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Audi Q4 e tron: lʼélectromobility in a compact SUV


Marketed since 2021, the Audi Q4 e tron is a compact 100% electric SUV that accompanies you on a daily basis, and on all roads. Its range and performance are promising. Discover the future of mobility today!

Fascinating and futuristic design

After the e-Tron SUV and the e-Tron GT sedan, the Audi q4 e-tron is the German carmaker’s third electric model. In addition to the classic e-tron version, the new electric Audi Q4 is offered in a sportback version. An SUV with a coupe-like silhouette.

The latter is characterized by a smaller height (2 cm less), as well as a rather receding roof. This version is based on the same base, and also uses the same engines. However, it is more expensive.

An emblematic exterior

The silhouette of the Audi Q4 e tron is distinguished by a specific rear end. This reinforces its sporty appearance and improves the drag coefficient. The front end is characterized by a full grille with a unique frame. The sides are stretched and muscular. They reinforce their curvature with rather toned features.

For the classic Audi q4 e tron, the LED lighting technology is innovative. At the front, you can choose your light signature from four different optional lights and enjoy energetic lighting when you unlock your vehicle. At the rear, the dynamic lighting sequence and the light strip are eye-catching.

To complete the package, optional 21-inch Audi Sport alloy wheels are available. These make a strong impression, with a 5-spoke design and a black color with a glossy touring finish. If needed, different choices of exclusive Audi wheels are available for your model.

An innovative interior

The new interior of the compact SUV is very innovative. Indeed, it is characterized by the latest technologies on board, sportiness and functionality.

Discover an unstructured dashboard. Behind the steering wheel is the 10.25-inch Virtual Cockpit instrument panel. To its right, slightly tilted towards the driver, is a touch screen ranging from 10.1 to 11.6 inches, depending on the trim level chosen.

The innovative navigation system with the augmented reality head-up display is pleasant. As an option, this system projects speed, key information and direction directly and clearly onto the windscreen.

There are touch-sensitive surfaces on the steering wheel spokes. Separated from each other, they are black and backlit, and are easy to use. It’s the same principle as a smartphone. Just press and scroll with a simple slide of your finger.

In terms of comfort on board this electric car, Audi has provided remarkable interior space. Whether in the front or in the back, the passengers benefit from a generous space, and room for the legs. The headroom will satisfy the tallest.


In terms of dimensions, the footprint is almost identical to that of the Skoda Enyaq. The Audi q4 e tron has a length of 4,588 mm, a width of 1,865 mm and a height of 1,632 mm.

To make your life easier, this versatile, family-friendly compact SUV comes with plenty of storage solutions. You enjoy 24.8 liters of usable volume, including the glove compartment.

Particularly spacious, the trunk can accommodate 520 liters (535 liters for the Audi q4 e tron Sportback) of luggage, and up to 1,490 liters, thanks to the folding rear seat back in two parts. An interior volume that adapts to all your life moments.

Q4 e-tronQ4 Sportback e-tron
Length4,588 mm4,588 mm
Width1,865 mm1,865 mm
Height1,632 mm1,614 mm
Wheelbase2,764 mm2,764 mm
Trunk volume520 – 1,490 liters535 – 1,460 liters

Versions, batteries and engines

Discover the four configurations that the Audi q4 e-tron offers:

Q4 35 e-tron

This base version offers 170 hp and 310 Nm of torque. It combines a lithium-ion battery with a net capacity of 52 kWh with a single 125 kW engine block on the rear axle.

Q4 40 e-tron

This version, also configured as rear-wheel drive, offers 204 hp and 310 Nm of torque. It combines a 77 kWh battery with a 150 kW engine block, also integrated into the rear axle. A modest power compared to the overall weight.

Q4 45 e-tron quattro

This intermediate version with all-wheel drive has two engines. An asynchronous motor (ASM) on the front axle and a synchronous motor (PSM) on the rear axle. Together they provide up to 265 hp (195kW) of power and 460 Nm of torque. The battery capacity is 77 kWh.

Q4 50 e-tron quattro

This top-of-the-range version also has two engines. Together, they offer 299 hp (220 kW) and 460 Nm of torque. With a 77 kWh battery too.
The Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron is available with the same four configurations.

Autonomy and performance

In mixed mode, an Ioniq 5, for example, has a range of 390 km. Tesla’s Model Y has a range of 460 km. Discover the performance offered by the Audi Q4 e-tron:

First configuration: from 308 to 343 km of autonomy. The maximum speed is 160 km/h, and the 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 9 seconds.
Second configuration: from 440 to 517 km in WLTP cycle, it is the one with the best performance in autonomy. The 0-100 km/h takes 8.5 seconds, and the maximum top speed is 160 km/h.
Third configuration: from 410 to 486 km of autonomy for a maximum speed of 180 km/h. The 0 to 100 km/h is reached in 6.2 seconds.
Fourth configuration: from 410 to 480 km of autonomy. A maximum speed of 180 km/h, and a 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds also.

The average electricity consumption is 16.9 to 21.4 kWh/100 km.

e-tron 35e-tron 40e-tron 45 quattroe-tron 50 Quattro
Maximum power170 ch (125)204 ch (150)265 ch (195)299 ch (220)
Maximum torque (Nm)310310460460
Maximum speed (km/h) on circuit160160180180
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (s)9,08,56,26,2
Gross battery capacity (kWh)55828282
Net battery capacity (kWh)52777777
Min/max consumption (kWh/100 kms)16,9 – 19,017,1 – 20,018,3 – 21,418,3 – 21,4
Min/max e-tron range (kms)308 – 343440 – 517410 – 486410 – 480
Autonomy mini/maxi sportback (kms)316 – 349453 – 526419 – 487419 – 487

Audi Q4 e tron : how to recharge ?

Recharge your Audi q4 etron with the compact e-tron mobile charging system. You can charge your vehicle at home, and wherever there is an accessible power outlet (workplace, shopping area, parking lots, etc.).

Recharging is efficient. Only 5 minutes of charging is enough for the battery to last the next 100 km. In 22 minutes of charging time, the battery can go from 5 % to about 80 %. On an 11 kW (AC) socket, the charging time is 7 h 30 min.

Q4 35 e-tronQ4 40 e-tronQ4 45 e-tron quattroQ4 50 e-tron quattro
Maximum load power (AC*)7,4111111
Maximum load power (DC*)110135135135
Indicative minimum charge time :
Home power outlet (8A AC single phase)30h3045h3045h3045h30
Public terminal (11 kW AC)7h307h307h30
Public terminal (50 kW DC)1h051h451h451h45
Supercharger (> or = 150 kW DC)0h360h300h360h36

*AC = Alternating Current

*DC = Direct Current


For each version, there are four different finishes:

Q4 e-tron
S line
Design Luxe

It’s up to you to choose the version with the equipment that suits you best.

What is the price of the new Audi Q4 e tron?

If the price of the Audi Q4 etron Sportback starts at 46 750 €, excluding bonus, in 170 hp version, and with a battery of 52 kWh (net capacity), the Q4 35 e-Tron basic version, starts at 44 750 €.

Q4 e-tron pricing
Q4 35 e-tronQ4 40 e-tronQ4 45 e-tron quattroQ4 50 e-tron quattro
Q4 e-tron44 750 €50 900 €
Executive51 050 €57 200 €62 100 €
S-Line54 250 €60 400 €65 300 €68 300 €
Design Luxe56 950 €63 100 €68 000 €71 000 €
Q4 Sportback e-tron pricing
Q4 35 e-tron SportbackQ4 40 e-tron SportbackQ4 45 e-tron quattro SportbackQ4 50 e-tron quattro Sportback
Q4 e-tron46 750 €52 900 €
Executive53 050 €59 200 €64 100 €
S-Line56 250 €62 400 €67 300 €70 300 €
Design Luxe58 950 €65 100 €70 000 €73 000 €

Where is the audi q4 e tron manufactured?

On March 31, 2021, the Audi Q4 e-tron will go into production at the Volkswagen plant in Zwickau. The Audi Q4 e-tron is equipped with a modular electric platform (MEB) manufactured by Volkswagen. A very versatile and variable platform, which is suitable for many fully electric models.

Our opinion

Audi Q4 e-tron represents one of the most interesting 100% electric offers in the premium category. It’s a no-brainer! But is it enough to justify such high prices? Is it the brand’s tradition?

You can turn to models that use the same technologies. Vw ID.4, Skoda Enyaq or the Hyundai Ioniq 5. There is no shortage of choice. But the Q4 e-tron is definitely the most modern!

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