finally, the force sensor ensures an assistance adapted to the effort of the cyclist.

The battery

Concerning the battery, it is of type Phylion B18. It is in fact a lithium-ion battery 36 V – 14 A/h – 504 Wh – 2,9 kg. It is incorporated in the frame of the bicycle, thus easily accessible. This battery has an autonomy of 120 km, which makes the journey more quiet.

Its recharging time is relatively short (2 h 30 min). In the event of breakdown, the extraction of the battery is carried out laterally: no risk thus to be dirtied during handling.

A display

In addition to the motor and battery, the technological character of the Reine Bike electric bicycle includes the control display. It is distinguished mainly by its aesthetics and readability. Its use is also intuitive through the handlebar control with its three sensitive buttons.

You have easy access to all the important information you need to drive well. And if you want to charge your smartphone while you’re on the road, that’s perfectly possible. The electric bike has a USB port specially designed for this purpose.


Connectivity is also part of the technology of the Reine Bike. It offers the possibility of using “Reine Bike”, a mobile application developed in collaboration with the Nantes-based start-up Velco. This feature provides a double benefit. First of all, it is possible to have all kinds of useful information about the route. You can:

  • Track the number of calories burned. Choosing the Queen Bike electric bicycle means choosing a healthier lifestyle;
  • Consult the percentage of battery remaining which is also converted into kilometers;
  • Contribute positively to the protection of the environment by controlling the carbon footprint.
  • Then you get insurance against theft through geolocation, motion detector, remote blocking and alarm. Geolocation is an option that allows you to see your bike on a map, no matter where it is. The motion detector automatically alerts you to the slightest movement of the bike.

    It is possible to remotely trigger the alarm of the electric bike reine Bike in case of unusual movement. Its sound power of 102 dB is particularly dissuasive. Finally, the remote blocking feature allows you to block the electric assistance from your Smartphone.

    In this case, moving the bike becomes more complex. It is an adequate solution against theft. In fact, the Reine Bike is more than just a bike, it is a real connected device.

    Handling of the electric bike Reine Bike

    The Reine Bike electrically assisted bicycle is designed for a relaxed ride. In addition to the many points already mentioned, it has exceptional handling. Its fork, characterized by its rigidity, is made of aluminum.

    It offers precision when riding and real responsiveness. The frame is also made of aluminum, so it is very resistant. It is guaranteed for ten years. Designed for a good distribution of the masses, it ensures an optimal balance.

    Although I was reluctant, considering my sporty profile, I was seduced by the behavior of the bike and even by its look, with a small weakness for the Khaki version. Anyway, it’s an extremely pleasant bike to use for small or big trips. However, I will gladly let you make up your own mind !

    Cyclist and tester of the Reine Bike

    The different models of the electric bike Reine Bike

    Always with a concern for comfort and especially for taste, which is relative, the reine Bike electric bicycle is manufactured in several models. You will have the choice between the high frame and the low frame bike. The former is available in three colors: gold, khaki and dark blue. You can also find the second one in the creamy white color.

    The geometry of the high frame Queen Bike is designed to suit a rider between 1.60 and 1.90 m tall. The low-frame bike is suitable if you are in the 1.50 – 1.85 m range. Young and old will have their preference.

    Both bike models have a cross-country bike 26” aluminium fork. They are also equipped with a black bell and a city L 680 Rises 38 aluminum handlebar. Equipped with a semi-integrated Ahead set, you will also have the benefit of a cross-country bike Ahead set stem 2R6X Ext 100XA-10 °.

    The front and rear wheels of the Queen Bike are made of Mach 1 aluminum with double wall rims. The tires have the following characteristics: Schwate Fat Franck 26”, 35, puncture proof class 3, reflex tape… These two jewels with their 27,9 kg support a maximum load of 150 kg.

    Concerning the lighting, the front headlight is an Axa compactline 35lux red. The rear light is a Spanninga Pimento Led. All these features work together to make your routes as serene as possible.

    All about buying the Reine Bike electric bike

    It is important to remember that apart from the connected electric bike, Reine Bike also offers a non-connected version. You can now reserve Reine Bike bikes (connected and non-connected) directly from a retailer. To do so, you will only have to pay a deposit of 10% of the total amount of the bike, i.e. 299 € for the non-connected version and 349 € for the connected one.

    Indeed, both types cost respectively 2 990 € and 3 490 €. On the electric bike market, prices vary between 800 and 6 000 €. Given the many advantages of the Queen Bike, it is a profitable investment.

    At the time of the final order, you will be able to benefit from a financing. It concerns the cash payment and the payment × 4 or ×10 without expenses. You can also benefit from financial aid when you purchase a Queen Bike. First of all, you have the possibility under conditions to enjoy a state aid. This is called “‘ bonus electric bike “‘.

    It cannot exceed 200 €. This aid can be combined with that of cities that encourage the use of electric bikes for “green” travel. These amounts differ from one region to another.

    If you make a reservation today, you are sure to get your bike in early July 2021. However, the number of units is limited, so it’s a good idea to pre-order now. Reine Bike guarantees its electric bikes against manufacturing and component defects for two years from the date of purchase.


    In view of the above, we can only praise the Reine Bike. Indeed, it represents both a bike designed for you. But also and above all, it is an adequate solution for a cleaner planet and a purely French tool. Moreover, in seven points, it will completely convince you: style, comfort, safety, practicality, technology, connectivity and handling.

    Available in several shades and models, it meets all preferences. Finally, it is still an investment. But, you have to keep in mind that many other brands push the prices even further. That’s why we can assure you that this is a good value for money product, considering the equipment and accessories it comes with.

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