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Commencal bikes : which one to choose ?


Commencal is the brand name of an Andorran company called Comesport. Its activity is the design of mountain bikes particularly adapted to competition. The company was founded in 2000 by Max Commencal after he resigned from Sunn. His Commencal mountain bikes have already led many cycling professionals to the podiums of major championships. Quality of the Commencal bikes and the performance it delivers have quickly won the hearts of competitors from all walks of life. The brand is constantly improving its bikes to offer the best in bicycle engineering.

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The context

In order to understand the place of the Commencal brand on the market, it is necessary to know how it evolves and why. As you may have noticed, there are more and more classic and electric bikes on our roads and trails. So why exactly?

Well, there are 2 answers to that. Indeed, the first cause that we can note is the will of the households to reduce their impact on the environment by choosing alternative means of locomotion.

This is why we can observe a decrease in the use of thermal vehicles in favor of bicycles. The second reason is the implementation of aids in some countries like France. Indeed, there are bonuses to help French households to acquire an electric bike Commencal or another brand.

All you have to do is to take the right steps. For that nothing is simpler, go to the town hall so that the staff can help you.

The Commencal bikes range

Commencal mountain bikes are divided into three groups:

  • Semi-rigid
  • Full suspension
  • Electric
  • They have very distinct characteristics and are designed for specific uses. Each mountain bike built by the manufacturer allows its user to benefit from certain particular advantages.

    Semi-rigid models

    A mountain bike in the semi-rigid category consists mainly of a rigid bike frame, but also has a suspension fork. This type of bike is particularly recommended for beginners who only use their bike occasionally.

    It does not have a front shock absorber, so the bike has an overall rigidity. This is not really a problem, but the user may feel some discomfort while riding on rough roads.

    This type of bike is suitable for flat and well-made roads. This rigidity guarantees the solidity of your bike. Semi-rigid bikes are versatile and can be used for many purposes. Their construction quality is remarkable and this is highly appreciated by users.

    This type of bike is light, which makes it a great ally for climbing the peaks. It is very suitable for teenagers for walks and bike rides.

    Commencal full suspension bike

    The full suspension bikes bring what was missing in the semi-rigid bikes. These Commencal mountain bikes take over by offering a better comfort. Two types are offered in this range: with electric assistance or with muscular propulsion.

    They are perfect for those who like to go far to meet nature. These bicycles can overcome all types of obstacles. Exceptional motricity is present on these models with a good shock absorber that reduces the slightest sensation of discomfort.

    All the equipment provided is of high quality and the bikes have always shown this originality. It’s the ideal bike to ride down the slopes and to accompany your efforts during the climbs.

    The design and ergonomics of the bikes are designed to offer unparalleled ease of use, no matter how you use them. Every ride becomes a moment of pure happiness and satisfaction. If you encounter difficult terrain, you have nothing to worry about.

    Commencal electric bike

    The Commencal brand also offers a range of electric Commencal mountain bikes. They are perfectly suited to begin long excursions for novices. The efforts are reduced and all the electric bike Commencal was thought in this direction.

    The frame, the motor and the battery are tailored to meet any challenge. Several motorizations are offered depending on the model. Here too, the design of the bikes is not left to chance. Pleasing to the eye, discreet and aerodynamic, Commencal’s electric bicycles appeal to both men and women.

    Electric bikes are especially responsive thanks to the battery that multiplies their predispositions. The whole system is ensured by an excellent motor support whose role is also to limit its size. During falls or impacts, the risks are greatly reduced.

    They offer good maneuverability thanks to a more curved steering angle and a longer wheelbase. All these features guarantee your safety, comfort and pleasure of driving your car.

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    Types of Commencal bikes

    They are classified according to the type and level of competition in which they can be used. Several disciplines are possible, which is why several bikes offer different technical specifications to meet them.

    Enduro and World Cup DH

    While the level of DH World Cup racing continues to rise, Commencal’s race bikes just keep getting better. Every hundredth of a second is crucial to winning the challenge, so every detail counts. The ultimate goal is the finish line. The Supreme DH and Furious models, ridden by pros, show new DH performance every day.

    Enduro is a vast area reserved for performance, adventure, thrills and more. It’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades range and is suitable for all types of riding. Three models are offered here to satisfy everyone. These are the Meta AM 29, the Clash and the Meta HT AM.

    Commencal kids bike and dirt bikes

    The Kids range is specially designed for children. It offers several models such as the Ramones, Meta HT Kids, Clash Kids and the Meta HT Power 24.

    These Commencal kids bike are perfect to give them fun, but also to initiate them to racing and mountain bike sports. For dirt biking, there is nothing better than the Absolut. This bike is impressive and many champions who ride it prove it by their exploits.

    Trail and e-bikes

    Two models are offered here for e-bikes and allow for wheel sizes of 24, 27 or 29 inches. The Maxmax Power is particularly suited for city riding. It offers enough style and can go out on slightly rough trails. The Trail has had its frame upgraded to 29″ wheels. Considered the little brother of the Meta AM, it is back in the spotlight.

    The Commencal bikes brand: taking on challenges

    Right from the start, with its first bike named Supernormal, the company started by making the headlines in magazines. It was “Vélo Vert” that first voted this model as the bike of the year 2000. Indeed, the bike won its first competition in the same period.

    A history of quality and robustness

    Max Commencal started from scratch. The man from Toulouse, who lives in Andorra, had been selling his electric bikes to stores and buying groups for quite some time. Tired of selling off his inventions and crushing his margins, he finally started his own business.

    He changed his business model to cut out the middleman. This Andorran by adoption has chosen to go directly to his fans. To acquire one of these bikes you have to pay an average of 2,000 euros.

    A matter of ambition

    Not knowing what to do, Commencal called on Oxatis, which was already helping SMEs with their digitalization. Oxatis was instrumental in creating a website and an online store for Max and his bikes. Its experience in creating product sheets, mastering payment methods, etc. was a great help.

    It just took a few months to get into the swing of the new trend. The Internet has thus allowed the brand to stay afloat and to make its sales profitable despite the crisis.

    A dazzling ascent

    Since then, Commencal has remained at the forefront of the mountain bike industry with its creations. The best mountain bikers in the world participate in the technical improvements of the bikes in order to push them higher and higher on the podiums around the world.

    Their valuable contributions allow the brand’s bikes to be equipped with the best technologies and materials in the manufacturing process. Commencal has always surrounded itself with the best of the mountain bike world in order to always provide the best quality equipment.

    Competition Commencal bikes

    The Commencal allows you to ride any route without any problems. In the countryside, in urban areas and in parks, Commencal bikes make a great impression. They are so well designed that many champions have reached the top podiums on these marvels. The various models offered have clean lines and a fairly minimalist design. 

    Quality to meet the greatest challenges

    For each Commencal mountain bike, everything has been studied from the start to ensure the best possible functionality. In terms of equipment, the user has a choice of tire widths and travel.

    As for braking, no matter what system is in place on your model, it is hyper responsive even in wet conditions. It will certainly not disappoint you, whatever the situation.

    The electric mountain bike motors are SHIMANO, which is promising for performance and reliability in the bicycle industry. They feature three assistance modes to quickly adjust your efforts as needed.

    The batteries offered are easily removed and locked with a supplied key. As a result, your mountain bike is able to follow you anywhere with a sense of fun.

    Possibility to customize your Commencal bikes

    At Commencal, you will always have the possibility to make your own choices in terms of accessories and equipment. For the most demanding users, the “À la carte” program allows each cyclist to choose the type and size of frame, the size of the wheels, the braking system…

    Whether the model is electric or not, experienced technicians will accompany and advise you in order to obtain the desired result. This will allow you to adapt your bike to the precise future use you want.

    For those who are looking for competition bikes, no matter the category, Commencal bikes offer you every chance of success because of the performance level of the parts used. The brand is positioned on quality so as not to disappoint its customers and to help them reach their goals.

    A new range of products for skiing

    The brand also offers ski and snowboard equipment for snow sports. The brand has decided to develop these products always to share its passion for sport and competition by offering quality equipment. The shapes of molds, presses, technical choices and raw materials are decided to reach the highest level of perfection.

    How to buy a Commencal bikes ?

    You can order your bikes, equipment and spare parts directly online or from an authorized representative in your area. Due to the current exceptional health conditions, the brand’s delivery capacity is somewhat limited, but every effort is being made to satisfy customers as quickly as possible.

    Ordering a Commencal bikes

    All delivery methods can be set up directly on the company’s store to provide you with a quality service. The brand and the sign are so appreciated that orders are increasing despite the crisis. Withdrawals in Andorra benefit from a 10% discount on the price of your bicycles including VAT. This measure does not apply to orders for parts, accessories or textiles.

    It must be admitted that the production of Commencal (or even classic) electric bicycles and other brands is currently quite complicated. The reasons are quite simple. The demand for bicycles in general is increasing rapidly, regardless of the type of bicycle.

    Indeed, this mode of transportation is increasingly solicited to face the realities of urban transportation (economy and flexibility). The health crisis is blocking the workforce and the organization of manufacturers of “must-have” components, i.e. brakes, suspensions, tires, transmissions, saddles, etc.

    It is therefore becoming difficult for these production units to increase their production capacity in such a short time. Commencal is nevertheless doing everything possible to meet its orders.


    The branded delivery service sometimes offers free shipping under certain purchase conditions. Check if you are eligible. Items are usually shipped within 24 hours. Bikes and skis “À LA CARTE” usually take a week. If it is a pre-order, the shipping date will be marked on the item’s card.

    In some rare cases, customs formalities may add an extra week to the delivery time. However, these delays must be considered as an indication. In case of overtaking, you should not expect damages, withholding or cancellation of an order by a buyer.

    A tracking number of your package will be sent to you by email from the day of shipment. If it is not functional immediately, please be patient.

    Rentals a Commencal bikes

    It is now possible to rent a Commencal bike and even the versions for 2021. You will be able to enjoy, for a day, your bike and all its advantages.

    However, this is only possible in certain regions: USA, Canada, Australia, Andorra, New Zealand and South Africa. So many countries and mythical spots give you the chance and the opportunity to test an electric bike Commencal.

    The bikes can be booked in advance and are specially prepared according to your needs and practices. The rental bike is then made available in the brand’s offices and branches. Partner stores and authorized rental companies are available worldwide.

    Grants for the purchase of an electric bike Commencal

    Depending on your country of reference, you may be able to apply for aid to finance your travel companion. Let’s take the example of France. The government has decided to set up a bonus for the purchase of an electric bike Commencal (or another brand) or a cargo bike.

    Moreover, the regions are also involved in this new form of mobility by offering additional aid. Finally, some municipalities and agglomerations have also taken the initiative to follow this momentum.

    Some subsidies can be combined, so the future user should contact his or her local council to find out all the details about obtaining the subsidies and the amounts involved.

    Commencal: at the top of the mountain bike world

    Commencal’s creations have elevated the brand to the top of the podium early on. If you’re looking for quality, durability and performance then you need a Commencal bike.

    Now, more than 30 countries import the brand’s Commencal mountain bikes around the world.Today, more than 20,000 Commencal bikes are on the roads, in parks and in competitions on several continents.

    Funding for competitors

    The secret of the brand lies in its close collaboration with excellent mountain bikers. More than 650,000 euros are spent on them every year. Indeed, the brand identifies talented riders and gives them the opportunity to participate in the biggest competitions on its Commencal mountain bikes.

    Championship titles

    The brand began by winning its first championship titles in the 2000s. At Roc Azur, the Supernormal won its first prize. The Pasta Power in 2003, the first dual-suspension, downhill and free ride bike, won the downhill world cup. The Supreme DH followed in 2004, also winning first prize in the Junior Downhill category.

    All this is not enough for Max Commencal, who continues his ascent thanks to the improvements he incorporates into his Commencal mountain bikes. In 2005, his team won the Megavalanche meeting in downhill racing and first place in marathon downhill. The brand continues to win medals and first places year after year.

    The magazines love them

    This is proof that the brand offers state of the art equipment, bikes with remarkable and technical specifications to promote the best performance. To reach such a high level of competition, you need not only the technique, but also the equipment.

    And that’s where Commencal surpasses its peers. This particularity has made the brand a reference in the mountain bike world. Magazines are full of praise for the different models offered by the brand. Whether it’s performance, quality or design, everyone agrees that Commencal offers the best.

    The users are very enthusiastic about their bikes and the after-sales service responds promptly to customer requests. In case of needs, questions, advice, support, the cyclist is taken care of for an optimal use of his bike.


    The Commencal brand of bicycles is one of the most important brands in the cycling market. Indeed, the products it markets will provide you with the performance, comfort and safety that will perfectly suit your practice.

    So, no bad surprises, the bike you choose will be an immeasurable ally. Everyone will agree that this group is renowned for the road companions it markets. Still have doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact the specialists in the field in order to clear up all the elements that are blocking you or that need clarification.

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