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Skoda Enyaq iV: a 100% electric SUV


Marketed since late 2020, the Skoda Enyaq iV is a premium family electric SUV. The latter, is based on Volkswagen’s modular platform, specially designed for electric cars. The Enyaq iV offers advanced technologies, fast charging, and extended range. Discover the world of 100% electric cars !

New Skoda Enyaq iV: elegant and assertive

Skoda shares the platform with several brands, and it is the Volkswagen ID.3 that will have the honor of inaugurating it. This vehicles follow each other, but they are not alike. The style of the Skoda Enyaq iV is therefore personal.

The front of the car gives away its strengths. His expression is full of confidence, and his feline look almost gives him an aggressive aspect.

The car’s lighting is bold. Front light strip, Matrix Full LED headlights, as well as welcome headlights: the “Crystal Face”, a unique innovation. The Skoda Enyaq iV remains true to the other SUVs of the brand, so there is no electric signature.


Inside, the design offers all the qualities that the brand is used to present. The space is exceptional, and offers even more intelligent solutions. A multitude of compartments and storage spaces for all passengers.

The dashboard follows the shape of the hood. The raised part will support the driver’s hand when using the infotainment touch screen. This can be operated intuitively. The Digital Cockpit, which comes standard, offers numerous connectivity options, as well as ambient lighting.

The materials are chosen with taste, and respect the environment. Indeed, if we take the example of the leather of the ecoSUITE seats, it is made from olive leaves. A material that is not otherwise reusable.

Access your trunk with the electric opening of the tailgate. In terms of size, the trunk is worthy of a family vehicle with its 585 liters of storage space. Well thought out, it offers many features to simplify your life. There are fasteners, as well as hooks. The trunk cover is automatic,


This beautiful SUV of 4.65 meters in length, 1.88 m wide and 1.62 m high can comfortably accommodate a family and all its luggage. The wheelbase is 2.77 m and the curb weight is 2,085 kg.

Skoda Enyaq iV : engines and performance

The engine range of the Enyaq Skoda iV has four versions. Three powertrain variants with 148, 179 and 204 hp, as well as a final version with all-wheel drive, developing 265 hp.

In terms of performance, the maximum top speed is 160 km/h. For the 0-100 km/h, it is achieved in 11.3 seconds for the basic 50 iV version, for the 60 version it is achieved in 8.8 s, as well as 8.7 s for the 80 version and 6.9 s for the 80X version.

Maximum power0 to 100 km/h
Enyaq iV 50148 hp11,3 s
Enyaq iV 60179 hp8,8 s
Enyaq iV 80204 hp8,7 s
Enyaq iV 80X265 hp6,9 s

Remarkable battery and autonomy

First of all, you should know that the electric SUV offers three different battery packs. These depend on the version chosen.

The first one is integrated in the entry-level iV 50 and has a capacity of 51 kWh, for a range of 355 km. The 58 kWh pack is reserved for the iV60 version and reaches 405 km. As for the last four versions, they all receive the same pack, in 77 kWh, for a range from 502 to 528 km.

VersionsBattery capacity (kWh)Mixed WLTP range
Enyaq iV 5051 kWh355 km
Enyaq iV 6058 kWh405 km
Enyaq iV Sportline 6058 kWh402 km
Enyaq iV 8077 kWh528 km
Enyaq iV Sportline 8077 kWh521 km
Enyaq iV 80X77 kWh509 km
Enyaq iV Sportline 80X77 kWh502 km

Skoda electric SUV: easy charging

The charging sessions of your Skoda Enyaq iV can be done at home, at your place of work, or in a shopping mall. But be careful, once again, the charging characteristics vary depending on the version you choose. Indeed, on the entry-level iV 50 version, the on-board charger is limited to 7.2 kW, against 11 kW for the others.

On the fast charge side, the 50 and 60 versions are respectively limited to 50 kW and 100 kW of power, and 120 kW as an option on the 60 version, and 125 kW on the 80 version. Whatever the version chosen, the standard Combo charge (CCS) will be used. For charging directly at home, you have the choice between two possibilities:

Connect the Universal iV Charger, available as an accessory, directly to a power outlet.
Use a wall-mounted electric charging station with the Mode 3 charging cable, which comes standard with the vehicle.

Connected to a fast charge box, the battery needs about 40 minutes to be recharged from 5% to 80%.

Finally, you can take advantage of the POWERPASS subscription for 1 year, for any purchase of an Skoda Enyaq iV. You will have access to Ionity chargers, and benefit from preferential rates on public charging stations.

AC charging time 7.2 kWAC charging time 11 kW
Enyaq iV 50 AC 7.2 kW7h30
Enyaq iV 609h306h15
Enyaq iV Sportline 609h306h15
Enyaq iV 8013h7h30
Enyaq iV Sportline 8013h7h30
Enyaq iV 80X13h7h30

Innovative driver assistance systems

The electric SUV offers Travel Assist. It assimilates different systems and functions. When interconnected, the vehicle makes driving easier and more comfortable. Once activated, Travel Assist offers:

Predictive cruise control: This function reads traffic signs and limits the speed recorded in the navigation system. The speed is adjusted in time, when approaching a curve, an intersection or a traffic circle.
Traffic sign recognition: Equipped with an image processing module, the system processes speed limit signs, overtaking bans, restriction ends, but also prohibited directions and other additional instructions.
Adaptive Lane Assist: Also called Lane Assist, this system warns you if your path is unintentionally deviated. In coordination with a camera, it recognizes road markings, even during construction, traffic cones, etc…
Traffic Jam Assist: To start, brake, and steer the Enyaq Skoda iV, Traffic Jam Assist uses the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistants, and takes its cues from the movement of neighboring vehicles. Your driving will be much easier in traffic jams.
Emergency Assist: Also known as Emergency Assist, this function reduces the risk of an accident. If the adaptive lane keeping system detects that the driver’s hands are not touching the steering wheel, the emergency assistant is activated. The vehicle decelerates to a stop, while remaining in its lane. The hazard warning lights are activated.

Universe and versions: which Skoda Enyaq iV to choose ?

To satisfy the needs and demands of each driver, the brand offers six different types of worlds. So, from the entry-level Studio (gray and black), Skoda takes us up to even more modern worlds (Loft, Lodge) or sophisticated ones with different leathers (Lounge, EcoSuite, Sportline…). Thus, the Lodge finish (natural wool, recycled polyester…) of the Enyaq flatters both the eye and the touch.

Studio : clean and bright
Loft : modern and warm
Lodge : sustainable and innovative
Lounge : precious and exclusive
Suite : elegant and luxurious
EcoSuite : elegant, luxurious and ecological

In addition to the Skoda universe, discover the numerous versions :

Version 50

LED headlights
18-inch Andromedo hubcaps
Navigation system with Smartlink/Digital Cockpit
Lane Assist and Front Assist
Dual-zone air conditioning
Cruise control

Version 60

Additional equipment for version 50.

Full Matrix LED headlights
19 inch Proteus wheels
Rear parking radar
Dual variable cargo boards
Folding rear seat
Transport package

Sportline 60

Additional equipment for version 60.

Sportline exterior design/Sport chassis
20-inch wheels
Heated sport steering wheel with brake regeneration paddles
Progressive power steering
KESSY Full / inductive smartphone charging
Acoustic glass and rear windows with tinted glass

Version 80

Additional equipment for version 60.

Front and rear parking radar with rearview camera
Heated steering wheel with brake regain paddles
Hitch preparation
Driving Mode Select
Chrome package

Sportline 80

Additional equipment for the Sportline 60 version.

Front and rear parking radar with rearview camera
Hitch preparation
Driving Mode Select

Version 80X

The 80 version in 4 wheel drive.

Front and rear parking radar with rearview camera
Heated steering wheel with brake regeneration paddles
125 kW DC Super Fast Charge
Driving Mode Select
Hitch preparation
Chrome package

Sportline 80X

The 80 version in 4 wheel drive.

Front and rear parking radar with rear view camera
Ultra fast DC 125 kW charging
Driving Mode Select
Hitch preparation

Skoda Enyaq iV: price and marketing

This marketing of the Enyaq Skoda iV began on September 15, 2020 exactly. The price of the 100 electric SUV starts at 37 930 € with the 50 version, in entry level. The all-wheel drive versions of the RS range are expected to start selling this summer.

On the other hand, there is not much competition at the moment. Opposite, the competition is few for the moment. We find the duo Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6, as well as the latest Tesla Model Y.

Enyaq iV 5037 930 €
Enyaq iV 6043 200 €46 350 €
Enyaq iV 8049 760 €52 270 €
Enyaq iV 80X52 030 €54 540 €

To conclude

Overall, the Skoda Enyaq iV lives up to expectations, especially regarding life on board. This family car is practical with the size of the trunk that it offers, which is often lacking in the competition. On the driving side, the Enyaq Skoda is pleasant and enjoyable, the ride comfort is appreciable, even on long journeys.

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