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Wayscral Anyway E100: a cross-country bike offered by Norauto

Are you looking for a versatile bike that will take you to the city, the countryside or the heart of the forest ? Then the Norauto Wayscral Anyway E100 electric bike should interest you… Indeed, this model is the most versatile of its range ! If you are interested in the Wayscral Anyway e100, then here is its complete file detailing its advantages and its unique characteristics.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Wayscral electric bikes.

A competitive environment

The cycling market is booming. Indeed, the brands are fighting a real war. This is particularly the case since the government, the regions and the municipalities have decided to offer subsidies for the purchase of alternative means of transport such as electric bikes.

It is therefore important for the future buyer to take stock of his needs in terms of mobility. They should also find out about the brands and their legitimacy. Finally, the consumer will have to compare the products in order to make the best choice for him.

The 3 best electric bike of the market

Because we know that it is difficult to find your way among all the offers present on the market, we propose you to discover the direct competitors of the Wayscral Anyway E100.


Introducing the Wayscral Anyway E100

Where do you want to go: in the city, in the countryside or in the forest? Wayscral Anyway E100 electric bike will be your best partner to discover all these places. To know it better, we will review its exceptional specificities.

Rich of all the equipment that it embarks, it will know how to satisfy you during your practice. A comfortable saddle, a display on the handlebars to control the elements related to the driving, lights as well as mudguards will be present to bring you all that you can ask to your means of locomotion.

The power and function of the Wayscral Anyway e100

In terms of power and operation, this Wayscral Anyway E100 model has something to surprise you. First of all, it has a Mxus motor giving it a power of 250W with a torque of 34Nm. If you want to ride your bike in the city, then this power will be enough to allow you to cover tens of kilometers.

This electric bike also features a Shimano Altus external transmission with 7 adjustable speeds. The rider will be able to choose the ideal speed via this transmission and adapt his driving to the nature of the track.

The autonomy of the Wayscral Anyway E100

The 36 V battery of the SAMSUNG brand contributes to the strength of this electric bicycle. With a duration of load of 5 to 6 hours, it confers a high autonomy, from 60 to 80 km. This last one is brought to vary according to a multitude of criteria.

Indeed, it will be necessary to take into account the weight of the bicycle, that of the user, the weather conditions but also the type of ground on which you practice. The installation of the battery in a semi-integrated way with the diagonal tube is a small plus to not obstruct the cyclist and to lighten the weight of the bicycle.

Practical and efficient, this same battery will be useful to recharge your smartphone or to help you use a GPS with a USB plug.

To recharge your battery, it will take about 6 hours. So you can ride your bike to work and charge it during the day. When you leave in the evening, you can enjoy a full charge to get home.

The weight and size of the Norauto electric bike

Even if the Wayscral Anyway e100 is a versatile bike, it is still very light with a total weight of 23.4 kg. The maximum load allowed is 130 kg.

This load includes the weight of the bike itself but also the weight of the user and all the accessories and equipment that it carries (water bottle, luggage rack, bags,…).

Concerning the size, the bike measures 173 cm long and 116 cm high. It is thus perfectly adapted to the users whose height is between 170 cm and 190 cm.

The Wayscral electric bike equipment

Among the range of bikes proposed by Wayscral, this electric model Anyway Norauto is surely the most equipped of all. Indeed, it has an LCD display with 6 assistance modes that will facilitate the control from your handlebars. Thus, you will just have to click to change the level of assistance and to know your performances in real time.

In addition, the Wayscral electric bike is also equipped with lighting. This allows you to see the road better at night but also to be better seen by other road users. In addition, a bell allows you to signal your presence. Besides the stand, its equipment also includes a front and rear mudguard.

Safety and comfort

Versatility is the key word for this exceptional bike. But in addition, it guarantees safety and comfort of the pilot thanks to its disc brakes PROMAX. In case of obstacles, these will ensure a quick and immediate stop.

Finally, this bike is equipped with a SUNTOUR telescopic suspension fork that offers the best riding comfort. This fork is also ideal to absorb the shocks if you ride on damaged roads.

The price of the Wayscral Anyway e100

Wayscral is known for its cheaper bikes accessible to all. For this Anyway E100 model, the brand offers it at 1000 € TTC. This price is quite convenient for a versatile bike for the city as well as for the countryside.

Consumers’ opinion

The Wayscral Anyway E100 gets a 100% positive review from buyers. They confirm the efficiency of this electric bike in urban and semi-urban environments. Many buyers recommend it for daily use. Moreover, it is very pleasant to ride whatever the nature of the track.

Wayscral Anyway E100 Purchase Assistance

The purchase of a electric bike can be a real investment for some households. This is why it is necessary and essential to make a reasonable choice. By opting for a Wayscral Anyway E100, you choose a complete product adapted to the tightest of wallets.

Nevertheless, if the financing of this means of transport is a real problem for you, you should know that aids have been set up. Indeed, the government, the regions as well as the communities have the objective to encourage the development and the use of alternative transport. What could be better than a financial help to be able to cross the course.

There are three main grants. You can count on national, regional and municipal aid. The conditions of access to each of them are similar. You must be of age and reside in France. Your reference tax income per unit cannot exceed a certain amount.

Your electric bicycle must also meet a certain number of criteria. Indeed, it must be new and have a lead-free battery. It must meet the definition of an electrically assisted bicycle as described in the Highway Code.

As with any electric bike purchase, the Wayscral Anyway E100 will qualify for a state grant. The amount can be up to 200 €, provided you receive the additional aid at the local level. With this grant, you’ll be able to reduce your investment and enjoy a versatile, high-performance bike at a lower cost.

The advantages of the electric bike

We can’t mention the Wayscral Norauto Anyway E100 electric bike without mentioning its aluminum frame which makes it very light to ride. Whether it’s for a ride, city runs or adventures in the forest, this frame allows you to go everywhere without effort.

In addition, this electric bike also stands out for its decidedly urban and trendy look. When you’re on the bike, you’ll appreciate its smoothness and its chic and elegant look.

The bike brand Wayscral

The bicycle is a safe, fast and inexpensive means of transportation. That’s why thousands of people around the world have adopted it in their daily lives, not only for transportation, but also for sports activities. But with time, the needs of these cyclists evolve and are influenced by technological progress.

They are now more attracted to electric bikes for comfort and efficiency. That’s why Wayscral has decided to create a range of modern electric bikes perfectly adapted to the needs of users.

Created more than 45 years ago, Wayscral is a brand of the Mobivia group. Specialized in the automotive field, it listens and analyzes the needs of its clients in order to respond promptly and efficiently.

It is made up of a dynamic and experienced team that puts its know-how to work in order to create the optimal conditions for the mobility of its clients.

Over the years, Wayscral has become a benchmark for its range of bikes for everyone. Its engineers have always collaborated with world-renowned brands to create state-of-the-art bikes.  

City bikes or all-terrain bikes, their lightness and technicality allow them to cover more or less long and capricious routes. We invite you to discover all the models marketed by the Norauto group.



To conclude, the electric bike Norauto Wayscral Anyway E100 is a bike for all roads that will satisfy you. Indeed, comfortable, practical, rich in safety elements but also affordable by most of the French scholarships, it is a real versatile means of locomotion.

Its suspended fork will allow to absorb the asperities of the road or the borrowed paths. We could reproach its aestheticism, because of the implementation of the battery directly on the frame. Nevertheless, the battery will allow you to ride up to 80 kilometers in optimal conditions.

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