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Gocycle GX and GXi : Discover our opinion

Are you looking for an electric bicycle ? But it must be practical and easily transportable ? And why not turn to a folding means of transport ? That’s exactly what we’re proposing to you today. In our opinion the Gocycle GX will surprise you !

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Presentation of the Gocycle GX

Let’s discover a folding electric bike, the Gocycle GX, proposed by the platform, that you know well by now. This means of locomotion is simply perfect for use in the city and for people who have to use public transport. It is compact, versatile and easy to store. In fact, its folding is ultra easy since it will take you only 10 seconds to do it.

Our opinion on the Gocycle GX folding electric bike

At first glance

The Gocycle GX electric bike is a product designed for the city. It will perfectly fit your needs in terms of urban mobility.

With this product, you will enjoy an easy folding and transport. It is a compact means of locomotion but the designers did not skimp on the quality of the equipment. To find out more, we invite you to read on for our opinion on the Gocycle GX.

The Gocycle GX and its close competition

The Gocycle GX faces an aggressive competition on the folding electric bike market. Indeed, there are many brands and references proposing also easy to carry bikes. Decathlon is certainly the most present brand on the sector. Its Tilt 500 electric is one of the most sold folding bikes today.

Technical characteristics of the Gocycle GX

Power and operation

The Gocycle GX folding electric bicycle is equipped with a 250 Watts brushless motor. It has been miniaturized to better adapt to the means of locomotion and at the same time to the users of the latter. It is easily housed in the front wheel. With this product, you can easily choose between different operating modes. You will be able to define the desired level of electric assistance:

  • City
  • Eco
  • On-Demand
  • Custom
  • Autonomy of the Gocycle GX

    With the Gocycle GX, you will benefit from a Lithium-Ion battery of 22V / 13,7 Ah (301 Wh) with a BMS management system. The latter is located at the frame of the Gocycle electric bike. It is completely removable and more convenient to recharge.

    Speaking of which, you should know that you will have to count between 4 hours (with optional fast charger) and 7 hours for a complete recharge. This remains totally appreciable and more than correct considering that it is a “standard” working day. So, you arrive at the office in the morning, you plug in your battery and in the evening when you go home, you know that it is fully charged.

    With this, you should be able to travel up to 65 km on a single charge. However, we would like to draw your attention to an important point. Indeed, you must know that elements external to the product can alter its autonomy.

    Thus, it is necessary to take into account certain elements such as the weight of the user and his equipment, the weather conditions or the electric assistance mode chosen and the type of driving adopted.

    His weight

    In terms of weight, the Gocycle GX folding electric bike should continue to seduce you. Indeed, it displays 17.8 kg on the meter. We can therefore speak of featherweight especially when we know the weight of a classic Gocycle electric bike.

    Some of them are 25 or even 27 kg on the scale, that is to say almost 10 kg more! This means of locomotion is able to support a maximum load of 100 kg including the user and all his equipment.

    Gocycle GX : Equipment and lighting

    With this Gocycle electric bike is not equipped with a control screen but with LED lights allowing you to check the charge level of your battery at any time. Nevertheless, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the multiple functionalities offered by this means of locomotion thanks to an application connectable by Bluetooth – GocycleConnect.

    You will be able to count on a Light Pipe type front light. This one is directly integrated into the handlebars of the Gocycle GX. Moreover, you will be able to choose among 4 modes of intensity of lighting. So, whether it’s during the day or at night, you can leave your lights on without any problem without dazzling other users.

    Comfort and safety

    In our opinion, the Gocycle GX folding electric bicycle stands out for its options. It is equipped with a set of elements improving the comfort and safety of the user. You can count on folding pedals and a kickstand.

    In our opinion, there is nothing more important than safety. That is why it is important to know that this means of transport is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. They can be operated by the brake handle on the left.

    For your comfort, this Gocycle electric bike is equipped with anti-shock rear suspension and a sport bike seat. The fear of having your transportation stolen is also eliminated thanks to the presence of an integrated anti-theft Lockshock positioned at the rear suspension.

    Gocycle GXi : a revolutionary folding system

    Do you want a bike that is foldable, easy to carry, efficient and whose design leaves no one indifferent ? The British brand unveils its new model the GXi. Based on the Gocycle GX, the GXi concentrates all the technological patents of the brand.

    The Gocycle GXi model meets all your requirements in terms of look, practicality, comfort and speed. Last born of the Gocycle brand, cross between the historical G3 model and the folding GX, it has all the characteristics of the G3, automatic gears, no cables, bigger battery, and the very fast folding side of the GX !

    GXi has a simple design that allows it to fold in seconds. Once folded, the Gocycle GXi can be slipped into transport easily, ideal for commuting! Once folded the Gocycle GXi measures 880 x 370 x 750mm ideal to put under a desk at work or in a closet while waiting to leave for a new escapade !

    A removable 375 Wh battery integrated

    The GXi’s Lithium Ion battery is larger than the GX’s, increasing from 300 WH for the GX to 375 WH for the GXi allowing you to ride up to 80 KM. It is easily removable when the bike is folded, so you can charge it (8 hours for a full charge) without having to carry the bike, which incidentally weighs only 17 KG.

    A unique design

    The Gocycle GXi is equipped with Pitstop wheels that hold the world speed record, no less! Six bolts fix the wheels to the hubs like on a car, for a faster folding.

    The side access to the wheel, in addition to being aesthetic, allows to repair a puncture without having to remove the wheel! The Lockshock rear suspension will give you a ride worthy of the big bikes thanks to its 25 mm travel.

    The engine

    Developed by Gocycle, the Gocycle GXi’s ultra-light 250W motor is located in the front wheel. The torque sensor located in the pedals will allow you to manage the power of the motor assistance via the smartphone application.

    Gocycle Gxi : its cockpit

    The Gocycle GXi is extremely complete for a folding bike. It features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, ergonomic grips and a 3-speed twist grip mechanical derailleur. The cables are elegantly routed through the frame to connect to the Shimano Nexus derailleur. The central LED light displays more information than the GX, which only shows the battery level.

    On the Gocycle GXi, the dashboard now shows the driving mode and the selected speed. Unlike the GX, the single-speed GXI is fully electric with Electronic Predictive Shifting™. The Gocycle GXi is equipped with GoCycle’s exclusive Light Pipe technology.

    An ultra-compact bike

    The Gocycle GXi’s riding experience is similar to that of larger bikes, but once folded, the bike can be made very small, making it ideal for public transportation, fitting into the trunk of a car, motor home or other small spaces.

    • Stand unfolded: L 830mm x W 370mm x H 750mm, removable pedal detached
    • Stand folded: L 880mm x W 370mm x H 615mm, removable pedal detached

    Integrated accessories

    Mudguards, lights, antitheft carriers, panniers, travel and storage systems: you have a complete range of integrated accessories.

    Front pannier made of high-tech, lightweight material. Expandable pockets in all directions add usable volume while keeping the bag compact when not in use. Based on the concept of Gocycle’s patented PitstopWheels®, the front pannier can be installed and removed with a simple movement.

    The Gocycle carrying case allows for easy and neat storage of the quick-fold models during transport. Effortless transport thanks to the two integrated wheels. Elegant and resistant design, with a zipper closure and an inside pocket to store essential accessories.

    Gocycle travel case is compatible with GX, GXi, G4, G4i and G4i+ models.

    The price

    Another important element to determine when buying an electric bicycle is its price. By now you know that this product is really complete and that it offers its user a set of high quality elements. At the moment, the Gocycle GX is offered at a price of 3199€. Marketed from 4199€ the Gocycle Gxi is 1000 euros more expensive than the GX. This is a real investment and a product for which you will need a large budget.

    However, do not hesitate to contact your local authority. Indeed, in some countries of the European Union there are grants for the purchase. In France for example, they can sometimes reach up to 500€.

    To conclude

    Gocycle GX and GXi users can rely 100% on this product. It is complete and offers high quality services. The materials used in its design are simply excellent. It is compact, comfortable and light at the same time. It will totally adapt to an urban use.

    To guide you in your choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on traditional and electric bikes