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Mini electric: passionate electric city car


The British brand is going electric with its Mini electric. This sporty and electric premium city car combines driving pleasure with respect for the environment. Discover it, and go “zero emissions” yourself!

Interior and exterior design of the Mini electric

The Mini Cooper SE is the first electric car marketed by the British brand. It is largely based on elements of the Mini with internal combustion engines.

Nevertheless, the new Mini electric stands out thanks to its new bumper, with an almost closed grille. The latter, more assertive and modern, gives way to new aerodynamic openings “Air Curtains” that play an important role in the efficiency of the electric car.

The side vents are designed and functional. They integrate the LED indicators and give your electric Mini a unique look. The shiny Cooper SE badge with a yellow “S” logo is placed on a subtle chrome frame.

Some details specific to the electric version are added, such as a bright “E” badge in Energetic Yellow, on the front fenders, and the trunk.

Finally, like any self-respecting Mini, the electric city car is fully customizable. In order to create the electric car that reflects your image, you can choose between different color combinations and rims.

For a more striking visual, opt for the multi-tone roof. A new paint technology that creates a dramatic transition. A color gradient, the first of its kind.

Inside, enjoy a new level of versatility with the new multi-function digital instrument cluster display. Also, behind the steering wheel, a 5-inch digital display features an elegant “Black Panel” design. It provides information on speed, remaining range, mileage, temperature, and navigation instructions.


The electric Mini weighs 1,365 kg, which is 145 kg more than an automatic Cooper S. It measures 3.85 m in length, 1.72 m in width, and 1.43 m in height.

The modularity of this 4-seater city car allows you to optimize the available volume of your electric car for your luggage. Indeed, the trunk volume is 211 liters. It increases from 539 liters in 3 seats (one rear seat folded), to 731 liters once the two rear seats are folded up.

Mini electric : motorization and performances

The single 135 kW (184 hp) electric motor (2) is located at the front, and powers the front wheels directly. It produces about the same power as a 2-liter gasoline Cooper S. 

The electric Mini Cooper SE can develop up to 270 Nm of torque. The transmission, as well as the other integrated electronic systems (3) are located under the hood of the new electric Mini.

When the light turns green and you step on the gas pedal, your electric vehicle accelerates instantly. Power that’s immediately available and smooth. Impressive!

The manufacturer indicates a 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds, and a top speed of up to 150 km/h. Both dynamic and smooth, the Mini electric city car brings a fun and exhilarating driving experience!

Battery and autonomy

The Mini cooper electric city car is powered by a high-voltage, 96-cell lithium-ion battery (1) with a capacity of 32.6 kWh. Installed under the floor, it does not affect the vehicle’s habitability, nor the loading space in the trunk.

This battery pack, the same as the BMW i3, claims a range of between 226 and 228 km (WLTP) on the freeway, and 297 to 300 km of range in urban areas, with an average consumption of 15.8 kWh/100km.

How to recharge the Mini electric car?

In order to recharge the Mini electric car, two solutions are available to you:

Recharge at home and on public terminals: with the on-board charger of 11 kW of power, the Mini electric realizes a recharge to 80 % in 2h30.
Long-distance charging: the Combo connector allows up to 50 kW, or 80% energy recovery after 35 minutes of charging.

In both cases, the charging point is located on the right rear wing of the vehicle. (4)

How much does a refill cost?

Overall and depending on the time of recharging, the price per kilometer of an electric car recharged at home is about three to four times lower than that of a combustion model. Consequently, the price of recharging an electric vehicle with a battery capacity of 50 kWh is between 8 and 11 €.


The Mini Electric offers more standard features than any other car in the range. For a new electrifying urban style, the finishes are refined and give your vehicle all its vivacity. Two trims are available: Premium Plus and Resolute. All you have to do is choose your style:

Premium Plus: premium design and style details

16-inch Victory Spoke Black light-alloy wheels
Solid grille in body color with chrome surround and S badge
Upholstery: Double Stipe Carbon Black fabric


17″ Electric Collection Spoke or Tentacle Spoke Black wheels
Pepper White roof and mirror caps
Specific hood stripes
Upholstery: Black Pearl light Chequered fabric/leather with Colour Line Carbon Black

In addition to the equipment listed above, multiple options are also available.

What is the price of a new electric Mini?

On the market since November 2019, the Mini electric is offered from € 35,700, excluding environmental bonus, for the Premium Plus finish. From €42,300, we find Resolute, the second finish. The British brand also offers the electric Mini Cooper SE Business, reserved for professionals, available at the attractive rate of € 32 900.

Business32 900 €
Premium Plus35 700 €
Resolute42 300 €

Our opinion

Behind the wheel, the Mini cooper electric remains competitive and manages to keep the qualities of a thermal model. The driving is rather fun. We find a little playfulness, like the Honda e. Agile and dynamic, although a bit heavy, the Cooper SE only loses a few points in terms of comfort and price, which is also more expensive than the competition.

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