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Dacia Spring : a 100% electric SUV


The Dacia Spring electric is due to hit the market in 2021, and is distinguished by its SUV look. It is powered by a 100% electric engine and promises a range of 300 km in the urban cycle. On your daily commute, this city car offers a new driving pleasure, and remains true to the codes of the Dacia brand. It is one of the cheapest electric cars on the market.

Dacia Spring 2021 : practical everyday life on board

The Dacia Spring electric is distinguished by its more SUV-like look. The interior is simple, and relies mainly on basic plastics. 4 real seats allow you to travel comfortably, alone or with your family. In the front, the 23.1L of storage space is clever and within easy reach.

In terms of multimedia, the 7-inch touch screen allows you to fully enjoy your trip. Phone, radio, multimedia, GPS navigation, your “Media Nav” system takes care of everything! It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Just connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or the jack and USB. You can then listen to your playlists or use your favorite apps, without taking your eyes off the road. If you need to recharge your Dacia Spring, the navigation system guides you to the nearest charging point.

A small city car with compact dimensions

In terms of size, the Dacia Spring is 3.73 m long, 1.58 m wide and 1.52 m high with a wheelbase of 2.42 m. Thanks to its spacious trunk and folding rear seat, the Dacia Spring offers the best load volume in its class. 290 L of trunk volume and 631 L once the rear seat is folded down.

Length3,734 mm
Width1579 mm (1770 mm with mirrors open)
Height1,516 mm
Wheelbase2,423 mm
Trunk volume290 L
Volume of folded seat631 L

Motorization of the Dacia Spring

The 33 kW (44 horsepower) engine, a weight of less than 1 ton, and its immediately available torque of 125 Nm, allow for optimal driving comfort. In terms of performance, the Dacia Spring electric is obviously not the best.

Indeed, the 0 to 100 km/h is assured in 19.1 seconds for a maximum top speed of 125 km/h. In Eco mode, power is limited to 23 kW and the top speed to 100 km/h. The Spring has M1 certification, which means it can be used on the freeway.

Normal ModeEco Mode
Power33 kW23 kW
Speed125 km/h100 km/h
Couple125 Nm
0 – 100 km/h19.1 seconds

Autonomy and battery: electric, in all simplicity

The Dacia Spring has a range of 234 km in the combined cycle and up to 305 km in the WLTP urban cycle. As a reminder, the WLTP combined cycle is made up of 57% urban driving, 25% suburban driving and 18% highway driving.

But beware, your real autonomy depends on several things and may differ from the homologation done according to the WLTP protocol. Indeed, the driving style, the terrain, as well as the weather conditions play an important role. The average consumption is 13.9 kWh/100 km, and 10 kWh/100 km in town.

Like the engine, the lithium-ion battery is the result of the Renault group’s experience in electromobility. It consists of 72 cells, weighs about 186 kg, and has a total usable energy capacity of 26.8 kWh. Guaranteed for 8 years or 120,000 km, the battery has a minimum charge capacity of 75%.

With Spring Dacia, you own your battery, which makes it easier to resell the vehicle. The car manufacturer Dacia is committed to recycling the batteries by using them for energy storage, for example.

Autonomy234 km305 km
Consumption13.9 kWh/100 km10 kWh/100 km

How to recharge the Dacia Spring electric car ?

With the different charging modes, you’ll never run out of battery power. In fact, you can recharge the Spring in two different ways.

At home: simply connect the Dacia Spring electric to a household socket for occasional charging, or to a reinforced socket for regular charging. If you want a fast charge in less than 5 hours, simply install a home charging station.
Out and about: Take advantage of public charging stations to recharge your electric vehicle on your commute. If you’re in a hurry, order your optional 30 kW Combo DC charger and access the fast charging stations. Limited to 30 kW of power, you will recover up to 80% of autonomy in just under an hour. This option costs 600 euros.

A full battery charge will give you up to a week’s worth of daily trips! Thanks to Eco Mode, you can boost your range and save up to 9% in energy costs. By acting on certain consumer elements, and by limiting the Spring’s speed to 100km/h.

Recharge timeRecovered autonomy
Chargeur DC 50kW DC1h12230 km
Home charging station 7,4kW AC (32A)4h50230 km
Reinforced domestic socket 3,7kW AC (16A)8h19230 km
Household socket 2,3kW AC (10A)13h27230 km

Recharging at your fingertips

To easily manage your 100% electric daily life, connect to your “My Dacia” mobile application. You can then check the range of your Spring Dacia, start the heating remotely, and stop or restart the charge from your phone. Electricity has never been so easy!

Which Dacia electric to choose ?

In Europe, the Spring will start its first deliveries at the end of 2021, and is available in three versions :

The Dacia Spring Confort

This is the entry-level version. It includes manual air conditioning, Bluetooth radio, LED daytime running lights and 14-inch wheels.

The Dacia Spring Confort Plus

This version offers a techno pack. It’s a 7-inch navigation system, compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, and includes a rearview camera and rear radars. The Dacia Spring Comfort Plus trim also inherits a metallic paint, a spare tire and the orange pack.

The Dacia Spring Business

This version is reserved for professionals and is therefore not available to individuals. It has the same equipment as the “Comfort” version, but with a few extras. A 2-seater utility version called “Cargo” will arrive in 2022. At the moment, there are no details about its characteristics.


What is its price ?

Despite price changes since its launch, the Spring remains the cheapest electric car on the market. The “Comfort” version starts at €19,290 excluding bonuses. The Dacia Spring Confort Plus version starts at €20,790, excluding bonuses. The “Business” version is priced at €19,600.

No bonus ? What is the bonus ? By buying an electric car, you are entitled to the ecological bonus. The amount of this aid varies from country to country.

VersionsPrice 2022 including VAT but excluding bonus
Dacia Spring « Confort »19 290 €
Dacia Spring « Confort Plus »20 790 €
Dacia Spring « Business »19 600 €

To conclude

Dacia’s first electric car does not have the same presentation, comfort and safety qualities as the brand’s other models. Nevertheless, it retains one of their great qualities, the price. This is unbeatable, even in the Dacia Spring “Comfort Plus” version. The Spring is perfect as a second car, but does not offer the versatility of a main vehicle.

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