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Moustache Dimanche 28: a road bike with the colors of France


Looking for thrills on the road or on the bike path? Meet the Moustache Dimanche 28 electric bike. This road bike is a machine of choice for all cycling fans, whether they are beginners, experienced or sportsmen. Its innovative design has been thought to provide a maximum of pleasure. If you are interested in this bike, then this sheet will be your best reference.

The Moustache brand

The Moustache Dimanche 28 is a creation of the company Moustache Bikes. Specializing in the manufacture of electrically assisted bicycles (electric bike), the company was founded by Gregory Sand and Emmanuel Antonot in 2011.

Based in France, it currently produces and markets about 65 bikes including a draisienne. Designed to provide fun, Moustache’s Dimanche 28 is ideal for getting around for longer distances, anywhere, every day.

If you want to know more about the Moustache brand, we have a dedicated article.

Competitive environment

The cycling market is currently undergoing major changes. It knows a growing interest and does not cease evolving. In recent years, we have seen the appearance of electrically assisted bicycles.

These bicycles have the purpose to extend the time of the walks but also to facilitate the life of the users in the everyday life. Many manufacturers and brands have seen this as an opportunity to position themselves in this already competitive market.

The number of brands and references present does not make the task of future consumers any easier. The much wider choice is a good thing, but for some of them, they are drowning in all these possibilities.

It is absolutely necessary that each one defines his needs in terms of mobility in order to know which type of model to choose. Afterwards, it’s up to you to compare the different offers on the market to make sure you make the right choice.

Moustache electric bikes

According to your needs, Moustache has developed a wide range of bikes adapted to all circumstances. Bikes for all ages, regardless of gender and above all for the comfort of your travels, such is the philosophy of Moustache.

Only one bike in the range is not a electric bike. It is the draisienne specially designed to accompany the learning of the bicycle to the children. The Moustache Dimanche 28 is the great ally of the roads, including the most demanding.

Presentation of the Moustache Dimanche 28

The Moustache electric bike is the ideal solution to facilitate your short distance trips. Indeed, it is more difficult to face the long distances and the slopes when one adopts a traditional bicycle.

Moreover, when your health becomes fragile, you might as well take a cab or the bus. An electrically assisted bike will require less effort, but above all will save you a lot of time.

The Moustache Dimanche 28 electric bike can become your everyday companion. So, for your mobility in rural or urban areas, for your leisure or simply for your daily trips, it will be perfect.

Its assistance will allow you to make less efforts and thus to arrive fresh and clean to your appointment. It is solid and reliable, guaranteed for 5 years for the frame and fork and 2 years for the motor.

Features of the Moustache Dimanche 28


The Moustache Dimanche 28 has all the makings of a powerful and functional electric bike thanks to its 250 W Bosch Active Plus motor. The compact and light size of the motor brings even more performance to the ride. Moreover, it is very quiet and frictionless for a more pleasant and comfortable pedaling. You can also enjoy 5 operating modes. It’s ideal for tackling any kind of situation.

How works Moustache Dimanche 28

It is necessary to make the difference between electrically assisted bicycle and electric bicycle. Indeed, the confusion is made in the thought of the great number. However, there is a small difference.

The electric bike is a hybrid vehicle that uses the combined energy of the cyclist and a motor to operate. Its motor needs pedaling to work. If you stop pedaling, the motor slows down and stops. Even though it can run on its own at about 6 km/h, it is not really considered a pure electric bike.

The Moustache Dimanche 28 works like one. The electric bike does not need pedaling to start and run. It is powered by its motor and can go up to 45 km/h. Electric bikes work like scooters. The assistance of an electric bicycle is actually at 5 levels:

  • The console
  • The pedal sensor
  • The motor
  • The battery
  • The controller

To start, it is necessary to turn on the electric bike. However, at this stage, nothing happens. When you start pedaling, the sensor underneath sends a signal to the controller. The latter makes the link between the battery and the motor.

Depending on the level of assistance displayed on the console (at the handlebars) and the signal received from the pedaling sensor, the motor engages. It offers 4 driving modes: turbo, sport, tour and eco.


Reliable and versatile, the Moustache Dimanche 28 bike has a 500 Wh Bosch Power Pack battery. The autonomy of this battery will depend on the pilot and his way of riding.

However, a single charge with the Bosch 4 Ah charger will allow him to make very long outings. For more safety, this battery is fixed by a system of key lock. A fairing has been added to ensure its protection everywhere and every day.

Size and weight

Among the Moustache road bikes, this Dimanche 28 model is among the lightest. Indeed, the materials used such as hydroformed aluminum or its carbon wheels and fork make it considerably lighter. Thus, it weighs only 16.9 kg on the scale.

This makes it much easier to pedal in the city or on more demanding roads. Regarding the size, Moustache Dimanche 28 is available in :

  • Small for a user size between 153 cm and 168 cm
  • Medium for a user size between 166 cm and 181 cm
  • Large for a user size between 179 cm and 194 cm
  • X-Large for a user size between 192 cm and 207 cm

Equipment of the Moustache Dimanche 28

The Moustache Dimanche 28 was released some time ago. It has been designed to give high performance on any type of road. It has a hydroformed 6061 aluminum frame and a carbon fork. It’s a solid combination that won’t disappoint.

Its Bosch Active Plus motorized system is smooth and quiet. It gives you a natural riding comfort. This is combined with an integrated 500 Wh battery. This guarantees you a comfortable range of about 80 km. It is also equipped with Just Moustache Carbon wheels and a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain.

Several other technical details make the Moustache Dimanche 28 a resistant electrically assisted bike. Note that it can move you up to 25 km/h. Beyond that, you will have to use your muscles to go faster, because the motor will stop assisting you. These include:

  • Bosch 4 Ah charger
  • Bosch Kiox color display with Bluetooth compatibility and heart rate monitor
  • 11-speed Sram chain with Powerlock
  • 170 mm Moustache aluminum crankset
  • Continental Grand Sport Race 700x32C tires
  • Fizik Aliante R7 saddle
  • FSA Orbit headset
  • Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brake

Safety and comfort

Dimanche 28 is one of the lightest bikes of the Moustache brand. Equipped with a pair of tubeless carbon wheels, the bike is lighter in weight and this is what makes it more fluid to pedal. It also has Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that ensure greater braking power, especially on difficult and winding roads.

And for longer and more comfortable riding, this electric bike offers a 2 x 11 speed Shimano transmission. This will be useful to allow the bike to adapt to very different speeds while the rider pedals at a constant speed, without making any effort and without risk of getting tired.

The pluses of the electric bike Moustache Dimanche 28

We can’t talk about the Moustache electric bike without referring to its specific handlebars. As far as the Dimanche 28 is concerned, it benefits from a curved handlebar with a “flare” format.

This aspect has been specially chosen to reinforce the comfort of the rider and thus increase his performance. In addition, the bike also features an aluminum frame and carbon fork and wheels that combine strength and lightness.

The hydroformed tubes of the frame with variable thicknesses make this frame solid while being less sensitive to rust and corrosion. Finally, its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes will ensure a powerful and progressive braking. Perfect for a practice like this one.

The price

This electric road version of the Moustache Dimanche 28 is priced at €5,299. It is a real investment. However, you should know that aids and bonuses have been put in place by the State and local authorities to make the acquisition of these means of locomotion affordable.

The guarantee

In addition to offering quality products, you should know that the brand of electric bike Moustache sets the bar even higher by offering a guarantee on elements of these means of locomotion.

Indeed, whether you use your electric bike on a daily basis or not, it is always good to know that in case of premature wear and tear, you will be able to make use of the guarantee of the tricolored brand.

Thus for the Moustache Dimanche 28, you can count on a 5 years warranty on the frame and the fork. Moreover, the motor, the accessories and the battery are guaranteed 2 years or 500 cycles for the battery.

Purchase aids

The price of some of the models can sometimes reach the top. The Moustache Dimanche 28 is a very high quality product using premium materials and is no exception to the rule. It is a real investment and not all households can afford to spend so much on a single mode of transportation.

The different aids

If you are in this situation and you still want to buy an electric bicycle Moustache Dimanche 28, you should know that some European Union countries have set up aids. As in France for example, there are 3 main ones: a national aid, a regional one and a communal one. Some of them are cumulative and others are not.

Nevertheless, to give you an idea, the government supports the initiative of French people who want to switch to green mobility. Thus, it pays up to 20% of the purchase price including VAT and up to 200€ maximum.

As for the regional aid, the French must know that the amounts paid differ from one region to another. Indeed, the latter is really specific to each of them. Thus, some will pay 150€ per electric bike while others will finance up to 600€.

Let’s finish with the assistance paid by the communities. These, like the regional grants, also vary. Not all municipalities are required to pay aid.

Nevertheless, some large cities allow some of the surrounding communities to receive aid. We cannot give you better advice than to contact the different institutions in order to know all the details and the amounts of the proposed aids.

For whom and how ?

Do you want to benefit from this aid? Well, you should know that for that you will have to meet a certain number of criteria concerning yourself but also your means of transportation. Thus, you must be of age and reside in France. Your reference tax income per unit must not exceed 13 489€. Finally, you cannot have received a national and communal aid with the same wording.

Your means of transportation will also have to meet a certain number of characteristics. Indeed, it will have to be new, and cannot be made up of a lead battery. It will have to meet the definition of a cycle working with an electric assistance as registered in the highway code.

Finally, it will be impossible to sell or resell your means of locomotion during the first year of its acquisition. We advise you to contact your local authorities to find out if you can benefit from this financial aid.

To conclude

The Moustache Dimanche 28 electrically assisted bike is ideal for those who love to ride. It is very easy to use. Moreover, it is equipped with robust and modern components to combine resistance, comfort and safety. It allows you to ride quietly thanks to a silent motor powered by a powerful battery. It is thus a road bike and can be of race.

It can accompany you in all your daily personal and professional journeys. Their cost is relatively affordable and you can choose the model that best suits your needs or simply your personality. Everything has been designed to ensure high performance and unmatched driving comfort. Every component is carefully selected to ensure maximum safety.

To help you make the right purchase, the OnMyBike team works daily on traditional and electric bikes.


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