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Our opinion on the Gitane Titan 27.1

Looking for a mountain bike? But in electric version? Then look no further, we have found a product that will meet your needs! Discover our opinion about the Gitane Titan 27.1 electric bike.

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The competitive context

Present on the mountain bike sector, the big groups such as Decathlon is overshadowing the Gitane range. Decathlon on its side offers quality bikes, at least for the general public. Its range is its own and thus proposes electric bike of quality but also a top customer service.

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Presentation of the Gitane Titan 27.1

As previously announced, the Gitane Titan 27.1 is an electric bike designed for off-road use. With this means of locomotion, the manufacturer offers users both a rather elegant look while not skimping on the performance of the equipment it embeds.

This product offered by an online sales platform, will allow you to cross the obstacles on your way with confidence. You will be able to go on difficult grounds while benefiting from a maximum of comfort.

Our opinion on the Gitane Titan 27.1

The Gitane Titan 27.1 electric bike is a mountain bike specially designed for trails and difficult terrain. It will undoubtedly bring you complete satisfaction!

Its equipment, its design and its quality made in France will make you benefit from a complete, effective and especially robust product in all circumstances. That’s why we suggest you to learn more by consulting our opinion about the Gitane Titan 27.1.

Technical characteristics of the Gitane Titan 27.1

Power and operation

The Gitane Titan 27.1 electric bike is equipped with an E-Going Brushless motor of 250 Watts! It is a product directly created by the French brand. You can therefore count on a reliable and powerful motor located at the rear wheel.

Thanks to the latter, you can enjoy several modes of electric assistance and choose among the 9 speeds offered by the Shimano Alivio derailleur mounted on this means of locomotion.


You will find in electric mountain bike proposed by the brand Gitane, a battery Lithium-ion of 36V / 11,6 Ah directly integrated into the frame. This last one is completely removable.

Thus, you can recharge it in a very easy way or simply replace it by another one, if you have an additional one, during your rides in steep paths. You should know that it will take you between 4 and 6 hours for a 100% recharge.

The maximum speed that you will be able to reach with this electric bike Gitane Titan 27.1 is 25 km/h (maximum speed with electric assistance, beyond that it turns off).

In terms of autonomy, you can expect to travel up to 60 kms with the help of the electric assistance of this mountain bike. Of course, as with all such transportation, you should be aware that the range of your vehicle does not depend solely on your means of transportation but on a number of factors.

You will have to take into consideration the weight of the user and his equipment, the weather conditions or the route and the type of driving adopted.

Gitane Titan 27.1 : its weight

The weight of the Gitane Titan 27.1 electric bike is in our opinion a real asset! Indeed, the tricolored brand announces a product reaching 22,1 kg! It is simply ideal for the users of this means of locomotion.

Indeed, it is necessary to know that generally the vehicles of this type show a superior weight of at least 1 or even 2 kilos which is not negligible, especially in case of practice on more difficult ground.

Equipment and lighting

In terms of equipment, you can count on the presence of an LCD screen directly integrated into the handlebars of the Gitane Titan 27.1. This last will allow you to consult a certain number of elements concerning your electric mountain bike.

Indeed, you will be able to check the level of charge of your battery, your instantaneous speed, the mode of electric assistance chosen or the number of kilometers carried out, at any time during your course.

You will be able to count on a lighting as well in the front as in the back. Indeed, the Gitane Titan 27.1 is equipped with a Buchel One type light at the front and a Luxoflex type light at the rear.

Comfort and safety

In our opinion the made in France has struck again with the Gitane Titan 27.1. Indeed, you will be able to count on the presence of 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes type Shimano MT201. Thus, you will not be afraid to brake anymore, because they will answer present and in an effective way!

This electric mountain bike is equipped with a 100 mm front suspension fork Suntour XCM HLO hydraulic, bringing you a better stability and comfort to the driving. You will also have at your disposal 27,5 inches tires and a Tec Unicus saddle.

For your comfort, this means of locomotion is available in several sizes. Thus, it will fit you perfectly. You will be able to choose between a size S, M or L. The characteristics of the electric bike itself do not change, the only aspect modified is the dimension of the frame. Finally, you can count on a warranty for some parts: battery, harnesses, console, motor and controller.

The price

The Gitan Titan 27.1 electric bike is now offered by the platform at a price of 1499€. This is a high price indeed. However, you have to keep in mind that this is a complete, robust and qualitative product.

You know where it comes from since it is a French mountain bike. Does this amount make you feel cold? Well, you should know that the French government as well as the agglomerations offer you subsidies for the purchase of such means of transport up to 500€. Don’t hesitate anymore!

To conclude

In our opinion, the Gitane Titan 27.1 has not finished making news. Indeed, the French brand presents it as a robust, comfortable and high-performance product. And not to spoil anything, it has a very elegant look. It will convince you from your first outing thanks to its quality equipment.

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