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E vision Prelude electric bike review

The problems related to mobility are more and more palpable by the French! Many are looking for alternative solutions to the public transport they usually use. And for good reason, they no longer wish to be dependent on the strikes carried out by the transport companies. This is why, today, many have found in the electric bicycle a feasible and environmentally friendly solution. So we decided to give you our opinion about the E-vision Prelude electric bike.

Presentation of the E vision Prelude electric bicycle

As previously announced, the E-vision Prelude electric bike is available from the platform. It’s a small all-terrain bike with a very comfortable electric assistance. It will therefore easily adapt to your mobility needs. This way, getting through city traffic quickly will be easy with this electric bicycle.

At first glance

The E-Vision Prelude electric bicycle is ideal for anyone looking for a convenient, reliable and economical means of transportation.

Thanks to its small frame and 26″ wheels, it will perfectly fit people of different sizes, ranging from 152 cm to 170 cm. It will be an ideal travel companion as comfortable in the city as on small roads, it is perfectly versatile!

The E-Vision Prelude versus its competition

There is no good review without going through the competition. The E-vision Prelude electric bicycle faces fierce competition from the large Decathlon group.


According to our team, these folding electric bikes are the best on the market. Indeed, their quality of manufacture and finish but also their price, the platform marketing them were important factors to take into account.

Technical specifications of the E vision Prelude

Power and operation

This electric bike is both comfortable and small and is perfectly suited for beginners. Indeed, it has a motor of 250W and 45 Nm of torque, type Brushless of the brand Bafang. The latter is located in the rear wheel allowing a better handling of the means of transport.

It works thanks to a sensor present in the pedal. Thus, you have an effective launch from the first pedal stroke. Moreover, to perfect the whole, an assistance to the starting assures you a speed of integration in the traffic what is ideal for a beginner.

Then, with the E-vision Prelude electric bike, you will have 5 modes of operation allowing you to reach a maximum speed with electric assistance of 25km/h!


One of the big positive points of the E-vision Prelude electric bike is without a doubt its autonomy. Indeed, the battery of this means of locomotion should allow you to make around 120kms with the use of the Eco mode.

It is a 468Wh battery – 36V / 13Ah – installed at the level of the luggage rack at the back of the electric bike. You will be able to recharge it in less time than a normal working day. Indeed, you will have to count 6 hours for a 100% charge.


E vision prelude : its weight

For this electric bike E-vision Prelude, expect a weight of 25,5 kg. This is still relatively high but not surprising when you know the average weight of an electric bike.

Equipment and lighting

The brand has completed this electric bike with a set of equipment that in our opinion will make the difference. It has a basket in the front for carrying light objects and a rear rack for heavier loads. In addition, it is equipped with an Abus Shield 5650 frame lock.

Then, regarding the lighting of your means of locomotion, you should know that it is equipped with a front light of the Spanninga Vivo type and another one at the rear of the Spanninga Kendo type. Both are powered directly by the battery of the E-vision Prelude electric bicycle.

To complete the latter, an E-motion LCD screen located at the handlebar will allow you to adjust the level of pedaling assistance. You will also be able to check the level of charge of your battery or your instantaneous speed!

Comfort and safety

In terms of comfort and safety, in our opinion the E-vision Prelude electric bicycle should surprise you! Let’s start with the comfort accessories.

It has front and rear plastic mudguards, so no more stains on your clothes or belongings during bad weather. This electric bike is also equipped with a wide saddle with suspension pads and a suspension fork.

As presented previously, the electric bike has been mounted with a low gooseneck type frame, making it easy to straddle. In addition, its small 24 inch wheels allow the user to gain in maneuverability! It is a bike specially designed for people between 1m50 and 1m70 tall.

The price

Let’s talk about the price of the E-vision Prelude electric bike. First of all, you should know that the purchase of a bike of this type is a real investment.

However, you should also keep in mind that it offers complete and adapted equipment. It is offered at a price of 1499 euros. Which, for an electric bike, is a very good price.


To conclude

Are you looking for a compact, comfortable and efficient bike ? Then look no further! The E-vision Prelude electric bike will meet your expectations. They have many features that will convince you.

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