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Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 : our opinion on this electric bike

The Cube group has been specializing in the world of cycling since 1990. Its reputation and know-how are not to be questioned anymore. The German brand is a must in the field of electric bikes. Thanks to its experience, it offers a whole range of products adapted to each existing practice. Discover the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 electric bike, your next mode of transportation!

Cube’s electric bikes

Since its creation, the Cube brand has been successful. Indeed, thanks to its experience in the field of cycling, it offers users quality products. When you ride a Cube bike, you can count on the technology and accessories that are built in to make your experience even more comfortable.

To learn more about the brand and the product lines it markets, we invite you to consult our article dedicated to it.

Presentation of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625

Are you looking for a means of transportation that will meet all your expectations and needs? You want to be able to get around easily and quickly on a daily basis, to go shopping or to work. And finally, you wish to acquire a more ecological type of transport than the car.

And why not use this means of transport in all circumstances and on all types of terrain; in the mountains, on the beach, in the countryside, in the city, on difficult paths, on rough roads.

In short, you want to equip yourself with a high quality, reliable and comfortable product without breaking the bank, to do more sports, to go on expeditions in the wilderness, on weekends or bike rides or simply to go further than with a classic bike or an electric scooter. You are at the right place, because the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 electric bike is the one for you!

The Bosch Drive Unit Performance Generation 3 motor does not interfere with the use of the electric bicycle. A Bosch PowerTube battery is connected to it. The Cube Reaction Hybrid allroad electrically assisted mountain bike is perfect for sport bikers, elite athletes and even people who want to get around town.

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 versus the competition

This bicycle is facing a market in real development. It must therefore face an increasingly strong competition. Fortunately, the design, finishes and quality of this product make it stand out.

Our team was able to put together a top 3 list of many bikes equivalent to the Cube Reaction Hybrid 625, by analyzing numerous technical points, designs and prices.

Technical characteristics of the Cube Reaction Hybrid allroad

Discover the outstanding characteristics of this means of locomotion.


The Bosch Performance CX engine provides the Cube Reaction Hybrid 625 allroad with a measured amount of power. The optimized and intuitive motor support provides a very natural feel. It’s like firing up the turbo in your own muscles, while the long-lasting battery allows for long ranges.

The circuit ensures ideal travel on any terrain. Plus, the 100mm of travel on the Suntour suspension fork makes for a smooth ride on rough trails. Hop on your cube electric bike and experience an adventure off the beaten path.

Honest, no-frills performance. Both the design and functionality of the Cube Reaction Hybrid allroad frame play a crucial role. This electric bike is perfectly matched to the latest and most powerful Bosch Performance CX drive.

The battery is integrated in the down tube in a clean and elegant way. Small openings in the bottom bracket area ensure that air flows with a chimney effect and prevent the motor from overheating at full power.

This is especially important on long, steep climbs. Internal cable ducts emphasize the elegant appearance. They ensure a smooth gear change. They also make it easier to retrofit a Cube Performance Post, 30.9 mm.

Thanks to the optimized Superlite aluminum frame (available in an optional deep-entry trapezoidal version) and Agile Ride geometry, the 5-inch head tube steers the Cube Reaction Hybrid both crisply and precisely.


The Cube Reaction Hybrid 625 allroad electric bike frame is an elegantly functional engineering masterpiece. It combines elegant aesthetics with incredible handling. But also unmatched practicality, superb strength and durability you’d expect after extensive testing.

An all-new modular battery system encloses the Bosch power unit inside the down tube. While oversized seatstays, a Boost rear axle and a 1.5-inch head tube ensure power transmission is as efficient as it is smooth.

A seat tube ready to receive a dropper, a revised geometry complete the picture. The transmission of the electric bike Cube is without equivalent on the market. It works in perfect harmony with the Bosch drivetrain.

So it helps you go further, faster and higher than you think. Plus, the powerful Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes give you total control, no matter what the weather or trail conditions. You’ll be amazed at what this bike can do for your riding.

You should be able to count on 15 hours of electric assistance in optimal conditions. Indeed, a certain number of elements must be taken into account: weather conditions, weight of the user and difficulty of the terrain.

Weight and size

The buyer will have the opportunity to choose between different sizes: 13.5 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 21 inches and 23 inches. This way you can choose the model that best suits your size to enjoy a comfortable ride!

  • 13,5 inches (XS) : 148 – 158 cm
  • 15 inches (S) : 158 – 168 cm
  • 17 inches (M) : 168 – 178 cm
  • 19 inches (L) : 178 – 185 cm
  • 21 inches (XL) : 185 – 193 cm
  • 23 inches (XXL) : 193 – 198 cm

In terms of weight, the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 has nothing to be ashamed of compared to its competitors. Indeed, its frame is made of aluminum and the whole bike weighs 23.7 kg and is designed to have an optimal weight distribution. Moreover, it can support up to 135 kg (weight of the bike, user and additional accessories).

Equipment and safety

A studied design of the the strength of the Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625

For the all-new Reaction Hybrid Performance 625, powered by Bosch’s fourth-generation drive system, Cube Reaction Hybrid went back to the drawing board with a clean sheet of paper and the simple mission of building the best hybrid frame possible.

Starting with the new modular battery system, they designed a new gravity cast tube on the cube electric bike to completely enclose the Bosch drive unit under an easily accessible cover.

This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also frees up enough space for bottle cage bumps and the option of a larger capacity battery for even greater range. Oversized seatstays, an X12 Boost rear axle, and a 1.5-inch head tube work together to transfer torque from the Bosch power unit to the rear wheel.

Internal cable routing, including the ability to upgrade to stealth dropper posts, completes the frame’s svelte look, and a trapeze version was even designed. Add it all up and it’s clear that there’s a Cube Reaction Hybrid 625 allroad with your name on it.

Quality components

To get the most out of this amazing new frame, components have been selected. They offer great value and great performance. The hybrid electric bike’s widely acclaimed geometry is tuned and refined to work brilliantly with a fork that offers handling. It gives you confidence when you need it.

Or inspiration when you want it. Up front, the Suntour XCM34-Boost fork provides precise steering and 120mm of travel to smooth out the tracks, while Schwalbe Smart Sam, K-Guard, 29 x 2.35″ tires offer incredible grip and comfort.

Additional equipment

Mudguard, luggage rack and side stand mounts are also considered. Thus, the Cube Reaction Hybrid electric bike can easily be converted into a versatile touring bike or a sporty city bike.

Thanks to the quick release, the rear wheel can be removed at lightning speed in case of a plate. All frame sizes fit 29″ wheels perfectly, making the hearts of off-road enthusiasts beat faster.

The price

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 625 is offered on the Alltricks platform at a price of 2599€. Remember that this is a versatile electric bike with countless qualities.

Both in terms of comfort and safety. It will be advisable to make an analysis of the market in order to take stock of your real needs but we cannot advise you enough to be careful with the too tempting offers which can mask products of bad quality.

The insurance

To be able to use these means of locomotion without worrying, you will simply have to make sure that you are insured. No special insurance is needed if the electric assistance is not activated above 25km/h, so no special steps are required for this model.

Simply, if you cause damage to others you will have to pay for it. That’s why it can be interesting to take out a civil liability insurance.

The advantages of the Cube Reaction Hybrid 625

It is a design product, qualitative, elegant and powerful. It has 9 speeds and is customizable. Its aluminum frame, its powerful motor and its light battery increase its comfort. This electric bike is versatile. Indeed, it accompanies its users on various types of grounds: urban or countryside.

Consumers’ opinions

In view of all these qualities, it is not surprising to see that consumers who have taken the step are delighted with their purchase.

Very good quality mountain bike that I am very happy with. I do not regret my choice

Very nice look for a mountain electric bike, impression of reliability if you use it as recommended. Nice and quiet Bosch motorization system. Conquered by my purchase

Purchase aids

The purchase of a product of this kind is not so easy. Indeed, it is a real investment. However, it is important to know that in some countries of the European Union there is financial aid. In order to help but also to push the citizens to use ecological means of transport. These aids are not negligible.

Indeed, they can represent a good part of the total price of the bike. For example, in France, depending on the type of bike purchased, buyers can benefit from up to 500 euros of aid on the total price of the bike. We advise you to get in touch with your local authorities to find out if you can benefit from this aid.

To conclude

Many consumers testify to the strength of the Cube reaction hybrid performance 625, reliability and practicality. The majority of them put a point of honor on the user experience. They testify to the comfort and ergonomics of the Cube electric bicycle. You’ll have your ticket to explore farther, higher and more often than ever before.

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