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Our opinion on the Granville E-Summerside

Looking for an urban electric bike? You don’t know which model to buy? Or even more which platform to trust? Let us guide you through this process and discover our review of the Granville E-Summerside.

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Presentation of the Granville E-Summerside

The Granville E-Summerside electric bike is a product designed and adapted to a daily and urban use. It is now offered by the platform It will undoubtedly be an ideal companion for your daily travels. Moreover, it has a design totally adapted to support regular loads.

Our opinion on the Granville E-Summerside

As previously mentioned, the Granville E-Summerside electric bicycle is a reliable and robust product, perfectly suited for daily urban use. Loads to carry every day? This is not a problem for this means of locomotion! It has been specially designed for this purpose.

It will delight the traditional bike lovers thanks to its design and its look. To learn more about it, we invite you to continue reading our review of the Granville E-Summerside.

The Granville E-Summerside against the competition

The Granville E-Summerside is a quality electric bike and it shows at first glance. But you should know that it is facing fierce competition. Competitors such as Decathlon, also offer their urban electric bikes. Here they are below.


Technical characteristics of the Granville E-Summerside

Power and operation

The Granville E-Summerside electric city bike is equipped with a central motor of the brand BOSCH, made in Germany, of type Brushless of 250 Watts. The maximum motor torque is 70 Nm. The latter allows you to choose among different levels of electric assistance.

There are no less than 4 in all for this means of locomotion. Moreover, with this product, you will be able to take advantage of a 7-speed derailleur of the brand Shimano Altus. This will allow you to change the gears of this electric bike smoothly and without jerks.


The Granville E-Summerside embeds a removable battery of the brand BOSCH Powerback with a power of 400 Wh. As for the motor, the battery is made in Germany. This one is of type Lithium-Ion of 36V / 11,6 Ah. It is placed at the level of the luggage rack at the back of the electric bike.

In term of autonomy, it should allow you to realize between 50 and 100 kms with only one load. Attention, these are indicative data. Indeed, the autonomy of the electric bike is bound to vary according to certain elements external to the functioning of the product itself.

Thus, it is necessary to take into consideration the weight of the user and his equipment, the weather conditions, the difficulty of the terrain or the chosen electric assistance mode.

The assistance provided by the Granville E-Summerside is possible until reaching 25km/h – speed standard. As for the time it will take to recharge your means of locomotion, you should count on between 4 and 6 hours. Quite practical, especially if you use your electric bike to go to work, you know that the charge will be complete in less time than your whole day.

Granville E-SummersideIts weight

The weight of this electric city bike Granville E-Summerside is in the average. Indeed, it weighs about 24,9 kg. It is therefore in a high range. This can be explained by the equipment it comes with.

Equipment and lighting

In our opinion, you can count on the equipment of the Granville E-Summerside. First of all, you will have at your disposal a BOSCH Purion box located directly on the handlebars.

With it, you will be able to consult the level of charge of your battery, to choose the mode of electric assistance which you wish to have or to decide to switch on or to switch off your lights. You will manage everything from your handlebars!

The big plus of this electric bike is the presence of 2 luggage racks, one in the front and one in the back. You will also benefit from 2 metal mudguards, one in the front and one in the back.

The Granville E-Summerside is also equipped with front and rear lights. This way, you don’t have to worry about seeing obstacles in your path, and at the same time, other users can see you better. This reduces the risk of accidents.

Comfort and safety

In terms of safety, you can count on a powerful braking system with very little energy consumption for the user. Indeed, the electric bike Granville E-Summerside is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes type Magura HS11. For a better road handling, the manufacturer decided to mount 28 inches Schwalbe Road Plus 47 tires.

For your comfort, this product is available in several sizes (S, M, L) and several colors (black, burgundy, gray). Thus, you are sure to find the size of electric bike which corresponds to you.

You will be able to enjoy an open frame facilitating the straddling. The presence of a spring saddle and front suspension complete the comfort aspect of this means of locomotion.

The price

The Granville E-Summerside is offered by the platform at a price of 2699€. This is quite a lot of money to take out of your wallet. However, the equipment integrated to this electric bike is not negligible and of high quality.

In addition, you can ask the government and your community for help in financing this type of transportation. These bonuses can go up to 500€ in some cases!

The Granville brand…since 1928

The beginning of today’s Ludo NV was in 1928 when Frans Huygens started to manufacture bicycle frames. In 1952, the small company was transformed into a limited liability company and he started to build complete bicycles, named Ludo, after his only son.

The latter was responsible for the transformation from a regional to a national manufacturer. Under the influence of his grandson Johan, the whole range of bicycles and the trademark were renovated. A daring move, but one that has paid off, given Granville’s great success today.

After 80 years of manufacturing, the Granville brand still produces bicycle collections with the same passion and dedication. All of this is supported by a culture that values creativity, innovation and perfection.

This way, they can offer you an exceptional product that takes into account all of your desires in terms of comfort, safety and fun. That’s why they pay maximum attention to the exact geometry of the frame and the suspension in combination with high quality components in perfect harmony.

The result is an authentic bicycle with a magnificent presence, a lot of style and an incomparable class, which shows character.


To conclude

In our opinion, the Granville E-Summerside is a high quality product. It perfectly combines comfort, robustness and safety. It will naturally adapt to your type of practice in urban environment. You will be able to rely on it and its autonomy on a daily basis. If it is not yet the case, it will undoubtedly convert you to green mobility!

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