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Gitane E Salsa: a mixed choice ?

You want to change your mountain bike or get a bike for the first time. And you are probably looking for a bike that is both efficient and comfortable. You should know that there is an electric bike that can be useful for all your trips in the city or in the country, whether it’s for shopping or for a simple walk. This is the Gitane electric bike, a robust and powerful device. Discover the Gitane E Salsa in all its splendor.

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Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Gitane electric bikes.

The competitive environment

The cycling market is very competitive and quite complex to integrate. Indeed, especially because of the promotion of the French government for alternative means of locomotion running on green energy, the number of brands that launch themselves in the creation and production of these electric bike is more and more important.

It is therefore difficult for the future consumer to make a well-considered choice. Here are some advices that we can give you in order to provide you with all the necessary keys to make a purchase in all serenity.

First, you will need to properly define your needs. You will have to ask yourself questions related to your practice. Do you want to travel daily or occasionally? On what type of terrain do you want to practice? Then, you will have to take stock of important elements such as comfort and performance.

Indeed, the elements of comfort are not the same from one Gitane electric bike to another for example. For urban use, you will need to be able to rely on equipment such as a luggage rack. On the other hand, for mountain biking, the comfort will be provided by a suspension fork or a rear suspension.

Don’t hesitate to get information about the different brands in order to learn more about their history and especially in order to have opinions about the brands themselves. Then, it seems necessary to compare the different products.

The integrated equipment or the materials used are to be taken into account. Then, the price is often a determining element. Nevertheless, it is absolutely necessary to know if the product is correctly positioned and if it has a good quality / price ratio.

The 3 best electric bike of the market

Come and discover the best electric bikes on the market. Here are the direct competitors of the Gitane E Salsa electric bike.


Presentation of the Gitane E Salsa

Among the different ranges of bikes produced by the Gitane brand, there is the Gitane E-Salsa. It is a high performance bike that can be used in the city or in the country.

The Gitane electric bike is ideal for enjoying a ride or an adventure with your family or alone. It is equipped with several features that make it a powerful device.

Power and operation

The Gitane electric bike is very appreciated for its performance. It is equipped with a central motor and a battery. That said, it has a Yamaha PW-TE motor with 4 sensors and a removable 400 Wh Yamaha battery. This allows it to take you over a distance of several kilometers.

Indeed, by choosing the top-of-the-range Japanese brand Yamaha as engine, Gitane can benefit more from a powerful motorization with a better quality-price ratio.

The latter is a third generation power unit. It is specially designed to provide optimal stability for urban use, but also for quite difficult roads such as steep slopes.

The autonomy of the Gitane E Salsa

Equipped with a removable Li-Ion 36 V and 11.1 Ah battery, the Gitane electric bike allows you to make a long ride of up to 160 km. However, you should know that this distance can vary depending on the difficulty of the road you take.

It also depends on the mode you select. But the minimum that it can allow you is 70 km. Note that it only takes 4 to 6 hours to charge.

The autonomy of the Gitane E-Salsa is therefore of a high performance and allows you a ride without the risk of abandoning you in the middle of a journey. For information, you can choose between six modes, which can influence the energy consumption.

Thus, there is the Off mode (0%), Automode (50-280%), Eco+ mode (50%), Eco mode (100%), Standard mode (190%) and High mode (280%).

Height and weight

With a 6061 T6 aluminum frame, double-wall aluminum rims, steel handlebars, aluminum seatpost and stem, the Gitane E-Salsa weighs about 25 kg. However, this weight may vary depending on its size.

Indeed, the Gitane electric bike is available in different sizes, which allows it to be compatible for both men and women. This means that the size of the frame varies according to the size of the rider.

If you are between 170 and 180 cm tall, the frame size that is right for you is 47 cm. However, if you are taller than 180 cm, you should opt for a much larger frame, i.e. at least 52 cm.

The equipment of the Gitane E Salsa

As far as the equipment of the Gitane electric bike is concerned, you should know that it is an ultra efficient device. That said, it is equipped primarily with an 8-speed Shimano Altus derailleur, which allows you to change gears smoothly.

It is also equipped with an LCD screen placed on the handlebars. It allows you to control both the type of motor assistance as well as the speed assistance levels. The screen also allows you to know in real time your pace, as well as the distance traveled. However, it takes some practice to get the hang of it, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have fun riding.

In addition, the Gitane E-Salsa is equipped with front and rear fenders, a sturdy luggage rack and a front and rear headlight. Thanks to its lighting, you can also ride in the evening.

Safety and comfort

Its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes ensure optimal safety. Indeed, they can adapt to all situations without destabilizing you. In addition, its front suspension ensures a stable and comfortable ride.

Still in terms of comfort, the Gitane electric bike has a Shimano Altus RD-M310 rear derailleur with a 38-tooth chainring that ensures a very convenient pedaling level.

Moreover, it is one of the rare bikes to present this system. It is also important to remember that the saddle provides optimal seating comfort, even during a long ride.

Its price

Compared to other electric bikes, the Gitane E-Salsa offers better value for money. Given its features that give it great performance as well as its comfort and various equipment, it must be said that it is an affordable bike.

Indeed, with only a little over 2,000 €, it is not only one of the cheapest electric bikes, but also one of the most efficient.

About the Gitane brand

Gitane is a French brand created by the blacksmith-mechanic Marcel Brunelière and his associate Eugène Redois. At the beginning, the two partners opened a workshop for the assembly of G.M.B. bicycles, then Marbru.

The Gitane brand was born in 1928. The company has about ten employees and produces mainly cycles. Over the years, it has rapidly developed while improving its products and keeping its reputation. Indeed, it has always been able to impose itself as the first bicycle brand in France.

Then, in 2005, the brand’s first electric-assist bike was released and was a big hit with users. Sales have continued to grow and several tens of thousands of bikes have been purchased since 2014.

The Gitane brand’s main objective is to create and innovate in order to offer the best innovative products. This is how the Gitane electric bike became one of the most influential products of the moment.

That said, since 2013, Gitane has been offering electric-assist bikes or electric bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, cross-country bikes, and city bikes for sale. Each range is designed for the whole family. Thus, men, women and children can fully enjoy Gitane’s bikes.

Help for the purchase of a Gitane E Salsa

If the amount of the final bill can be a real brake, aids have been put in place to facilitate the acquisition of these new means of locomotion.

What type of aid ?

There are 3 main types of subsidies that you can claim. Let’s see what they are and especially how much they can help you in the purchase of your new electrically assisted bicycle Gitane E Salsa.

First of all, the French government has set up a subsidy. The latter amounts to a maximum of 200€ and cannot exceed 20% of the amount TTC of the electric bike.

Then, you will have to know that your regions also offer aid for the purchase of an electric bike. This amount is not the same for each of them. Indeed, it is quite different from one geographical area to another.

The consumer will have to approach his own in order to know the amount of assumption of responsibility. Nevertheless, you should know that the subsidies range from 150€ to 600€.

Finally, you should know that there are also local aids. For example, some municipalities also offer to pay subsidies to residents in order to encourage the acquisition of transportation that does not require fossil fuels.

However, not all cities are yet in this dynamic. That is why it is important to contact your local council to find out more about this.

How to get them ?

To be eligible for all these subsidies, you must meet a certain number of criteria. However, not all types of electrically assisted bicycles are eligible for these grants. Let’s see all this in detail so that you have all the necessary data before you even start buying an item of this type.

As previously explained, not all electric bicycles are eligible, fortunately the Gitane electric bicycles are. The means of locomotion must be purchased new and must not have a lead battery.

They must also meet the definition of an electrically assisted cycle described in the highway code. Finally, the last condition is that the bike cannot be sold during the first year following its acquisition. There are also rules to respect for the future buyer.

Indeed, it is necessary to be of age and domiciled in France. In addition, the reference tax income of the year preceding the acquisition cannot exceed 13 489€ per unit. In addition, in order to benefit from State aid, the purchaser may not have received local aid with the same wording.

The advantages of the Gitane E Salsa

The Gitane electric bike brings without any doubt several advantages. First of all, it offers a great autonomy that allows you to travel at least 70 km.

In addition, it is comfortable to ride. In addition, despite its weight, you can pedal in complete serenity and with great comfort thanks to its various equipment. Its LCD screen can also be used to know your performance in real time, especially if you want to use it as a sport bike to train.


The Gitane E-Salsa is one of the best electric bikes on the market to offer high performance at a reasonable price. It is important to note that it can support a large load without losing power. It is a bike that is pleasant to ride thanks to its equipment, all of which are equally efficient.

It must be said that Gitane did not choose its accessories and equipment by chance. Once again, the brand has been able to seduce users with a product that is more and more efficient and adapted to all needs.

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