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Puky balance bike: a brand dedicated to children


Seeing children always smiling is the wish of every parent. From birth to adulthood, every parent looks after their child and provides them with everything they need. In fact, it is part of their duties. But, to really see your child filled with joy, you must first choose the best toys for him. And this from his birth. After the mat, and depending on the age of your child, offer him a draisienne, then a Puky balance bike and even a scooter if you want.

Competitive environment

The cycling market is very competitive today. For the future user, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the different products on the market. So how to make the right choice ? We give you some elements to facilitate your steps in one of the parts developed during this article.

The world of bicycles is greatly modified and propelled. And for good reason, the government, the regions and some municipalities wish to help the French to finance their alternative means of locomotion.

Then, a lot of brands have been created and diversified in order to propose specific offers and ranges for each of the different practices.

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The different ranges of the Puky brand

Just like most of the big brands of children’s products, Puky offers a wide range of accessories that will please the little ones. The particularity of this German brand is that the vast majority of its products are mobile vehicles for children.

They include draisiennes, Puky bike and even Puky scooters and tricycles. Just discover below the details of each range of Puky products.

The Puky draisienne

Puky is famous for its draisiennes. From one model to another, the quality remains unquestionable. But, what is the draisienne ? The Puky draisienne is above all the ancestor of the Puky bike.

Created years ago, the draisienne, once designed by Baron Karl Drais, is now improved to allow children to keep a good mobility. Like the old model, the draisienne is a Puky balance bike without pedals.

Thanks to the child’s legs, they can reach the required speed to balance on two wheels. This allows a progressive learning of balance. The most interesting thing about Puky’s draisienne is that it respects perfectly the child’s rhythm. In other words, the child is free in its movements.

Moreover, note that even the bikes that teach teenagers to ride a bike make use of the draisienne principle. This way, users can easily learn to balance at speed.



With the same or even similar features as a regular bike, the Puky balance bike is available in several models. This allows you to find an ideal choice for your child. Note that all Puky bikes are made up of :

Adjustable handlebars in height
Soft tires
Safety handles
Protective foam

Use and price

However, the Puky draisienne is to be used from 2 years old. However, the child should use it with care. Generally, toddlers use this Puky product from the age of 30 months. And, it is really from 3 years old that the child will be able to be really independent.

The price of the Puky wheelchair is really not fixed. In other words, the cost of this high-end item varies depending on its size. The bigger the product is in size and has a beautiful design, the more expensive it is in the market.

Although this is so, note that all Puky’s draisienne are of good quality and are always sold at a very affordable price.


The Puky bike

In addition to a wide variety of bikes, Puky also offers high-end bikes. Very often, children can do more than we think. That’s one of the reasons why Puky’s kids bikes are designed with features that can keep the little ones out and entertained.

The low entry of the frame of the bikes facilitates the ascents and descents during the learning phase. Here, the frame geometry adapted to all children guarantees after all a safe, healthy and comfortable sitting position.


Safety and comfort

In addition, the standard Puky safety set of these accessories protects children from possible injury. Also note that the robust powder coating and the good quality components guarantee a long life. Puky bicycles are ideal for children aged 4 and up.

To allow children to find a perfect riding comfort, the manufacturer installs an adjustable saddle that allows to adjust an individual sitting position. Thus, Puky bikes stand for comfort and fun, quality and sportiness. Available in various colors, these children’s accessories have a nice design that obviously attracts all children.

For safety reasons, these Puky products have an excellent braking system. With these bikes, the braking process is accelerated in a child-friendly way to avoid sudden stops and falls. After the draisienne, the child can try the bike very easily.


Puky bike price

Just like the draisiennes, the Puky bikes are also sold at various prices. Since the models are different from each other, the price of these Puky items is not fixed.

For example, if you want a large bike for your child, you will need to set a large budget. But whatever type of Puky balance bike you want, you’ll find it at a reasonable price.

Puky scooters

In addition to the children’s bikes, the German brand Puky also offers high quality scooters for children. Just like the previous accessories, Puky scooters are designed with quality materials. They are really solid and are meant to last in time.

Puky scooters are great for learning balance. Typically, these items have three wheels, two small and one large. The large wheel is placed in front while the other two are placed in the back. This way, children get the feel that is much more pocketable than a scooter with two wheels providing stability.

With Puky scooters, the three points of support on the ground provide all the stability expected. Here, the wheels are above all puncture-proof, which ensures the peace of mind of your child. Also, they are equipped with :

A non-slip platform
Safety handles
Protective foam on the handlebars
Adjustable handlebars in height
Steel frame

Using a Puky scooter is not only learning to balance, but also to exercise and strengthen all the muscles. The child learns to develop his or her range of motion, to pick up speed and in the process learns to drive and brake.

With these top-of-the-line scooters, your child can accompany you for as long as possible on a ride without getting tired.

On the market, Puky scooters are sold at a very affordable price. However, note that just like other products of the same brand, the cost of these also varies.


Puky tricycles

Among the range of Puky movement toys, there are also tricycles. Puky tricycles are not only designed for children, but also for parents. Thanks to these articles, children learn in a playful way to coordinate several actions simultaneously, namely: pedaling, steering and braking.

This way, they can easily travel short distances. Meanwhile, the parents have of course a means of transport very appreciated by the children. With it, their offspring can be easily pushed if their strength were to fail.

Puky tricycles are equipped with a continuously adjustable seat. They are comfortable and automatically provide the right height for the child to pedal perfectly. In addition, they have an in-line locking system. So that things don’t slip out of the rudder while pushing, the handlebars can immediately lock in the right position.

In addition, these products are usually equipped with a long push bar. This is comfortable, removable and even individually adjustable. It offers parents a perfect pushing comfort. The tires of this range of Puky mobile cars are very comfortable and protect your child’s back above all.

Like the brand’s previous items, Puky tricycles are also sold at a good price. However, note that from one product quality and size to another, the price varies.


The criteria to take into account when choosing a Puky balance bike

To choose a bike or even a Puky draisienne, you must necessarily take into account a certain number of selection criteria. Discover these criteria just below.

Take into account the size of your child

To choose the right bike for your child, you must first consider the size of your child. Before getting a bike for your child, think about the comfort of the bike. Indeed, it must be adapted to the size of your child.

In order to make sure that the bike or even the draisienne is the right size, you need to measure your child’s height. In addition, check if the inseam of the latter corresponds to the height of the leg.

This is after all a necessary measure to ensure that the saddle will really fit the child.In the case that the bike or the draisienne is not in the size of your child, know that there are two different risks.

On the one hand, a bike that is too small will discourage the child. On the other hand, a bike that is too big can easily destabilize your child, because he or she will not feel safe.

Focus on safety and ergonomics of the Puky balance bike

Even before looking at the aesthetics of the article, it is necessary to verify that the chosen bicycle corresponds perfectly to all the safety criteria that are required. Indeed, the European standard dedicated to children’s bicycles is nothing less than “EN 14 765”. Also note that any bicycle for children must imperatively be equipped with a serious braking system.

Also, see if the bike is well designed for the child’s body type. After all, you want to give your child something he or she can feel comfortable with. So take your time to look at all the details related to the shape and comfort of the product.


Buy a quality bike

In addition to safety, size and comfort, you should also consider investing in a high-end product. As said before, there is a wide choice of children’s bikes on the market.

And as you can see, not all the available models have the same morphologies or the same potentialities. For example, while some items are strong and durable, others are not. What to do then ?

Well, it’s simple. The only thing you need to do is to invest in a high-end item. One that will not only be comfortable, but also durable and easy to handle on a daily basis. This way, the child will be able to enjoy his bike and the parents will also save money.


Presentation of the Puky bike brand

Founded in 1949, Puky is a German company that specializes in the production and marketing of mobility vehicles for all children. This brand is located in Wülfrath and has over 120 employees.

They are employed in the production and distribution of the articles to a clientele of very specialized shops. But why was this German company founded ?

Targeting the youngest

Every business, large or small, lives for a reason. While others are interested in the well-being of adults, others aim to please children. And this from their birth.

Puky is one of those great brands that develop new technologies just to accompany children, both boys and girls. This great company offers mobility vehicles for children.

Puky’s success lies mainly in the design of products especially for children. With the contribution of school and nursery staff as well as experienced pediatricians, the Puky brand develops ingenious vehicles.

On the other hand, these products, whether they are small or large in size, are specially designed to last. This means that each Puky accessory is designed to accompany your child, whatever the period.

Puky balance bike commitment and guarantee

Moreover, the brand offers a 5-year warranty on all its products and it is even possible to find spare parts. Small repairs in case of breakdown are therefore possible. In addition to all this, the Puky bicycle brand is fully committed to social and economic development.

It actually uses working companies capable of assembling and packing all its articles. And this is how more than 500 disabled people work for this German brand of bikes.


Where to find the products of the Puky bike brand ?

To buy the brand’s products, such as a Puky bike, you can either go to a physical store or place your order online.

In store

When you go to a physical store to buy the right product for your child, you obviously have the opportunity to test several categories. From one size to another and from one quality to another, you have the possibility to choose according to your analysis. And, rest assured, no one will impose any product on you.

If you decide to make your purchase in an online store, note that you save time. In other words, you can stay in the comforts of your home and simply place your order. But first, you should take a good look at the features of the products that are in the store before you decide.

On line

The best thing about buying online is that delivery is fast and free, but this depends on your location. In addition, note that the customer has a guarantee “satisfied or refunded” that allows him to make returns.

This means that he can change the article that was delivered to him when it does not conform to what he ordered. However, he must respect the period dedicated to this purpose. Once the period is over, he loses his guarantee.

The Puky brand remains one of the best in the manufacturing of mobile toys for children. Whether your child is a toddler or a young child, he or she will always have something to play with and learn to keep his or her balance on a daily basis.

But, before he can enjoy the benefits of these items, you must first choose a quality product for him. You must therefore choose your mobile car with great care.



The Puky balance bike is a sure value. Indeed, it will adapt perfectly to the needs of your child. Both in terms of comfort and safety. Whether you opt for a bike, a draisienne or a scooter, all the elements are there to bring complete satisfaction to children and parents alike.

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact experts in the field. They will be able to advise you and answer your last questions.

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