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Tesla Model Y: the safest car


The Tesla Model Y is the fourth electric car model offered by the manufacturer Tesla. This 100% electric SUV is available since March 2019. Autonomy, road behavior, life on board, discover why it ensures !

Interior: space and trunk

In terms of aesthetics, the new SUV is similar to the Tesla Model 3. In fact, it shares the platform with this model. The Model Y Tesla offers maximum versatility, and allows 5 passengers to travel with their luggage.

With its 4.78 m length, 1.85 m width and 1.60 m height, the Model Y is significantly larger. There is no shortage of space on board, both in the front and in the back. The Model Y should be able to accommodate all sizes of passengers, which is not the case with the Model 3.

As far as comfort is concerned, the contract is fulfilled! The driver has a high driving position and a low dashboard, so he or she has a commanding view of the road. The Model Y interior is simple and uncluttered. A large 15-inch touch screen is integrated into the dashboard.

An immersive audio system underneath a large glass roof, which offers more space, UV protection, and a clear view of the sky. The Model Y comes standard with a black interior, including upholstery. The black and white interior is optional, and costs 1,190 euros.

This Tesla Model Y has a hatchback that meets the criteria mentioned by families. It has a capacity of 854 liters in the rear and 117 liters in the front. Once the seat is folded down electrically from a button in the trunk, it offers a cargo volume of over 2,000 liters. Flexible storage space for skis, furniture, luggage and more.

Little extra

Not enough? Not to worry. The Tesla Model Y is capable of towing up to 1,600 kilos. The towing hook is installed after delivery. It is made of high-strength steel class II. The option costs €1,350.

Tesla Model 3Tesla Model Y
Length4,694 mm4,775 mm
Width1,849 mm1,850 mm
Height1,443 mm1,600 mm
Pitch2,875 mm2,875 mm

Which color should I choose?

Choosing the color of your car can sometimes be a challenge, but this little detail changes everything. That’s why Tesla offers different body colors. Manufactured in the Berlin factory, these are paying options:

Multi-layered Pearl White : standard
Solid Black : 1190 euros
Midnight Gray Metallic : 2100 euros
Ultramarine Blue Metallic : 2100 euros
Multilayer Red : 2100 euros

Two new colorways are on the way. “A very special red, which a lot of people have probably seen before. There will be like 13 layers of paint. We’ll also have a silver one with, maybe, 8 coats,” explains the American entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Motorization and performance

Tesla has designed the Model Y as an electric vehicle from the ground up, with “Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive” for both versions. Only the “dual motor” configurations are marketed in France:

The Model Y “Long Range” : 533 kilometers of WLTP range, top speed of 217 km/h. 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds
The Model Y “Performance” : 514 kilometers of WLTP range, top speed of 250 km/h. 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds

The engines, and other components, such as the batteries and exterior aerodynamics, are optimized to take advantage of each other. As a result, they create one of the most energy-efficient, yet incredibly powerful vehicles.

Tesla Model « Long Range »Tesla Model « Performance »
Autonomy533 km514 km
Maximum speed217 km/h250 km/h
0-100 km/h5,0 s3,7 s

Battery and autonomy of the new family SUV

The users of the Model Y will have the choice between different types of packs. Only the energy capacity of the battery is not known. 79 kWh is the information found on the internet. The manufacturer Tesla prefers to exchange on values of autonomy.

It announces a range of 533 kilometers for the Model Y “Long Range”, against 514 kilometers for the Tesla Model Y “Performance”. For the standard configuration, which is less generous in terms of batteries, the range falls to 368 kilometers. This is already more than acceptable for most trips.

How to charge the Tesla Model Y and with which charger?

It’s no surprise that the Model Y Tesla inherits the same charging features as the Model 3. When fast-charging on Tesla Superchargers, the California SUV accepts up to 250 kW of power.

It is recommended that the Model Y be charged at a 7.4 kW charging station, or at an 11 kW home outlet. Recharging time is over 30 hours. The maximum power accepted by its charger, in alternating current, is 16.5 kW.


The future of driving with Autopilot

To assist you in the most challenging moments of driving, the advanced safety and comfort features of Autopilot are made for you. Tesla’s options for the Model Y are limited, as they are for the Model 3.

Enhanced Autopilot – €3,800 : This option includes Autopilot navigation, auto lane change, auto park, auto exit and smart auto exit
Fully autonomous driving capability – €7,500 : This option includes all the features of the standard Autopilot, with the addition of traffic light and stop sign recognition and response
Automated city driving will be available soon

Cameras aimed at the front, sides and rear of the vehicle for maximum 360° visibility. Y-Mode offers powerful visual processing, with a range of 250 meters.

Finally, Tesla Vision detects surrounding vehicles. It helps anticipate potential collisions and provides assistance during parking maneuvers. The latter already allows the United States to make many trips without having to touch the wheel.

Price of a Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s electric SUV is priced at 62,990 euros for the Model Y “Long Range”, and 66,990 euros for the Tesla Model Y “Performance” version.

Tesla Model Y « Long Range »62 990 €
Tesla Model Y « Performance »66 990 €

When is the Tesla Model Y coming out ?

Tesla’s Model Y has been available to order since March 2019. In France, and as for the rest of Europe for that matter, delivery is dependent on the startup of the Gigafactory in Berlin. After very long administrative procedures, the brand delivered its first 6 French customers on March 31.


How to buy a Tesla Model Y ?

A consultant will take care of the order. He or she will guide you in finding the model and options that best suit your needs. There is nothing to stop you from taking advice on the preferred method of financing.

The consultant goes to the official website of the brand, and places the order. You will have to pay a deposit, once the configuration of your Tesla is completed. The rest once the configuration of your Model Tesla is completed, will be paid when the delivery is approaching.

Until the delivery of your vehicle, you will remain in contact with the Tesla Advisor, who will answer your last requests. The administrative procedures concerning the registration of your Tesla, as well as any aid such as the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus, will be carried out by the brand.

Once your order is ready, your Model is delivered to your local Tesla Store. Together, you’ll agree on a date to pick up your car. Your advisor will accompany you during the pickup and will answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, contactless delivery is also possible. All you have to do is enjoy your new purchase!

Does Tesla do trade-ins ?

In fact, Tesla makes it easy to trade in your car. All you have to do is log into your Tesla account and follow the steps under the “Trade-in” category.

You will then be asked to perform an inspection of the vehicle you wish to trade-in. Following this, a trade-in offer will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Book a trial

If you’re on the fence about buying a Tesla, you should know that you can test drive one of the electric cars you’re interested in. Tesla offers both walk-in and appointment-based test drives.

The test drives last 30 minutes. They allow you to discover the unique features and performance of Tesla vehicles. Of course, you must have a valid driver’s license.

To conclude

Not surprisingly, for the team at OnMyBike, the Tesla Model Y is an excellent electric car. On a day-to-day basis, it’s a particularly enjoyable vehicle to drive, not to mention the efficiency and ecosystem that continue to set Tesla’s electric cars apart.

In order to make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles on electric cars