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Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 625 : the ultimate trekking bike

Do you want an ecological means of transport adapted to a practice called trekking ? The bike presented in this article may be the one you need. For many years, on the road and mountain bike market, the German brand Cube is not to be presented anymore. Rich of its knowledge, it proposes many products. One of them is the Cube Kathmandu hybrid Pro 625.

Cube Kathmandu e bike

Also known as the electric bicycle, the electric bicycle has been a great success for a few years. The figures for its sale are constantly climbing, and this is due to its many advantages that are no longer to be proven.

The Cube brand has not been left out of this revolution. Indeed, it also offers many electric bikes, including the Cube Kathmandu hybrid pro 625. To learn more about the brand and the product lines it markets, we invite you to consult our article dedicated to it.

Presentation of the Cube Kathmandu hybrid Pro 625

The Cube Kathmandu e bike pro 625 electric bike is a product of the German brand Cube. Over the years, this brand has made a name for itself in the field of leisure bikes thanks to its sense of innovation and high quality products. The Kathmandu Hybrid pro 625 belongs to the range of trekking and touring bikes offered by the said brand.

Like the other Cube bikes, it is equipped with a motor at the pedals powered by a rechargeable battery. Thus, the user benefits from an assistance when he pedals.

This assistance is declined in 4 modes allowing to regulate the intensity of pedaling. In “Off” mode, i.e. without assistance, it becomes a classic bicycle. Beyond 25 km/h, when you stop pedaling, the assistance stops.

The electric mountain bike and Turbo modes allow for faster acceleration and much easier starts in difficult sections. The enhanced electric mountain bike mode is ideal for mountain bikers, as they are perfectly equipped to handle any ride on the trail.

Extended Boost is a unique feature because of the flexibility it offers in climbing roots, steps and rocks in any terrain, even uphill.

The Cube e bike Kathmandu Pro 625 against the competition

It is becoming necessary and even mandatory for brands to differentiate themselves from each other. Indeed, the market is more and more cluttered by a multitude of offers. The consumer is lost in this jungle of offers and possibilities.

That’s why you have to target your needs and define your priorities in terms of comfort and equipment for example. The Cube brand has understood this, which is why it offers electric bicycles at the cutting edge of technology.

Technical characteristics of the Cube Kathmandu hybrid Pro 625

The Cube e bike Kathmandu Hybrid pro 625 electric bicycle has it all. Reliable and versatile, it has a number of features that will not leave you indifferent.

Power and operation

The Cube Kathmandu e bike pro 625 is equipped with a Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX GEN4 motor (85Nm). It weighs just 2.9 kg. It is both light and extremely powerful (maximum torque of 85 Nm), making it even more fun to ride on the trails, even on difficult routes.

This electric bike supports you for extremely sporty riding and high-speed sprints. In addition, the user can count on a Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission. This allows a smooth but efficient gear shift.

You will be able to opt for different operating modes depending on your practice or the difficulty you encounter: the Turbo level, the Sport level and the Eco level.

Because the battery is both expensive and fragile, the Cube brand has chosen to go for a perfect battery. The Cube e bike Kathmandu pro 625 is equipped with a 625 Wh Bosch Power Tube battery. Bosch batteries are an efficient and durable source of energy, especially since they are the most modern on the market.



The Bosch lithium-ion battery guarantees maximum autonomy, even if it is difficult to estimate it in kilometers. As with other electric bikes, the battery life of the Cube Kathmandu e bike pro 625 is determined by many parameters.

These include the weight of the user, wind, tire pressure, terrain and the level of assistance. However, 100 Wh of the Bosch battery will allow you to travel about 20 km (or about 125 km of autonomy in ideal conditions with the full battery).

The Bosch battery life of the Kathmandu Hybrid pro 625 is between 700 and 1000 charging cycles. The battery of the Cube Kathmandu hybrid pro 625 is fully charged in 3.7 hours using the 6 A Fast Charger. For a half charge, it takes about 1.4 hours.

It should be noted that over time, the battery can lose capacity due to wear and tear. When this loss is estimated to be more than 30%, a battery change is required.

Weight and size

In order to guarantee its users unprecedented comfort and efficiency, the Cube brand offers the Kathmandu Hybrid pro 625 with three types of frames: the Men’s frame, the Trapeze frame (women’s) and the Easy Entry frame, generally considered unisex.

Whether it’s a S, M, L or XL size, everything is designed so that you have a wide range of choices. For an optimal strength to weight ratio, all these frames are made of aluminum.

  • 50 cm frame for users between 165 cm and 174 cm tall
  • 54 cm frame for users between 172 cm and 180 cm tall
  • 58 cm frame for users between 178 cm and 187 cm
  • And finally a 62 cm frame for users measuring between 185 cm and 195 cm
Size guide

The Cube Kathmandu e bike pro 625 bike weighs only about 25 kg, which makes it practical in all circumstances. It meets all expectations perfectly. The maximum load it can carry is 140 kg. This includes the weight of the bike, the user and finally the weight of all accessories on board.

Equipment, safety and comfort

The seating comfort is ideal. Indeed, one of the major problems of this type of machine is usually the saddle which is sometimes badly oriented, or very uncomfortable for the user. Well, here there is no problem, because it is adjustable. In addition, the Suntour XCR 32 suspension fork limits the bad feeling due to rough roads and paths.

The Cube Kathmandu hybrid Pro 625 electric bicycle is equipped with Bosch Intuvia technology. It is a control screen directly integrated into the center of the handlebars. This last one allows you to consult all the information related to your driving.

This electrically assisted bike also stands out for its high-performance and ergonomic equipment. It has a gooseneck frame, suspension fork, mudguard, aluminum frame, integrated lighting, disc brakes, luggage rack and kickstand.

You can count on front and rear lights. It is true that for a user, there is nothing more important than safety. These lights have been installed to allow you to see better but also to be better visible during the day and at night.

Let’s stay safe with its 180/180 Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, which will allow you to make a powerful and fast braking to meet the problems of your practice. In terms of comfort, you can also count on various accessories such as a luggage rack, a bell or a kickstand.

The price

The Cube e bike Kathmandu pro 625 bike will cost you 3,199 euros. In some countries of the European Union, however, there are several possibilities of aid for the purchase of an electric bike. This shows the commitment of the authorities in the fight for a healthier environment.

There are two types of aid: local aid, the amount of which is determined by the local authorities, and the ecological bonus, which is a national aid. To find out if you can benefit from this aid, we advise you to contact your local authorities

The insurance

If you decide to buy this electric bike, you should know that you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to an insurance. Indeed, since the assistance provided stops once the 25 km/h reached, it is not an obligation.

However, we advise you to take a civil responsibility guarantee. And this in order not to have to pay astronomical sums in case of damage to a third party.



Compared to a conventional bike, the Cube e bike Kathmandu pro 625 does not require any specific maintenance. After each sport or leisure ride, be sure to perform the following checks once or twice a month for daily urban cyclists:

  • Oil the chain
  • Check the operation of the brakes
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check the external condition of the tires
  • Make sure the wheels, handlebars and stem are tight
  • Occasionally clean your electric bicycle

Electrical and electronic components must be returned to the actuator manufacturer for diagnosis in case of wear.

The advantages of the Cube Kathmandu hybrid Pro 625

The integrated equipment and the implemented technologies are, without a doubt, the big plus of the Cube electric bike. In addition, its various comfort elements add another layer. The technical strengths of this electric bike are located on different points:

  • The power of the Bosch Performance CX motor
  • The quality of the frame, with the integrated battery and the optimized geometry
  • All the equipment that comes with the bike, useful for the urban cyclist
  • The versatility and reliability of Schwalbe G-One tires

How to choose your electric bike ?

As you know, choosing an electric bike is not a simple matter. Indeed, the future user will be confronted with a multitude of offers. It is therefore necessary that he takes things in hand and asks himself the relevant questions. Here are some tips and elements that we can give you so that you make the best choice.

Define your needs

It all starts with this central point. Indeed, you will have to know for which type of use you will need an electric bicycle. This is an essential point because all the equipment, accessories and even the quality of the materials used will vary according to the activity.

Let’s take the example of a rather sporty practice in the mountains. The user will have to be able to count on a rear suspension but also on a suspended fork. Thus, the shocks linked to the practice will be absorbed and the comfort will be optimal. The type of tires will not be the same either.

To tackle rough and bumpy trails, the user will need to be able to take advantage of tires that can withstand all kinds of punishment and that are perfectly suited to the terrain being ridden (thick, notched tires, for example).

On the other hand, for urban use, there is no need for a full suspension model. A bell, a stand, lights, mudguards and a luggage rack seem to be the ideal accessories and equipment for a user moving around town. As you can see, practice will determine a number of elements: comfort, accessories and design.

The price

The price is often an element that comes into play. It will even be a determining factor. Nevertheless, you will see a certain number of brands offering high quality products but at exorbitant prices. On the other hand, others such as Decathlon or Norauto offer products with a very good quality/price ratio.

In either case, you will have to define a budget. The amount you will have to invest will determine the brands and ranges you can turn to. This will save you time in your search.

Design and aesthetics

For you to want to ride with your new companion, it must be adapted to your practice, but not only. Indeed, it must also meet your criteria in terms of design and aesthetics. It’s a bit like buying a car after all. Your means of transportation must please you and correspond to you. Without it, you will not take much pleasure in driving and will not fully enjoy your driving experience.

Buy new or used

Here again, there are 2 schools of thought. The first one will explain you that buying an electric bike is a matter of price. You should therefore buy a second hand one. The bill will be lower and you will keep a little money in case of a hard blow.

The second one is to buy your electric bike new. This way, you are sure that the product has not been modified or damaged. Moreover, for any purchase of a new product, you have a guarantee which is not necessarily the case when you buy a second-hand bike.

Comfort and safety

Again, this will depend on your practice. Nevertheless, for the same practice, users will be able to choose among additional options. For example, for an urban bike, some cyclists will appreciate ergonomic handles, a low frame for easy climbing and descending, or an ultra-soft and comfortable seat.

While others will prefer to opt for maximum safety by choosing a model equipped with LED lights and hydraulic disc brakes. As you can see, here again, the elements that are necessary for some are not necessarily necessary for others.

Purchase aids

Buying an electric bike is not for everyone. The price of electric bikes easily exceeds 1000 euros when purchased new, and can discourage more than one person to take the step of clean mobility. That’s why some countries in the European Union have set up subsidies, also called purchase premiums, to encourage a large number of residents to use clean mobility.

We take the example of France. Since February 2017, the French state has implemented an ecological bonus when buying an electric bike. Until 2018 this device has lasted, and has obtained excellent results as a net increase in sales of electric bikes. The little help from the state that was to be removed, has finally been renewed but of course in a much more restrictive form.

Today, the amount of the national bonus is 20% of the purchase price including VAT up to 200 euros. A good surprise for future buyers, this aid is a compulsory addition to the aid already received by the local authority. We invite you to read all the conditions on this subject.

To conclude

User reviews of cube’s electric bikes, especially the Cube Kathmandu hybrid pro 625, are positive for several reasons. First, because they offer their users optimal comfort, no more worries about hills and wind.

Moreover, thanks to their structure and the power of their engine, you will have to make less effort while the speed increases. Light, comfortable, resistant. The qualifiers are not lacking. This electric bike is at the forefront of technology and is an ecological way to travel.

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