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Our opinion on the Granville E Excellence 30

Need to get around town? Looking for a suitable travel companion? What if the electric bike was made for you? There is inevitably the product which is made for you and your practice. That’s why we suggest you discover our opinion about the Granville E-Excellence 30.

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The Granville E-Excellence 30 against the competition

The Granville E-Excellence 30 is a quality electric bike and it shows at first glance. But you should know that this bike is facing a fierce competition. Competitors such as Decathlon, Go Sport also offer their urban electric bikes. Here they are below.

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Presentation of the Granville E-Excellence 30

The electric bike Granville is available for sale from the French platform It is a product dedicated to urban use. So, whether it is for your daily commute or for your rides in town, it will be present during all your escapades.

Our opinion on the Granville E-Excellence 30

As previously announced, the Granville E-Excellence 30 electric bicycle is a means of locomotion specially designed for the city. It will bring you the reliability and the comfort you need in your daily life and during your occasional rides.

You will be able to count on a high quality product in all circumstances. We invite you to read on to find out what we think about the Granville E-Excellence 30.


Technical characteristics of the E-Excellence 30

Power and operation

The Granville E-Excellence 30 electric city bike is equipped with a central Bosch Active Plus Brushless motor of 250 Watts. It is central and its maximum torque is 70 Nm. You will be able to navigate around town without worrying about the difficulty because you will have the option to choose from different operating modes.

These will allow you to adjust the degree of electric assistance you want to have. This means of locomotion has a Shimano Nexus derailleur of 7 speeds. It assures you a fluid and smooth gear change.


With this companion of road you can count on a removable battery Lithium-Ion brand Bosch of 36V / 13.4 Ah, directly integrated into the frame. The fact that it can be removed is very practical.

Indeed, you will only have to store it somewhere to recharge it, while your Granville electric bike is parked. It should allow you to drive between 80 and 150kms on a single charge.

As for recharging, count on 4 to 6 hours, a little less than a full day of work! The maximum speed you can reach with the help of the electric assistance is 25km/h.

The autonomy of the electric bike Granville E-Excellence 30 varies according to several criteria. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the user and all the equipment that it embarks, the weather conditions (heat, bad weather…), the difficulty of the ground (uneven or gravel) but also the type of driving adopted by the user.

Its weight

In our opinion, the Granville E-Excellence 30 electric bike is not at all out of line with the competition in terms of weight. Indeed, it is in a good average by displaying 23,4 kg on the scale. For a vehicle running on green energy, this is a standard knowing that some products can reach up to 25-26 kg!

Equipment and lighting

You will find on this electric bike a box installed at the handlebar of the brand Bosch Purion. This last will allow you to consult a multitude of information. You will be able to visualize the level of load of the battery of your companion of road, your instantaneous speed in km/h or the mode of electric assistance chosen.

So many things that you can control with one hand without having to take your eyes off the road. You will also be able to take advantage of a rear luggage rack, ideal in the city, to put your groceries or simply your stuff and files for work.

The Granville E-Excellence 30 has a metal mudguard at the front and another one at the back. As for the lighting mounted on this means of locomotion, expect a headlight at the front and a reflector at the rear.

Comfort and safety

The Granville E-Excellence 30 is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Thus, no more fright at the time of the braking, this last one will be powerful and will not require a big effort of the user. You will also be able to count on 28 inches wheels, ensuring you a good road holding in town as well as on country roads.

A big plus for this electric bike is the integrated anti-theft device on the rear wheel! It is an original equipment proposed and automatically implemented by the manufacturer. For your comfort, you will benefit from an open frame in order to facilitate the straddling and suspensions in front of this means of locomotion (travel of 50 mm).

The price

For this electric bike Granville E-Excellence 30, expect to spend 2599€. This is a real investment not to be taken lightly. This product offered for sale by the platform embeds high quality equipments and offers high quality services.

If the price is an obstacle to the purchase, you should also know that the French government as well as the local authorities have set up a system of financial aid for your electric bike. They can go up to 500€!

To conclude

In our opinion, the Granville E-Excellence 30 is a top-of-the-range product that meets the real needs of mobility in town and/or on country roads. It adapts to its user thanks to the different sizes available.

Moreover, it perfectly combines comfort and safety thanks to the equipment it includes. In short, it has not finished seducing you.

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