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Riese Müller e bike : for all occasions


Riese & Müller is a famous brand of electric bikes. Its products are of undeniable quality. The German brand proves it well if we refer to its notoriety and its well supplied product catalog. Its bikes are on every road and in several countries. Electric mobility is at the heart of its innovations and this is what makes its reputation. The world of tomorrow is being shaped little by little with a wide range of electric bikes. No more traffic jams and high transportation costs. The bikes of this brand are specially designed to meet the needs of its friendly customers. So there is bound to be a Riese Müller e bike to meet your high standards.

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Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Riese Müller electric bikes.

The context

The electric bicycle market or the bicycle market in general is experiencing a real interest and craze. What is the real reason for this? Well, in reality, some governments, some regions and some municipalities have put in place aids and bonuses for the purchase of alternative means of transportation.

Today, a large number of companies offer households access to an ever increasing number of offers. Indeed, there are so many references that the future user can sometimes feel lost.

In addition, households wish to reduce their impact on the environment. This will be possible thanks to the reduction of the use of vehicles using polluting energies such as thermal vehicles for example. It is a beautiful initiative from the population but it is sometimes complicated to take the step.

If you have any questions about the models, go directly to the store or to the online sales sites where expert advisors will be able to guide you. If you have any financial questions (grants and bonuses), do not hesitate to contact your local council for more details.

Riese Müller e bike : the legend is built

Riese & Müller are the names of the two German founders who started the brand. Its product catalog is composed of prestigious cargo bikes, e-bikes and the unavoidable folding bikes.

A real tradition

The company was born in a modest garage in the Darmstadt area and has continued to offer its great inventions to the ever-widening public. Their prototype bicycle was a revolutionary folding model with a special shock absorber, the Birdy. The brand continued to innovate, which would become the spearhead of its success.

Worldwide recognition

Today, Riese & Müller has grown into an international factory that offers its remarkable bicycles all over the world. Its enthusiasts and a large number of curious people appreciate the quality of its work and the finesse of the results.

Markus Riese and Heiko Müller are naturally driven by the desire to offer high quality bikes. Perfection is part of their conviction and every detail is thought out and combined with innovative technologies.

More than just transportation 

What strikes at first sight is the sobriety and the original design of the Riese Müller e bike. The main objective of the company is to offer the public solutions that correspond to a precise need.

Riese Müller e bike thought with relevance

The bikes offered have excellent grip on all types of roads. When the roads are in bad condition, the riding comfort remains permanent due to the quality of the tires. Furthermore, a low center of gravity allows the user to ride his Riese Müller e bike with total control. Thanks to the Bosch DualBattery, the company offers its consumers what they are looking for most: autonomy.

This technology simply doubles the autonomy of the Riese Müller e bike with a second integrated battery. The ordinary battery capacity is thus increased to 1,000 Wh in order to get closer to the cyclists’ needs. The central motor with which the e-cycles are equipped is located at the level of the pedals. Bosch brand, they prefigure in advance quality and durability.

Robust quality materials

Several transmission technologies are used to satisfy the most demanding requirements. They are adapted and designed to match the different derailleurs that exist on the bikes. Among these, it is common to find Shimano Deore, Hubs, NuVinci H-Sync N380 or Rhloff Speedhub, to name a few.

What counts at Riese & Müller are the constant optimizations of the different models. If they are well thought out, they allow us to offer our demanding customers exceptional and flawless e-bikes. Whether sportsmen, workers, families or touring cyclists, the bikes are designed to meet these profiles.

How to choose a Riese Müller e bike ?

It is difficult and even impossible to find an e bike riese müller that fits all situations. Nevertheless, each branch or category of user will be able to find the prototype that best suits them.

For all those who simply enjoy cycling, it is possible to find your favorite by filtering the models according to your needs. A quick look through the Riese & Müller catalog will make your choice easier.

Types of Riese Müller e bike

The range of urban bikes includes several models. Each one is designed to meet the needs of a particular way of getting around in an urban area. Nevo, Cruiser, Charger, Swing or Birdy are proposed to accompany the cyclist. For everyday use, they are equipped with electric assistance except for the Birdy.

This bike is a folding model that can be moved anywhere. Indeed, its smart folding system allows to store it just in a few seconds. It is perfectly suited when the user has to take a plane or public transport for example. A Riese Müller e bike can always try to replace the car.

This is made possible by the Packster, the Multicharger or the Load. They are designed to allow you to move your stuff, carry the kids to school or even make a heavy delivery. These different models come in many configurations to better suit all your special transportation needs. If you are a company, the models can also be configured according to your colors.

If your goal is to ride without limits, to have more and more freedom, then Riese & Müller has developed the right bike for you. These bikes are capable of going very far on any road. The Delite and Supercharger models allow you to go on an adventure without worrying about anything.

Choose according to need

The brand generously offers a wide range of bicycle model choices. Each prototype is built on multiple configurations to better meet the needs of the cyclists. You can choose a model and then decide on the components that will go with it. Your bike can be configured as you wish: frame color, battery type, equipment options, derailleur or belt model, etc.

Riese & Müller offers you all of this through its accredited representatives. You can get a model that is unique in the world and particularly suited to your situation. Among the choices, the brand offers city bikes, utility bikes, sports bikes with different characteristics from each other.

Riese Müller e bike: how to make the right choice ?

To understand this, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind. Mobility for the future means eliminating polluting emissions. E-bikes play a key role in this by simply enabling long distances to be covered. Cyclists use them to move heavy loads without getting tired.

Important criteria

In order to choose the right Riese & Müller e bike, it is important to consider a few important criteria. The first one is undoubtedly the future use of the electric bike. Indeed, the capacities of an electric bike correspond to a specific use.

It is important to take into account the terrain to be covered in its choice and the distance envisaged. The user can choose between several postures. Relaxed, dynamic or sporty, it still depends on the needs of each one for the driving of the bicycle. Then comes the choice of the equipment to privilege.

The things to carry will decide for you in this case. All the previous factors will allow you to choose a given type of motorization later on. The capacity of the battery associated with your future e bike Riese Müller will be a determining criterion for the autonomy (in distance) that you wish.

To ensure your riding comfort, take into account your environment. You will have the choice between several transmission models, braking modes or tire types.

An investment for the long term

A Riese Müller e bike is not bought on a whim. It must be designed to last as long as possible. This solution is mainly considered to save money, so you might as well consider this purchase as an investment. You can always test it on the desired route to get an idea.

When it comes to motorization, it is not always easy to decide. Some models offer a front drive. This means that the driving power of your bike is in the front wheel. There are two other motorizations to consider: the rear wheel motor or the crank motor. The rider will make the choice based on the feeling he or she enjoys the most.

Moreover, the most recent models now offer pedal motors. However, this generalization benefits from certain specificities: the types of sensors. They can be torque, cadence or speed sensors. The objective is to get as close as possible to the reality of the classic bicycle without observing a significant break when the electric assistance stops.

Mobility for companies

With Riese & Müller e bike Business, the brand continues to innovate. It is now developing a special range of solutions for the professional sector. The proposed solutions concern the shared use of certain models for municipalities and companies. Regardless of the size of the company, it is welcome in this new world.

Riese Müller e bike Business

The retail (deliveries), gastronomy, craft, care or mobility sectors are the most relevant. The Business bike models are perfectly equipped to meet the operational needs. Several accessories are therefore selected with great interest to improve the longevity of the bikes. They are also designed to ensure their security against theft.

By focusing on quality equipment for your company or municipality, the brand guarantees its customers’ investment. For shared or fleet use, the brand has introduced Enviolo. This range of bikes requires little maintenance thanks to its intuitive continuously variable transmission. This solution has been tried and tested and its performance is satisfactory.

Connectivity at the heart of performance

The e bike Riese Müller of the Business Package can be equipped with a Smart Lock system. This system allows for a digital and automated operation in a fleet for example. It is also suitable for a system of shared mobility solutions. It is a connected component that allows business models to exchange with more modern mobility platforms.

Your e-bike can thus be transformed into a high-end connected bike. The company allows its customers, for an order of 10 Business models, to personalize their Riese Müller e bike Business. Stickers and panels with your logo are available. They can be placed on the luggage rack or by attaching a message on the sides of a Cargo-Box in this case.

This allows you to gain considerable visibility, quickly and without too much trouble. In all the areas where the bikes will be used, they will make an impression. This solution is practical for awareness campaigns. You communicate a captivating and harmonious common message.

Where to buy a Riese Müller e bike ?

You will be able to find the product that suits you very easily in store. Indeed, to know the list of the approved retailers we invite you to go directly on the Internet site of the mark.

Nevertheless, if you wish to make a purchase on the Internet, you should know that there are companies specialized in this field. This way, you can compare products directly without necessarily having to go to a store.

Company mobility: the available aids

There are several advantages for companies to set up company bikes for its employees. This option keeps employees happy, fit and on time for work. The biggest benefit is probably the savings on car and parking costs.

Benefit from a green corporate image

A forward-looking, environmentally focused company can benefit its customers. Participating in the thinking on mobility by contributing to the reduction of emissions can pay off. Indeed, implementing a bicycle policy can provide the company with certain benefits.

The public authorities offer an advantageous fiscal and financial policy to companies that express an interest. It is skilfully orchestrated to be attractive for both the company and its employees. Companies can therefore be accompanied from A to Z in the implementation of an ideal Riese Muller mobility plan.

Tax deductibility

Companies can benefit from a tax deductibility of 100% of their acquisitions in bicycle mobility. The purchase as well as the leasing, the maintenance and repair costs of its bike pack and its accessories are fully deductible.

The accessories taken into account are: lighting, mudguards, charger, pump, bell, panniers, anti-theft, chain … Those for the cyclist (shoes, clothing, helmets) are not taken into account.

In addition, the infrastructure installed for bicycles (changing rooms, parking lots, etc.) is also 100% deductible. Leasing or renting your bike package allows you to save on the purchase of your bikes. To avoid tying up a large sum of money, leasing or renting solutions exist. The monthly packages make it possible to cover the possible expenses while letting the cash flow blow.

Why choose a Riese Müller e bike ?

The electric bicycle is beginning to take the lead in urban travel. Far from displeasing, there are several reasons for this phenomenon. The challenge is to cope with traffic jams while maintaining maximum flexibility for travel.

A salutary electric assistance

In urban areas, whether it is to go to school or to work, the bicycle allows more ease. In addition to considerably reducing the cost of conventional transportation, it allows you to find a place to park without taking up too much space.

And to fight even more against theft, folding models allow you to take your bike with you everywhere. They are light and equipped with high-performance folding systems. In a few seconds, your bike can fit into its carrying bag.

The electrically assisted pedaling also means less effort. Sweat and fatigue are quickly forgotten and the employee can get to work without having to change on the spot. It can therefore travel further without necessarily making more effort. The cargo or company models can even carry more loads or make deliveries without any problems.

The current policies against emissions of gases and pollutants of all kinds are necessary for the conservation of the environment. Bicycles, the e bike Riese Müller in particular, contribute to these policies. They are made of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to reduce the carbon footprint.

Doing a beneficial sport activity

Even though the bike is motorized, it requires physical effort throughout the trip. In addition to saving you money, your bike keeps you fit and healthy. It offers you more independence during your movements. For relatively short distances, the Riese & Müller e bike is the best alternative to the car.

The battery has a good autonomy, between 25 km and 50 km, or even more, to drive you everywhere without difficulty. And if you want to go even further, a simple electric plug is the solution to your need. So you can enjoy riding a Riese Müller e bike to get around. Safer than a motorcycle, a Riese Müller e bike allows you to enjoy your ride in complete peace of mind.

For mobility, there is nothing better than a Riese & Müller e bike. By choosing it according to your specific needs, you will be able to enjoy a safe, efficient and durable means of transportation. In addition to the savings it helps you make, your bike becomes your personal sports coach. Whatever the age or the physical condition of its beneficiary, the Riese Müller e bike can face all roads and slopes.

Fortunately, the brand’s models are highly customizable. Even if the future user is faced with high demands, he can customize his bike according to his needs by combining a host of high quality and performance equipment. The brand also provides its customers with all the accessories that their bike needs over the years. Everything is meticulously thought out to satisfy its friendly customers.


No matter what type of practice you wish to do, we are convinced that you will find what you are looking for among the models offered by this brand. The latter will certainly give you satisfaction. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact experts in the field and advisors in store. In order to make a reasoned and reasonable choice, you should not ask yourself any more questions.

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