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Velobecane bikes: from classic to electric


To save time, avoid traffic jams and the stress that comes with them. The problems of strikes and public transport, the bike is an excellent option. It can be easily adapted to your lifestyle. With the Velobecane electric bike, you can leave your home at any time of the day, and arrive on time to your appointments. In fact, the bike lanes are never blocked.

The 3 best ebikes of the market

Discover the best electric bikes on the market. See who are the direct competitors of Velobecane electric bikes.

The context

There is a growing interest in the bicycle market. But do you know why ? Well, it’s quite simple really. French households want to reduce their impact on the environment. This means, of course, a measured consumption of energy and processed products.

It is therefore quite natural that the population is turning to alternative means of transport. The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from thermal vehicles.

Today, the cycling market is flooded with offers and production groups. Among the many brands offering bicycles, we find the Velobecane brand. This brand sells mainly electrically assisted bikes.

Note, however, that initially the company sold “classic” bikes without assistance. It is only in 2011, that it has turned to the Velobecane electric bike and decided to expand its range. Discover here the essential to know about the products offered by this brand ?

Presentation of the Velobecane brand

Velobecane is a French company specialized in electric bikes for almost ten years. It is now located in the 11th district of Paris. Its only store offers a small selection of two-wheeled bikes designed for the city. From compact to folding velobecane and cross-country style, with prices ranging from 879 € to 2 000 €.

The company is based in the North of France (59). But its components are manufactured in China, Japan, the Czech Republic, Portugal and France. Velobecane, which employs 40 people, intends to take advantage of the meteoric rise of electric bikes to consolidate its position on the market.

Velobecane’s goal is to offer electrically assisted bicycles at more competitive prices. The velobecane brand is particularly active in the folding electric bicycle market. The electric bikes are imported from abroad. And Velobecane controls the rest of the marketing process, with after-sales service, quality and marketing being handled in-house.

Velobecane electric bikes

The French electric bike specialist Velobecane assembles its electric bikes in Roncq (59223), France. This brand offers a wide range of electric bikes at affordable prices.

The quality and reliability of Velobecane electric bikes are well known. In fact, all that users require from an electric bicycle is its versatility, sturdiness, lightness and practicality.

Its electric bikes will meet your expectations. On the velobecane website, you will find a complete page dedicated to spare parts for your Velobecane e-bike. All electric bikes are also engraved with a V protection code. The aim is to minimize the number of thefts of the company’s bikes.

The Velobecane bike range

Velobecane offers a range of bikes. Within this range, you will find :

Velobecane folding fatbike Snow

The Velobecane Snow folding fat bike is a very practical all-terrain model to ride on the cobblestones of the city, to ride in absolute comfort, and longer, thanks to its electric motor.

The snow fat bike is equipped with oversized wheels and tires. This offers a great grip (10 cm) and excellent stability. This Velobecane electric bike will take you anywhere thanks to its arsenal of practical equipment such as luggage rack, lighting and mudguards. It has a front suspension for better shock absorption.

The bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes. These will improve your braking in wet weather. The motor starts automatically when you pedal and stops when you stop pedaling or braking.

Fatbike Velobecane road electric bike

The Road is the version of a Velobecane electric bike with a chopper mode. The look of this Harley inspired electric bike will not go unnoticed. This stylish design also offers a comfortable riding position.

You can effortlessly ride for hours in the saddle and enjoy the scenery in cruise mode. The Velobecane road e-bike would be the perfect model for cyclists looking for a different way to ride.

It also has rounded handlebars for urban riding and powerful, reliable electric assist. The motor starts automatically when you pedal, and stops when you stop pedaling or braking.

The e-bike fat bike velobecane

With its 26 inch wheels and 4 inch tires, the Fatbike is the ideal electric Velobecane for riding in difficult or snowy conditions. The hydroformed aluminum frame has been completely redesigned with optimized geometry and bottom bracket height. The steering angle is neutral, making it surprisingly smooth and even more agile.

You will gobble up the miles in the city, in the mountains or on rough roads. The Velobecane Fatbike will accompany you everywhere with ease and comfort. This electric bike will be the perfect model for cyclists looking for a different way to ride.

On the Fatbike, the feeling is different from that of a conventional bike, with more comfort, because the tires are larger for a more aggressive style, enjoyable and off-road. Thanks to its 42 Nm engine, the Fatbike will make you climb hills without hesitation.

Compact folding Velobecane

This Velobecane Compact is a folding bike, light and easy to maneuver. The ideal ally for your urban trips. Once folded, you can easily store it in a corner of your apartment, your office or in the trunk of your car.

Its slightly lower frame allows you to straddle it with ease. In addition, its height-adjustable bars offer you a posture that adapts to your height.

Lightweight at 21 kg, carrying it around in your apartment or in a suitcase is no longer a problem. Its compact size will be an advantage when you have to make your way through city traffic to get to work or appointments on time.

It is equipped with an LCD console for optimal reading of your speed and remaining range. You will be able to cross the city without stress. This folding Velobecane is the best friend of the health and pollution conscious urban cyclist.

Velobecane folding bike Work

Velobecane Work bike is a compact folding bicycle. The ideal electric bike for daily use in urban and suburban areas.It is equipped with a wide range of accessories:

  • A luggage rack to carry 25 kg
  • Mudguards to keep your clothes clean
  • Front and rear lights
  • Crutches for winter driving
  • It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes to ensure optimal braking in wet weather. It has a steel frame to filter the roughness of the road. Easy to maneuver, it will make you happy during your trips.

    Enjoy a quiet and efficient electric assist in a relaxed position thanks to the adjustable riding position. This is a hybrid model that can be used for the whole family.

    The Urban electric bike

    The Urban bike is a compact folding Velobecane. It is the first folding electric Velobecane of the brand. The ideal electric bike for daily use in urban and suburban areas.

    It is also equipped with the same accessories as the Velobecane folding bike Work. It is equipped with mechanical disc brakes to ensure optimal braking in wet weather.

    It has a steel frame to filter the roughness of the road. Easy to maneuver, it will make you happy on your way to and from work. Enjoy quiet, efficient electric assist in a relaxed position with adjustable riding positions.

    The Velobecane electric city bike Easy

    The Velobecane Easy electric city bike is an excellent model for your leisure rides. It is also very useful as an everyday bike for your daily commute. This electric city bike offers comfort and practicality: mudguards, luggage rack, chain guard, front and rear LED lighting, as well as a location adapted to city driving. In the city, using an electric Velobecane saves time and money.

    You can get to work quickly and effortlessly, avoiding traffic jams and time wasted looking for a parking space. The unpleasant effects of stress are also a thing of the past. You can pedal effortlessly up hills or against the wind.

    The Velobecane electric bicycle Sport

    The Velobecane Sport is an electrically assisted mountain bike that allows you to discover new routes and has the same great autonomy. The Velobecane Sport electric mountain bike is equipped with disc brakes to provide good braking power in all weather conditions.

    The mountain electric bike will be comfortable and powerful on all types of terrain. It will be excellent on mountain trails or just for family outings in the woods.

    The hydroformed aluminum frame has been completely redesigned, with optimized geometry and crankset. The steering angle is neutral, making it surprisingly smooth and agile. You can ride in the city, in the mountains or on rough roads.

    The Velobecane Sport will go anywhere with ease and comfort. The Velobecane Sport will get you up and over without hesitation, thanks to its versatile engine.

    The criteria for choosing a Velobecane bicycle

    With so many different bikes on the market, choosing an electrically assisted bike can be difficult. However, in order to choose the bike that will effectively meet your needs, there are a few things to consider.

    Consider your needs

    The first thing you need to do before choosing your electric assist bike is to identify the reasons why you need it. There are many different uses and everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

    The choice of your bike will depend on what you want to do with it. Only by answering this question will you be able to choose the right model for you.

    Check the type of motor

    The motor plays an important role in your bike’s ability to support you effectively. To do this, you need to check the type of motor on your bike. Depending on the bike, the motor may be located on the rear wheel, the front wheel or the bottom bracket.

    While electric assist may vary from motor to motor, it is best to test your bike on your regular route to see if it is right for you.

    Choose a good quality battery

    Electric assist bicycles are powered by rechargeable batteries. To avoid rapid battery depletion, it is best to choose a bike with a quality battery. Choose batteries from major manufacturers such as Velobecane.

    Aid for the purchase of a Velobecane bicycle

    You probably know that aids have been put in place. The aim is to help citizens to acquire these alternative means of transportation. Some of them may seem anecdotal. However, it is not the case.

    Indeed, when we see the price of a electric bike, we are delighted to know that aids are paid. There are 3 main types of subsidies. First of all, there is the one paid by the government, then come those of the regions and the communes.

    The amounts vary from one region and one commune to another. This is why we strongly invite you to approach your local authorities in order to have all the elements to be able to carry out your research of the perfect means of transport.

    Know that they are not negligible. Indeed, they are a real help. Nevertheless, they cannot exceed 50% of the price of your bike.

    Why choose a bike from ?

    Promotions are a great way to get the items you want at a lower price than the original price. Aware of this, Velobecane multiplies its promotions on electric bikes throughout the year.

    This French brand offers modern electric bikes with a sporty look for men and women. These promotional bikes and mountain bikes are entirely assembled in France and respect the construction and assembly standards.

    In addition, the store offers replacement parts and accessories for your electric-assist bike. You also have access to tools to customize and protect your bike.

    Choosing’s e-bike promotion means avoiding disappointment in complete safety thanks to state-of-the-art tools and responsive customer service. However, you should know that you can find a large number of offers on other online sales platforms.

    Velobecane bicycle at the service of ecological transport

    Pollution is produced by cars or two-wheelers. These emissions are a source of pollution and a real threat to our well-being and the environment. That’s why Velobecane is one of the best options for getting around the city with a reduced carbon footprint.

    Urban electric bikes are also an effective way to fight climate change. Moreover, the electric bikes offered by Velobecane (mountain bikes, folding bikes and black or white Destiny bikes) have the advantage of not containing lead in the design of their batteries. Finally, lead is considered a harmful substance for health and the environment.

    Buying an e-bike from Velobecane at the best price and with guaranteed fast delivery is certainly an effective way to protect yourself and save the planet. Moreover, most e-bikes follow a recycling procedure after use, which confirms that this choice represents a responsible behavior towards nature.

    The different types of electrically assisted bicycles

    If you want to invest in a Velobecane electric bike, you will have a hard time choosing. There are many different types. Each model has a specific purpose.

    Electrically assisted city bikes

    It is possible to cycle around the city with minimal effort. The benefits of an electrically assisted Velobecane city bike go beyond simple assistance. Suitable for your city trips, this electrically assisted city bike is practical and offers you optimal comfort.

    Electric bicycle Velobecane folding

    Why use a folding electric bike? This is because of its convenience.The advantage of a folding e-bike is that it is easy to store. But beware, bicycle theft is on the rise, despite anti-theft devices. In this case, it is worth choosing a folding electric bike to better protect your bike.

    Electrically assisted cargo bikes

    When you want to go for a ride in the country with your children, the electrically assisted cargo bike is a model that might be right for you. It is equipped with a wooden, plastic or metal seat. It is therefore ideal for traveling with children or heavy luggage.

    Electrically assisted road bikes

    Racing or road bikes are generally considered to be the appropriate means of transportation for professional cyclists. But today, less experienced cyclists can also ride a road bike without any problems.

    Cross-country bike with electric assistance

    Sometimes you wish you could use your electric-assist bike outside the city. There is a bike model that might appeal to you.

    The electrically assisted mountain bike. Indeed, the electric-assist mountain bike is a hybrid Velobecane electric bike model. It is designed to be used in urban areas, but can also be used on forest trails.

    Fast electric bike

    As the name suggests, the special feature of the fast electric bike is its speed. By choosing this model of bike, you can cover long distances quickly. It is estimated that its speed can reach 45 km/h, which is much more than the usual 25 km/h.


    By choosing a Velobecane bicycle, you are choosing a well thought out and well made product. You will be able to count on its unfailing support. Whatever your practice, you are sure to find the road companion that suits you.

    But also and above all, the one that will check off all the boxes on your list of needs in terms of mobility. However, if you still have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our sales advisors or experts on the online sales platforms. They are there to answer all your questions so that you make the best choice.

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