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Toyota Yaris Hybrid: the most fuel-efficient hybrid city car


More versatile than ever, the fourth generation of Toyota Yaris made its appearance in mid-2020. With the new hybrid technology, with 25% less than its predecessor, it becomes the hybrid version that consumes the least on the market. Dynamic and in search of action, the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid symbolizes freedom in motion. It has just been elected car of the year 2021.

Design of the new Toyota Yaris hybrid

Brilliant and rounded, throughout the design of the Toyota hybrid Yaris, the manufacturer and designers were inspired by the Kuromane, a Japanese bean. Tastefully designed, it is bold and distinctive. Its wide and compact stance allows it to hug the ground, while remaining safe.

We can distinguish an uninterrupted line, which starts from the hood, to the rear of the vehicle. This natural extension gives it the appearance of a sprinter, ready to go! For a muscular posture, the bumper is boomerang-shaped, and pushes the wheels outwards.

The Toyota Yaris hybrid has the same lines as the gasoline models, but is distinguished by “hybrid” markings. They can be found on the front fenders, as well as on the right rear of the trunk. We also find the logo of the manufacturer, encircled with blue.

An interior that suits you

Although the exterior is very compact, the interior is spacious and elegant. It gives an extraordinary space to its passengers. The half-leather upholstery is of great quality, and depending on the finish, the interior ambient lighting is blue. A feeling of well being invites itself on board!

Every detail of the vehicle has been thought of. That’s why they guarantee the ease of the driving position, as well as the comfort. Everything is positioned so that the hands remain on the wheel and the eyes on the road.

Indeed, the dashboard is low and the steering wheel is refined. The windshield is deep, and essential information for the driver is projected onto it. This is the head-up display. These combinations allow you to make your trips in better conditions.

The soft-touch, foamed dashboard features two superb digital dials in the style of binoculars, which include two circular digital meters. The latter frame a 4.2-inch TFT color display.

Thanks to the standard Toyota Touch & app system, you can find your favorite applications. They are displayed on the on-board computer (touch screen), 7 or 8 inches, depending on the trim level chosen. Your smartphone connectivity is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Hybrids: the power of electricity

To limit the polluting emissions of cars, and to keep an acceptable autonomy for the drivers, the hybrid car seems to be the best current compromise. For many years, the Toyota Yaris was the only hybrid proposal. But in 2020, there was the arrival of a new rival. The Renault Clio E-Tech.


Motorization and performance

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid features a 3-cylinder 1.5L gasoline engine and a 4th generation hybrid system. The latter offers 116 horsepower of combined power, which it transmits to the ground via an e-CVT automatic transmission.

This combination promises remarkable performance, as well as exceptional economy. The Toyota hybrid Yaris reaches 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7 seconds. Its declared top speed on the track is 175 km/h.

Toyota Yaris hybrid: what is its consumption ?

Depending on the finish, the Toyota brand indicates an average consumption of 3.8 to 4.3 L/100km, according to the WLTP cycle. A consumption reduced by 25% compared to the previous model.

CO2 emissions of the car

The Toyota brand is not a little proud. It has announced a new CO2 emission record for a non-plug-in car: between 87 and 100 g/km. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas released into the earth’s atmosphere. The lower it is, the better!

Which fuel to use ?

Hybrid cars are the combination of an electric motor and a second thermal engine. In general, the energy of the thermal engine is usually gasoline. This is the case of the Toyota hybrid Yaris. You have the choice between unleaded 95, unleaded 95 E10, and unleaded 98.

How to recharge the Toyota Yaris hybrid ?

The self-charging hybrid system recovers more energy from its lithium-ion battery. Located under the rear seats, it is light and much more powerful. You don’t need to plug in your vehicle, it recharges automatically, during braking and deceleration.

So most of your city trips can be made in all-electric mode, and therefore without CO2 emissions. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid can reach a top speed of 120 to 130 km/h in all-electric mode.

Versions and equipment of the Toyota Yaris hybrid

Today, the manufacturer offers four trim levels for private customers: Dynamic, Design, Iconic, and GR Sport. A version is reserved for professionals: Dynamic Business. Each of these finishes offers its own equipment:


15 inch steel wheels with hubcaps
Traffic sign reader
Pre-collision safety system
Smartphone connectivity


16″ Sophia alloy wheels
Rear signature LED light
Front signature LED lights
Rear view camera with static guide lines


17-inch Sakura alloy wheels
Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system
10-inch head-up display
Dual-zone air conditioning
Heated front seats

GR Sport

18-inch GR Sport alloy wheels
Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system
10-inch head-up display
Heated front seats

Dynamic Business

Smartphone connectivity
Toyota touch & Go navigation system
Rearview camera with static guide lines
Pre-collision safety system

The list of options is quite light considering the standard equipment provided. They are limited to the panoramic roof, body colors, and two accessory packs: Red pack and Chrome pack. These packs enhance comfort and entertainment.

What is the price of the new Toyota Yaris hybrid ?

The Toyota hybrid Yaris is sold from €20,400. The cost will depend on the finish chosen.

Yaris Dynamic20 400 €
Yaris Design21 900 €
Yaris Iconic24 900 €
Yaris GR Sport24 900 €
Yaris Dynamic Business 23 580 €


The Toyota Yaris hybrid is manufactured in France, via the new TNGA-B platform of the Japanese group. It arrived in French dealerships in summer 2020. In 2021, with nearly 30,000 registrations, it will be in the Top 10 of the best-selling models among private customers.

Toyota Yaris hybrid : our opinion

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a versatile city car that is most at home in urban areas. The seats are comfortable, the steering is light, and the engine is quiet. Its “Made in France” label is not the only reason for its success. It also owes it to its hybrid engine.

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