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Gitane Ebike

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Come and learn more about one of the oldest electric bikes brands in France. Discover its history since its creation as well as all the ebike Gitane they sell. You will know at the end of this presentation, if by opting for a bike of the French brand you will make a good deal.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Gitane electric bikes.

Gitane ebike, what you need to know about this manufacturer

When talking about pioneers in bicycle manufacturing, it is impossible to forget Gitane Cycle. Indeed, this French manufacturer has been creating and marketing cycles for almost a century. Its particularity? It has been able to adapt to the demands of evolution without losing its identity.

Today, and since 2013, it offers electrically assisted bicycles adapted for every need. In other words, no matter what your goal is to have an electric bike, you will find a Gitane electric bike that suits you.

Let’s see more details about this brand, the history of its creation until the establishment of its range of electric assist bicycles and especially the types of electric bikes it currently offers.


Competitive environment

It is important to know that the cycling market is in constant evolution. Moreover, in recent years, it has even experienced a huge boom. This last one is due to the appearance and the democratization of the electric bicycle.

What you have to remember is that today, brands are fighting a war without mercy. This is why it is difficult to find your way among all the offers present on the market.

It is important for you to take stock, to compare the brands and their products. Don’t hesitate to find out about all the brands and the quality of their bikes.

Be well informed, take stock of your needs and don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you have any doubts. Finally, don’t be afraid of online sales platforms, some are very serious!

The 3 best electric bike of the market

We propose you to discover our pre-selection of the best electric bikes that market. See which are the biggest competitors of the Gitane electric bike brand.

The Gitane ebike range

To know who we are dealing with, we suggest you first discover the products offered by the French brand.

Gitane folding electric bike

Practical and clever, the folding electric bike will literally be an ally in everyday urban life. It is handy and compact, which allows the user to take it everywhere, as practical to navigate between cars in traffic jams as to carry it folded in public transport.

This folding electric bike proposed by the tricolored brand is announced at a price of 1 699€. You will be able to count on a certain number of equipment like a rear luggage rack, mudguards, a chain cover or a front and rear lighting.

Gitane electric city bike

As the name suggests, an electric city bike is designed to fit urban commuting. It also offers a sleeker design and modern finishes. Although its performance is not as good as that of a mountain electric bike, it will satisfy all your trips in town.

All models in this range have aluminum frames. These ensure robustness and lightness. All the displays integrated on the Gitane electric bikes are on the left part of the handlebars. They allow you to consult all the data related to your driving, the number of kilometers traveled, the real speed or the remaining battery level.

For your comfort, you can count on mudguards, a luggage rack and a kickstand. So many ultra practical elements for everyday use.

The Gitane urban electric bikes will follow you on your journeys in the city thanks to the electric assistance that will support you between 50 kms and 160 kms depending on the model. To acquire an urban bike from the tricolored brand you will have to count between 1 149€ and 2 449€. You will recognize them by the following names: e-City, Organ-e Central and e-Salsa.


Ebike Gitane leisure

Here we are talking about bikes that are optimized for touring. Unlike other models, they offer good autonomy and high motor power. However, it is often necessary to spend a few extra bucks to acquire them. The products of this range are recognizable by their names. These are the e-Verso. The price of these varies and ranges from 1 799€ to 2 699€.

They are all composed of aluminum frame either trapezoidal or low. In both cases, the French manufacturer wanted to make the electric bike easy to ride. No difficulty at the time of the rise and more either at the time of the descent.

You will be able to count on batteries whose power is included between 400 Wh and 504 Wh. These are directly integrated into the frame so that your movements are not altered during the practice.

To ensure your safety, Gitane electric bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. These will allow you to have a powerful and progressive braking adapted to all situations.

You will also be able to benefit from an autonomy going from 60 to 185 kms. Front and rear lights will give you a better visibility and the display on the handlebars will allow you to consult the information concerning your driving.

Gitane mountain ebike

Gitane electric mountain bikes are designed to conquer mountains and forests. Unlike previous models, they are more robust and especially tougher to face the most disastrous roads. On the performance side, the Gitane all-terrain bikes are also good performers for your benefit. However, they are more expensive than a classic Gitane electric bike.

In order to own a product of this range, the future user will have to spend between 1 749€ and 2 849€. This is a real budget, but considering all the equipment and the quality of the integrated materials, it remains coherent.

You will recognize them by their specific property, namely, e-Kobalt and Titan. All of them have almost the same characteristics. Thus, you will have the pleasure to find an aluminum frame combining perfectly lightness and robustness.

But also hydraulic disc brakes ensuring you a powerful braking in all circumstances. The power of the battery of the Gitane electric mountain bike, as for it, will vary from 400 Wh to 504 Wh allowing you to have an autonomy included between 60 kms and 185 kms.

You will also have the pleasure to find an LCD display to consult the information related to your practice (number of kilometers traveled, speed in real time, battery life or the assistance mode chosen).


Gitane electric tandem

You certainly know them. For those who don’t know Tandems, they are bikes designed for two people. Generally, in addition to having two pedals, they also have two seats! Gitane Cycles offers you this model for couple or family rides. Thus, you can opt for the Gitane E-Verso electric bike.

With this mode of locomotion you can count on hydraulic disc brakes and an aluminum frame. This makes it lighter and more manageable. The battery of 2×500 Wh will allow you to make between 80 and 120 kms with the electric assistance.

Finally, an LCD console located on the left will allow you to consult all the information related to your driving easily. In terms of price, to acquire this electric tandem, it will be necessary that the future user spends approximately 3 200€.


How to choose the best Gitane electric bike ?

As mentioned above, Gitanes bikes come in a variety of types for more personalized user satisfaction. However, this multitude of models can also complicate the choice of the best one when you are not familiar with it. That’s why we suggest several questions to ask yourself before choosing your electric gypsy bike.

What do I need to buy an electric gypsy bike for?

The choice of the type is the first step to acquire the right bike. Indeed, it will be necessary to determine what are your needs in terms of mobility. You will have to know for which types of practice you will need a ebike Gitane.

Whether you want to commute in the city to work, hike in the mountains or on rough roads, the product you choose will not be the same.

Choose the right size

Once you know the ideal type of bike for your need, the next question to ask yourself is what is the right size for you. This question can be both simple and complex. If you are in the size range of only one size, then the question doesn’t really arise. However, if you are in two sizes, then doubts arise.

Again, you’ll need to ask yourself the right questions. Do you want comfort or performance? If you want to go for comfort, take the size down for a more upright posture. Conversely, if you’re looking for performance, the top size is ideal. The more elongated position offered by this size will be optimal.

For a better choice, it is best to ask the seller. If you are buying online, you can use the size of your old cycle as a guide for choosing the new one.

Design and color

Choosing a Gitane ebike that you like aesthetically is something that may seem trivial. However, it must be taken seriously because if your riding companion does not match your taste in design, you will never take it out.

In fact, it’s like buying a piece of clothing. If you don’t like it or think it’s a weird shape, you won’t take it out of the closet. The principle is the same with a Gitane electric bike.

The comfort

For a sporting practice, like the use of a Gitane ebike in mountain for example, you will need certain elements of comfort specific to the latter. You will have to be able to count on at least a suspended fork and in the best case rear suspensions in addition. All this will allow you to absorb all the shocks during your ride on rough trails.

On the other hand, for urban and daily use, users may like to take advantage of a more comfortable and wider seat and a low frame. The low frame allows each cyclist to straddle their means of transportation more easily.

Why is having an electric gypsy bike more and more of a trend?

Whether in Europe or anywhere else, having a gypsy electric bike is common. The reason? In addition to offering a satisfactory quality-price ratio, Gitane’s electric bikes adapt to the needs of users. Here are a few points that make their strength.

Several models of ebike Gitane

As we said before, one of the strong points of Gitane electric bikes is that they adapt to the needs of users. In other words, whether you want a Gitane electric mountain bike for mountain biking, cross-country or even a city bike you will be satisfied with this brand.

In the same way, if you want a woman’s electric bike, a child’s electric bike or a more specific model, Gitane will be able to answer you.

Good quality Gitane electric bike

In addition to the fact that they are adaptable, Gitane electric bikes are of good quality. This is due to two factors. First, by the fact that it is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in France.

Secondly, by the fact that one of the objectives of this brand is the protection of the environment. As you know, the use of the ebike is an eco-responsible act and allows to better protect our living space.


An excellent quality-price ratio

Another advantage of Gitane electric bikes is that they fit your wallet. In other words, this firm does its best to offer the bikes at the best prices on the market. This is quite a success if you consider the quality of these bikes.

They are easy to find

Finally, acquiring a Gitane ebike is quite simple! Most of the time, you just have to contact a distributor of the brand to be quickly delivered. These are numerous and can be found on the official website of Gitane Cycles.

Gitane cycles, the history of this brand that has become one of the leaders in electric bike

As we said above, Gitane is one of the oldest brands to be interested in two-wheelers. For the record, it all started in 1925 with Marcel Bruneliere, a young blacksmith and farm mechanic who had a passion for bicycles.

At the beginning, the idea was to sell bicycle parts, but one year later, he decided to join forces with Eugène Redois to manufacture and resell whole bikes. These will carry the brand name GMB and then Mabru.

Three years after their beginnings, Marcel and Eugene decide to change things. At first, the company was named Gitane, but ten years later it became a limited liability company and the number of employees exploded.

In 1958, it was already a real company with about 50 employees and many projects. For example, the increase of the production of their machines which become more and more popular, the improvement of their distribution system.

The company continued to evolve until they released their first electric assist bike under the Gitane brand in 2013. Today, Gitane Cycles is a name that keeps coming up when talking about electric assist bikes. This is not only for their longevity in the field, but also for many criteria that we will see in a following part.

Important dates to remember about the evolution of Gitane Cycles

The history of the creation of the Gitane brand until today can fill a book. Moreover, it is possible to have it on some online encyclopedias. In this part, we propose you to discover the dates which mark this course.

  • 1929 : The brand is officially launched and has about 10 employees.
  • 1953 : Gitane decides to manufacture and market motorcycles and mopeds.
  • 1960 : The company grows and changes its status to become a SA. It also changes its name.
  • 1968 : The company can already be considered as one of the largest with more than 170 employees.
  • 1974: Renault invests in the company Gitane and there are now 600 employees.
  • 1975 : The average production of the company increases to 350,000 units this year. It starts exporting to Europe.
  • 1992 : The company becomes Cycleurope thanks to the association of Gitane, BH and Peugeot.
  • 2010 : Gitane cycles distributes its equipment under several different brands and even under the distributor’s brand.
  • 2013 : Intersport buys the company and launches the manufacture of the first electric bicycle Gitane Cycles.

Note: the previous dates are not the only changes that this brand has experienced. In fact, they are just the ones that we thought necessary to recall and that we believe have had the greatest impact on the group.

We can take for example the dates of 1966, 1970 and 1976 when the company changed owners. Either because of death or by a simple strategic handover.

To conclude

By choosing a ebike Gitane, you are choosing quality for sure. Indeed, the on-board accessories specific to each practice and the materials used for all the models should finish convincing you.

Moreover, the tricolored group offers a wide range of products. The latter meets the needs of users for the different practices of different cyclists. Thus, you should easily find the Gitane ebike that suits you.

To help you make the right choice, OnMyBike regularly writes articles about classic and electric bikes


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