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Giant Talon E+: an all-terrain ally

The Giant brand was born in Taiwan in 1972. It began by producing products and materials for other major bicycle brands. Until the day it started producing its own bikes. It has always been recognized for the quality of the products it sells and manufactures. Always looking for new innovative technologies, it starts to produce…

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Giant Dailytour E+ : the ultimate urban bike

In recent years, urban traffic has become more and more complicated. With traffic jams at every turn, rising parking costs, crowded public transportation, not to mention the environmental damage caused by car fumes, riding a 2-wheeled bike seems like the best solution. Easy to handle, economical and above all revolutionary, the Giant Dailytour E+ electric…

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Giant Trance : a Taiwanese electric mountain bike

Looking for a high-quality, comfortable electric mountain bike with high-quality components? The Giant Trance makes a grand entrance into the world of electric mountain biking ! With 29-inch wheels, smooth suspension, a progressive frame geometry and a powerful motor, this is the new Giant Trance. This new mountain electric bike is the ideal ally, it…

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Giant e bike: range presentation

More and more people are starting to use alternative means of transportation. This explains why electric bicycles and electric bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) are becoming more and more popular. This type of vehicle offers many advantages to the cyclist, including fuel economy and improved health. That's why we propose you to discover in this article,…

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