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Giant Ebike

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More and more people are starting to use alternative means of transportation. This explains why electric bicycles and electric bikes (electrically assisted bicycles) are becoming more and more popular. This type of vehicle offers many advantages to the cyclist, including fuel economy and improved health. That’s why we propose you to discover in this article, the different Giant e bike. The latter is considered, in the field, as one of the leaders.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Giant electric bikes.

Competitive Context

The cycling market is very popular. Indeed, since the democratization of bicycles and especially the support of the government and cities with the development of bike paths and greenways, the bicycle is a means of transportation more and more appreciated.

Moreover, the appearance of the electric bicycle has further boosted this already very competitive market. Today, it is difficult for the future user to find his way among all the offers. Brands and brands are fighting a war without mercy.

They emphasize their qualities, price, technologies, reliability. So many things that may seem abstract to people looking for their new companion. That’s why, today, you’ll have to take stock of your needs.

You will also need to know the reputation of the company you are going to buy your electric bike from. By choosing a e bike Giant, you are choosing a quality product with innovative technologies.

The different ranges of the Giant bikes brand

To understand and know the values of the group, let’s start by discovering all the ranges of the brand.

The Giant bikes performance range

Giant is known for introducing the first electric performance bike. They are designed for hilly terrain. These are therefore perfect for trekking. They are designed for endurance, racing, cycling, enduro, triathlon and trails. You can even use it to do the Tour de France.

Whatever trail you decide to take, this Giant electric bike can handle it, from bike trails to steep mountains. This is possible thanks to the robustness of its frame. But also thanks to the power of its motor and the strength of its wheels. These wheels have a dimension of 29 inches at 700 cc.

The electric bikes belonging to this range are flat road bikes equipped with additional Contact Ergo clamps. A quality aluminum frame, combined with a Carbon fork with added OverDrive2 steering (for extra stiffness) make up these means of locomotion.

In addition, Yamaha’s SyncDrive motor gives the rider more power. Giant SyncDrive electric bike with its 250 kW motor incorporates four sensors: wheel speed, motor torque, pedal cadence and engine speed. The data from these sensors is used to provide an optimal level of assistance.

The battery of Giant electric bikes

This 500WHr lithium-ion battery fits perfectly into the frame. Moreover, the system is capable of delivering a torque of about 80 Nm. The battery can be recharged in just a few hours. A key lock allows to lock it directly on the bike. But also, to unlock it if you wish to recharge it directly at your home for example.

After that, it will provide a pedaling assistance of about 150 km in ECO mode and 70 km in Sport+ mode. All these data can vary. Indeed, several criteria must be taken into account, namely the actual use and the condition of the terrain.

The battery blends into the frame, so visually, the e bike Giant look more aesthetically pleasing and elegant. It looks like a Giant electric road bike in the upright position under good lighting.

It should also be noted that the seat is adjustable in height to provide a touch of comfort to its user. Moreover, they are fast. In fact, the motor propels you quickly up to 28 mph.

Different models of e bike Giant

Not all Giant electric bikes are designed for the same purpose. It is a means of transportation designed to climb big mountains and to keep up with the pace of group rides.

But also to help you go further, and excel while making less physical effort. These bikes are available in several sizes. There are also electric bikes designed especially for children and for all budgets. Here are the bikes that make up Giant’s performance range:

  • Fathom E+ 29, Fathom E+ Pro 29, Fathom E+ Junior
  • Trance X E+ Pro 29, Trance E + Pro et Trance E + SX Pro
  • Stance E+, Stance E+ Pro, Stance E + Pro 29
  • Reign E+ Pro

The Giant electric bike : the sport range

From city streets to bumpy back roads, these electric bikes are ultra versatile. They allow you to venture far and wide on gravel roads, dirt roads, and beaten pathways.

Giant’s sporty electric bike allows you to ride through suburban streets or on rough country roads with efficiency and control. This mode of transportation is therefore suitable for all hikers as well as for experienced cyclists.

The comfort offered by the bikes in this range makes the experience as pleasant as if you were on a fitness bike. The frames of these e-bikes are made of high quality ALUXX SL aluminum and Advanced Composite carbon with an OverDrive2 steering column. They are equipped with Yamaha’s SyncDrive Pro or SyncDrive Core motor.

The Yamaha SyncDrive Pro core motor on the Giant mountain bikes has a high torque of 80 Nm. And, in addition to the five riding modes that you can select manually, it also offers an automatic mode.

The handlebars on this type of electric Giant bikes offer riders greater flexibility and comfort options than standard handlebars. This advanced system allows for smooth acceleration on paved roads, gravel or dirt. It also features wider tires and integrated mounts so you can customize your adventure with fenders, racks or any other accessory you need.

Giant electric bike equipment

Giant mountain bikes feature the all-new Giant EnergyPak Smart 375. A compact battery provides an impressive 375 Wh of pedaling support and integrates seamlessly into the frame for an overall sleek profile.

It’s a long-lasting battery that also features an EnergyPak Plus range extender, which allows you to ride farther without running out of power.

In fact, it adds an extra 250 Wh for even more range, powered by Giant’s Hybrid Cycling Technology. It’s a system that combines electrical and human power to produce a smart, natural and powerful cycling experience.

This type of electric bike, which Giant offers, is equipped with the new Shimano GRX 11 speed transmission system. They are specially designed for gravel roads. Hydraulic disc brakes are also fitted. The results are improved shifting performance on variable terrain. They feature the Giant eX2 wheel system specific to Giant bikes.

Finally, they feature high-volume tubeless tires for improved rolling efficiency. This allows for greater comfort and a reduced risk of flat tires when you’re far from a repair shop, or on a trail away from town.

The different models of Giant e bike

Giant mountain bikes are no less safe for daily commuting. In fact, the Yamaha Wabash E is optimized for both rough and smooth terrain. It offers traction on dirt, gravel and asphalt.

They are available in a variety of sizes to fit both children and adults. The electrically assisted bicycles that make up this “sport” range are :

  • DailyTour E+
  • AnyTour E+
  • Roam E+
  • Explore E+, Explore E+ Pro,
  • Talon E+ 29
  • Fathom E+ Jr
  • Fastroad E+ Pro
  • Revolt E+ Pro

The e bike Giant leisure range

The Giant electric bike in the leisure range are available in two frame models, both made of Giant’s high quality ALUXX aluminum. These models have a luggage rack to carry your panniers, or everyday items to carry with you.

These are electric city bikes designed for city commuting and bike touring, but the motorization makes them more powerful than conventional bikes. This makes them suitable for trekking.

This advanced material is made primarily from 6011 alloy. It offers the best strength-to-weight ratio in its class. These framesets also feature unique welding technologies for a high performance ride quality.

The electric-assist bikes are fully designed for the city, with full fenders and a half chain guard. Spanninga Galeo front lights and Spanninga Solo rear lights help you get around town.

These elements allow you to see better. But also and especially to be seen better by other road users. You can also count on a good quality kickstand. The latter is mounted at the back of the chainstay.

Thus, it does not interfere with the pedals. The Giant e bike is equipped with a height and angle adjustable stem. The inclined bars give a straight and comfortable position for a good visibility.

Engine, assistance and battery

Giant’s SyncDrive Life motor system is based on Yamaha’s PW motor. It uses its own firmware, battery and control hardware. It has a torque of 60 Nm. The assistance takes care of 80% of the difficulty right away. So if you put 100W into the pedals, the electric bike will add 80W of its own.

The RideControl LED bar remote gives you access to all the controls on the Giant electric bike. It’s simple, but it works great and is easy to read. You can use your phone and download the e bike Giant app. All this is to connect your electric bike, if it is equipped with RideControl One. This will allow you to control your means of locomotion directly from the app.

The maximum assistance is 300%, and in Sport mode. These electric bikes are equipped with an 8-speed derailleur. The latter will not let you down. And this is as well in the climbs as in flat navigation.

The technology of Hybrid cycling, with which they are equipped, is a system that combines electrical energy and human energy. All this with the aim of producing an easy and intelligent driving experience. It’s an integrated group of technologies that includes our RideControl control unit, EnergyPak battery systems and SyncDrive motor.

RideControl ONE gives you a whole new riding experience on your E-bike. This is because the control buttons are integrated, so the handlebars are clean and without displays

A 300 Wh EnergyPark battery fits perfectly into Giant electric bike. It helps you ride more comfortably and easily. This type of battery is placed on the luggage rack of a city E-bike. This kind of transport offers a comfortable and smooth ride. In addition, they are easy to handle.

Very straight, which means you can really relax while pedaling. The front and rear wheels are quite wide. This makes them perfect for riding on tarmac but also on rough paths. You can put the Giant electric bike to the test. Don’t hesitate to ride on towpaths or off-road sections. The electric bikes that make up this Giant leisure range are :

  • DailyTour E+
  • Entour E+
  • Ease E+
  • Anytour E+

How to choose your Giant electric bike?

To make the right choice, you will have to ask yourself a number of questions. All of them will allow you to target your needs and find the right product for you.

Define your needs

First of all, you will have to determine and define your needs in terms of mobility. Indeed, this means of locomotion will have to answer your practice. Do you want to make daily trips between home and work? Or do you want to ride on rough paths and trails?

The needs according to the practice will not be the same. Some elements are totally independent of the way you will use your means of transportation.

You will obviously take into account the physical appearance and design of the latter. If you choose a product that you don’t like aesthetically, then there is no point because you will never go out with it.

Secondly, the price is a very important criterion. So don’t waste your time looking at products that even with aids are out of your reach financially speaking. If the e bike Giant are part of this category, you should know that there are quality products within the reach of all pockets.

Need for comfort

Comfort elements are also linked to the type of practice. Indeed, for a more sportive practice and on rough trails, the user will need to count on a suspended fork or rear suspension.

The purpose of the latter is to absorb the shocks related to the rough rides so that the cyclist can enjoy the landscapes. On the other hand, for everyday use, you will certainly need a more comfortable saddle, a low frame or luggage racks.

The size of the Giant electric bike

No matter which model you choose, the e bike Giant will have to fit. If you are in the middle of a size range, no problem. Unfortunately, if you are between two sizes, it’s a different story. Indeed, you will have to make a choice.

To help you make it, you need to know the following. If you want to gain in performance and speed, you will have to opt for the top size. The latter will allow you to have a more extended position.

On the other hand, if you want to gain comfort with a more upright position, then you should choose the size below. In any case, don’t hesitate to contact a consultant to make sure you make the right choice.

The security

What better way to ensure your safety than with strong, powerful brakes. No matter what you do, you need to be able to rely on your brakes to respond in all circumstances.

Then, some elements are sometimes less necessary. For example, let’s take the example of Giant mountain bikes. They do not have lighting devices. They don’t necessarily need them to be able to enjoy excursions properly.

However, for urban use, front and rear lights are necessary. The user must be able to correctly see the road on which he is driving and also be aware of any obstacles that may be present. The rear light will allow other users to see you from a distance.

Purchase aids

As you know, the price of these new means of transportation can sometimes be a real investment. Sometimes, some households do not take the step because of the final bill and this is perfectly understandable. Nevertheless, aids have been put in place to support buyers in this green mobility approach.

What kind of help?

For example, in France there are 3 main types of aid. You can ask for a National, a Regional and/or a Communal help. Some of them can even be combined, let’s take a look. Let’s start with the national grant.

This one is 20% of the total price of the electric bike up to 200€. Then, you can also count on a regional aid. The latter varies from one region to another. Its amount can literally double: from 150€ to 600€. To know the exact amount, we invite you to contact the region.

Finally, you should know that the local authorities also offer subsidies for the purchase of Giant e bike or other brands. As for the regions, the amount of this subsidy is variable. Sometimes, even the municipalities in which you live do not provide aid.

However, you should know that some large cities extend their aid to neighboring municipalities. All this in order to make the electric bike accessible to all. Don’t hesitate to contact all the institutions around you to find out if you can get help and especially at what level.

Who can access it?

To have access to it, you will have to meet a certain number of criteria. Indeed, you and your means of transportation will have to respect certain conditions. Let us explain it all to you.

The electric bicycle must be new. It must not be equipped with a lead battery. It must absolutely meet the definition of an electrically assisted bicycle as defined in the highway code. Finally, it can not be transferred or sold during its first year of acquisition.

The future owner can also claim this aid under certain conditions. They must be of age and reside in France. In order to receive the national aid, he/she must not have received aid from the local authority with the same wording.

Finally, the reference tax income per unit for the year preceding the acquisition of the future owner may not exceed 13 489€. We advise you to get in touch with your local authorities to find out about the assistance available.


From now on, all you have to do is choose from the wide range of options available to you. Whether you’re more into roads, trails or mountains, there’s sure to be a way to get around that suits you in the Giant electric bike lineup.

So grab your helmet, your protections and let’s go! The Giant bikes brand places great emphasis on the maintenance and repair of its products. In addition, it is renowned for the sale of bicycle accessories, locks, and spare parts.

Finally, if you are interested, you can always go to a showroom to test the products directly and free of charge.

To help you decide what to buy, the OnMyBike team writes daily articles about traditional and electric bikes


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