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Rockrider 5.1 : Our opinion on a low cost Decathlon bike

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

If you are looking for a comfortable semi-rigid mountain bike for your first rides as a beginner, look no further! The French brand Decathlon, one of the references in the world of cycling, sells mountain bikes from the Rockrider range. Accessible to the general public, these bikes are of high quality and at attractive prices, like the Rockrider 5.1 bike that we are going to present you. In this article, we will also talk about the electric versions that come out of it.

The Rockrider range in electric version

The electric version of the Rockrider offers all the technical features of the traditional version. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a quality bike, while keeping an affordable price. Thanks to its electric assistance, your rides will be even easier and more enjoyable.

Today, the tricolored Decathlon brand knows a relentless craze. Thanks to the products it offers, Decathlon has been able to establish itself on a market that is aimed at the general public. By offering products adapted to all, the company has been able to differentiate itself from others.

That’s why it continues its momentum and is now selling bikes with electric assistance. The electric bike. It is an essential ally, for your weekend outings, to get to your workplace and even for more eventful rides.

What is Rockrider ?

Rockrider is a range that includes all the mountain bikes offered by Decathlon. Formerly known as Btwin Rockrider, Decathlon has simplified things so that consumers can find their way around more easily.

Previously, all bikes appeared on sale under the name of Btwin, too complicated to find their way. That’s why in 2019, the company has decided to distinguish the products by their names. An important change, but necessary for all. But rest assured, even if the name changes, do not panic, the quality of products remains the same.

A new signature for the French group

Thanks to this change, consumers have an easier time differentiating the ranges that the Tricolor group offers. You can now distinguish between mountain bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and city bikes.

At the time, the different variants were referred to as Btwin. And even if their current names were present on the bike, just after the brand, it was still difficult for the consumer to find it.

Despite all these changes, it is still possible to buy the brand, present on one of the ranges that Decathlon offers. Why is this? Certainly to reassure buyers. Btwin is synonymous with aesthetics and especially quality, at very attractive prices.

The different ranges of Decathlon

As we mentioned before, Decathlon has a wide range of products that mainly meet the needs of the cycling world. Below, you will find the 4 categories that the French brand offers:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

As you can see, Rockrider is thus assimilated to the range of mountain bikes.

Presentation of the rockrider 5.1

The Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon bike, as its name indicates, is a mountain bike. This all-terrain bike is therefore an ally for your rides. It will perform well, for a price that remains affordable.

Technical specifications of the Rockrider 5.1

Before buying a bike, it is always important to know about it. Knowing more about its characteristics will help you in your choice.

The sizes offered by the Rockrider 5.1

For optimal comfort during your mountain bike rides, Decathlon has thought of everything by offering consumers different sizes for the Rockrider 5.1 mountain bike. There are 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. To help you choose the right size, the three-colored group has made the following information available:

  • XS: user height between 145 cm and 155 cm
  • S: user height between 155 cm and 165 cm
  • M: user height between 165 cm and 175 cm
  • L: user size between 175 cm and 185 cm
  • XL: user size between 185 cm and 200 cm

If you find yourself between two sizes, it is advisable to choose the larger size. In order for the mountain bike to be adapted to your size and morphology, it must be correctly adjusted before your outings.

To do this, you must be seated on the saddle, once installed you must touch the ground with the tip of your feet. To adjust the saddle, your knees should be slightly bent, with your foot on the pedal in the down position.

… its weight

As for weight, the Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon weighs 14 kg in size XS (net weight without pedals).

Rockrider 5.1 mountain bike frame

The frame of the mountain bike is made of reinforced aluminum, exclusive FIVE geometry for a versatile use. It is lighter and much more comfortable thanks to a wide range of sizes (from 145 cm to 200 cm).

To ensure your comfort and better control of the Rockrider 5.1 bike, the frame adjustments are simple. The three layers of paint ensure the frame’s lasting protection. The decorations that complete it are varnished.

Front and rear suspension

The Rockrider 5.1 is a semi-rigid mountain bike, ideal for starting out and embarking on your first mountain bike rides. It is lighter, and you will lose less energy on flat terrain. As on all mountain bikes, you will find a front suspension, more precisely a steel fork, suspended with springs. It is reliable and performs well.

The Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon does not have rear suspension. If you are looking for a more comfortable mountain bike, you should know that in the Rockrider range there are full suspension mountain bikes. These are the all-suspension mountain bikes.

Derailleur and transmission

The Rockrider 5.1 has a triple chainring transmission from Shimano. The crankset 24x34x42, is made of steel, with a plastic protection, solid and reliable.

At the wrists, you will have 3 chainrings of 7 speeds, that is to say 21 speeds in total allowing to climb the steepest climbs. Moreover, the grip will be easy thanks to the Shimano TZ30 front derailleur and the Shimano rear derailleur. Chain KMC Z51.

Disc brakes

The V-brakes of the Rockrider 5.1 mountain bike are coil-sprung. In fact, you can count on a powerful and progressive braking system. One finger is enough to stop you when you want. In addition, the screws are treated against corrosion.

26′ wheels and tires

The 26×2.0 semi-slick tires are the best compromise for versatile city and country use. To save weight, the rims are 36-hole aluminum.

The front quick release allows for easy wheel removal, which is handy when storing your bike in the trunk of your car, at home or in case of a breakdown. Very important to know, the first hikes are always on dry ground !

Saddle, handlebars and stem

The Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon is a universal saddle. The comfortable position allows good control of the bike. The steel components guarantee strength and durability. It is wide and comfortable. The seat post is made of steel. The handlebars and stem of the mountain bike are also made of steel.

Rockrider 5.1 : Accessories and Warranty

Accessories are generally the same for the Rockrider line of mountain bikes. Your mountain bike will come with a bell, lights, wheel reflectors, and pedals. The Rockrider 5.1 is compatible with the following accessories:

  • Center stands
  • Water bottle holders
  • Mudguard kit
  • Saddle bags
  • Luggage rack
  • Baby seat from size M

Moreover, Decathlon offers a guarantee. For any purchase of a bicycle, the available spare parts are guaranteed for 2 years. The frame (in aluminum), the stem and the handlebars are guaranteed for life.

Review, maintenance advice and storage

Before any purchase of a bike, Decathlon engineers systematically have their products tested by mountain bikers, in real conditions. These tests complete those carried out in the laboratory and allow them to validate all their products before they are marketed.

Moreover, you can take advantage of a free revision of your Rockrider 5.1 mountain bike, in the 6 months following the purchase. To do this, simply go to the nearest workshop with your Decathlon card and/or receipt. The technicians will do a 13 point check on your bike.

For the Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon there is no specific maintenance. We simply advise you to wipe it down with water and a sponge at the end of your rides. After washing, wipe with a dry cloth to remove all traces of moisture. Then, store your mountain bike in a dry and temperate place, away from corrosive products and saline atmosphere.

If you need to transport your Rockrider 5.1 bike without dirtying your vehicle, there is a simple and effective system. The bike carrier.

The Rockrider 5.1 versus the competition

Today the cycling market is evolving more and more. Competition is becoming more and more important. That’s why the brands are all trying to differentiate themselves from each other. They propose more and more innovative products.

And Decathlon in all this? Well, in spite of this competition, Decathlon decides to base itself on what it knows best, its know-how. The brand offers quality mountain bikes at affordable prices, which are aimed at the largest number of people.

And why not switch to electric ?

For some time now, the electric bicycle has experienced a very strong increase. This new mode of transportation is becoming more and more important in the bicycle market. That’s why, today, it is a very sought-after product and very often adopted.

Does the Rockrider 5.1 bike exist in an electric version ?

If you are interested in this new mode of transportation, you should know that Decathlon offers you this possibility. There are different kinds of electrically assisted bikes.

So, if you are looking for a cross-country bike, a mountain bike, a road bike or a city bike, there is a good chance that there is a product for you in this brand.

As Decathlon wants to answer the mobility and budget problems of its consumers, the prices remain correct. Thanks to the electric assistance, your outings will be prolonged and will be done with more pleasure, to contemplate the landscapes.

Purchase aids

It is true that buying an electric bike can often be a real obstacle course. Some elements may convince you to take the plunge. But on the contrary, the price can be a brake in the purchase of an electric bike. It’s time to stop being afraid of going to the cash register.

On the contrary. As for the electric cars, the State, as well as the communes, and the regions, set up financial helps, in order to facilitate the obtaining of these new means of locomotion. Some of these aids can also be cumulated in order to reduce the total price of the bike. To give you an idea, here are the following figures:

  • National aid: equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200€ maximum
  • Regional aid: variable according to the regions, between 150€ and 600€
  • Communal aid: it depends on the communes, the consumer can receive up to 400€

Thus, the total amount of your bill will be reduced. What more can you ask for ? To find out if you are eligible for this financial aid, we advise you to contact your local authorities (town hall) who will be able to give you more information on the details and conditions of access.

You can also visit the government website to find out where, when and how to apply for these grants. Finally, our team has written an article dedicated to the different subsidies just for you. The purchase of an electric bike will no longer hold any secrets for you !

To conclude

The Rockrider 5.1 bike is a complete product that will certainly satisfy you. Its various on-board equipment and technical features, such as its aluminum frame, are key elements highlighted by the Decathlon brand. The Rockrider offers a good quality/price ratio and its design remains refined.

Nevertheless, the electric versions will allow you to benefit from the advantages of the Rockrider 5.1 Decathlon, but with a big advantage, its electric assistance.

The OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and classic bikes, to help you in your purchase