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Discovering the Smart Bike : Angell Bike by Marc Simoncini


Among all the high-end electric bike available on the French and European market, there is one that stands out. A small technological revolution in the French way. The electric bike we are going to present you in this article is probably the most expected bike of the year 2020. Angell Bike, the electric bike of the successful entrepreneur Marc Simoncini. Angell Bike is a pre-order electric bike that is not yet available for testing. That’s why we will try to give you our opinion based on the Keynote presentation and the technical features put forward by the designer.

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Presentation of the electric bike Angell Bike

In addition to its futuristic design with the shape of the battery and the rear lights, the frame, the screen and the lights integrated in the handlebars, it is equipped with innovative technologies to facilitate urban mobility and guarantee optimum safety.

It is also called a Smart Bike. Smart because it is composed of electronic systems that make it intelligent. Much more than the current competition. This new electric bike is available in two colors, silver or matte black.

Certainly, the lines of this electric bike are quite different from what is done in terms of electrically assisted bicycles, but the primary functions are respected thanks to its 4 levels of assistance and its 3 riding modes. We will go into more details in the rest of this article. Let’s stay now in a general presentation of the Angell Bike of Marc Simoncini.

Who is Marc Simoncini ?

Better known as the founder of the dating website Meetic, Marc Simoncini is one of the greatest French entrepreneurs of the last decades. Starting from nothing when he was young, he has built a reputation in the world of startups on the same level as Xavier Niel, the founder of Free.

Marc Simoncini is the founder of Angell Bike. Starting from a simple answer to a need, he had the idea to develop an electric bike that meets the needs of many city dwellers. With the electric bike Angell electric bike Marc Simoncini answers several technical needs and environmental issues.

The reduction of polluting vehicles in our big cities like Paris is a challenge for our government. The standards and laws around pollution in our cities are tightening. Leaving drivers of polluting cars no choice but to consider using alternative means of transportation.

Our opinion on the Angell Bike

In addition to the specific functionalities of an electrically assisted bicycle, the Angel Bike has been optimized thanks to its intelligent touch screen, a real dashboard, which uses, among other things, GPS, traffic, weather, etc.

A particular care has been given to safety with its lights and its fall detection function, important points that we will develop below in the section of the same name.

The materials used for the design of the structure: aluminum and carbon, reinforce the impression of solidity. The modern lines and the lightness of this bike, make it a formidable ally in town, it will not go unnoticed !

It is a product among the top of the range of electrically assisted bikes. First of the name! This Smart Bike, according to its designers, will hopefully be the very first of a long series of future innovative references.

Technical specifications

Here are some keys to help you understand and choose the technical features your bike should have.

Power and electric assistance program

The Angel Bike has a 250W motor installed in the hub of the rear wheel. It offers four electric assistance programs:

  • The Fly Fast to accelerate quickly and reach the maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • The Fly Dry to use only the necessary power without overdoing it
  • The Fly Eco program, as its name suggests, is the economical assistance
  • The Fly Free without assistance is also possible
  • Driving modes and control management

    Three driving modes complete the electric assistance, they can be set on the intelligent touch screen of 2.4 inches diagonally, directly integrated into the handlebars, visible at a glance.

  • The first “Free-ride” mode : It allows you to visualize the speed at which you are riding, the distance traveled, the calories burned as well as the battery charge level.
  • The second “Navigation” mode : It allows the integration of a mobile application, thus facilitating travel. Indeed, the GPS, weather, traffic, pollution, are important assets on a bike. Vibrations in the cockpit inform the cyclist of important information. Thus, he remains focused on his route, throughout the trip.
  • The third mode “Sport” : Created to burn calories. It is enough to enter the objective to be reached before taking the road, as well in time as in number of calories to be spent. It is quite possible not to use the electric assistance in this mode.
  • The hyper-connected 2.4 inch touchscreen allows for a large enough display for better visibility of transmitted elements. All modern features, such as Bluetooth, user recognition, automatic updates and wireless GPS and GSM 2G functions have been integrated.

    It does not forget to display all the standard elements like the state of charge of the battery, the current speed.

    Angell bike : Its autonomy

    The autonomy of this bicycle is ensured by this battery with the very original and compact form. It integrates signal lights as well as turn signals on the back, practical to be seen in town.

    This one weighs only 2kgs but proposes an autonomy of 70kms with peaks being able to go until 25kms/h. It can be easily disconnected from the bike to be charged in only 2 hours for a full charge, on a normal electric plug.

    Note that the competition only offers full charges between 5h and 7h. This makes this smart bike the best in all categories. Moreover, the Angel Bike comes with a 36V, 4A battery charger.

    A true intelligent battery, it is connected to an on-board computer (cockpit), which provides new functionalities on an EV. Finally, an anti-theft lock is provided to prevent theft.

    Weight and size

    Ultra light, the Angell Bike test does not exceed 15,9kg if we compare it to the standard electric assistance bikes known on the market. When you know the weight of city bikes closer to 25kg.

    As for the battery, it weighs only 2kg for the same results as a standard electric bike. Finally, the Angell electric bike is offered in one size, for cyclists whose height is between 1m65 and 1m95.

    Equipment and lighting

    The Lithium battery of the Angell Bike has a capacity of 360Wh. It is removable as for the majority of the electric bike. As for the rear lights, they have been integrated into the battery. Surprising, but practical ! So you will find LED turn signal lights, LED brake lights and LED high beam lights in the front and rear.

    Its 28-inch wheels and Michelin tires make it a grippy and stable bike on the road. The frame of the Angell bike is made of aluminum. It contributes to the lightness of this assistance bike, often compared to a featherweight.

    The two colors offered are silver or black matte. They accentuate the modernity. The fork in painted carbon, the solidity of the whole.

    Safety and comfort

    From a safety point of view, the Angell Bike is equipped with tires with reflective strips to be better seen in town. It is also equipped with front and rear turn signals, brake lights and hyperbolic lights.

    If by misfortune you fall off your bike, your Angell electric bike companion first sends you an alert on your smartphone. If you do not respond, a message is sent to one of your contacts previously registered.

    While driving, you will feel vibrations. No need to panic! Your GPS indicates a change of direction. Indeed, you are warned without having to look up from the road.

    Finally, if you walk away from your bike, it locks automatically, as does the battery. An alarm can sound quite loudly as soon as it is triggered. Information is immediately transmitted to the owner of the bike when it is simply moved or changed position.

    The Angell Bike test can be geolocated at any time thanks to an integrated chip. From a braking point of view, the Angel Bike is equipped with TEKTRO HDR 310 disc brakes.

    The accessories

    As far as accessories are concerned, it is possible to install wooden mudguards, a wooden basket, a kickstand. It is also possible to use a reflective waterproof backpack or a waterproof coat with led. Safety guaranteed !

    Many accessories are available in wood, to reinforce this modern metal/wood look that will please most people. Wooden mudguards, luggage rack, front basket, etc. It is also possible to use an anti-pollution mask or to install a water bottle holder to hydrate during the effort, mirrors and a stand. The saddle has been custom made for this bike.

    The engineers of the brand have thought about the evolution of the bike in every detail. It is advised as for any bicycle, to use a helmet of protection but also to add a horn. Very useful in town.

    Guarantee from the Angell bike

    In terms of warranty, the Angel Bike offers a 2-year warranty.

    Its competition

    It’s hard to talk about competition for this electric bike. It is the first Smart Bike in the world. That’s why this market is totally void of competition. Nevertheless, our team wanted to highlight the best urban electric bikes on the market.

    Of course, these bikes do not have the same characteristics as Marc Simoncini’s bike, but they meet a growing demand in this new urban mobility.


    Take the time to read our many reviews of the best electric bikes tested by our team. This will make your final decision easier.

    Also take into account that in addition to the traditional urban bikes like the ones proposed above, the cross-country bike, mountain bikes, are also a very good compromise for your urban and extra urban trips. You might also be interested in our review of the Riverside 500e from Decathlon.

    The Angell Bike and its price

    The price is an important point when buying a bike. Especially when buying an electric bike. The Angell Bike is offered at a price of 2690 euros. Admittedly this is a high price, which puts it in the high price range.

    But the Angell Bike test is also a high-end electric bike, with many innovative technologies that justify its price. To facilitate payment, the company offers a monthly payment of 74.90 euros per month.

    The Angel Bike: eligible for grants and incentives

    Like all electric bike, Marc Simoncini’s Angell electric bike is of course eligible for grants and subsidies. It is important to remember that these subsidies are cumulative. It is therefore possible to cumulate those proposed by the state and those proposed by your local authority. Let’s take the example of France.

    The Ile-de-France region + the state offer a subsidy of up to 500 euros. This brings the price of this high-end electric bike down to only 2190 euros. To find out if you can benefit from these offers, we advise you to contact your local authorities

    To conclude

    This Smart Bike is the precursor of intelligent electric bikes. French ingenuity has struck. French citizens can be proud of what Marc Simoncini’s team has developed to satisfy the new urban mobility. This Angell Bike opens the doors to new possibilities thanks to the numerous evolutions offered by its technical characteristics.

    The Angell electric bike will make many new customers, convinced that it is time to evolve towards new means of transportation.

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