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Cube Ebike

list-stereo hybrid 140
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stereo hybrid 140
Mountain bike
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stereo hybrid 160 hpc race
Mountain bike
list-stereo hybrid 140 hpc race 750
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stereo hybrid 140 hpc race 750
Mountain bike
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kathmandu hybrid pro 625
City bike
list-reaction hybrid pro 625
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reaction hybrid pro 625
Mountain bike
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cross hybrid pro 625 allroad
Hybrid bike
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reaction hybrid pro 500
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reaction hybrid performance 625
Mountain bike
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cross hybrid pro 500
Mountain bike

Looking to buy a new electrically assisted bicycle ? Your choice should be based on many criteria. A quality electric bike will last you for years, even decades. The choice of a mountain bike or an electric bike is therefore never made at random. You will certainly hesitate between the many brands available on the market. However, we recommend the Cube e bike, and we will explain why.

Cube, pioneer manufacturer of electric bicycles

Cube is an internationally renowned German brand. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has been manufacturing bicycles of all kinds. By developing high-end electric bikes, Cube has easily made a place for itself among the major manufacturers.

Today it offers mountain bikes, mountain bikes, full suspension, city bikes and road bikes. Cube is best known for the quality of its hybrid bikes. This brand, by collaborating with other companies such as Bosch, has managed to create electric bikes that are much more comfortable and much more efficient.

Today, Cube e bike are available in more than 35 countries. Choosing the products of this brand is to benefit from German quality at the best price.

Competitive environment

In 2021, alternative means of transportation are invading our daily life. Indeed, it is impossible to walk in the city without coming across electric scooters or electrically assisted bikes.The craze is particularly present thanks to individuals and their desire to reduce the impact of their travel on our planet (by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions for example).

This approach is part of a perspective of consuming better and especially less. The objective is to get rid of means of transportation that use fossil fuels.

In addition, the government, the regions and the municipalities have set up a number of grants and subsidies. Their objective is to make these new travel companions accessible by offering French households financial support.

Thus, it strengthens the vision of citizens and encourages them to take the step of green mobility. We will enlighten you on the different aids available during this article.

The Cube e bike: A level of quality beyond the norm

Since its creation in 1993, the German company Cube has placed particular importance on research and development. Its objective: to manufacture an electric bicycle combining reliability, robustness and safety, in short a perfect electric bicycle.

Over the years, Cube has managed to stand out from its competitors with cross-country electric bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes. This brand is also present in major competitions such as the Tour de France.

The Cube brand of bicycles, electric or not, is very popular. The models are numerous and the quality is always there. Cube is now present in many countries. Its bikes are appreciated for their quality of manufacture and their affordable prices.

The different models of the Cube brand

The Cube e bike is reliable and accessible to all. Combining endurance and comfort, all the models offered have been designed to meet the needs of all people, even the most demanding.

Whether you’re looking for a mountain bike or a city bike, you’re sure to find the perfect bike for your travel needs among the Cube models.

Each electric bike is the result of an incredible collaboration. Indeed, the German brand Cube and the giant of the automotive and power tools industry Bosch work in partnership to offer their users the best possible experience.

The mountain ebike Cube

When it comes to venturing out into the wilderness, the Cube ebike mountain adapt to your desires and your practice. This range of Cube e bike combines fun, leisure and rides. With the Cube brand, there is something for every need and for every level.

In the ebike Cube mountain range, we particularly find the Stereo Hybrid and the Reaction Hybrid. These mountain bikes are distinguished by their modern and sporty design, their powerful motor and their powerful Bosch Powertube battery.

These mountain bikes are among the best on the market. Designed in very light materials (aluminum or carbon fiber), this range of e bikes proposed by the Cube brand is perfect for outings and for sporty rides.

The Stereo Hybrid, for example, is ideal for mountain adventures. It is a model with superb handling provided by hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano SLX transmission system.

The Reaction Hybrid from Cube is also a mountain bike. This bike stands out from the others by its ultra-light weight, its fourth generation Bosch CX motorization powered by a Bosch Powertube battery and its excellent stability on the terrain.

You will be able to find this road companion on the online sales platform Alltricks recently bought by the big sports equipment group Decathlon. It is proposed to you there at the price of 2 399€.

Cross-country Cube ebike

Although mountain ebike Cube are perfect for rides in the wilderness and in the forest, the cross-country bikes are more efficient on traced paths.

If you are looking for versatility, we recommend you to choose the cross-country Hybrid from the Cube brand. Among the models offered by the German brand, we find the Cross Hybrid. This range of electrically assisted bikes is very popular in France.

The Hybrid Cube range of mountain bikes, like the Cross Hybrid, are both sober and classy. These superb bikes can tackle any type of road. They are high quality all-terrain bikes. Some Cube models, like the Cross Hybrid Race 625 All Road, have a lot of extra features that make them more versatile.

The Hybrid Cube e bike in city

If you are looking for both comfort and convenience for your daily commute, the Hybrid Cube city bikes have been specially designed to meet your needs. The Cube e bike city is suitable for urban traffic. You can use it to go to work, to do your shopping, for an excursion or a small ballad. This bike seduces all those who wish to change their modes of transport.

Ebike Cube are undoubtedly the most efficient and safest bikes in the world. These bikes allow you to move without physical effort, thus reducing the production of perspiration and arriving at your destination in perfect condition. The German brand’s city bikes are perfect not only for riding in urban areas, but also for enjoying nature.

The Kathmandu Hybrid, with its fourth generation Bosch motorization, its powerful battery and its integrated luggage rack is one of the most comfortable and powerful models.

This range of ebike Cube is particularly suited to the daily commute of city dwellers. You can also use it to carry small loads and to run errands with ease. We highly recommend the Cube ebikes city if you are looking for an urban bike for commuting in a city and its suburbs.

And for the kids ?

The electric bike brand Cube also offers simple bikes for children: The Cubie. These small models allow you to introduce your little one to the world of cycling. These bikes are not electric, but they are still very light and pleasant to use. This is an important factor, especially if it’s your first time on a bike. Indeed, the heavier the bike is, the more difficult it is to handle.

Why choose the ebike Cube ?

There are many brands of electrically assisted bicycles. It is often difficult to make the right choice. These brands are distinguished by the quality of their products and their selling prices. We recommend the ebike Cube to all those who want to enjoy the best quality/price ratio.

The German brand Cube is renowned for the quality of its electric mountain bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes. Since its inception, Cube ebikes has placed great emphasis on innovation. As a pioneer in innovation, it has succeeded in developing a whole series of electric bikes made of aluminum and carbon, defying all competition.

The latter has also pushed all limits by integrating the best batteries and motors into its bikes. Its Cube ebikes are perfect for both leisurely rides and daily commuting. It should be noted that its creations are distinguished by the quality of their manufacturing materials, their durability and their performance.

At Cube, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Indeed, Cube e bike are numerous and each one more impressive than the other.  The range offered by the German brand is among the best on the market.

To differentiate itself, the German group has focused not only on design, but also on the reliability of its engines, batteries and tires. As far as comfort is concerned, nothing to say! Indeed, all the Cube ebikes of the brand are top and equipped with a perfect and comfortable seat.

They offer unparalleled riding pleasure. In addition, some models are equipped with Bosch Intuvia technology, an intuitive dashboard that allows you to control your Cube e bike in a very simple way and to follow several indicators (speed, battery status, autonomy, driving mode etc…). They will meet everyone’s needs in terms of comfort, robustness, safety and reliability.

How to choose your Cube e bike ?

It is important and even necessary to make the right choice in terms of mobility. This will have a direct impact on your practice and especially your comfort. You must be able to count on the unfailing support of your travelling companion in all circumstances.

Define your needs

Indeed, you will first have to define your needs in terms of mobility. What does that mean concretely ? Well, quite simply, you will have to know for which type of practice you will need a means of locomotion of this type. Will you use an electric bike for your daily commute, to go to work, to pick up your kids at school or to do your shopping ?

Do you need a light and compact product to follow you in public transportation without much apparent difficulty ? Or are you looking for an ideal partner for excursions, walks and mountain hikes ? These questions will allow you to make a pre-sorting among all the offers and opportunities present on the green mobility market.

Market research

This may seem tedious, but it is an important step. You will need to find out about the brands and stores that sell the products. You will have to know their history, the values they advocate. But also immerse yourself in the world of these brands, especially by collecting customer reviews that have already used or purchased products from the brand concerned.

This will allow you to distance yourself from groups with dubious opinions and whose products are not recognized for their qualities.

Then, once you’ve decided on a brand, you’ll need to decide on one or more products. Again, don’t hesitate to ask around and collect customer reviews to get an idea. Compare several products with each other to get the full picture.

Weigh the pros and cons, draw up a comparative table with the aspects that are essential for you and those that are accessory. You will then see that the product that is made for you will automatically come out.

Accessories and quality of the Cube ebikes

Do not neglect the importance of accessories, equipment and especially the quality of the product itself. The accessories and equipment integrated to your means of transportation will depend on your practice.

Indeed, for a product corresponding to an urban use, you will surely like to count on front and rear lights in order to be visible by the road users but also to see the obstacles.

You should be able to count on its compact aspect to take it with you in public transport, or to navigate between vehicles in case of strong slowdown or even traffic jam.

On the other hand, for a more sporty use in the mountains or in hiking, you will have to rely on outstanding suspensions, a fully suspended fork but also and above all on high quality brakes.

The materials used in the design of a Cube e bike or any other brand are another important point to consider. A lightweight product will ensure better handling. However, you should know that a full-suspension bike will be a little heavier than a semi-rigid bike.

Help for the purchase of an Cube e bike

As explained in one of the previous sections, in France, the government, the regions and the local authorities have decided to help households wishing to invest in an alternative means of transport.

For that, the different institutions have set up bonuses for any purchase of a road companion of this type. Nevertheless, and as always, you should know that there are some conditions to respect. Let us first tell you in detail about these grants and the amounts they represent.

To conclude

By choosing Cube e bike, you will be able to push back all the limits. But also and above all, you will be able to enjoy a top-of-the-line product at a price that defies all competition. Want to experience the joys of riding an Cube ebike ?

What are you waiting for to choose the model that suits you and that will satisfy your needs and all your desires! If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact experts in the field. They will be happy to help you make the best choice according to your needs.

To help you make the right choice, the OnMyBike team puts online daily articles on electric and traditional bikes


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