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Gazelle e bike : a unique riding experience ?


A bicycle will allow you to cover countless miles. Whether you want to ride around town or climb mountains, you’ll need to rely on your bike for support. Whether it’s a classic or an electric version, it’s got you covered. Ready for a ride ? This article takes you to discover one of the references of the world of two-wheelers, the Gazelle e bike.

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Gazelle ruwiel factory : Context

The story goes that Baron Drais Von Sauerbronn was the first person to build a bicycle from a two-wheeled wooden vehicle. At the time, he gave it the German name “Laufmaschine”, which means “running machine”. It is safe to say that if the Baron had lived to see the present day, he would have been amazed at the evolution and success of his invention.

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without bicycles. This simple vehicle has become so much a part of our daily lives that we could hardly live without it. The proof is that we use it for our professional trips, for our pleasure rides or for our sports exercises. And this despite the presence of motorized means.


Faced with this strong demand, several bicycle manufacturing brands have seized the market. A flourishing market that, despite the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, is experiencing remarkable growth. Thus, brands such as Giant, Martone Cycling or BSG Bikes are known for their important share in this field.

One of these brands deserves special attention: Gazelle. A very evocative name, which makes one think of freedom, agility, flexibility and especially speed. For bike lovers, these are essential qualities. And these qualities, Gazelle carries them like a standard for several decades already.

The Dutch brand has not finished making news, especially since it has started to create electric bikes. However, if you want to compare products and brands, there are groups such as Alltricks that sell all types of brands. This way, it is easier to compare products and make pros and cons for each of them.

The Gazelle bike brand: years of pleasure on wheels

It all began in the small town of Dieren in 1892. Willem Kölling and Rudolph Arentsen, two Dutchmen, founded a modest company selling bikes imported from England. However, in 1902 these men had a stroke of genius: to set up their own factory to manufacture bicycles in the local style.

A crazy adventure begins for the history of the Dutch bicycle. Very quickly, the Gazelle brand makes a place for itself next to the big names thanks to the robustness, the efficiency and the quality of their products. Its fame spreads all over Europe, as much with the sportsmen as with the private individuals. More than a century of experience and this brand remains at the head of the race.

The Dutch way of driving, a style that wins everyone over

Gazelle bikes stand out from the competition with their typical design offering a new way of riding. Their features offer an upright, secure and very comfortable posture. In addition, they have luggage racks with tensioners, frame locks, quality lighting and tires with reflective strips for a more appreciable ergonomics.

Very robust and strong, these bikes are suitable for urban riding in wet or hostile climates, with a good lifespan. Used in sports, they create optimal conditions for athletes to be at their best. No wonder so many people are snapping them up. More than 250,000 Gazelle bikes are produced each year. A figure that speaks for itself, really.


Creations balanced between classicism, modernity and quality

Although Gazelle’s DNA is inspired by the classic Dutch bike, the brand is also keen to keep up with modern trends. Their range is very varied and aims to satisfy all tastes and needs. As a proof, we can find lifestyle city bikes, transport bikes, cross-country bikes or even electrically assisted bikes.

If the Swiss are demanding when it comes to watches, the Dutch are very meticulous when it comes to bikes. There is no question of them creating sophisticated models that are difficult to accommodate. At Gazelle, the goal has remained the same: to make cycling more fun and easier for everyone, without sacrificing quality. And the brand succeeds.

Choosing the e bike Gazelle is to opt for a safe and profitable value

Undeniable fact: no bike rides like Gazelle. This brand has become the market leader in the Netherlands and has earned its credentials. With them, cycling will become a pure joy, whether it’s on the streets of your city or on the steep slopes of a mountain. Here we present three obvious advantages that this equipment offers you.

Durability, versatility and superior quality

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been manufacturing Dutch bicycles for over 125 years. All these years have allowed the company to acquire a solid experience and a good knowledge of the tastes and needs of the consumers. Each creation is therefore the result of a thorough process.

As proof of its know-how, the company has received ISO 9001 certification. No wonder, when you know that no less than 129 different tests are carried out on the samples to assess the reliability of the components, their resistance to extreme driving conditions and their safety level.

Only a perfect, high quality bike with all the required comfort equipment is worthy of being a Gazelle bike. So, when you walk into the store of a dealer of these products, you can be sure of that. And, let’s emphasize that when it comes to design, these bikes are a sight to behold.

Endless fun and safe distractions

Nothing is more pleasant than to be able to ride your bike on a beautiful sunny morning while admiring the landscape or walking the beautiful streets of your city. In addition to the sporty side, this activity is very appreciated for the balance of the spirit and the body. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Pedaling is about taking the time to relax, unwind and take a step back. Like you, Gazelle loves this playful distraction. That’s why we offer products that provide ideal comfort for riding in the most relaxing conditions.

Regardless of its range, the Gazelle bike is the personification of comfort and safety. Moreover, the design is thought to offer a maximum of safety. Riding these bikes, you can really have peace of mind.

Effective warranties on all e bike Gazelle offered for sale

Renowned for their quality, Gazelle bikes, like any type of equipment, are not immune to design defects. And to cover the damage that is caused, the brand offers guarantees. Of course, they are given considering that the equipment is used as it should be. As a result, the buyer has 

  • Ten years warranty against manufacturing material defects on the frame and unsprung forks ;
  • Five years for the suspension forks, frame paint and front fork ;
  • Two years on the electrical components and mechanical parts and parts of the bike.

The Gazelle brand for a wide range of bikes

Bicycle lovers are looking for equipment that will satisfy their needs in terms of comfort and practicality, while at the same time giving them pleasure. To satisfy these needs, Gazelle is doing its utmost, offering several solutions, some as interesting as others. Let us introduce you to the range.

City Gazelle bikes

Its name already says a lot about it. In fact, it’s a bike made specifically for urban use, so it’s ideal for city dwellers. Comfortable and light, it has a certain elegance and is suitable for commuting to work, school or just for a casual ride around town. From the Low-Step to the Trapeze, the brand has thought of all tastes.

The Gazelle bicycle load carriers

The models of this type are classic bicycles revisited to allow for the transportation of loads on a daily basis. For this purpose, they have one or two racks on the front and back of the bike. Such equipment will help you carry your deliveries, heavy objects or simply your work bag without hindrance.

Bicycles in the family

Want to go for a bike ride with your little girl ? The Gazelle brand has thought of family happiness by offering this type of bike. It allows fathers and mothers to transport their children in complete safety thanks to seats perfectly adapted to their morphology. In addition, they are equipped with a safety belt, which should reassure you.

The Gazelle ebikes

For a few years now, electric bikes have been gaining ground among bike lovers, although they are a bit different from the classic models. In 2010, the Gazelle brand decided to follow the general trend by offering electric Dutch bikes to its consumers. These bikes come in different colors, sizes and features.

Anxious to democratize the use of electric bikes, the Dutch company has created a varied range of these bikes. For your urban trips, you will surely appreciate an electric city bike. Faster and more comfortable, it limits physical effort and makes you more mobile. Literally, it allows you to go at 100 per hour !

With their sturdy and wide tires, their soft and elegant design and their unique conception, the electric bike will optimize your trips. The presence of an electric motor will prevent you from exhausting your strength by pedaling with a load. Moreover, the position of the luggage racks is studied to allow a good distribution of the weight.

For those who love speed and the feeling of freedom that comes from the wind whipping their face, this brand has thought of them. It provides them with speed bikes, electrically assisted bikes that go up to 45 km/h. This should allow them to cross traffic jams and narrow streets with a smile on their face.

Presentation of the Chamonix T10 HMS, a flagship Gazelle e bike

Since its inception, the Dutch brand has never ceased to surprise its customers by offering bike models as original as each other. Various ranges are available to customers, and each range has its own characteristics. But of all the products on the market, the Chamonix T10 HMS is one of the best known and most appreciated bikes.

A Gazelle bike in the right size

For a bicycle to be practical, it must be the right size. This means that it should not be too big or too small. Otherwise, the comfort would not be there. Understanding this, as with all of its bike models, Gazelle has made the Chamonix T10 HMS a tall bike without being too long. Thus, it is proudly fed with the DNA of Dutch bikes, it is very upright.

Comfortable and relaxed, this bike is practical in all circumstances. And for good reason, the riding position can be changed at will. Indeed, it is equipped with an adjustable stem in inclination. What is even more advantageous is that the adjustment can be done without using a tool.

The user can make the adjustment quickly, easily and without necessarily needing the help of a professional. Every cyclist can adapt his bike to his favorite riding position. But in any case, he rides with a straight back, which avoids aches and pains.

Solid and resistant

One of the particularities of Gazelle bikes is that they are made with good quality materials. This way, they are particularly resistant and strong. Chamonix T10 HMS is no exception to the rule. It has an aluminum frame that allows it to be preserved from rust. Moreover, its rigidity is much better than that of the majority of the other models.

Does the rigidity of the frame make the bike difficult to ride ? Not at all. That said, even though it’s comfortable, the frame does little to absorb the jolts caused by poor road conditions. However, the e bike Gazelle can count on its Schwalbe Big Apple 50-522 balloon tires that filter out irregularities and shocks.

In addition to these elements, the Gazelle has a 40 mm Head Shock suspension fork that effectively absorbs the biggest shocks.

Venture out on any trail with a Gazelle e bike

Chamonix T10 HMS is a Gazelle bike that has nothing to be ashamed of. In addition to overcoming all the roughness of the road, it has a relatively powerful headlight. With its concentrated beam and its 50 lux, the Trelock Veo 50 offers enough light to get on all the trails without any scares.

Suitable for urban use or long rides on unpaved trails, the bike relies on its Shimano Steps E6100 drivetrain to brave any danger. Like other models in the range, it offers various riding levels:

  • The Eco mode: usable on flat ground, this mode is also adapted for steep trails. It quickly makes you forget the 26 kg of the bike;
  • Normal mode: in this mode, Chamonix T10 HMS keeps a constant pace that is fluid enough for you to enjoy the scenery;
  • High mode: this is the perfect mode when you have to cross a steep slope and the wind turns in the opposite direction. However, it should be noted that there is a slight drop in speed when the climb becomes more difficult.

A practical dashboard

Riding a bike that has a dashboard is fun, but it’s even better when the display stays optimal, no matter what the circumstances. With the Chamonix T10 HMS, the display remains legible, whether it’s at night or in bright sunlight. It has a large, backlit monochrome LCD screen that keeps it bright.

What’s on the dashboard ? Everything the rider needs to comfortably enjoy his trip. At a glance, he or she can see the assistance mode, the pedaling rate, the average speed, the route, the duration of the trip, and even the time.

Above all, on the dashboard, the rider can get an estimate of the distance left to go based on the mode he or she has chosen. It’s a handy display.

The question of autonomy

The autonomy of an electric bike depends on several parameters, including the quality of the road, the total weight supported, the temperature, the wind and the weather. Gazelle announces that the Chamonix T10 HMS has an average range of 75 km when it is in High mode.

But this indication is just an indication. Moreover, the manufacturer specifies that to have this autonomy, it is necessary to be on a way with little unevenness and the weight of the cyclist should not exceed 70 kg. 

What about the Eco mode ? Gazelle announces that the autonomy is more than doubled. It increases to 160 km and allows you to pedal all day without any difficulty.

How much to expect to buy a Gazelle e bike ?

As with other brands, the price of a Gazelle e bike depends mainly on its characteristics. Depending on the features of the chosen model, the price ranges from €590 to €700. Other models are even around 900 € because of their performance.

In this vast ocean of possibilities, how do you make a choice ? We recommend using your needs as a compass. For example, if you plan to use your bike just to run errands on the days you’re home, you may not need the same model of bike as someone who uses it to go to work every day.

Apart from your needs, take stock of the budget you have. By the way, did you know that it is possible to benefit from financial aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle ?

Financial aid for the purchase of a e bike Gazelle

Financial aid is valuable for the purchase of bicycles, especially for sophisticated models. Since they are generally expensive, the authorities grant aid to facilitate their acquisition. For example, in France, for a electric bike, the aid for the purchase is :

  • 80% of the cost, up to a maximum of 400 € for a non taxable person;
  • 50% of the cost, up to 250 € for a taxable person.

In addition, since February 1, 2018, anyone who buys an electric bike can benefit, under certain conditions, from a bonus electrically assisted bicycle. However, the amount of state aid does not exceed that of the local authority.

In addition, the accumulation of the two aids must not exceed 20% of the purchase cost or 200 €. We advise you to contact your local authorities to find out if financial aid is available.

How to choose your Gazelle bike ?

In reality, it’s quite simple. You just need to ask yourself the right questions. The first thing to consider is the type of practice or use you want to make of it. Will you be using your vehicle for daily commuting to and from work ?

Or will you want to do some real hiking in the mountains and rough roads ? This will determine the type of bike you choose. Next, there is the question of budget. How much do you want to invest in your riding companion ?

After that, you will need to determine other equally important elements such as comfort, safety and aesthetics. The comfort will be determined by suspensions, a saddle adapted to your practice, ergonomic grips and other elements.

Safety is determined by the type of brakes (hydraulic discs for example) or the presence or absence of lighting. The aesthetics and design of your bike is an important element to take into account.

Indeed, if you don’t like your travelling companion, you won’t enjoy walking with it, or simply doing your daily travels. Opting for a product that looks good and fits you is therefore an important point that must be taken into account.


To conclude

The Gazelle e bike brand will not leave anyone indifferent. Indeed, thanks to its experience in the field of cycling, the brand knows how to put all its knowledge and know-how at the service of the user in order to offer an unforgettable and optimal riding experience.

By opting for a road companion from this brand, there is no doubt that you will not be disappointed. You can indeed count on the quality, sturdiness, allure and comfort of this means of locomotion.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team regularly publishes articles about classic and electric bikes