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Moustache Ebike

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lundi 20.3
City bike
list-samedi 27 wide 4
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samedi 27 wide 4
Mountain bike
list-samedi 27 xroad 3
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samedi 27 xroad 3
Hybrid bike
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dimanche 28.3
Road bike
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samedi 28.5
Hybrid bike
list-dimanche 29\.3
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dimanche 29.3
Road bike
list-lundi 27\.3
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lundi 27.3
City bike
list-samedi 27 xroad 2
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samedi 27 xroad 2
Hybrid bike
list-samedi 28\.3
Price found
samedi 28.3
Hybrid bike
list-dimanche 28\.1
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dimanche 28.1
Road bike
list-samedi 28\.2
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samedi 28.2
City bike
list-samedi 27 xroad 1
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samedi 27 xroad 1
Hybrid bike
list-lundi 27\.1
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lundi 27.1
City bike
list-samedi 28\.1 open
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samedi 28.1 open
Hybrid bike

Discover Moustache, the French brand that has made a place for itself among the top-of-the-line Moustache e bike. Its name will not leave you indifferent. In this article we are going to present you the brand but also the range and the different types of electric bike which complete it. 

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The e bike Moustache : A French style

Moustache is a brand of French electric bike. It was created by two French people who are passionate about cycling. Their final goal is to leave the car in the garage. At the beginning, 9 years ago, the range counted only 7 models.

Today, the French group offers no less than 65 models! These are all good reasons to get involved in green mobility. So why Moustache ? Well, the brand explains it as an evidence. Indeed, it is inspired by the handlebars known as moustache. It has made its trademark and produces innovative products.

You can find what you are looking for among a wide range of products, all of which are equally efficient and stylish. Because the needs of the user are at the center of our concerns. Thus, you will find different categories of Moustache bikes: urban, multipurpose, road, mountain bike and children.

The different ranges of the Moustache electric bike

Let’s move on to the presentation of the wide range of means of locomotion of the tricolored brand so that you know which one to choose. You should know that the type of practice is not the only point determining the purchase of a product rather than another.

This will be explained to you in the next section, but first let’s discover the different categories offered by the group.

Urban Moustache bikes

There are three main categories of urban electric Moustache bikes: practical city, sporty urban and speed bikes.

Let’s start with the practical city category and talk about the Moustache Lundi. Specially designed to be perfectly adapted to a daily and urban use. It is easy to handle, precise, stable and comfortable. It guarantees you a great stability and a very good safety thanks to its strong lateral rigidity. You can count on wider tires. These will preserve you from the irregularities of the ground.

They will bring you an additional comfort and will avoid you to get stuck in the tramway rails! You will be able to count on a very raised handlebar moustache thus increasing the comfort of sitting and practicing. This is a category that offers users multiple accessories and equipment: luggage rack, kickstand, lights,…

Then, let’s continue with the sporty urban Moustache bike and more particularly the Moustache Friday. Its look much more sportive will not leave you indifferent. It is an ideal partner for your movements in town. It will allow you to slip easily between vehicles and everyday obstacles.

Moreover, its lowered center of gravity allows the user to be faster in town. We find the sporty aspect by the rigid frame and the carbon fork. These two elements bring rigidity and dynamism to your riding experience. More sporty but not less comfortable. Indeed, the French brand did not skimp on the comfort elements: light, mudguards, kickstand, stylish seat,…

Let’s talk about speed bikes, the Moustache e bike Friday 27. It is not just any means of locomotion. Indeed, it is a real competitor of cars. With a top speed of up to 45 km/h, it is on average more efficient in urban, suburban and sometimes even rural environments. The big advantage of this means of locomotion is the travel time.

Indeed, whether there are traffic jams or not, the time you will take to go from point A to point B will not vary considerably! To drive at this speed you will have to respect some safety rules.

Multipurpose bicycles

In the Moustache range of multipurpose electric, you can choose between two categories: the all-terrain and the multi-use.

Let’s start by talking about the Moustache Samedi bike. Whether you want to ride in the city, on greenways or on paths, for a more or less sporty ride, you can count on the versatility of this means of locomotion.

Its low frame allows a better straddling by all users, making it more comfortable and dynamic. In terms of comfort, you can count on a multitude of accessories such as a luggage rack, large volume tires, lights and an integrated frame lock.

In a second time, let’s put the spotlight on the multipurpose electric bike of Moustache on Samedi 27 Xroad. Whether you want to go to work, do your shopping or go hiking in the mountains, this means of locomotion will follow you everywhere. It is ultra versatile.

The accessories and equipment it carries are of high quality. This type of transport has an electric assistance but the design of the latter is not neglected for all that. Indeed, the Bosch PowerTube battery is totally integrated to the frame, giving the illusion of a classic bike.

Electric road Moustache bikes

There are two categories: road and gravel bikes. First of all, the Moustache Dimanche 28 road bike is the ideal ally to ensure you the look of a pro rider. Thanks to its high performance, you will be able to ride on the road. No more suffering, the pleasure will be there.

You will have the sensation of riding as fast as a professional cyclist, thanks to its electric assistance. With equipment at the cutting edge of technology, the brand has put the package on comfort.

Then, the Dimanche 29, of the gravel category, as for him is rather versatile! Indeed, with this one you will be as comfortable on the road as on paths. No limit for this means of locomotion. It can be used for an urban use but also more adventurous for weekends of discoveries.

Moustache electric mountain bike

If you did not find your happiness among the previous ranges, you will undoubtedly find it in this one. Indeed, the tricolored mark proposes a broad range of electric mountain Moustache bike (mountain bike with Electric Assistance).  You can find semi-rigid, trail, enduro and adventure electric bikes.

Let’s talk first about the semi-rigid and especially the Samedi 27 Off. As its name suggests, this Moustache electric mountain bike will allow you to ride off the beaten track. You can always count on the efficiency of a Bosch motor to support you in the less obvious moments.

Secondly, let’s go on an adventure with the Samedi 27 Weekend. With this one, you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery anymore, since it’s doubled and totals 1,125 Wh. Enough to delight the most adventurous among you.  Moreover, it is perfectly equipped to help you carry your stuff for a whole weekend.

In a third time, let’s meet the Samedi 27 Wide, the Moustache electric mountain bike specially designed for trail riding. It will convince you by the equipments that it embarks.  Indeed, the experience is clearly positive thanks to the comfort brought by the latter. We can talk about the shock absorber specially designed by the brand to absorb all the irregularities of the ground.

In a fourth time, let’s talk about the enduro world with the Moustache Samedi 29 Game.  It is a product designed to literally explode the times or simply ride on any type of trail both uphill and downhill.

Once again, you can count on a battery that is totally integrated into the frame so that it does not bother the user during the ride. It has also received the “Design & Innovation Award 2021”. What to reassure the future consumer!

Electric Moustache bike for kids

Children will not be neglected, on the contrary, since a range is specially dedicated to them. Indeed, they will be able to count on an electrically assisted mountain bike, the Samedi 26 Off.

In terms of finishes and equipment, it is similar to the mountain bike with electric assistance for adults, the Samedi 27 Off. Thus, quality and safety are also at the rendez-vous!

Moustache e bike Woman and Man

By choosing a French electric bicycle Moustache in our opinion you make the right choice. You are opting for a means of locomotion made with quality materials and innovative technologies. You might wonder if these are more for one part of the population than another. Well, not at all.

In fact, the Moustache e bike is designed for both men and women. The low and trapezoidal frames allow an easier straddling for people of all sizes.

Who is this line for ?

The complete French Moustache range of electric bicycles is aimed at both men and women. Moreover, a category was especially conceived for the smallest. These means of locomotion are of great quality, they will follow you in your daily displacements in urban environment or in more uneven and occasional ways.

They are intended for people with a certain knowledge of the world of cycling and who will truly appreciate all the qualities of these bikes.

The price of the Moustache bike varies according to the category and the model. In order to acquire a means of locomotion of this type it will be necessary to be able to disburse a certain amount. This amount is in line with the equipment, materials and accessories on board.

However, if this is a problem for you, you should know that the government, the regions and the municipalities have put in place a number of subsidies and grants. The goal is to make these modes of transport accessible to all French people. You can learn more in one of our following parts.

If however, you wish to invest in an electric bicycle but the products of the brand Moustache seem to you too expensive or quite simply that they do not correspond completely to your needs, know that other brands also propose articles of quality and ranges adapted to your needs.

Robust means of locomotion

Whether you are looking for a city bike, a road bike, a mountain bike or a cross-country, you can count on an aluminum frame. This allows your means of locomotion to be lighter, easier to handle and especially more robust. All these qualities are important in all circumstances.

An atypical design

Recognizable among thousands of references, the French Moustache e bike will surprise you. Indeed, for the city bikes in particular, you will notice the presence of a handlebar in M. This is the signature of the brand. It allows to increase the comfort of the cyclist during the use of his means of locomotion.

A strong French competition

The Moustache bikes is a great success! From its quality but also from its origins. The made in France seduces more and more and it is quite normal. But did you know that other actors are well present in the segments of the electric bike? Did you also know that other actors are also French?

In term of manufacturers of electric bike, France is not in rest. Many brands are present and one in particular meets many criteria not the least. You know it much more than you can imagine. This big group is Decathlon.

Decathlon stands out from the rest of its competitors by the products it sells. Indeed, the brand and this for many years already, sells its own electric bike.

You probably know the brand B’twin, which has met a huge success a decade ago. This brand is nothing else than a brand created and developed by the group unlike its competitors who only act as resellers.

Decathlon has decided for a few years now to offer electric versions of its best sellers and it has done well. Thus, the B’twin urban range, cross-country, mountain bike and even folding bike has been equipped with electric assistance. As a result, the brand offers high quality, elegant Moustache bikes at very attractive prices.

A purchase premium that is still attractive

This is a chapter that will definitely interest you. We have briefly talked about it above. The government tries to democratize the electric bike by allowing any purchaser to benefit from a premium with the purchase sometimes not negligible.

This bonus, or if you prefer this aid, reduces the total price of the purchase if of course the latter fulfills the required criteria. Thus, the Moustache brand and its electric bikes are more accessible thanks to this.

Based on the location of the buyer, that is to say his place of residence, this premium varies from simple to double. Take the time to read our article on this subject, for that nothing simpler, it is enough for you to go up this article and to reach the link being under our selection of the 3 best electric bike of the market.

Let’s go back briefly to this bonus, which as we said will be an important help for many of you. Indeed, the government seeks to eliminate more and more polluting vehicles from large cities. To do this, many bicycle lanes are created or even replace streets, roads that in the past were open to cars.

Let’s take an example, you live in the Ile-de-France. You are part of the French citizens most affected by the problems of urban traffic, but also pollution and everything that is attached.

For this, the aid for the purchase of a electric bike can reach 500 euros! This means a discount of 500 euros on the total price of your electric bike if it meets the criteria requested.

Why choose a Moustache electric bike ?

Let’s go back to the Moustache brand and its electric bikes. Choosing a Moustache e bike is not a bad choice especially if you have the right budget. The brand is a guarantee of quality. The French company will allow you to get a quick after sales service.

By investing in a product of the French brand, you will finance a product that you will enjoy using in all circumstances. Indeed, it will never let you down and this whatever the situations you will be facing.

A product that fits you

Before taking the plunge, you need to take stock of several elements. Indeed, you have to define your needs in terms of mobility. Thus, you will have to determine if you need an electric bike for your daily urban or rural travels, or for a more sportive practice on roads or on rougher paths.

You will have to take stock of all the elements related to your ride, namely, the type of trip, the distance, the sturdiness and many other key points that should not be neglected. To help you make this first very important step, we suggest you to consult our article about the best electric Moustache bikes of the year 2020.

Quality/price ratio

In terms of quality/price ratio, the French Moustache e bike is in a good range. Indeed, they offer top-of-the-range services, use great technologies and the integrated equipment are of great quality. Thus, this can justify quite easily the more or less high prices of some products of the range.

Thinking about comfort

Start by taking a Moustache e bike adapted to your size. Indeed, if you are located between 2 sizes, you will have to choose according to an important element, the comfort. Indeed, if you seek a comfort of control by supporting a more right position, then you will have to opt for the smaller size.

On the other hand, to promote speed, you might want to choose the top size for a more reclined position. If, despite everything, there is no size perfectly adapted to you, an online salesman or a retailer can adjust the size of a model close to the one you covet, for a better comfort in use.

The notion of comfort is subjective and varies from one person to another and especially from one practice to another. Some people will want a soft saddle while others will want a suspension saddle that will absorb the shocks of riding.

Why trust them ?

The team has been working for several years now to search the net for new products. We analyze from A to Z the numerous references from the smallest to the biggest brands.

As you will see when browsing our site, we have to date carried out hundreds of reviews, tests and presentations of electric Moustache bikes in order to give you the best answer to your expectations.

But how to find your way through all these tests? Nothing could be easier! Our team updates weekly our comparisons. The main goal of these comparisons is to select for you what is for us the best compromise according to your needs but also your wallet.

We’ve put each of the tested references under the microscope. Manufacturing quality, reliability, type of use, design and price. Everything is examined and this is how we can guarantee you the purchase of a electric bike adapted to your needs.


The French brand of electric bicycle Moustache puts the quality of its products at the heart of its concerns. All this in order to provide cyclists with the best possible experience. Moreover, you will find the electric bike adapted to your needs among the wide range that the group offers.

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