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Review E vision Folda electric bicycle

At a time when French citizens are facing major transportation problems due to numerous public transport strikes, many of them have turned to electric bikes. Getting around in urban traffic, avoiding fatigue thanks to the electric assistance, the electric bike brings many advantages already mentioned in our numerous reviews. But have you ever thought about how much space an electric bike can take up? We decided to give you our opinion today on the E-vision Folda electric bike.

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Presentation of the electric bike E-vision Folda

This FOLDA electrically assisted folding bike in Black color and of the brand E-MOTIO is designed for Women as well as for Men. It has a frame height of 41 cm for people measuring between 160cm to 165cm.

The 2 pedals also fold down to save space when the FOLDA is folded and the battery is protected by a lock that can be opened with a key.

With this folding electric bike, switching between the asphalt of urban streets and public transport will be in our opinion of a disconcerting ease thanks to the electric bike E-vision Folda.

Our opinion on the E-Vision Folda

At first glance

The E-Vision Folda is a truly compact product! It will literally bend to your will. This road companion will fit perfectly into your daily life. You can take it everywhere. Once folded, you can store it in your car or on public transport without taking up too much space.

The E-vision Folda against its competition


We strongly recommend the above references. Decathlon is a well known brand. It offers a reassuring and efficient after sales service.

Technical characteristics of the E-vision Folda

Power and operation

This charming means of locomotion is equipped with a Bafang motor of type Brushless installed in its rear wheel. This motor develops not less than 250W for a torque of 40Nm.

Whose operation is carried out as of the setting in rotation of the pedal. This will greatly facilitate its user during fast insertion in the traffic (assistance until 6km/h).

This last point could be part of a point related to safety because during heavy traffic, everyone knows, our urban areas can become very dangerous for cyclists.

The E-vision Folda electric bicycle offers not 2, not 3 but 5 modes of operation for a maximum speed of 25km/h! You will find the best configuration for your cycling profile.


As we said before, the E-vision Folda has many strong points and it is not the characteristics of the battery and its autonomy that will tell us otherwise!

Indeed, its removable battery of 468 Wh (36V/13Ah) installed on the luggage rack offers a great autonomy if the Eco mode is activated. Up to 120km! An important point to take into account for the cyclist of the city as for those of the countryside.

As for the recharging time, count on about 6 hours to fully recharge the electric bike, less time than a day’s work.

Its weight

The least of this folding electric bike, its weight, remains quite high, 27,4kg. It is in the high range among its competitors, especially compared to the DECATHLON Tilt 500 which weighs 10kg less.

Equipment and lighting

Customizable, multi-task, it will suit all types of everyday needs. Indeed, it will be able to accommodate a front basket with a removable support as well as a rear basket with provisions.

Using this electric bike for your daily errands will not be a problem since the brand includes an Abus Shield 5650 frame lock, so you will avoid any risk of theft of your means of transportation.

The lighting is an important point but somewhat commonplace on a bike of this category. This electric bike includes a front and rear light powered by the battery.

The management of the 5 modes of operation is done in an easy way. Indeed, this electric bike has a large LCD screen on the handlebars. This will allow a good reading and display of multiple information.

Comfort and safety

The E-vision Folda once again makes its mark with quality equipment. Comfort is enhanced by the front fork suspension, which absorbs the roughness of the road.

But also a wide comfortable seat with suspension pads completes the accessories. City, country road and dirt road will not be a problem with the E-vision Folda electric bike.

We talked about it above, its design will facilitate its daily use, easy straddling, 20 inches wheels and open frame of swan neck type will make of this bike, the bike of the people of small and big sizes. It will suit people from 1m55 to 1m80!

Let’s not forget the quick folding of this electric bike, you will be able to take it easily everywhere in the trunk of your car.

The price

The price remains a decisive element in your choice, but remember the many features of this folding electric bike before drawing any conclusions. The E-vision Folda is proposed at 1299 euros. It is certainly higher than its competitor from DECATHLON the TILT 500 but much more complete and more enduring.

To conclude

No doubt about it, the E-vision Folda electric bike is one of the best folding electric bikes we have tested. Its many features providing an outstanding comfort, its small size and its great autonomy in the top of the folding electric bike.

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