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Gitane E zumba, an electric city bike

Before discovering and understanding how a product works, you have to get to know the group that makes it. What if today you were to get to know the company Gitane ? It is a French company specialized in the realization of means of transport using green energy. We would like to give you our opinion on the Gitane E-Zumba, which we think is one of the must-have of the brand.

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Presentation of the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike

The electric bike brand Gitane is undoubtedly an important player in the field of green mobility. Established exclusively in France, it thinks, manufactures and tests all the products it proposes. Its goal is to create an innovative and creative product that meets the needs of its users.

In our opinion, the Gitane E-Zumba is perfectly suited for urban and suburban use. Indeed, it will provide you with all the comfort and maneuverability necessary in different circumstances. It will be a great ally in the city as well as in the country (to go from one village to another for example).

Our opinion on the Gitane E-Zumba

At first glance

The Gitane E-Zumba electric bike is perfectly suited to the green mobility market! Indeed, it is versatile and comfortable. It meets the needs of users for urban and/or rural use. In our opinion, the electric bike has arguments that are impossible to ignore!

The Gitane E-Zumba against its competition

The Gitane E-Zumba is a good quality electric bike but it faces a tough competition. Competitors such as Decathlon, Go Sport also offer their urban electric bikes. Here they are below.


Technical specifications Gitane E-Zumba

Power and operation

The Gitane E-Zumba electric bicycle is equipped with an E-GOING motor mounted on the front wheel. The maximum speed that can be reached by the electric assistance of this bike is 25 km/h.

The power and the functioning of this electric bike Gitane E-Zumba is not so much measured by the maximum speed that it is possible to reach but rather by the autonomy that it releases thanks to its 4 modes of functioning.


As for the autonomy of the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike, it varies between 50 and 100 kms! A number of factors are taken into account in the calculation of the autonomy. Indeed, in our opinion, the Gitane E-Zumba will be able to bring you an electric assistance on 100km with the use of the Eco mode and 50kms in Turbo mode.

Moreover, you will have to take into account the difficulty and the sinuous aspect of your route, the weight of the user, the weather conditions, the inflation of the tires and many other aspects.

Moreover, you should know that the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike has a Li-ion battery of 37V / 11Ah. It is located at the level of the luggage rack at the back of the bike. It will allow you to release, in all, a total energy of 400 Wh.

In order to recharge it, it will be necessary that count 5h for a total load. You will be able to leave it to recharge the time of one day of work!


Its weight

In our opinion, the Gitane E-Zumba has a weight quite in the average. It does not really differ from its competitors at this level. Indeed, it reaches 23.9 kg.

Generally, it is estimated that the weight of a bike of this type varies between 20 and 25kg. The Gitane E-Zumba electric bike has a correct and consistent weight according to this indicator.

Equipment and lighting

Let’s continue our description of the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike by talking about its equipment and its lighting. Let’s start with the front lighting, which is directly powered by the battery, it is an Axa Pico type light.

At the rear, you will find the same type of light, namely Axa Pico, which is also powered directly by the battery. Moreover, you will find on the handlebar a box allowing you to adjust the operating mode and to consult the battery level.

Comfort and safety

In our opinion, the Gitane E-Zumba has a lot of features to enhance the comfort and safety of the user! Let’s start with the retro-style low aluminum frame.

Aluminum is a material that makes the bike lighter. In addition, the low frame makes it easier for all users to step on. Thus, no need to lean the bike on the side to hope to get on it.

Expect aluminum V-Brakes. This makes the braking quite powerful. This electric bike is equipped with several features to ensure your comfort, such as the presence of a single and side stand, a brown Spectra City Concept Recte type saddle and non-slip pedals!

As revealed previously, the frame is made of aluminum. But this is not the only element of the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike that is made of this material.

Thus, there are also the rims, the luggage rack, the stem and the seatpost. All of them have been made in this way in order not to make this means of transportation too heavy! Then, if the weight is a brake for you, know that this last one is equipped with a mode “walk-assist”, so you can walk beside your bicycle without supporting all the weight!

Finally, the box on your handlebars will allow you to use the functions mentioned earlier. But this last one still has a little surprise. Indeed, you can connect your smartphone, for example, via a USB port.

The price

So what can you expect in terms of price for this electric bike? Well, considering the options it has, in our opinion, the Gitane E-Zumba remains at an attractive price. Indeed, it is proposed at a price of 1499€.

Gitane, the French bicycle brand

Of course, six World Champion titles, two hour records and eleven Tour de France victories, won by Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault or Laurent Fignon, leave their mark. But Gitane is also part of the popular heritage, just like other national bicycle manufacturers such as Motobécane-Motoconfort, Mercier, Lejeune, Peugeot, etc.

But unlike these other names, Gitane has never disappeared from the French landscape, even if it was once associated with Renault, or if it now belongs to the Cycleurope group.

The company was born near Nantes, in Machecoul, at the end of the 1920s. Today, Gitane bicycles are still assembled in France, but in Romilly-sur-Seine (Aube), in the former Peugeot factory. This is the largest industrial site of the Cycleurope group.

Every day, 256 employees assemble Gitanes bicycles for women, men and children, for use in the city, on the road, in the forest, in the mountains or elsewhere. Note that one practice does not necessarily exclude the others: thus, if the Nocar for men is performance-oriented, it also offers the little electric boost that is useful in case of a nasty headwind.

At Gitane, the electric bikes are most often equipped with pedal motors and batteries from Panasonic. This is probably the most efficient technical solution and the most comfortable to use.


To conclude

To conclude, let’s give our opinion on the Gitane E-Zumba electric bike. It’s a bike that can be used in the city as well as in the countryside. The French brand has well thought this electric bike Gitane E-Zumba and offers a complete and quality product!

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