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Focus bikes: can you buy it with your eyes closed ?


Do you want to enjoy your excursions in all simplicity and without wondering if your travelling companion will follow you ? That’s why our team of experts offers you the opportunity to discover a group that stands out from the rest. Learn more about the Focus bikes, its qualities, its equipment and its design. We suggest you discover who it is for and why.

The 3 best bikes of the market

Discover the best bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Focus bikes.

The context

When someone suggests that you go on a little outing or enjoy the weather. You may think of taking a walk with family or friends. Or you might be more the type to hop on your bike and go for a little (or big) ride. Many people have this reasoning.

That’s why we can see that the number of bikes sold and present on our roads has increased considerably. This can be explained in different ways.

Households wish to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting the production of greenhouse gases (generally produced by thermal vehicles). Secondly, the use of the bicycle allows to avoid a certain number of constraints, especially in the city (traffic jams, strong slowdowns).

If some people say that their journey is too long and that the bicycle is an alternative that cannot be considered for fear of having to change when arriving at the meeting place (work for example).

Others have found a way to remedy this with the electrically assisted bicycle. The effort required is not non-existent but is relieved by the use of an electric assistance. This allows the user to travel longer distances but still with optimal comfort.

Focus bikes: discovering the brand

Founded in 1992 by cyclocross world champion Mike Kluge, Focus is a German manufacturer of road bikes, Focus gravel bike, triathlon bikes and e bike Focus. It all started in 1990, when in Italy, Mike Kluge missed out on the mountain bike world championship title.

Based on the fact that cameras only manage to take good pictures with autofocus, he develops and customizes bike frames in collaboration with several manufacturers. This is where he got the name of his brand from.

Three years later, in 1993, he won the world championship on a FOCUS cyclo-cross bike. That same year, Mike sold his first Focus bike, which really heralded his brand’s entry into the market. Focus later became part of the DERBY CYCLE – PON group and benefited from the notoriety of ALKHOFF which was the precursor brand of the e bike Focus in the group.

So it’s no surprise that in 2011, Focus launched its first Focus e bike, leveraging its partnerships with industry gurus including Bosch, Shimano, Impulse and Fazua. Since 2017, the Focus Bikes brand has developed highly innovative concepts such as the TEC, FOLD, CIA and RAT. To date, Filippo Pozzato, Stefano Garzelli, Alexandr Kolobnev and several other champions have already raced on Focus bikes.

Presentation of the different ranges of Focus bikes

Focus bikes are grouped into seven (07) main ranges divided into two main categories: Focus e bikes and focus bikes without electric assistance.

All-suspension Focus mountain bike range

The “all-suspension electric mountain bikes” range is made up of Focus bikes adapted to cyclists who are passionate about trails and hikes and who are looking for mountain bikes capable of taking them on all types of terrain, including mountains, rocky paths, and complicated passages. These are true trail bikes.

With a Bosch electric drivetrain and CX performance up to 756 WH, they feature a suspension fork and rear shock, a stable frame and ride on tires with excellent grip. They are very well balanced and offer excellent traction. Models in the range include:

  • The THRON², touring mountain bikes for long rides and trails
  • The JAM², All-Mountain e bike Focus for the paths and the mountain
  • The SAM², electric mountain bike Enduro, centered descent
  • The range of hardtail mountain bikes

    The HARDTAIL mountain or Focus gravel bikes are designed to handle both single track and rough terrain and forest roads. They have no rear suspension, which allows for direct power transfer between the legs. Models in the range include :

  • The RAVEN², adapted to the race
  • The JARIFA², adapted to the excursions
  • The particularity of the HARDTAIL Focus gravel bike is that they are lighter, faster than the FULL-SUSPENDED mountain bikes and they are easier to ride on hills. They are also easier to maintain and relatively less expensive, especially since they do not have rear suspension.

    The range of road/race bikes

    Featuring one of the world’s most powerful axles, Focus e bikes are designed for endurance and racing. Combined with a powerful electric assist, the responsiveness of these FOCUS F.I.T. carbon frame bikes makes them a great choice for the road. The range includes the PARALANE² models, racing bikes whose construction you can even customize to suit your preferences.

    The range of Focus e bike : allround

    With the Focus e bike allround range, the brand offers powerful motors and an ultra solid braking system. Their central motors are built right into the bottom bracket. Combined with the immediate assistance, these bikes can overcome any challenge in urban and interurban environments. Models in the range include :

  • The PLANET² ,which are urban / city electric bike
  • The AVENTURA², which are electric bike of Trekking
  • The JARIFA², which are electric bike of Hiking / Sport.
  • The range of all-suspended mountain bikes

    While the brand offers electric all-suspended Focus mountain bike, it also offers the same models without electric assistance. The ALL-SUSPENDED mountain bikes are full-suspension models designed for rough and rugged terrain, demanding descents in alpine regions and technical trails. Models in the line include :

  • The THRON, trail bikes ready for any eventuality, for long rides and trails
  • The JAM, for the descents, at the time of the exits in mountain
  • The SAM, for the climbs, the bike parks and the races of enduro
  • The range of Focus Hardtail mountain bike

    For cross-country or marathon races, the focus bikes from the Hardtail Focus mountain bike range are the best choice. With their suspension forks, they can take on the trails royally without losing power, especially because of their suspension. The models in the range include :

  • The WHISTLERs, for everyday use
  • The RAVEN, for racing and fast-paced bike packing adventures
  • The Focus bikes range of Road & Gravel

    For those of you who love to race, ride and climb hills, this line of road bikes is perfect for you. Models in the range include :

  • The ATLAS, for bike packing adventures
  • The IZALCO MAX, for aero races
  • The PARALANE, for endurance
  • The MARES, for cyclocross races
  • As you can imagine, the current range of models is so dense that it defies enumeration. bikes The Focus bike brand shares the market with many competitors. The latter are counted in tens and their models in tens of thousands.

    With such a large offer, finding the model that suits your needs is not easy, unless you are a real connoisseur. To help you find your way more easily, here is a mini-file that will show you exactly how to choose the right bike.

    Criteria for choosing the right Focus bikes ?

    Looking for the best bike ? But you won’t find one. You’ll only find the bike that’s best suited to you and your riding style. A bike that is perfect for hiking may not be suitable for commuting.

    Similarly, a bike made for asphalt will prove unsuitable for the mountains. As such, the choice of the perfect Focus bikes will start with the definition of the parameters of choice and then the criteria of choice. Let’s talk about the parameters first.

    The parameters to define before choosing a good bike

    To find the ideal Focus bikes, you will start from the nature, the intensity and the frequency of your sport practice, and the nature of the terrain you will choose for your practice. Based on these parameters, consider the following selection criteria :

  • The type: city bike, folding bike, mountain bike, cross-country
  • Frame material: aluminum, alloy, carbon
  • Frame length: 0.66 multiplied by leg length, 54-66 cm for women; 51 – 61 cm for men
  • Motorization
  • The quality and autonomy of the battery
  • The maximum speed
  • The braking system: hand brakes or back-pedal braking
  • The type of brakes: disc or pad brakes
  • The type of transmission
  • Suspension: front fork, rear fork with the frame, under the seat
  • The tire and wheel types: 26, 27.5 or 29 inches; tubeless, tube type, tubular
  • The level of comfort: size of the saddle, shape and length of the handlebars
  • Once these parameters are well understood, it will be easier for you to find the bike model that suits you. However, it must be said that these parameters are not always easy to understand when you are not well versed in technical matters. To remedy this, here is a more digestible way to choose a good Focus bikes.

    Criteria to consider when choosing a good Focus bikes

    A bike for the daily commute

    Not all Focus bikes have what it takes to help you commute to work. If you need a bike for commuting, your choice will depend on the routes you plan to take. For urban commuting, you’ll want a Specialized bike with a responsive, high-performance braking system and straight handlebars.

    This type of model is much more dynamic and allows you to get around more easily and react more quickly when in a traffic jam, for example, you have to brake suddenly. You can choose a model with an open frame if you are not very good at riding. However, if you are good at riding a bike, you should choose a frame with a crossbar.

    In intercity settings and for shorter or longer trips, you will need a solid suspension fork Focus mountain bike. You need to be able to attach a number of accessories for the ride. Obviously, models with short handlebars are preferable.

    It is also possible to opt for a folding bike. Very easy to park, this type of bike can be taken to the subway, to the office, to the elevator. In this case, you should only choose a model with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and capable of supporting your weight.

    Which bike is best suited for bicycle touring and hiking ?

    For the purposes of bicycle touring and hiking, you need a model that is truly suitable. First, look for a model with a steel frame. When faced with shocks, your bike will be less likely to deform. However, it should be noted that steel is a heavy metal. It is therefore important to keep things in perspective. For more lightness, you can always choose models with aluminum frames.

    For the size of the wheels, 26 or 29 inches, you are free to choose. The 26 inches will be more stable and will offer you a much better grip on the ground. The 29 inches on the other hand are more indicated because they are able to offer you a good driving, whatever the state of the roads you ride on.

    Between rigid and suspension forks, we suggest the latter if you are looking for a better comfort on rough roads. Only that the suspended forks will weigh down your bike a bit. The first one makes the maintenance of the bike simpler and easier.

    In anticipation of the challenge of steep hills, you will need a classic triple-plateau transmission. When it comes to brakes, disc models guarantee perfect braking in all situations and weather conditions and have easy-to-change pads. Brake pads are less complex and are easy to find if you need to replace them.

    What bike to ride on unpaved roads and trails ?

    For trips that involve shortcuts, unpaved roads and country roads, we suggest the cross-country and more precisely the models with large wheels. In fact, in addition to being much smoother, they ensure a superior crossing capacity and a much better performance.

    But you don’t have to stick to the Focus mountain bike. If you want to go faster, Focus semi-rigid electric mountain bikes with a 100mm front suspension fork will be excellent allies. Ideally, you’ll lean towards a traditional drivetrain (3×7, 3×8, 3×9 or 3×10 gears).

    However, it is not impossible to opt for a bike with a transmission system that allows for optimal gear management, reduces the risk of derailment and disruption and facilitates maintenance. Examples are the very popular 2×10 and 2×11 gears or the 1×11 or 1×1 single drivetrain.

    2 speeds which, even if it is rather expensive, is still very practical for experienced cyclists and competitors. In any case, stay within your budget and your ambitions. And if your ambitions are greater than your budget can allow, you can apply to your municipality for bike purchase assistance. We talk about it in the next section.

    Road and racing bike: the best choice

    For a sportsman who only rides in his spare time, the best bike is a low-rigidity model with an aluminum frame and a triple chainring. A Focus mountain bike with a transmission is always more efficient on descents, long flats, hills, asphalt, etc.

    Cyclists who ride on a more or less regular basis need a sturdy, rigid and very responsive bike to offer dynamic acceleration. Ideally, it should have a carbon or alloy frame and a dual drivetrain or light compact.

    For an advanced level of play, the frame must be made of carbon, since you will need rigidity and strength. Ideally, you’ll need a Focus mountain bike with electric drive (e bike Focus)or compact or dual drivetrains and 36×52 tooth chainrings.

    As for the wheels, you will have the choice between tubeless and tubetype which are respectively with preventive liquid and with inner tube. You will also have the possibility to choose the tubular.

    Buying a Focus bikes: the available aids

    July 29, 2021 was the day of the overtaking, humanity had exhausted all the resources of the Earth. As part of the fight to reduce the ecological cost of transport, some states have provided a device to help anyone who wants to get a Focus e bike. Some conditions are attached to this offer:

  • The bicycle must be purchased new
  • The bicycle must not be sold the year after its acquisition
  • It must be an electrically assisted bicycle
  • The bike must not be equipped with a lead battery
  • The user is of age and is domiciled on French territory
  • The user’s tax reference income per unit is below 18,489 euros
  • The aid for the purchase of a bicycle is offered by the State or the municipality and is also subject to variable ceiling conditions depending on the region or city. For example, the amount of aid is between 150 and 600 euros without exceeding 50% of the purchase cost of the bike for the Ile-de-France, Corsica, Occitania and Pays-de-la-Loire.

    In Paris, the ceiling is 400 euros and 600 euros respectively for the purchase of a Focus e bike and a cargo bike. How to benefit from this aid? The whole procedure is described on the website of your municipality or region. Do not hesitate to consult it.


    The Focus bikes brand is undoubtedly a quality brand. It offers a wide range of products for a multitude of people with very different practices. You have doubts about the model to choose. Or about the equipment you need for your practice?

    Don’t hesitate to contact our consultants or experts in order to make the best choice. They will be able to give you all the information you need to choose the product that best suits your needs.

    In order to guide you in your choice, the OnMyBike team proposes daily articles on electric and classic bikes


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