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Rock Machine Storm e60-29 electric bike review

Let’s discover the vast world of green mobility. And more particularly of the one proposed by the french online shop Today, we focus more specifically on electric bikes and offer you our opinion on the Rock Machine Storm e60-29.

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Presentation of the Rock Machine Storm e60-29

As previously mentioned, is a French platform that specializes in electric transportation of all kinds: scooters, motorcycles, skateboards, bikes, hoverboards and many others. The latter also offers to equip you for your safety and comfort with helmets and accessories of all kinds.

That’s why we propose you to discover one of the mountain bikes sold by this platform, namely the Rock Machine Storm e60-29. This is an all terrain electric bike that will be perfect for your trail rides and your search for thrills.

Our opinion on the Rock Machine Storm e60-29

At first glance

The Rock Machine Storm e60-29 is an electric bike of type mountain bike which will know how to answer favorably to your desires of rides in all kinds.

In addition, all the equipment it has is top of the range, thus combining robustness and comfort for its user. Then, know that it is available in several sizes M, L and XL! Thus, you are sure to find the electric bike that suits you.


Facing its competition from the Rock Machine Storm

Decathlon and its electric Rockrider range


We strongly recommend the above references. Decathlon is a brand with a very good reputation. It also offers a reassuring and efficient after sales service.

Technical specifications of the Rock Machine Storm

Power and operation

In terms of power, you should know that the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 electric bike is equipped with a central Dapu motor of 36V / 250W Brushless type. Not to spoil anything, it is also coupled with a management system BFI Sport Drive.

This guarantees you power, reliability and performance especially in winding roads! The torque of the latter is 60 Nm.


The range proposed by the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 is between 80 and 100kms. All this will depend on several elements, namely the weather conditions, the assistance mode chosen, the driving conditions (easy, normal, difficult) or the weight of the user.

This electric bike is equipped with a 36V / 11,6Ah (418Wh) Lithium-ion battery which is removable. Moreover the time of recharging of this last is from 4 to 6 hours for a complete load.

Its weight

This electric bike can be considered as a featherweight in its category. Indeed, it weighs about 23,1 kg. Nevertheless, be careful, because the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 can’t support loads over 120kg (including user and equipment)!

Equipment and lighting

The equipment of this one is multiple. Let us start first of all, by its LCD screen placed at the level of the handlebar. This last will allow you to choose the mode of assistance wished, according to the level of difficulty which you will meet.

You will also be able to consult the level of charge of the battery and thus to organize your rides according to this one.

Then, the consultation of your instantaneous speed will be possible via this equipment but also the number of kilometers which you will have traversed. You will have understood, it is a tool with multiple functions. This companion is equipped with lights either in the front and in the back.

Comfort and safety

In our opinion, the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 electric bicycle has many features that improve the comfort and safety of the user, with the aim of providing the best possible experience.

It is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes of 160 mm diameter. These are the best on the market, ensuring a powerful and progressive braking, what reassures its users.

In addition, the electric bike is equipped with a front fork with high performance suspension improving your comfort and ensuring a strong stability.

As for sturdiness, this bike is not lacking in sturdiness because it is equipped with an aluminum frame that is foolproof. To complete the picture, the saddle on this electric bike is a sport type (RM XCF Sport).

The price

As for the price of this electric bike, expect to pay 1799€. In view of the performance of this bike, in our opinion the price of the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 is not surprising. Indeed, it is a real investment, but with a measured risk or even non-existent given the quality of the product!

Moreover, nowadays, for the same services, it seems important that you are aware that many products are proposed at prices sometimes well above 2000€.


To conclude

To conclude, the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 is in our opinion a great competitor in the mountain bike market. It has a lot of equipment and offers top of the range services. It will adapt to your favorite playgrounds without any problem!

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