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Btwin Rockrider 300: a real good mountain bike ?

The best electric mountain bike on the market

Our team has selected just for you the best electrically assisted mountain bikes currently available on the green mobility market. Discover the direct competitors of Decathlon’s Rockriders.

Decathlon is considered as one of the precursors of the large-scale distribution of sports products and equipment. Moreover, its notoriety is constantly increasing thanks to its range of Rockrider mountain bikes. That’s why we propose you to discover more about one of the numerous models marketed by the group, the Btwin Rockrider 300. This article aims to present it to you but also to talk about the whole range of electric bikes that comes from it.

Rockrider in electric version

You probably already know about it, but the French group Decathlon is very popular. This is mainly due to the different types of bicycles that it markets. And this is due to the different types of bicycles they sell, whether they are classic models or those equipped with electric assistance (electric bike).

These new travel companions are practical, robust and resistant. So you can easily count on the unfailing support of your electric bike.

Opting for an electric Rockrider is above all benefiting from electric assistance combined with the excellence of the traditional Rockrider. This group has indeed decided to keep all the DNA. The goal is to allow the consumer to benefit from a very well-made bike with an excellent finish. The whole surmounted by an electric motorization of great quality. We can safely say that this is a perfect combo !

Let’s talk Rockrider : What is it ?

It is in 2019 that the Decathlon group has decided to completely revise the designation of its various ranges. Thus, Rockrider is the range that includes all mountain bikes of the group. Previously known as Btwin Rockrider, the brand simply wanted to simplify its name.

The new signatures

This purpose of this major change is first and foremost to give a facelift to the various names of the models offered. The primary objective of this change is actually very simple.

Indeed, it is necessary that the consumers can be able to identify quickly the various categories of bicycles, mountain bike, cross-country bike, city bike or road bike.

In the past, this process was more complex because the B’twin name was present on all references. Nowadays, this is almost no longer the case. Indeed, only a few models still have this name, perhaps in order to reassure customers.

B’twin has been one of the best sellers in the bicycle industry for many years. It is considered as a cheap bike, with an advantageous design but also and especially with quality services. It was therefore important for the group not to lose this confidence.

Let’s identify them

Thus, since 2019, it is much simpler for you to clearly and simply identify the different ranges. This is what we will try to show you below. You will see it very quickly, there are not less than 4 principal ranges at this sign, here are the denominations:

The Rockrider range : Mountain bike
The Riverside range : Cross-country bike
The Triban range : Road bike
The Elops range : City bike

Thus, you will have noticed that the range of Rockrider bikes is thus intended for the all-terrain models of the tricolored group. This one proposes classic bikes but also electric bikes of entry of range and even top of range.

Presentation of the Decathlon Btwin Rockrider 300

Many consumers were led to make mistakes between the different references. This is a process that has been clearly simplified by the group in order to make it easier for the consumer. It is an element that should be kept in mind when directing you to a model.

As we mentioned earlier, the Btwin Rockrider 300 is part of the mountain bike range of the French company Decathlon. It is, without a doubt, a product with many qualities. It is a product with qualitative characteristics and with a very good quality/price ratio.

Technical specifications of the mountain bike Btwin Rockrider 300

The Btwin Rockrider 300 is the perfect product to start off on an off-road course. It is both complex and simple at the same time. Indeed, it is complex in its elaboration. It is the result of a lot of thought. But, it is easy to use by the user himself.

Moreover, it has been specially designed for off-road use. This is how it becomes an essential ally for an eventful practice.

Available in several sizes

This Btwin Rockrider 300 mountain bike adapts perfectly to the size of all users. Thus, a large number of users will be able to fully enjoy this means of locomotion.

A framework adapted to all: children, men and women

Whether you want a high or trapezoidal frame, you’ll find the model you need. Indeed, the Btwin Rockrider 300 is made of quality materials ensuring lightness as well as robustness. The frame of this means of locomotion will allow you an easier straddling and descent.

Front and rear suspension

Unfortunately, this model is not equipped with front and rear suspensions. This is somewhat unfortunate, especially for off-road use. Thus, the shocks related to the practice will not be absorbed thanks to a front suspended fork or thanks to a suspension located at the rear of your companion of road.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the absence of these elements makes it lighter. This has a direct impact on your practice because it is more manageable. Then, in case of problem on your Rockrider, it will be easier for you to move it and to transport it because once again it is lighter.

Derailer and Transmission

When using the Btwin Rockrider 300, you can count on a 3 chainring transmission. You will have all the leisure to change the whole of your speeds throughout your practice and that according to the environment which you will be confronted. This can be done from a handlebar mounted lever.

Saddle and Brakes

Whether it is for the child, woman or man model, you will have the same elements of comfort and safety. Thus, you will have at your disposal a saddle perfectly adapted to the practice of the all-terrain. This last one will bring you all the comfort you should need.

Secondly, you can count on efficient and progressive braking thanks to V-Brake rim brakes. This type of braking is very widespread and has already proven itself many times. As you can see, the Decathlon group relies on reliable values to provide you with the best.

24/26 inch wheels and tires

The Btwin Rockrider 300 mountain bike has different wheel sizes depending on the frame size chosen. Thus, for a child model, the wheels will have a dimension of 24 inches.

Conversely, for an adult, the company offers 26-inch wheels. Moreover, the tires mounted on this road companion will satisfy you amply. Indeed, they will ensure you a perfect adherence throughout your practice.

Equipment and Warranty

So, as you will have noticed, Decathlon has once again put all its efforts into offering consumers and future users a complete product that meets their expectations.

The materials used as well as the integrated accessories but also the possible additions or even the guarantee are as many elements which can seduce the cyclist.

You might think that the Btwin Rockrider 300 is pretty basic and basic at first glance. However, you can be reassured that the quality is there because it is equipped with comfort and security elements. Then, if it can bring more to your practice, you could add some elements: bottle holder or mudguard for example.

You must have already heard about it, but the Decathlon group applies a warranty on all its bikes. So, no bad surprises in case of problem, the company will be there to help you in case of defective parts or any other element included in the warranty. Generally, the frame is guaranteed for 5 years and spare parts are available for 2 years.

Maintenance and storage

There are no particular constraints regarding storage and maintenance. Nevertheless, you should respect some very simple instructions in order to guarantee the good functioning of the Btwin Rockrider 300. You should nevertheless degrease and lubricate the chain from time to time.

Then, do not hesitate to check the state of wear of the transmission. As for the storage of your means of locomotion, you should be careful not to leave it in a place that is too humid and away from any corrosive atmosphere.

The Btwin Rockrider 300 mountain bike versus the competition

Because, in our opinion, a good review is a review that is highlighted and compared with other products on the same market. Our experts have selected for you competing mountain bikes that could make you doubt your choice, the Btwin Rockrider 300.

The various products and brands presented are currently on sale on the online sales platform Alltricks, which is a subsidiary of the Decathlon brand itself.

The Rockrider family of bikes has expanded with the addition of the Btwin Rockrider 300 mountain bike. The French group now has a large number of models in this same range. Whether it is specific products for children or others totally dedicated to adults. We invite you to find our complete tests about the Rockrider 340, 540 and 520.

Now that we’ve covered all the technical features of the Btwin Rockrider 300 mountain bike, can we say with certainty that it’s a good compromise right now? Or are there better options on the market? That’s what we’re going to find out in the next section, and what we think of the Rockrider 300.

Is the Btwin Rockrider 300 a bad compromise ?

You are probably thinking that this is not to be understood. First we praise its technical characteristics and then we advise you against it?

In reality, we can tell you that the Rockrider is not a good compromise. We are not saying that it is a bad product, on the contrary ! It just means that right now you could be making a much better investment.

The Btwin Rockrider 300: an entry-level mountain bike

You should definitely keep in mind that this is an entry-level mountain bike. So, it is not bad but it is not the best in its category either. It is relatively economical since it is not very expensive.

However, the lack of certain features may turn some people off. Nevertheless, this model is a good product that should be considered at its true value.

The electric trend is on the rise

Our opinion can’t have all the lights on green for a very specific reason. The Btwin Rockrider 300 is a classic road companion. Nowadays, the new trend is electric. That’s why we would have expected to see a model with electric assistance.

This last one is moreover proposed and present in all the ranges of bicycles of the tricolored group. So, whether you want to ride in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, the model you might find has a good chance of being equipped with electric assistance.

The purchase of a model of this type has many advantages. It is also encouraged by institutions such as the state, the regions but also some communities.

Purchase subsidies for electric bikes

In some countries of the European Union, the government is encouraging households to mobilize and provide themselves with alternative means of transport that run on green energy.

At first, the scheme was set up for electric cars. It then spread very quickly to electric bikes and cargo bikes. These aids have allowed many citizens to take the electric step.

The procedure to follow will be particularly simple. Indeed, each person can make an application for assistance. It will be given or not a favorable answer, depending on whether it meets the necessary criteria. Then, you will be able to claim not only a national aid, but in certain cases, also regional and communal.

The sums of these subsidies are important, it is thus advisable to be aware of it at the time of your purchase of your new companion of road.

Some grants can reach 500 euros as in the Ile de France region for example. We think you should be able to find what you are looking for among the many references of electric mountain bikes at Decathlon.

In our opinion, the Rockrider with electric assistance is a much better compromise. Especially if you benefit from purchase subsidies!

Presentation of the electric Rockrider

As mentioned in a previous section, the electric Rockrider is nothing more or less than a classic Decathlon bike but with an electric assist. In fact, it is a bit more complex. But the main thing to remember is that the Tricolor group wanted to keep the look and spirit of the classic Rockrider bikes.

Aesthetics is not the only aspect that has remained relevant, the quality of materials used is still a central element of the brand. Above all, you must remember that the Rockrider is a mountain bike adapted for the general public. It is also aimed at a more experienced public thanks to its high-end versions.

A very good quality finish

The quality and aesthetics of the electric bikes are there. Moreover, the performance of the latter is also visible on the field but also by a simple glance. One example is the Rockrider e-st 500, which is simply a blend of the design of the Btwin Rockrider 340 and other models.

This is definitely a mountain electric bike with an elegant style. In addition, the company’s engineers have succeeded in integrating the battery into the frame in an optimal way.

Intelligent assistants

One of the biggest advantages of Decathlon’s electric bikes is the torque sensor. This one allows to adapt the force of the electric assistance according to that insufflated by the user.

In other words, the sensor detects your strength during the effort and calculates instantaneously the power that the electric assistance will have to provide in order to help you during your practice on any ground.

An important autonomy

It is a central question that we must ask ourselves: the autonomy of our bike. This is a central element that must be taken into consideration in order to choose the right model that suits our practice and our needs.

For this, the Decathlon group has nothing to fear from the competition. Indeed, the company is able to offer products whose autonomy can reach up to 100 kilometers.

However, you should note that the latter varies according to a number of criteria. Thus, you will have to take into account the use, the weight of the user or the weather conditions. The Rockriders in electric version would allow you to realize longer rides and excursions than with a traditional mountain bike.


The Btwin Rockrider 300 is a good road companion for people who want to start off-roading. This road companion is comfortable and easy to handle. It will allow you to enjoy your rides and hikes. You will be able to count on quality equipment. However, if these are not enough, you will have the possibility of adding accessories.

We remain convinced that the electric version of the Rockriders are a much better investment. They will provide you with a measured electrical assistance that will meet your needs throughout your ride.

To help you in your choice, our team OnMyBike regularly offers articles on electric and traditional bikes


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