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Rockrider 5.2: what if off-roading was made for you ?

The best mountain bikes of the moment

Decathlon is one of the leaders in the sale of affordable electric bikes. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we have made a selection of the best references.

You must have already heard about it. Indeed, Decathlon has made a name for itself in the world of sports equipment distribution. It makes it possible for all households to practice sports by offering them products that meet their needs for optimal practice. The French group has been able to make a place for itself thanks to the bikes it sells, such as the Rockrider 5.2 for example. We will present you this model as well as the electric range.

Rockrider in electric version

Established on the sports equipment market for many years, it is quite natural that Decathlon has been able to establish itself on the cycling market thanks to the numerous models that the group offers. So why is the brand so popular? Well, in reality the answer is simple.

Indeed, it has been able to offer products and equipment adapted to each sport and outdoor activity. So, whether you are attracted by dancing, horse riding, judo, soccer or cycling, you are sure to find the accessories you need.

This is how the company has become one of the leaders in the cycling market. Moreover, it differentiates itself from the others by offering classic models but also versions with electric assistance. Also called electric bike, they are essential companions for your daily commute, your walks or your excursions on sometimes complex paths.

The Rockrider electric bike is nothing more or less than a classic Rockrider with electric assistance. Indeed, it has all the characteristics of the classic version, the battery and the motor in addition. You are thus sure to choose a quality bike while keeping a reasonable price. Moreover, the electric assistance will allow you to take advantage even more of your walks and excursions !

What is Rockrider ?

Since the year 2019, the Decathlon brand has decided to simplify the life of its customers by slightly changing the names of its bikes. Thus, since it is much simpler to identify the different ranges previously known under the name Btwin.

The latter is still applicable to certain models. It should be noted that the Rockrider range includes all the mountain bikes offered by the brand. The name Btwin Rockrider is now Rockrider.

As previously explained, it was previously more difficult to make a clear distinction between the different ranges, hence the group’s decision to change their names. Customers can now go directly to the models that are relevant to them without wasting time looking at other product sheets that do not correspond to their type of practice.

Nevertheless, it seems appropriate to reassure customers. Indeed, the change is only in the name. Thus, the quality and the price of the products are not altered at all.

A new signature

As previously explained, all the ranges of bicycles of the Decathlon brand have undergone a facelift during the year 2019. This in order to simplify the steps by the customers. Thus, it is easier for them to distinguish between each product whether they are mountain bike, cross-country bike, city bikes or road bikes.

Beforehand, this approach was more complex. Indeed, the models had the same beginning of denomination: Btwin. However, this name is still applicable to some models. This is certainly to reassure customers and future users. Because it is true that Btwin is totally associated with a bicycle synonymous with quality, aesthetics at an affordable price.

The different ranges of Decathlon

From now on, it is possible to distinguish more clearly the different ranges of bikes offered by the tricolored brand. It is important to note that the company offers a wide range of bicycles adapted to a large number of uses. Let’s see in detail what the denominations correspond to:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

As you may have noticed, the off-road bikes offered by the group are now grouped under the name Rockrider. They are available in a classic version. In addition, you should know that some models are equipped with electric assistance.

Presentation of the Rockrider 5.2 Decathlon

As its name indicates, the Rockrider 5.2 mountain bike is part of the Decathlon mountain bike range. Formerly known as Rockrider 5.2 decathlon, it has therefore like all the bikes of the Decathlon brand undergone this change of name.

It is an ideal model to start hiking. Indeed, it will be the perfect road companion to accompany you in your outings. It will allow you to take full advantage of your riding experience while respecting a reasonable budget.

Technical specifications of the Rockrider 5.2

In order to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a model, it is necessary to know all its technical characteristics.

Available in several sizes

To ensure the comfort of users, the tricolor group offers several sizes for the Rockrider 5.2 mountain bike. Indeed, they are 5: XS, S, M, L and XL :

  • Size XS for users of 145 cm
  • Size S for users between 155 cm and 165 cm
  • Size M for users whose height is between 165 cm and 175 cm
  • Size L for users between 175 cm and 185 cm
  • Size XL for users whose height is between 185 cm and 200 cm

However, if you are between 2 sizes, you will have to ask yourself questions about your practice and your expectations. Indeed, if you wish to gain in comfort, you will have to opt for the smaller model.

The latter will allow you to have a more upright posture and will thus relieve your back. On the other hand, if you want to increase your performance, a more reclined position with the top size model will be desirable.

Mixed frame

The Rockrider rr 5.2 has a “mixed” frame. Thus, all users will be able to easily get on and off their road companion without any question. Indeed, the inclination of the top tube allows a much faster and simplified straddling.

The material used reflects the quality of the product itself since it is an aluminum element. This ensures that the Rockrider 5.2 mountain bike is both light and robust.


This all-terrain ally is equipped with a 70mm Rockrider Grind 1 by Spinner fork. It ensures optimal comfort for the user. Moreover, thanks to it, the cyclist can overcome obstacles in his path without much difficulty.

This suspension is both rigid and solid. Its purpose is to absorb the shocks related to the practice. However, you will notice that there is no suspension at the back. This is particularly regrettable for an all-terrain use.

However, this lack has an advantage! The Rockrider rr 5.2 is lighter and therefore easier to handle. No particular constraint for the user, it is a light and stable model. However, if you’re looking for full suspension models, the brand offers them at very good prices.

Derailleur and transmission

The Decathlon Rockrider 5.2 is equipped with a Suntour XCT302 crankset and Shimano Altus 8-speed shifters located at the handlebar. You can also count on a front and rear derailleur from Shimano.

This means of locomotion offers you 3 chainrings of 8 speeds, that is to say a total of 24 speeds. All of them can be changed at any time thanks to the ergonomic and fall resistant levers on the handlebars. All these elements will ensure you smooth and fluid gear changes.

The brakes

For this model no hydraulic disc brakes but V-Brake Rockrider brakes. The added pads are longer for extra braking power. As with any type of braking, you will have levers in front of the handlebars to activate them easily.

Wheels and tires

Because safety and comfort also depend on the wheels and tires, Decathlon has equipped its Rockrider 5.2 mountain bike with Rockrider Sport double wall rims. These are mandatory to ensure the solidity of your companion and its longevity. As for the tires, they are wide. They ensure a better grip but do not neglect the performance.

The price of the Rockrider 5.2

Currently no longer on sale at Decathlon, the Rockrider rr 5.2 is not a bad investment, because today you can find it second hand for around 150€. Of course you have to take into account the state of wear of the road companion and the integrated accessories.

Accessories and warranty

The Decathlon Rockrider 5.2 is an all-terrain ally with a number of accessories such as a good saddle and front and rear lights. It’s hard to list everything you can use. However, if you feel you are missing something, don’t hesitate to add it.

Many accessories can be brought in if you need them for your practice. For example, you may need mudguards or a water bottle holder.

Moreover, you certainly know it already but the Decathlon group guarantees some of the parts of your means of locomotion for life (handlebars, stem, frame). Finally, you should be able to find all the spare parts related to the model you buy and this for 2 years.

Weight of the Rockrider 5.2

We do not have the weight of all the models. However, to give you an idea, the XS size model weighs about 13.8 kg. This is still reasonable compared to some other models that are sometimes all-suspended and heavy.

All the models offered by the brand can support a weight of up to 120 kg. This includes the weight of the user as well as all the additional elements that he wishes to take on board for his practice.

Maintenance and storage tips

To begin with, you should note that Decathlon offers a free revision within 6 months of the purchase of this mountain bike. Then, you should know that the Decathlon Rockrider 5.2 bike does not require any particular maintenance. Indeed, a little water and the use of a sponge after each ride is always appreciated.

Nevertheless, the three-colored group advises you to remove all traces of moisture after washing with a dry cloth. Finally, to store your road companion, make sure to leave it in a dry and temperate place away from any corrosive product or salty atmosphere.

The Decathlon Rockrider 5.2 against the competition

Nowadays, we come across more and more bicycles. Whether in the city or in the countryside. The place of this means of locomotion does not stop growing. Especially since today we are witnessing the development and democratization of electrically assisted bicycles.

Thus, the market of the bicycle knows a real interest and is very competitive. The brands and groups are trying to find ways to differentiate themselves. Some advocate innovation and high-end while others want to offer products with a good quality / price ratio at a reasonable price.

This is particularly the case of the tricolored sign. Indeed, the latter proposes qualitative means of locomotion at more than reasonable prices. It is aimed at most households interested in clean mobility and looking for alternative means of transport.

And why not switch to electric ?

In view of what is happening in our cities and the democratization of electric bikes, we could then ask ourselves why not switch to electric.

Rockrider 5.2 Decathlon in electric it exists ?

Going electric is not a trivial matter. Indeed, it must be the result of an individual reflection. The future user must weigh the pros and cons to be sure that these means of transport correspond to him and are adapted to his practice.

If all the indicators are green for you, then you should know that Decathlon offers a wide range of electric bike adapted to a large number of practices (mountain bike, cross-country, city, child, folding).

Keep in mind that the group is positioned on a very specific market branch. It addresses the largest part of the population by proposing high quality and accessible travel companions for all budgets. In addition, the electric bikes have many advantages that should be taken into consideration.

Your rides and excursions would be lengthened, your feeling of fatigue would be reduced. You could really enjoy your outings, like with the Rockrider E ST 500 for example.

Purchase aids

If you are still hesitating, you should know that the government, the regions and sometimes even the communities have put in place aids to help households to take the step and opt for alternative means of transportation and running on green energy.

The amount of money to spend can sometimes exceed 1000€ and it represents a real investment. It is thus advisable to take into account this element. This is why the government as well as the regions and some communities have set up these aids.

Moreover, some of them can even be combined. They therefore make the basic investment less important for the future user. In order to enlighten you on this subject, we can give you these pieces of information as an example:

  • Government aid: equal to 20% of the purchase price including tax or 200€ maximum
  • Regional aid: variable depending on the region, between 150€ and 600€
  • Communal aid: depends on the communes, in Paris for the purchase of a electric bike, the consumer can receive up to 400€

The amount that you would have to pay in the end to acquire an electrically assisted bicycle should be much less than the initial amount, depending on whether you are eligible for this aid or not.

To do so, you can either go directly to the government website to find out the conditions for obtaining the subsidy and the steps to take. Or you can go to your local town hall to find out more about local support and the amounts you can receive.


If you’re new to off-road cycling, then the Rockrider rr 5.2 is a great fit. It will give you the comfort you need as well as the safety you need. Its aluminum frame gives it strength and lightness. Moreover, with its unique front suspension you will gain in agility and handling.

Its price remains very correct by virtue of the qualities it offers. Finally, by opting for this model you are not mistaken. And if this is a good option for you, why not consider switching to electric ?

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles on electric and traditional bikes