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Granville E Smooth 20 : electric bike review

What better way to avoid traffic jams and to escape crowded public transport than to have your own means of transportation. This has never been more true than since the last strikes ! That’s why we propose you to take stock and to know our opinion about the electric bike Granville E-smooth 20.

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Presentation of the Granville E-smooth 20

As for the Rock Machine Storm e60-29 electric mountain bike, this is an electric bike offered by the French platform We will talk about it in a presentation article in order to familiarize you with it in the next few days.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and discover together the particularities of the Granville E-smooth 20 electric bike.

Our opinion on the Granville E-Smooth 20

At first glance

The Granville E-smooth 20 has the appearance of a city bike. However, don’t stop at its style because it is a cross-country bike ! Indeed, you will be able to ride it on city roads as well as in the countryside.

Moreover, the strong point of this last one is without question its capacity of adaptation (from the size S to the size XL). It is available in several versions for women and others for men. Several sizes and colors are offered to future users.

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Technical specifications from the Granville E-Smooth 20

Power and operation

A 250W Promovec brushless motor is directly integrated into the central frame of this electric bike. The maximum motor torque is 70 Nm. Moreover, you have with the Granville E-smooth 20 several levels of assistance that you will be able to manage in all simplicity from your handlebar. We explain this in one of the following sections.


Let’s move on to the autonomy of the Granville E-smooth 20. You should know that this bike is known for its endurance. Thus, you can expect to reach 100kms with the electric assistance.

As always, these performances are to be considered in optimal conditions and several criteria can reduce the efficiency, in particular the chosen assistance mode.

This electric bike is also equipped with a battery of 36V / 11,6Ah, whose charge to 100% can be envisaged after 4h of recharging. So much to say that it is a very appreciable element!

Its weight

With its 23 kg, the Granville E-smooth is in the low range of the weight of the electric bikes of its category. This allows to gain in maneuverability, a very pleasant element especially in town!

Equipment and lighting

With this electric bike, you will be able to manage everything from your handlebars. Indeed, you read correctly, you will be able to manage the levels of the speed as well as the type of electric assistance which you wish from a LED controller present on the handlebar!

In addition, the Granville E-smooth 20 gives you the opportunity to see better and be seen better by other users. For this purpose, it has a headlight at the front and a single reflector at the back.

Comfort and safety

In our opinion, the Granville E-smooth 20 will meet your expectations in terms of comfort and safety! Indeed, it embeds a certain number of elements allowing it to propose top-of-the-range services. First of all, it has a progressive and natural assistance to its user.

This means that during its use, when you shift gears, you will not feel any jerks. For your comfort as well, it is equipped with front suspension, front and rear metal fenders and a rear luggage rack.

For your safety, it is equipped with an anti-theft device located on the rear wheel and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The latter will ensure powerful, efficient and progressive braking. Thus, you will be able to face the urban and suburban world without any problem.

Finally, to complete the picture, you should know that some elements are under warranty! The frame is guaranteed for 5 years, the motor and the battery are guaranteed for 2 years. Enough to convince the most recalcitrant!

Granville E-Smooth 20 : the price

You should expect to pay 2299€. This is, in our opinion, one of the only shortcomings of the Granville E-smooth 20 electric bike. After all, it includes a number of important and qualitative options for the user. After all, let’s not forget that this is a bike with top-of-the-line features.

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To conclude

In conclusion, this bike is an electric bike full of resources. The manufacturers have managed to combine riding comfort, safety and maneuverability with this bike.

Moreover, it is a product totally adapted to both men and women, thanks to the possibility to choose the size of the bike but also the shape of its frame and its color! We are dealing with a top of the range product, no doubt about it !

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